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Rockman Steven I MD

902 Frostwood Dr
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 935-0701
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Good: My wife of 35 years began hemmoraging and crying out in pain. Dr. Rockman has always been her Gyn. but only for check ups and thing like that. I loaded my wife in the car an...


Went to see Dr. Rockman about 4 years ago,then I thought I was perimenapausel(Spell?)He did not order a blood sample,or check thyroid or hormone problem,just told me to meet with...

Rockman is scary 5/14/2011

I saw him for a couple of months, when I hit menopause. He scared me. I believe he probably is guily of sexual assault. I certainly have no proof, but he made my skin crawl. Stay away from this "doctor." He made really inappropriate comments about everything from my long hair to my ~ his words ~ "tight body." I'd blow it off as bad pick up lines. In a bar. A friend told me she's heard some scary things about him, so I never went back. Be. Careful. more

Dr. Steven Rockman-Rude, Demeaning Bully 2/17/2011

Steven Rockman might have the skills of a surgen but he is the rudest most demeaning doctor I have ever met! I was admitted to the hospital due to an acute illness that required emergency surgery. Dr Rockman did not listen to me, the patient. He treated me as though he knew my body/symptoms better than me. When Dr. Rockman would ask me questions he would interrupt with his own answers. He didn't talk to me adult to adult, he talked at me. During one conversation, Dr Rockman became angry when I refused to allow him to demean and bully me during a conversation with him. He got so angry that he stormed out of my hospital room slamming the door behind him. The hospital staff appologized consistently for Dr. Rockman's behavior during my hospital stay. When a person is ill enough to be hospitalize their only concern should be getting well. That was not my experience as a patient of Dr Steven Rockman, I had to beg for pain medication, was subjected to frequent conversations that were confrontational/argumentive, and felt that I was bullied instead of being taken care of by Dr. Steven Rockman. As a patient if I had behaved the way he did, I might have been asked to leave. more

Not Just Lack of Bedside Manners 9/3/2010

It's not just a lack of bedside manners with Rockman or a lack of manners in general. He doesn't run a medical practice; he runs a business. I waited over an hour for about seven minutes of his time and I had the feeling that he was thinking of his stock portfolio all the time I described my symptoms. I had the impression that he had already made up his mind that he couldn't work my case into a trip to surgery so he was figuring what he would charge when my time was up and he could whip into the next examining room and do it all over again and maybe duck out a little early to play golf. I went home and called another doctor and got the attention and treatment I deserved. more

Felt worse, not better 9/1/2010

Rude appointment secretary. Uncaring doctor. I felt worse when I left than I did when I went in. Complete waste of my time. more

Dr. Rockman is the best. 8/17/2010

Good: My wife of 35 years began hemmoraging and crying out in pain. Dr. Rockman has always been her Gyn. but only for check ups and thing like that. I loaded my wife in the car and flew to the hospital at 10PM (thanks to HPD for the escort) Dr. Rockman came as soon as he could. He arranged the emergency surgury right away. He came out after several hours and woke me up where i was sleeping on the floor, and told me that my wife would be fine, and that the scar would be covered below her bikini line. He is awesome. Bad: Nothing. Improvements: None how can you improve on perfect. Other: When the Doctor Rockman found out that I no longer had insurance, he discounted the bill and let me pay him off in payments. I am so grateful to him for saving my wife's life and making it so a wage earner like me could pay him off in a timely manner. What a guy. May God Bless him.. more

