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Rayne Early Childhood Program

3900 Saint Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 899-3595
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This is a wonderful program, one of our city?s best-kept secrets. Children thrive in an optimal setting for growth, learning, and exploration. There is warmth, love, safety, and...


Unfortunately, I had to remove my child from the program due to consistent lack of supervision/safety reasons. I would have loved for my child to stay have stayed there & my chil...

Negative Experience 4/27/2011

Unfortunately, I had to remove my child from the program due to consistent lack of supervision/safety reasons. I would have loved for my child to stay have stayed there & my child loved it there. I believe the teachers in my child's class room were good, but there definitely is room for administration to provide better training and oversee supervision issues. My child was twice injured in the face, by the same child, 12 days apart, the 2nd injury causing an ER visit and application of Dermabond (the clear version of stitches). After the 1st incident, I met with the director, expressed areas of concern and expected there to have been some sort of intervention. After the 2nd incident 12 days later, i was furious. In the other's child's defense, his parents were not even made aware of the incidents to have even talked to the child about it (at least the director told me she was not sure when I asked). In my opinion, if a child is injured to the point of needing stitches, the parents of the child who did the injuring should be notified by the same incident report, so that they can work with the child. As the director that signs all the incident, you should not be uncertain if the parents where notified, it should be a part of your protocol. This proved to me that intervention was not actually sought and it was just another ""incident"". The director also informed me that the child was a ""challenging child"" & that they have had ""issues in the past"". Ok, so since this was known, why wasn't extra attention given to the child for increased supervision or monitor him more closely especially while outside? I am not blaming the child, but if the center was going to keep the child, the efforts should have been made to keep everyone else safe. The challenging child is not my child's face's problem. The outside supervision is POOR at best. The inside ratio is excellent, but when the children go outside, some teachers may go inside or they are not paying full attention and injuries occur (at least to my child). There is not enough supervision with intervention when the kids play outside. When you see a child chasing another with an object or playing too rough, not enough intervention happens to stop it. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when I met with the assistant director the day of the 2nd incident. I was speaking w/ the teacher, asking her how many teachers were outside supervising. The teacher gave me a list. The assistant director used her foot to nudge the teacher on her foot and said ((tap tap tap)) ""NAME of anther teacher was out there, wasn't she? The teacher was so afraid. She looked at me & looked back at the assistant director and said ""no"". The assistant director signed in disgust (as if to be pissed off that the teacher admitted that more teachers were NOTout there). The teacher did the right thing, & I appreciated that, but from an adminstrative standpoint, I was done. I knew, right then and there, that that assistant director DOES NOT have the best interest of the children in her heart, (at least not my child's best interest). I immediately removed my child. As a responsible parent, I know I make the right decision. It was tough, I cried, but it was the right thing. Just when I started to feel bad about it, I went back to the school to get the last of my child's things. As I was leaving, I stopped to say goodbye to my child's teacher & thank her for the work that she was able to do. I noticed 7 kids where in the red playhouse outside in the yard. Of course, no one was watching them inside. I heard a little girl shriek to the top of her lungs and start to cry very loud (parents know the cry, like when you get hit or hurt yourself). No one saw anything & a teacher walked over and poked her head in the house and said ""NAME OF LITTLE GIRL, tell me what happened"". I just shook my head and said, Oh no, I know I made the right decision. more

An Excellent Program 11/10/2009

This is a wonderful program, one of our city?s best-kept secrets. Children thrive in an optimal setting for growth, learning, and exploration. There is warmth, love, safety, and affirmation. It is hard to find an unhappy kid in this school. Anyone who is closely associated with it shares a great deal of pride and joy in what they see?especially the children. Pros: Quality Care in a Loving Environment Cons: Old, althought historic, building more

Regarding 9/09 review 10/30/2009

The review from 9/09 appears to be from a former employee at RECP. As a parent whose daughter has been enrolled there since 12/05, I am offended by the review, and am relieved that an employee with this degree of anger and selfishness was recognized by the Administrators and fired. Pros: Staff/Early Education more

