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Potrero Chiropractors: Neck, Back & Headache Pain Relief Center - 26 Reviews - 290 Division St Ste 400, San Francisco, CA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (415) 431-7600
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Potrero Chiropractors: Neck, Back & Headache Pain Relief Center

290 Division St Ste 400 (at 10th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 431-7600
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Potrero Chiropractors: Neck, Back & Headache Pain Relief Center - San Francisco, CA



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I've been going to ""Doc G."" now for over a year. I moved out here and needed a new chiropractor, so I called him since he is pretty close to my apartment. Glad I did! He picked ...


I just have to say I was new to chiropractic and I don't want to say chiropractic didn't work. Just maybe I went to the wrong place. I had some mild neck pain and a friend re...

Go there! 8/6/2010

I've been going to ""Doc G."" now for over a year. I moved out here and needed a new chiropractor, so I called him since he is pretty close to my apartment. Glad I did! He picked up when it wasn't even business hours and told me to ""come on in!"" (still, not business hours, but he was willing to make an exception since I was new to town). He and his staff always greet me with a warm smile and enthusiasm. I always feel taken care of and a million times better leaving the office. Not only is Dr. Gilson is a great chiropractor, but he's ALSO a great person. Everytime I turn around, he's hosting another charity event. His response to my ""good for you's"" is ""I have to, I have to give back."" Great guy, great staff, great place - go there!!! more

Doc G is Magic 4/14/2010

I found Doc G through his community involvement in my neighborhood and he's the only chiro who hasn't left me in pain afterward -- even with three appointments a week.\r \r I'm a senior with a ""misspent youth"" (including a couple bike accidents) but it wasn't until I got rear-ended by Cell-Phone Girl in an SUV on 101 that I reluctantly decided to try chiro again on my old, and now fragile, bod.\r \r Doc G is not only good at his profession, he's a good guy -- funny, caring, great energy, and his ice/massage beds are heaven. \r \r Appointment times are flexible, you're in and out quick, there's parking and he's mega-reasonable on $. \r \r You might even get greeted by Reilly the Friendly Dog. Big thanks, Doc. \r more

Excellent treatment and professional care 6/10/2009

After a violent automobile accident my daughter and I were in need of specific chiropractic and accupuncture care. PotreroChiros took immediate action, made a review of our needs and put us on a solid rehabilition program. We received excellent health care. We are both now doing very well.\r \r PotreroChiros also took complete responsibility for the insurance billings. We did not have to think twice about insurance, billing, or money. Our health was their main concern while staff took care of business. Pros: location, convenience, ease of appointments more

Best Chiropractor in the Bay Area 2/17/2009

So I have been to 5+ different chiropractors from Palo Alto up to SF, and nobody has given me the relief from my pain like Dr. G. He is incredibly knowlegable, and after chatting to him and whining about my pains for a few minutes on the first visit, he knew just what to do to get me back to my pain-free self again!\r \r I haven't been able to run for 3+ years because of mid-back pain, and I am happy to report I went for 2 jogs last weekend, and my back is still feeling good! I'm telling you, if you want results, go to Potrero Chiropractors. They arent the most cushy, softy, spa-y, chiropractor in the City, but if you are like me and just want RESULTS, this is the place to go. I feel 100% safe in Dr. G's care, and trust that when he schedules follow up appointments, it is because he thinks that is the best way to help me, rather than feeling like he is upselling me to make some money (which is the impression I have gotten from a number of other Chiropractor's I have encountered).\r \r THANK YOU DR. G!! Pros: Effective adjustments, friendly doc and receptionist, rolly beds to ice on Cons: If I didnt work in the neighborhood it would be a pain to get to more

Go see Doc G! 10/28/2008

I started seeing Dr. Frank (aka Doc G) about 3 months now with cronic neck and upper back pains from flying too much. Not only did he imediately releive the pain, but the continual treatment (which is only 1x a month) plus the exercises he taught me have completely eliminated the pain. I really appreciate the ability to get in and get out fast AND get in with last minute notice (sorry I do this all the time Dr. Frank). I highly recommend Potrero. And honestly, I was really quite surprised how easy it was to find street parking around their office. A+ service. more

