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Randy A. Fink, MD.

Miami, FL 33173
(305) 274-3130
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Dr. fink and his staff are a wonderful group of people who care greatly about their patients. I always feel as if my health is their priority.


Dr. Fink in my opinion is great. He is very attentive and caring. Lately I have felt that he is not as thorough as I would like, but if I ask specific questions I get my answers. ...

Great service 2/11/2015

Dr. fink and his staff are a wonderful group of people who care greatly about their patients. I always feel as if my health is their priority. more

Dr. Fink will deliver all my babies! 7/10/2012

Dr. Fink just delivered my 2nd baby 7 weeks ago. Second time was just as amazing as the first! He is the most caring, gentle and knowledgeable doctor. What I love most about him is that he supported my decision to go 'all natural'; which was extremely important to me. I'm confused as to why I read in another review on here that he doesn't support natural birth, bc both my son and my daughter were natural with no drugs, and I also had my labor coach with me both times during delivery. He was very supportive and continued to be even with my second child. He will be delivering all my babies (I want four!!) I'm happy to see the reviews on here about his Spa. I believe its called the Miami Sky & Sea Spa. I have gotten facials there after an appointment and my husband has gotten one too for this past Father's Day (They had a Father's Day special). Great friendly office too. I definitely recommend Dr. Fink. Go with your list of questions/concerns and he will address it all! more

Dr. Fink is the BEST doctor in the world! 7/10/2012

I have never felt more comfortable with any other OBGYN. He listens to all my questions and addresses all my concerns. He takes his time and doesn't rush his patients through the visit, which is what I love the most about him. His whole office is so friendly; you would never in a million years think you are in Miami. He has delivered both of my babies and also does cosmetic procedures for any of you mom's that are self-conscious about.. well, 'down there'. He also does Botox and all that stuff that keeps you looking young! And to make it even better, his office has a Spa inside.. a real spa that offers facials, laser hair removal and all kinds of treatments! I recently had laser hair removal and Laser Genesis done with Audrey (who I highly recommend). She is a sweetheart and very gentle. Well I can go on and on about Dr. Fink and his whole practice, but all I can say is that an acquaintance referred him to me about 7 years ago and making an appt with him was the best thing I could have ever done. I highly recommend him regardless if you need your annual girly checkup, pregnant, little 'nip-tucks' or beauty needs! Once you meet him, you will see exactly what I'm talking about! Love him! more


This review is for those looking to find a practitioner that supports natural childbirth. Unfortunately, Dr Fink is NOT that person. Long story short, they lie to their patients and try to manipulate them into doing things their way. If you choose otherwise, they will no longer see you. The office manager called me today to tell me that if I choose to continue working with my chosen doula, I can no longer go to their practice. I am 30 weeks pregnant. I know it sounds unbelievable, but they actually did this!!! While the midwives here are great, very warm and friendly and willing to work with you to support you, the DR's are not. Unfortunately, the DRs run the practice. The DR's made up lies to get me to fire my doula, telling me she is not allowed at Baptist hospital. I called Baptist and spoke to the head nurse of L&D, who told me that is simply not true. The DR's also will go on to tell you that birthing in a tub is "risky, promotes tearing, and you have to push on your back". Anyone who knows about natural birth knows this is actually the complete opposite! They do not practice what they promote, which is choice of pushing positions, labor support persons including doula care, rooming in with your baby, etc... BUT, they will definitely tell you what you want to hear just to get you in the door. All families should have a choice in who you choose to support you in labor. This is NOT the doctors decision. If you are looking for a natural friendly DR, there are honest ones out there. DR Fink and his staff of OBs are not the ones to go to, though. Find a doula or midwife that you work well with and get a referral from them! more

LOVE HIM! 3/25/2011

I love Dr. Fink. He makes me feel so comfortable and is very honest. He is performing a labiaplasty on me next week, and I will be coming back to update! more

Awesome Doc 5/19/2010

Dr. Fink is sweet, funny, charismatic, and also a caring doctor who makes you feel welcome to ask questions. He has a great personality and is fun to see. He listens to your ideas and concerns and helps you make your own decisions about your care. His nurse practitioner is also just as awesome. Though there is often a long wait, I feel he is definitely worth it. Wish Dr. Fink could be my doctor for everything, not just OB-GYN related issues. more

dr. fink 4/6/2010

I have been going to Dr. Fink for years. My mom referred me to him and I referred him to my sis-in-law when she was pregnant. He is kind and answers your questions, makes you feel at ease. He made a believer of my husband (who is skeptical of doctors) during my pregnancy! more

AWESOME 3/25/2010

Good: I liked the staff they are very friendly, I also liked that there is a spa in the waiting area.. Bad: There was nothing I did not like. I had a great experiance.. Improvements: No improvements are needed.. Other: Dr. Fink and his staff are great. It was very pleasant and would definitely refer my friends and family.. more

Busy but worth it!!! 3/25/2010

I have been a patient for many years and absolutely love Dr. Fink! He is very attentive and caring! His nurse practioner is extremely knowledgeable and attentive, very sweet too. His new midwife, Irene...I have seen her once and she too, is very nice. His staff is friendly and helpful...which is hard to find. Lately I have noticed he is very busy, but with one doctor leaving the practice he has a lot of deliveries and a lot of patients to see. Little extra wait time but always worth it! And the new office is beautiful!!! more