THE TRUTH 9/15/2009

Where should I begin? I can start with the administration. First and far most Barbara Argote, doesn't know how to run a center if her life depended on it. Cida Lancaster is rude. She talks to staff and parents any kind of way, she shows favoritism towards some staff members(Keefa Bell especially) and some students. I have reasons to believe that Cida doesn't like bi-racial kids nor there parents. Thersea she's a very messy and fake woman. She's always in students and staff members files, so if you tell her something personal be prepared for others to know also. Now its down to the teachers.There are some who I've been told that while your child is on the changing table he/she is getting slapped on the leg or even pinched and the cameras don't pick that up. There's other teachers who I've seen myself that are pulling on the kids or even snatching them. I've been told plenty stories on Keefa Bell(infant II teacher), where should I begin? I've heard stories to where she shouldn't even be working around children in a daycare period. Keefa Bell has started several arguments with other staff members, had a fight inside of Rayne with a previous employee, locked kids in closets, smacked kids, pinched kids, give the kids bottles in bed, and what I've been told trust me the list goes on. Some of the staff members aren't even certified teachers and they don't know how to talk some of them come off as ignorant. Who wants there child's teacher to be elirate. However, teachers wise I would give the few good one's 30% out of 100%. So parents be aware go home and talk to your kids and please do pop up visits because this place isn't what it seems to be. Pros: Community Cons: Adminisration and Teachers more

Disgruntled Employee Bashes Excellent Program 11/10/2008

The negative comments from previous postings are from a disgruntled former employee who was discharged for performance reasons and is now seeking to retaliate by making false and malicious allegations designed to harm the school. For many years Rayne Early Childhood Program has provided a nurturing environment for the care and education of young children and enjoys a place of trust and respect in the community. more

Wonderful- but it takes 2 10/27/2008

Let me say that Rayne has been a godsend for our family - we have worked as a true partner with the school and our son has flourished. The teachers have and continue to offer good advice, for not only our son, but our family, and we consider them an integral part of raising our son. That being said, I am dumbfounded by the comments put on this page. There are days when he eats more than others, he is learning to eat things other than peanut butter. There are days when he is sad that he doesn't play with his best buds or that they call him a name - he is learning to cope. HOWEVER, has our son progressed without weeks when we would happily give him to a grandparent and go to bed for a week - OH NO. But, I have NEVER, EVER seen abuse, or even time-outs to the extent that I give them at home. I find that most parents are like myself, we kind of corral our kids at outings very similarly and it is actually kind of funny at times the village of caring for our Rayne family. I don't care for the ""drama"" of knowing some of the details of some allegations, but I keep a sharp eye along with my network of parents and have seen NOTHING. Sum it up to say, in a recovering city- it is nice to know there is ONE thing I don't have to worry about - and Rayne is it. Pros: facility, room size, staff, diversity, menus Cons: price ? more

I would recommend this program 10/27/2008

My daughter has been with Rayne for just over 1.5 years. The fellow parents and teachers all seem very invested in the children's well being and development. We had one bout of poor communication but it was remedied immediately and I felt that both me and my daughter were ultimately treated with respect and care. Every morning and every evening my child is greeted by name by many teachers in different classes. They show a great amount of love and affection towards her. It makes me feel good that even before she has reached a certain classroom that many of her future teachers have already begun to bond with her. I have recommended this program in the past and I will continue to do so in the future. Pros: great teachers! more

Wonderful program 10/27/2008

Rayne Early Childhood Program provides a nurturing and caring atmosphere for children; I would know since I have been part of the program since 2002. The teachers are kind and loving and provide early childhood experiences and educational activities that are fun! My children have never come home upset because of unsavory or inappropriate behavior on the part of the teachers. My children love their teachers! The Program is a wonderful community for both parents and children. Parents, don't let the postings of a disgruntled former employee cloud your judgment about Rayne; visit the center for yourself to see the happy children and caring teachers. This program is solid! Pros: Great teachers more