To all of you giving him a 1... that's just ignorance 7/27/2010

I have to say that I have been dealing with Dr. Rockman for about a year now, and I could not be happier than I am with him. I am extremely picky about my OBG's and I have jumped from one to another in search of a good one. When I first met Dr. Rockman, he was referred to me by the ER because of a cyst problem that I had. He was quick to take action and comfort me because I was a nervous wreck, having history of cancer in the family, and well, being young your mind rushes to just the worst, I have cancer or an std. He treated me and kept a close eye on me, advised me to get surgery, only after 6 months of treatment and trying to get rid of the problem with meds, and more natural alternatives. The process was fast, and recovery even faster, talk about a week for recovery! The most painful part was getting the stitches removed. I was in and out the same day. The staff was uber friendly, and catered to me at every moment, before and after the surgery.Now about his crude language, people, newsflash! he's a new yorker! which means he tries to make you laugh by exaggerating the truth. He's not full of himself, in fact, he tries to make his clients and patients more at ease with sarcasm. I guess if you don't have a sense of humor and your head is too far up your ass to understand this, then yeah, he's not the doctor for you. more

Dr. Rockman is AMAZING 8/14/2009

All of you who gave a bad review do not know this man. First off he DESERVES and SHOULD have an ego because he is the best. He is a remarkable surgeon, physician, and counselor. Alot of people may not understand his intelligence, and therefore knock him. Stephanie, a very long time patient and advocate!!! more

Terrific Doctor & Surgeon 6/23/2009

I have been a patient of Rockmans for a very long time and I would and do recommend him to others. He is patient, kind and always willing to listen to anything I have to say and takes the time to put any worries I might have at ease. I even had to call him late at night and he was on the phone with me almost immediately. He is also my daughter and granddaughter's doctor and delivered two of my grandchildren. I can not say enough good things about Dr. Rockman and I will continue to recommend him and praise him to all. Susan H. Houston, Tx. more

Amazing Doctor and Surgeon 5/18/2009

Dr. Rockman took amazing care of me. I had an ectopic pregnancy that was about to rupture through my Fallopian tube and he performed emergency surgery on me. I was scared and had a lot of questions and he was very patient while explaining what was happening. When it was time to be discharged, he showed up at the hospital early in the AM instead of making us wait and again, took plenty of time with me to explain what happened during surgery and even showed me the pictures. During the surgery he found a fibroid, which he recommended removing prior to another pregnancy. After getting a second opinion (just for due diligence) and doing a LOT of research on my own, I decided to have an abdominal myomectomy with Dr. Rockman. He explained the procedure very thoroughly and listened/responded to my MANY questions. Despite being very scared about having surgery, I was very comfortable with my decision and my choice of surgeon. My procedure was earlier this week and so far, all his expectations for my recovery have been right on. His office staff returned my call quickly and was very friendly and helpful when I called to schedule the surgical follow-up. I'm very grateful to him for making a very difficult situation just a little bit easier. I feel very fortunate to have him in my corner and I'm sure with his help I'll be able to get pregnant again very soon... and keep it this time! more

Arrogant 2/1/2009

Went to see Dr. Rockman about 4 years ago,then I thought I was perimenapausel(Spell?)He did not order a blood sample,or check thyroid or hormone problem,just told me to meet with his fitness coach,on staff, "who is a size zero."This is not a Doctor to see if you are going through the change.I'll never recommend him! more

Simply the best 1/13/2009

I strongly disagree w/ the last previous review. Dr. Rockman is a gentle giant in my eyes. I met him back in 1996 when I first moved to Houston from Florida. I loved his bedside manner and the way he listened. After a few years I switched jobs and worked down in the Friendswood area and it was no longer convenient to drive all the way out to his Katy or Bear Creek office (by this time his Frostwood office had closed). As soon as I moved to the Galleria area, I actively sought Dr. Rockman out again and 3 years later, he performed a hysterectomy on my that I would trust w/ no one else. more

Long Time Patient 1/25/2008

Dr. Rockman has been my OB/GYN since 1994. I recently moved to another state and losing him as a doctor was one of the hardest parts about leaving the Katy area. He treated me through a very difficult pregnancy and took excellent care of me. He has always been kind, caring, complimentary, and compassionate towards me and although I carry a little extra weight, never demeaned me or blamed every health problem on that (which a lot of doctors do). He actually never even brought it up unless I did. I found him to be very complete in my healthcare and always erred on the side of caution. He has always taken the time to listen to any concern I had and always apologized if I had to wait to long. I found his staff to be above average for a doctor's office. Kind, friendly, and supportive. I'm sorry for any unpleasant experiences others may have had, but I have and would recommend Dr. Rockman to anyone that I cared about. more

