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Quick Weight Loss Ctr Inc

2514 Richmond Ave
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(713) 528-6595
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I scheduled the first session on line and we pleased to see there was not wait when I arrived. Barbara made me feel relaxed during the discussion and her attitude is what encoura...


Stay away....what ever you do....DO NOT SIGN. The managers of the stores are fast talking con artists. I am so furious with this company. I spent over a $1000, that I couldn't rea...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2014

The program works but you have to be careful. First the sale people give you a price but fail to advise about the 450+ admin fee, The people are very nice and the products or ok. I dropped almost $1700 only to have problems from thier supplements. Key questions to ask\r 1. Does any of their suplements raise your heart rate?\r 2. Are the supplements FDA APPROVED.(yes there all natural but do you remember Phen Phen)?\r 3. If your a male -the supplemnts can cause Prostate issues(i never had a issue before and once i stopped it took 1 week to get back to normal) as in my- case and they do admit once you sign up.\r If you have issues- that this does occur in some men. They gave me a different supplement which caused the same problem.\r In short i didnt spen 1700 for someone to tell me how to eat and eat thier over priced snacks. \r In short - if you do it only sign up for a month- although they push the 30% discount if you sign up for 3 months.\r It is a good program if you dont have issues- EVERTHING IN NON-REFUNDABLE and i have yet to see the written guanatee(look on web page). more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/22/2013

I just signed up but haven't started the program or gone to the first class yet. I know I can't return the supplements but can I request that I not continue with the program? I've only been charged for the 30 days and the supplements so far. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/6/2013

I worked for Quick Weight Loss Centers for 7 years.....I was a manager and an area supervisor. There was a time that I really believed in the program but as the years passed and I ran into people that used to be on the program, they were all very angry....I have yet to meet anyone that lost the weight and kept it off.............I look back on it now and I apologize to anyone that I sold a program to.....I was their top manager for years......sales were tremendous.....I went on and off of the program for years trying to maintain my own weight......interesting to find...I have lost my gall bladder, appendix and have severe stomach and intestine problems now. I have also heard this complaint from many former clients but there is no ""proof"" that the program caused it. The bottom line is expensive, doesn't change anything that caused you to get overweight in the first place and it doesn't work long term. Go to Weight Watchers and join a gym.....that is the only thing that REALLY works long term. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2013

They are NOT a good company and a RIP OFF/SCAM. They DO NOT do a complete health history on everyone (that's a lie) and I have the same complaint. Complaining to corporate did absolutely NOTHING, and they will NOT refund your money or take the supplements back (which I was allergic to). They even had all my information incorrect in the system, wrong address, telephone number etc. They pitch and get bonuses to sell their products, not tell you that you don't need their products to lose weight. I would NEVER refer anyone to their center. Do it the natural old fashioned way - limit your caloric intake, choose healthy foods, drink lots of water and exercise. Do not fall for their gimmicks, schemes, and supplements. It's not worth it. SHAME ON YOU QUICK WEIGHT LOSS! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/31/2013

I signed up in July with a signed agreement stating it was costing me $681. I understood that to mean the total ""total"". I was explained that the normal fee was over $3000. He said i was getting a nice discount at $681. The rep handed me my white credit card receipt for $681 on the top of my QWLC paperwork -- but also had me sign another pink paper that he explained to me ""now this paper just states that you understand what you have just paid for, etc"" I look it over and sure enough it said, ""Regular Price Program $1499"" and then another line saying ""Your Price"" and that was marked N/A which i took to mean, the real price was the $681. Now I had signed TWO SEPERATE pink slips, i wondered why, but didnt question it. He had already explained the regular cost was well over a thousand dollars but i was getting a great deal and a half off bargain at $681. I thought nothing of all this. A month later, i get my credit card bill and i see a CHARGE FROM QWLC for $1,999.00 OMG I go back and look at the second pink slip i signed and- then and only then- do I find a second white credit card receipt for $1,999 that I had paid for that day that I did'nt even know about!!!! They charged me TWICE and the second time STOLE the $1,999 by not telling me about it, Had they done so, i would have walked out- but sneakily walking off w/ my CCard & charging it behind my back... then handing me a big wad of paperwork with that second credit card receipt of $1,999 tucked & hidden deep away in there that i never even saw it.....NEVER did they tell me anything about a second charge of $1,999 or i would NEVER in a million years agreed to that, I dont make that much money .... QWLC STOLE $2000 from me. STOLE IT. RIPOFF ~RIPOFF ~RIPOFF ~do not fall prey!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/12/2013