Our Son! 10/24/2008

Rayne was a good loving school to our son once also, but somewhere things changed. You should be so thankful your child does not have nightmares of being pinched and slapped around because we have to sit with our 3 yr.old every nite just so he can close his eyes and sleep without crying. We certainly wouldn't say the entire staff at Rayne was to blame, but it doesn't change what our son had to deal with. So just because you haven't experienced what we had to experience don't make lite of our suffering. more

Professional Loving Staff!! 10/24/2008

Was highly recommended and we have had our daughter there for two years now. Very professional and loving staff. Our child could not be in better hands!! more

Rayne hasn't let us down yet... 10/24/2008

My daughter has been attending Rayne Early Childhood Program for over two years. In all this time, I have personally never had a reason to suspect any ""foul play"". In fact, i am continually impressed with the level of education and furthermore, the excellent levels of personal attention, love, and care that she has received. Pros: The best preschool education a parent could hope for their child. Cons: Pick up your kids promptly or get charged by the minute! :) more

The truth about a cover-up! 10/24/2008

I'm writing from a male perspective. The Whole Truth is, you would like to keep parents in the dark about the abuse in the center. And from what I've heard and seen you are trying to coverup these issues. I don't think if you were not trying to cover things up at the center you would not be getting rid of good teachers. It's o.k. to tell us you let go of 2 of the best teachers at the center but not inform us that the center is under investigation not for the 1st time but possibly the 3rd time. I don't think this says much about the Rayne Early Childhood Program or the people in charge of running this program. I've seen and heard enough, enough to know that my kids will not continue at a center hiding abuse. Mrs. Cida, has no idea of what professionalism is and Mrs. Barbara does not have the mental capacity to run the program as a director. Pros: A few great teachers Cons: The director , assistant director and the secretary more

The Whole Truth 10/24/2008

The previous comments were posted by a disgruntled former employee who was discharged for performance reasons and is now seeking to retaliate by making false and malicious allegations designed to harm the school. For many years Rayne Earlt Childhood Program has provided a nurturing environment for the care and educationof young children and enjoys a place of trust and respect in the community more

BUYER BE WARE 10/22/2008

I just want to say that I never knew that they had a site like this but I'm glade they do. First let me say to any and all parents and families who are looking to send their child or children to this daycare ""Buyer Be Ware"". ""PARENTS"" how would you feel if you were told that if ""your child DOES NOT EAT what we're feeding him then your child will starv until you come to get him""????????? OR like "" your child screaming when your bring them in certain teacher class (""KEEFA BELL""). ""PARENTS PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR KIDS; DON'T BRUSH IT OFF. IT MAY JUST HURT THEM................ Pros: CLEAN Cons: UNPROFESSIONAL ADMISTRATIVE STAFF more

Children's Safety 10/16/2008

Parents! Is this what you're looking for? Can you trust your kids to a place that will cover up abuse/child endangerment. Well this could very well happen. The director/assistant director would rather coverup abuse rather than report abuse. I guess if word got out about abuse it wouldn't look good on them as director/assistant director. Well what does coverup say for the two of them.. What happens to your child/children is better kept a secret until one of them are seriously injured. Please do not subject your child to a place that is centered around children but would prefere protecting adults and their good so call names. If your kids needs to be away from you for 8to 10 hours a day make sure they can expect to be treated with love and respect and the assurance that if something were to happen your kids happiness and safety would be the only thing that matters. I don't think Mrs. Argote or Mrs. Lancaster can give you the comfort of knowing your kids come first. So parents please put your child's safety and happiness on your lists of priorities. Pros: Teachers are really passionate at what they do and the kids they care for. Cons: The Administators does not take concerns from parents legitimate. Parents don't have a say about who works with their kids. more
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