What an "EGO" 11/26/2007

I recently visited this doctor at his Katy office, i was referred by a neighbor who said to me "if you want a surgeon" then Rockman's is your man, if you want someone kind and caring find another doctor. I was curious so made the journey to see him from the Tom Ball area. The front lobby was gorgeous and comforting so i thought "ok" this can't be too bad, i tapped the glass and was met by a pretty blonde who was very distracted with a cell phone held to ear as she nudged for me to sign in. The wait was long and disturbing as i could hear conversation coming from the doctor and someone, most was laughter and amusing things however, some was very disturbing remarks that seemed to be about the patients. As my name was called i was ushered into the exam rooms after the usual specimens and weight the ladies were very polite and made sure to address me as a person by name, i like that. He however did not, he was over an hour to enter my room and when he did he was demeaning and rude seemed to address only the fact that i am not an ideal weight, he was overly pushy or just seemed to bully with his thoughts. I listened to his ideas but in the end decided that he was not the doctor for me, in general a doctor should first and above all care, and second practice some control over his words and behavior, and second, at least make an attempt to be professional, the rockman womens wellness center, the name itself implies that he cares about the whole woman, not just her cosmetics needs and her weight issues, I am disappointed i wasted my day trying to see him, the hair on my legs, and the extra 25 pounds around my middle are not the issues i sought him for. He was quick to judge and make me feel less than. What an incredible ego, my time is a value to And i am worth more, you however have only allowed me to see "bad medicine". The take home message, surgeon or fitness guru? Where is the doctor? I have found a new doctor and have received my hysterectomy, problem solved. I still have hair on my legs and weight around my middle, and my face is still filled with lines but i am not any less a woman and he cannot whisper mean things down the hall about me, i did not give him the power. more

Great Doctor 10/19/2007

I have been a patient of Dr. Rockman's for about 7 years and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He seems to do a very thorough job and always has erred on the side of caution in any situations I have had. I also find him straight forward and honest - I don't go to the doctor to be humored so I appreciate his forthright assessment of my situations. I feel very confident placing my care in his hands. more

Thank God for you!!! 9/4/2007

Write your review here. I have been a patient of Dr Rockman for over 12 years, he is warm, kind, carring, and extremly professional, I had a yearly check up in 2004 and addressed a pea size bump in my right breast on the upper chest wall, he was concerned, and wanted me to have it checked out, not only did he order a mammogram but also an ultrasound, he ordered a rush on my test and I had them done in 3 days, it turned out the lump did not show up in the mammogram, only in the ultrasound, thank God he was that smart,,,,,,,after a biopsy I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am now cancer free and thank Dr. Rockman from the bottom of my heart for carring. Sincerely Lottie Boutelle more

Dr. Rockman SAVED MY LIFE!!! 8/5/2007

I was rushed in an ambulance a little over a year ago to Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital due to complications with an obstructed bowel caused by my pregnancy. This was the third hospital I had been to in my two week nightmare. Being from Galveston County I was a long way from home. I went through a numerous amount of doctors before seeing Dr. Rockman. I was only able to transfer to that hospital because he agreed to treat me and thank god for him. He was nothing but caring and gentle. Once I was under his care I never under gone one bit of pain. He made sure I and my unborn baby was brought back up to health, after becoming malnourished at the other two hospitals. All of the nurses spoke highly of him as well as my other doctor I was seeing for my obstruction. After I was released, I had to travel to his office once a week until delivery time. He and his staff were wonderful to me and worked around my schedule. Unfortunately, I had to have a cesarean and was upset only because in Galveston County hospitals you cannot hold your baby until after you are back to your room and that is like three hours later. Dr. Rockman made sure my arms were not strapped down so I could hold my baby girl and that was the best feeling in the world. I love him and may even make the drive for my next pregnancy. more