Great doctor, not so great staff 1/15/2010

Dr. Fink in my opinion is great. He is very attentive and caring. Lately I have felt that he is not as thorough as I would like, but if I ask specific questions I get my answers. His staff on the other hand (specifically the office staff not the nurses and assistants) are horrible. They NEVER return phone calls and are not helpful. I have chosen to leave this office and this doctor who has seen me and my sister for over 8 years because of this staff. I can't imagine having a critical question or emergency and having to rely on them to call me back. I guess they have gotten too big to care about each and every person. =0( more

Wonderful doctor 1/14/2010

I have been going to Dr. Fink for over 7 years now. He is absolutely wonderful. He monitored my pregnancy and delivered my first daughter. I've never met such a caring and attentive doctor, and his wife is very nice too. Only have good things to say about his practice. FYI, there was a period of time when he had a not-so-good office manager. But I think she's not there anymore. more

Excellent Physician-Worth the Wait 11/3/2009

I have been seeing Dr. Fink for over 7 years now. I switched to him after he moved out of a practice with two female gyns who had each delivered my two sons. Dr. Fink takes the time to sit and explain everything to you and answers any concerns. You never feel rushed or hurried. The doctor shares an office with several other doctors (which will be changing in December '09) Only once or twice was he not able to see me when I had a scheduled appointment, but remember, he is an ob/gyn. Someone's baby is not going to wait to be born just because you have an appointment scheduled. On the appointment he was unable to see me, his nurse practicioner who happens to be his wife saw me and was great too. I highly recommend him to anyone. With respect to the comment about his office manager, I have had not negative experiences with that person, but understand, it is very rare these days to find a doctor's office staff who is truly wonderful. Some try more than others, but many are high school graduates wearing scrubs and should not be confused with an actual phyiscian. more

Awesome, caring, soothing! 5/21/2009

Good: Dr. Fink is very attentive, caring, and mannered. He will take a lot of time to discuss your concerns and doesn't rush through his words like other doctors, who are like mills trying to beat the record as to how many patients they can see within the hour. He is reassuring, has a soothing, calming voice, and his wife is very friendly as well. The staff are patient and willing to work with you if you're unable to pay the entire balance of your bill.. Other: Dr. Vinueza recently joined Dr. Fink's practice and is also very friendly. Like Dr. Fink, he spends time with each patient, making you feel like you're the only patient there and that you're special. He is bilingual if you're seeking a bilingual doctor. I drive over 30 miles to see them, worth every penny though!. more

Still the best 5/3/2009

Have never found a doctor who cares the way he does. Stephanie is great too and Dr. Vinueza is also nice. The staff is very good, esp nurse Andrianna. He's not on my new insurance but don't mind a bit paying for him out of pocket. Worth every penny and more. more

Money hungry doctor 4/21/2009

He has only a few staff who are nice, but his office manager should not be an office manager. When talking to her she did not have the proper attire and or knowledge of anything. Do not go to his office, if you do Dr. Vinueza you should definitely see, he is awesome! more

BEST OF THE BEST 11/8/2008

He is absolutely amazing! My daughter and little sister see him as well. His entire staff are just as caring and concerned. I can't say enough superlatives about his practice as a whole! more

Great Caring Doctor 1/25/2008

I having my first pregnancy was very nervous and always had tons of questions to ask. At first I was also very reluctant about seeing the nurse practitioner at first but she sat with me for quite awhile explaining everything. I till today ask other women if they have been advised at there doctors office what they can eat, drink , etc... They all tell me no. At Dr. Finks office they at least make sure they let you know your options and it is up to you whether you follow it or not. The day of labor he was with me the majority of the time, not only did he respect my decision of not having an epidural but when it came down to getting an episiotamy he explained (while in labor) that he had no other choice because my daughter was stuck and had the umbilical cord around her neck. The reason why he told me this is because I had asaked him during my pregnancy if we can avoid an episiotamy. I would never again go to another doctor. more

Wonderful Dr. 12/5/2007

I read some of the reviews and I have to agree. He is an excellent Dr. and he has wonderful bedsides manners. He has a partner in his practice and I was very apprehensive about having to see some one I did not know, but he was very nice as well. I have had several Dr.'s in the past and I must say he is very capable and caring. His staff is great, and yes his office gets a little crowded at times but it is worth the wait. more

Great experience 6/30/2007

Have seen him for 3 years for my checkup and always made the experience great. Very gentle even when I was freaked out. When i got pregnant, saw nurse pract for first visit & got sono in the office. I was bleeding but everything was ok. He came in and seemed so happy for me cuz he was there for my last miscarriage. Had probs during my preg, preterm labor. Never had to worry about anything with him, very capable. I read somebody's bad experience, and maybe she just was there on a bad day? Great staff now. Nobody's perfect, but I'll certainly NEVER goto another doc eventho he's not even on my insurnce anymore. more

Making-money-only so called doctor 10/25/2006

At the first visit Dr. Fink did not appear, he sent three nurses instead, even though I told I have problems and bleeding. They talked without listening about things that I already knew. One of them - his wife - sent me for invasive prenatal tests without proper diagnosis and wrote false report. She had difficulties with finding hart beat of my baby by Doptone and did not know how to make proper, not painful checkup. At the second visit Dr. Fink required $1000 of deposit from my pocket, even though I am insured. In the 18th week of pregnancy, I did not have any basic tests done, so I found another doctor to do it. Dr. Fink takes care only about his money, not about mother and baby. What he writes about himself on his webpage and in newsletters is only self-advertisement, words that never come true. Additionally, his administration manager is insolent and disorganized, so I spent unnecessarily two hours more in the clinic because she could not manage my documents properly. more
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