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The DC government officials did an audit of the DMV system and saw that there was a multitude of past-due items due the DC government. The government officials met secretly to dis...


The interaction with this service started from an already paid parking ticket from the city of Pittsburgh. The issue at hand was a late fee associated with this ticket. I had wr...

These Ass holes keep sending mail to my 3/6/2012

These Ass holes keep sending mail to my address even after I told them that no one by that name lives here or have I ever heard of such a person. . more

They are rip-off artist using the 12/2/2011

They are rip-off artist using the system to charge high rates for their collection process and use local governments to provide the accounts. They will lie and do anything to collect an over-due account even if it is not a legitimate violation. more

Former bill collector with the same problem, do not pay this 11/15/2011

I work in DC as an emergency technician for hospitals. I work with a team of people where we have tons of parts in our vehicles. Sometimes we take each others cars because we are on call 24/7 living in hotels. When I am sleeping after 30 hour shift I will toss the keys of my vehicle to another tech instead of going outside and digging for the parts he or she needs. Someone got a parking ticket without telling me. I only found out three years later when I pulled my credit report. As a former bill collector I can tell you the best thing to do is dispute it with the credit bureaus. The damage has already been done to your credit score, this is the only way to undo it, or in the least let your potential lenders know you did not pay this because you were not responsible for it. Paying it will suggest you are guilty. Any payments made will reset the seven years it takes to remove the damages already caused. If they are hounding you in anyway, you are protected under the FDCPA and can write a letter demanding them to stop collection efforts to specific phone numbers and addresses. If they slip up and try to collect from these addresses and phone numbers you have specified, you can file a lawsuit to have this debt cleared and your credit restored. Do not pay, it will not help anything except remove the debt on your report. It will not restore your points, and it will take seven more years to restore your points from the day of payment. In my case I have disputed it with the bureaus and since this is the only negative ever on my report, I don't believe this will keep me from purchasing a home at a higher interest rate. i bought a new nissan Z last week with a 3.25% interest rate. So they can waste their time trying to collect, I called and discussed this with them over the phone. I told them I would pay in full only after receiving a written statement that all of my points will be restored. They did not agree, so they will not get paid. more

Are you fuc#ing kiddin me? 10/18/2011

I just checked my online credit report and see this bullsh!t. I thought this was resolved with the payment I sent in to the rental car company who billed me for the violation and sent me the photo. I never received a separate ticket or any kind of notification and it's been over a year. I try calling these @ssholes and how the hell are you supposed to talk to a live person when you have to input an unknown case number just to get passed the first menu? Pushing zero should be standard to getting to an operator but the fuc#ing menu just starts over again. Thanks dip $hits. I hope you die a slow and painful death like some scene from ""Silence of the Lambs"" more

Scam 8/16/2011

I really wish I could give this company a -5. They are the scum of the earth, along with the DC government. This company put a ticket on my credit report without ever notifying me of its existence. I had no chance to contest the ticket or anything. I NEVER GOT 1 SHRED OF NOTICE. I found out while going through an investigation for a TS government clearance. The investigator asked me about $250 being owed to DC government, and I had no clue what it was, only to find out these scum are the reason. I am so livid at this point because this could possibly cost me a great job. I just found out 2 days ago, and I am jumping through hoops to get to the bottom of this mess. How could they be so callous as to go after good hardworking people??? I have been through a lot in the last 2 years, a year long layoff, and several health issues. During that time I never defaulted on any debt, just to have some absurd possible ticket be put on my credit report. The ticket is from 3 years ago, and it was supposedly a speeding camera ticket, for going 9 miles over the limit. Can you believe such foolishness??? How am I supposed to contest that? I wasn?t aware of the ticket; any of 3 people could have been driving the car during that time. It's just an all around mess. Had I known about the ticket, or notified that this could be put on my credit, I would have fought it or just paid it. It?s not worth the stress it?s costing me at this point. I don?t know how this will affect my investigation, the job, or my credit at this point. Please everyone report them to the BBB and do all of the things that previous reviewers have said. They are scum and are not following the law in regards to reasonable notice. I have been at the same address 10 years, and have never received mail from this company. more

Like talking to a brick wall... 5/5/2011

I've also recently gotten a letter from PAM. They said that I had an unpaid ticket from DC. I paid the ticket to DC. DC said that the record should be deleted from credit report by PAM. And this is also what DC DMV website says, 'However, in the interest of our customers, we have requested the collection agency (Professional Account Management L.L.C.) to automatically send a delete record to the credit bureaus whenever a collections account has been paid in full. Therefore a record of your delinquent ticket debt should disappear from credit bureau records once the payment is received."" more

Most Unprofessional Company 4/5/2011

I wish I could rank this comany lower then a zero. I called because I noticed something on my credit report from this agency. They informed me that I had an upaid parking ticket from last year. I never received any letters or phone calls, although they said they tried 3 times to get in contact with me. The amount was for $73.00 dollars, I would have paid that amount and not had this go on my credit. more

Sneaky underhanded company 2/21/2011

They are as crooked , manipulative and deceitful as they come. They are not above sending the elderly a check. I would assume that they will then attach whatever amount the check was for to your account. It is an attempt to get your banking information and any other info i.e., contact, address, additional people on said accounts, etc.,. They tried this with an elderly person that I know, fortunately I caught it and prevented her from cashing the bogus check.There are no doub,t drug dealers out there with more scruples than these people more