Dr. Steven Rockman Rocks 4/27/2007

I have been seeing Dr. Rockman for over 20 years myself and am pleased that he has treated me for all my female needs. He is brilliant in his surgical skills and takes all the time necessary to instruct so that his patient leaves his office with a clear understanding and able to make an informed decision if need be. I am dismayed at people who feel it necessary to character bash just to vent with no regard as what it could do to the doctor, his practice, his family, etc. Who is benefiting from such behavior? Do you feel better when you have judged another harshly and share it with the world. We seem to put our physicians in a god position; how unfair to put that burden on a person. Physicians are human and their personalities will work well with certain other personalities; therefore, we do possess the right to choose another doctor to meet our care needs without slamming his or her reputation. Do something constructive for yourself and do a favor for a physician you may find fault with--stop spending time criticizing on a public forum and search for a new doctor. I hope that you who criticize do not make errors at your work, in your church, at your children's school, at your next ladies' meeting, or wherever because you just may find yourself the recipient of negative commentary. It is safe to say what a hard journey through life we experience if we try to please everyone. more

Dr. Steven Rockman 4/2/2007

I have been a patient of Steven Rockman for over 8 years. I would, have and will continue to highly recommend him. Before I started going to Dr. Rockman, I had been trying to conceive for over a year without success. I saw Dr. Rockman- he properly diagnosed me, fixed the problem and within 2 months I was pregnant. I have a beautiful little girl. Dr. Rockman also noticed, caught and treated me for a thyroid problem. One of the greatest things about him is his bedside manner. He makes sure that you completely understand everything that is going on. There are no surprises. He is excellent at explaining complicated medical terms and conditions. Dr. Rockman's office staff is very professional and friendly. The office always works around my schedule and makes every effort to see me immediately. more

Steven Rockman, MD - Houston, TX 12/6/2006

I also have had bad dealings with Steven Rockman, MD. He is not a physician who listens to his patients or shows that he cares about his patients wishes. He seems to be more like a dictator than a caring physician. The turnover of his personnel also shows what type of person Dr. Rockman is. His nurses and administrative staff are just as rude as he is to the patients. I have noticed that the majority of his patients are new mothers and not women who have a long term status as patients of his. I guess this says something right there about Dr. Rockman. It is a shame that he is this way. Diane more

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Dr Steven Rockman MD OB Gyn 5/13/2006

II saw 3 different Dr's in both the Frostwood and Katy offices over 1- 1/2 yrs time.Dr Rockman was assigned as my primary physician. We had recently been transferred back to Katy The West Houston Ob-Gyn who delivered my son had retired/closed his practice while we were away from Houston area for less thn 1 yr.I no longer wanted to drive to the TX Medical Center. While gone I had my gallbladder removed and other female issues. Dr Rockman's manner was friendly but extremely demeaning. Every statement was started with you have... you are experiencing. My reaction was NO!!! That is NOT what I'm experiencing, feeling or thinking! How would you know?You're a man!!! I thought I had taken a step back into the 1950's South. I realized that I would never get, quality, reasonable care from a person with this narrow minded attitude. I was extremely frustrated. My Dad is older than this man and more openminded! Dr Rockman does NOT take the time to LISTEN to female patients and instead jumps to conclusions from 1 or 2 test results or circumstances at the time. He does not take the time to ASK questions and LISTEN to the answers. His mind is made up before he starts treatment. A few months later I quietly had a conversation with a neighbor of ours who had seen Dr Rockman and Dr Tal a few years before when she needed an emergency historectomy. This now 70+ yr old gracious, caring, TX southern woman said she too had switched Doctor's immediately as she was put off by the same style of sexist, demeaning treatment. (This is a person who never speaks poorly of anyone! She reinforced the idea that I made the right decision to change Doctor's immediately). more
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