I joined the Pasadena location and started the day after Christmas 2012. As of today (04.12.2013), I am down 40lbs which is half way to my goal, which is guaranteed to be done before Independence Day 2013.\r \r I see many valid points about the program being very expensive & it was a bit of a shocker for me too. Especially when I am the sole breadwinner of a family of 5. But, it is a matter of what is your health worth to you. I have struggled with weight my whole life. I was the fat kid and spent my 20's weighing 200+ (at 5'2"", I was a size 18/20). Now that I am finished having children (mother of 3 ages: 10, 3 & 2), I decided I wanted the energy to spend time with my children. This program works for me for many reasons:\r 1) I do not have to go to group meetings or count points like with weigh watchers\r 2) I am not eating boxed meals like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or lean cuisines. \r 3) I have someone to check in with multiple times per week who is giving support that I need and little reminders that it will happen\r 4) I am making a lifestyle change that is teaching how I should eat and little tricks to creatively make meals healthier\r \r Think about this...\r If you used a personal trainer, how much would you pay?\r How much does it cost to do the ""My Fit Foods 30 day challenge""?\r How much would weigh loss surgery cost?\r Would you pay for a personal chef? If so, how much would that cost you?\r How long would you need to pay for these things?\r Who is holding your hand and making sure you stick with the weight loss goals you have set for yourself?\r \r My mother recently joined with me and she has a laundry list of food allergies which prohibit her from doing most weight loss programs. This is one that we were able to customize for her because she is cooking her own meals.\r \r Yes, the program is expensive, but the weight loss goal time frames are generally short ones (less than 6 months), so it is short term expense for long term results. \r \r Good luck to anyone struggling with weight, it is certainly a battle! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/21/2013

If you follow the plan, you will lose. I lost 105 pounds. My doctor recommended this program. It is medically, scientifically and nutritionally sound. Yes, it's expensive, but when I cut out the cost of eating out, plus the cost of all the medications I was on, plus the cost of alot of junk I was buying at the grocery store, it wasn't as expensive as it seemed. All the pills you take are herbal - nothing is synthetic. The staff at the Clear Lake office are exceptional!! If you tried it and it didn't work, then you weren't following it! This plan was worth every penny that I paid for it! more

QWLC is a scam 5/14/2012

Stay away....what ever you do....DO NOT SIGN. The managers of the stores are fast talking con artists. I am so furious with this company. I spent over a $1000, that I couldn't really afford, took ALL their pills and ended at the Dr. office. My intestines were so swollen I couldn""t use the restroom at all. My doctor told me to quit taking the pills immediately, and of course I started feeling better within a day. So I spent all that money and they won't refund a dime, so I lost that money, the Dr. office fee and 2 days of work. The commercial they are airing says ""lose 30lbs in 30days for $30"" that is a blatant lie. How do they get away with it? I would love to file a lawsuit if anyone is interested in joining. more

This is a total lost guys! 3/4/2012

Please do not sign up to this is a lot of money and then your health is compromised. Please if you need to loose weight nothing but exercise and a good diet that you can get through the internet. After signing and buying their products I am afraid to tell you; I feel the first day of taking the 15 capsules a day like dying; my hands are shaking, I am feeling heart palpitations, and I can't sleep, blurried vision, confusion and anxious a 100% they are not phisycians to take care of all this so please, take care eat healthy. more