Welfare to Work Retards 11/30/2009

These women are rude and unprofessional. Their attitudes reflect the $7/hr they're paid...clicking my hells a wishing these broke down bitties back to the welfare line were they came from. Pros: Too far to ride on, I might've caught a charge or three more

What a scam! 7/21/2009

I don't even give them 1 star. This company needs to be put out of business. Do not pay your debt if you know you didn't accrue it. That's the only way we can do this. They have the rudest employees EVER! more

Unpaid parking ticket from 2003 7/20/2009

I just received a collection notice for a parking ticket from April 11, 2003 - more than 6 years later than I would even remember. First of all, if I ever received a parking ticket, wouldn't I first receive a reminder notice or a bill and if not paid, then received a collection letter? This is phishy! Beware of this company!! more

Another DC Ticket and PAM Story 2/5/2009

PAM says i received a traffic ticket from DC over two years ago. Never got one nor was i ever notified of an outstanding ticket. PAM continues to call 2-3 times a day. DC meter maids are cooking the books. Guess they want to make up the 50 million that a DC tax worker stole over a 6 year period. more

File a Complaint 1/30/2009

I recently had a run in with this firm. And through the advice I recieved on this forum inspired me to take action. more

DC Tickets and PAM 10/10/2008

On a twist of the DC ticket story. About seven months ago I received a letter from PAM demanding $105 for a DC ticket dating back to 2001. I wrote them that I had paid the ticket, which I did. Then in May, another letter from PAM. I wrote them that I clearly remember paying the was an odd amount and my husband nagged me into paying it. Just got the same letter again. Called DMV in DC, they show the ticket as unpaid and said I should produce a check proving I paid it. I don't keep checks over 3 years (unless it's really important) so how am I supposed to produce a seven year old check? Also, I did not receive any notices from DC regarding the ticket, except for the notice I received in 2001. Just PAM out of the blue. DC is notorious for bad record keeping, losing things, etc. I have now called the FTC to complain about PAM and will be calling the MD Attorney General on Monday to file a complaint. Also will be looking for which court I go to to protest. Is this PAM's problem any more than DC's, probably not, because DC handed over all the records and it is likely they had no record of my payment. I say, ""Prove I didn't pay it."" more

intimidating company 6/16/2008

I got a bill claiming non-payment on an outstanding ticket on my car with a ticket number and it was from the Mount Rainier, MD Police Dept. Neither my husband or I have been to Mt. Rainier in 30 + years! We thought it odd we never received any correspondence from the police dept. about an outstanding ticket and the collection notice gives no other info besides the so-called ticket number. We reieived it in May of 07 and I promptly wrote back, as suggested on the notice, and told them I would need a lot more info before I was sending anybody $250! I never heard from them again and we recently bought a car with a credit rating that was nearly perfect. I assumed that it was a scam from the start and that they somehow got license plate numbers and randomly sent out demands for money with the underlying threat of ruining your credit. I got curious today and google-ed the company expecting no results and found all these people that have had credit problems. Guess I was lucky! more

I hope this nightmare ends soon 5/29/2008

Having to do business with this company is nightmarish to say the least and they practically have you by the nuts because they catch you when you are vulnerable (i.e. you need them to clear your credit report or conduct DMV business so its either pay up or bend over. I went to register a vehicle and could not because PAM had a hold on me for tickets I paid the tickets and They also had my state tax refund intercepted when I contacted them for a refund of the money overpaid them I was told to I had to wait 60 to 90 days for a refund. They are fast to collect but slow to rectify when they need to pay you any money. The number for sonya never gets answered all you can do is leave messages and hope she calls you back. Pros: Staff is quick to tell you what you owe and why Cons: Slow to refund overpayments,clear items etc. more

Deleting it for 29 days is not resolution. Write the FTC & CC: Expirian, that PM still fails to contact in writing & provide original ticket in writing & abusive w/ threats to put it on w/out proof. 2/29/2008

I keep reading how PAM says they have d-listed negative items on credit report to allow people to pay and will most likely re-add items again. more

PAM 2/29/2008

I spoke with PAM today and they indicated to me that DMV ask them to remove the negative information so that consumer has between Feb 1 - 29th to paid their outstanding tickets. He also indicated that DMV should have notified the consumer in writing which I never received. PAM also stated that after the 29th if the payments are not made that they will probably re-add any entries back to the credit reporting agencies. When I asked for an extensive to be able to contact DMV to verify the tickets they claim was against me they said that they could not do that. I did see where the entries has been removed from Experian so I also contacted them to initialize a formal complaint Cons: unprofessional more

I got it removed by writing to Experian, all 3 credit reporting agencies, DC Treasury Adjudication and PAM's DC address 2/28/2008

I woudn't trust anything anyone says on the phone or wait on someone to call me back. FTC FDCPA laws apply here & even DC has to behave w/in them, if DC is using a collection agency. Pros: Just ask for the info you want - when they don't have it, write FTC, credit reporting agency, DC Treasury that they are not giving you a chance to validate the debt. It will come off your report. Cons: They are really aggressive. You guys w/ 3 or 4 collection accounts should write credit reporting agency as 3 accounts is an unconscionable means to collect a debt. more
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