Better Than Pain Pills 4/7/2008

Potrero Chiropractors has helped me tremendously. I had twisted my back and had recurring pain for over 6 months. Pain relievers stopped working. I had never been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Gilson answered the phone and made an appointment for me for that day after work. He gave me useful information about the spine and helped me understand my injury. From twice a week to once every two weeks my back has improved greatly WITHOUT the use of pain relievers. I feel SO MUCH better, it's almost hard to believe. I'm so glad I went. more

Potrero Chiropractors ROCK! 3/27/2008

Potrero Chiropractors ROCK! Dr. Frank's positive and energetic personality speaks volumes to his professional and charismatic treatment. I have been under the care of my brother, who is a noted chiropractor in New England for more than 25 years, and I will say Dr. Frank is as successful in his treatment with me as my brother. I might even say more successful, but he is my brother. In my recent move to SF, I was under the care of a previous chiropractor, but discovered Dr. Frank and I am here to stay. Excellent work!!!! Pros: Affordable, comfortable, no stress no strain Cons: Yankees Fan more

The way healthcare SHOULD be! 3/13/2008

I've been a patient of DOC G(Frank Gilson) for a couple of years and have always received NOTHING BUT THE BEST care and treatment from him. He has HELPED ME with a chronic mid-back problem as well as acute issues that involved a work-related repetitive stress injury and a hip injury that almost prevented me from participating in the SF to LA LifeCycle benefit.\r Dr. G works hand-in-hand with JOHN ELLIS -- an acupuncturist and body worker. Together, they're the PERFECT COMBINATION of active and passive therapy. \r But the BEST thing about this office is how FRIENDLY and WELCOMING everyone is, from the fantastic staff (Fabiola and Jackie) to Doc G and John. The atmosphere is professional but unintimidating. Everyone on staff goes out of their way to make patients feel COMFORTABLE and CARED FOR.\r I have been to a number of chiropractors and acupuncturists over my years in San Francisco -- including those with a lot of letters after their names, but I've never found any to match the HEALING ABILITIES of Doc G and John. \r THANK YOU to POTRERO CHIROPRACTIC!!\r Pros: PROFESSIONAL, EFFECTIVE care; FRIENDLY staff; GREAT SYNERGY between chiropractic and body work; COMFORTABLE waiting room with wide-screen TV Cons: NONE! more

great chiropractor 3/7/2008

I first went to see Dr G. after I sprained my ankle playing soccer. I was thinking he would just adjust it and let me go. But after the first consultation, I realized how messed up my back and neck were. So he helped my ankle to heal in no time and after a few visit, I forgot about my stiff neck and now I go once in a while for ""maintenance"". Besides, everybody in the office is very friendly, you can show at anytime when you need it and the wait is very limited. So if you suffer from your ankle, knee, neck, back, etc... Dr G will surely make you feel better. Pros: efficiency, Cons: ?? more

Potrero Chiro is the best-o! 3/7/2008

Frank and John are fabulous at what they do, and I appreciate their efficiency. I have strains from typing into computers all day, and Doc G has done an amazing job at correcting problems in my spine and neck. I wouldn't hesitate recommending Potrero Chiro to anyone in pain or those looking for a new chiropractor and/or acupuncturist. Pros: great great great! Cons: none! more

Uhmmmm no!!! Ehhhhh!!! Huh HUH!! 2/13/2008

I just have to say I was new to chiropractic and I don't want to say chiropractic didn't work. Just maybe I went to the wrong place. I had some mild neck pain and a friend referred me to this place. I was a little uncomfortable from the start. I felt that the 2 minute physical was odd with not even really speaking to me. This Doctor Gilson didn't really ask me a lot of questions and didn't really explain anything. I didn't feel X-Rays were necessary for my mild neck pain but hey I am not a doctor. Not like a fell or was in a car accident. And after two adjustments I felt worse. I just wouldn't recommend this place. I did go to another chiropractor a couple weeks later with good results and I found what I was looking for. I do have admit after reading the other reviews that the place was hard to find at first and parking is difficult so be wary. Staff was ok. Pros: Uhmmm magazines or Leaving quickly and not coming back. Cons: Adjustment, Location, Parking more