Never do business with QWLC 7/20/2011

I had a very bad experience with Quick Weight Loss Centers, and I recommend that nobody consider doing business with them. The bad experience began at the 59 & Kirby location in Houston with manager Paula Martin. Firstly, Ms. Martin's sales pitch was fast, robotic, and pushy. Her attempts to connect and build rapport were fake and contrived. I felt strongly that she only cared about one thing: getting me to sign. The experience felt altogether icky. The cost of the program happened to be prohibitive for my particular budge at the time, so I chose not to sign up. But then I impulsively decided to purchase some of their snack foods, and then later regretted the purchase because I determined it was not a good value for my particular situation. The next day I went to return the unopened goods for a refund, Ms. Martin coldly and insensitively informed me that FDA regulation does not permit QWLC to accept returned items and that company policy does not allow refunds. She told me the next step I could take was to fax in a written complaint, which I did. I then received a call from the district manager (DM) over that store, and I explained the situation. She explained that it's company policy - not FDA regulation - that disallows receiving returned items. The store manager's and district manager's stories were inconsistent, demonstrating blatant lack of integrity. I respectfully appealed to the DM to grant me one exception to company policy and to refund my money - money that was precious to me in a time of financial hardship. But, as it turns out, goodwill towards dissatisfied customers is a non-priority for QWLC. She stubbornly refused to grant an exception or refund my money. Instead, she gave only inadequate, unsatisfactory excuses. This district manager clearly does not value me as a future prospect. I want to purchase QWLC's services in the near future when my budget permits, but not if QWLC stubbornly refuses to resolve this situation to my satisfaction. Until QWLC adopts a ""customer-is-always-right"" mentality, I recommend everyone stay far away. If you become dissatisfied, they will be right, and you will be wrong. They are needlessly forgoing sales to the detriment of their own profitability, not an intelligent business model. more

Thieves 10/12/2009

I signed up and later changed my mind without receiving any services. They still charged care credit and I'm expected to pay $1000 for services never rendered. It's now ruining my once perfect credit (after paying off school and car). Beware of these thieves!!! Cons: They steal your money!!! more

Lose Your Money, Then Lose the Weight 10/9/2009

So Far, So Good. Lost 9 lbs. in 3 days, (but not at this location -there are about 12 to 15 all over Houston). Lost lots of cash at sign up and 2nd Day, when they want you to buy way too much non-refundable supplements, including vitamins, fish oil, special things that are not explained well, just need to have the faith and fork over cash. These are the Movers and Shakers in the weight loss business now. Snack Bars, Drinks, soup mix for thousands of dollars. Pros: History for Helping People lose weight, fix own food Cons: Very Expensive, complicated for most, supplements more

Be very careful before enrolling in this program 5/15/2008

I am writing to communicate concerns regarding my experience as a client. I hope my post will help others before deciding to enroll in this program. more

Quick Weight Loss works but very expensive, ads are true but misleading 3/23/2008

They are informative and they take the right approach. They are concerned about your health and they take the time and effort to help you with the diet as well as your health. Their goal is to teach you how to eat correctly and it works. However, it is expensive and their ads on the radio are misleading. You think your going in and will have to pay $6 a week plus supplaments and that sounds reasonable, like a weekly pay plan and the you have to buy vitamins or something. NOT THE CASE... When you go in you have to pay the $6 per week for 52 weeks all at one time which comes to $312. Thats not all... you also have to pay for the supplaments. There are supplamental foods such as bars, chips soups, snacks etc, then there is the vitamin boost you drink, There are salad dressings, then there are the pills, Carb blockers, Herbal weight loss aides and Oils. All this is another $293 so you will pay $605 plus tax on your first visit. Ongoing monthly to take all the supplaments and pills required is over $580 and that does not count your food. Pros: The Plan Works even for the hardest of weight loss problems, even diabetics. Cons: Its expensive but as long as you know up front its well worth it. more

It works if you follow the plan, not if you cheat. 2/18/2008

I scheduled the first session on line and we pleased to see there was not wait when I arrived. Barbara made me feel relaxed during the discussion and her attitude is what encouraged me to signup for the program. The advise they game me was accurate to a T. When I cheated I did not lose weight. As long as I stayed on plan I lost weight. I would go in 3x per week and few times did I have to wait longer that 2 or 3 minutes to meet with the counselor. It worked and I encourage folks to try it. You have to be committed to staying on the program and not cheating. I enjoyed all the people there. Pros: it works if you stick to it. Cons: it is a little expensive more

Unfriendly Staff- Extremely Pushy 3/3/2005

The staff at this QWL is very rude and unfriendly. I waited in the lobby for my ""free consultation"" for over 30 minutes only for the lady to be very stressed and try to rush through my consultation. When I told her I would have to think about it because it was kind of more expensive than I was expecting, she pushed me into leaving a $10 deposit and making an appointment. I canceled the appointment once, because I had something else come up. She continued to call my work for me and asked my co-worker for me by the wrong name and was very rude, accusatory, and hung up on her when she told her we had no one by that name at our office several times. more
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