Easy Effective Fast Personable & Chiropractical! 11/7/2007

re you physically stuck? Does your neck or back make freakish crunching noises and send you into a seizure-like tizzy when you try to do something silly like function? Sounds like you need a Chiropractor... If you are scared of doctors like I am, hate to fill out forms for 45 minutes prior to finally going into the office and are hesitant to check out an ache or pain because you feel like a baby, come into this place. Doctor John will fix what is wrong, explain what is going on using x-rays and will give youy exercises to upkeep what was adjusted. And, the entire staff is undyingly pleasant. Best place ever to have your skeleton sound like a bowl of rice crispies and get what is wrong fixed with a sound explanation and plan to get you back to normal without prolonging the healing process. Pros: Staff is efficient, nice and fast. Cons: Getting there can be a little hard with the street configuration more

Difficult to Find, No Parking, Chiro ok 6/20/2007

I usually review more on yelp but I started looking for another chiropractor and I thought I should review this office. Not that my experience was terriable but I would like to comment. I selected this place based on other reviews and I feel they may be a little tainted. Anyway this place was really difficult to find it was hidden near the highway, a little sketchy. Parking was not soo easy either. As for the chiropractor, and I have seen a couple from moving around I couldn't understand a word he was saying. A little rushed on the first visit and no one was in the office, so I questioned that. I came a couple of times so this is not based on one visit. Treatments were ok. The appearance of the office was lawn furniture and quite dull, not that it really matters but it was uncomfortable. Anyway I hope this is a real review bc I can't believe no one commented on difficulty of finding this place or parking so beware of what you read. Pros: Hard to say Cons: Parking, difficult to find, office chairs more

Trustworthy & Safe Health Care 6/11/2007

These guys have earned my trust. I know I'm in capable hands with Doc G. & John Ellis. The office staff is also very reliable and pleasant to deal with. Thanks to both docs, I've got my life back - NGarcia more

Chiropractor! 5/28/2007

I recommend Dr. Frank Gilson of Potrero Chiropractors. I had severe pain in my neck due to scar tissue buildup and had seen several ""specialists"" who did not help at all. After almost a year of severe pain I went to Dr. Gilson who helped me. more

Potrero Chiropractors,for Best results 5/27/2007

\r \r X-rays!! First things first. Before my back was even adjusted Dr. gilson gave me a actual visual of what was causing the PAIN.It was a good feeling to see the problem and a greater feeling when i was confidently reassured by dr. gilson,that the problem will be taking care of.\r I couldnt take the pain no more.I decided to contact a chiroprator.(potrero chiropractors) I called a few different practices and was Impressed by potrero chiropractors Staff.Not only was the intial call inviting,but on arrival to the office i was welcomed with smiles, sweet humor,and a professional relaxed setting.So if the staff didnt lure me in.I would of still been in pain and probably woudnt have met Dr.Gilson. To make a long story short im very happy with Potrero chiroprator and staff!!!!! James ..\r more

Potrero Chiropractors, Dr. Gilson & John Ellis are fantastic healers! 5/25/2007

After many months of drugging myself up with pain killers to cope with horrible migraines, I finally got help. Not only to cure my migraines, but a terrible pain in my left shoulder and muscle spasm in my back. Pros: very friendly staff and open evenings more

Best Chiropractor and Acupuncturist in San Francisco 5/5/2007

I?m a Personal Trainer due to a career change a few years ago. I?m aware of proper form, core training, nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. However due to scar tissue buildup in my glutes , my hips got out of alignment. It was painful to walk. My body was requiring ten hours of sleep instead of my normal seven to eight hours. The pain was intense, it affected everything in my daily life from holding onto the countertop when getting a glass of water and needing to slide myself out of bed to get up. Training was out of the question as well as doing the stairmaster. more

Highly Recommended! 12/13/2006

Back in Sept 06, I had a herniated L4/L5 disk and could barely walk 15-20 feet without having to sit down due to the severe pain. At the time, I wanted to avoid surgery (and still do) as I didn't feel surgery was the only option I had even after visiting several orthopedic doctors and surgeons from Standford, UCSF and SutterHealth. Since September I have been seeing both Doctor Gilson and Acupuncturist John Ellis on a regular basis and can say that I am now completely pain free and are able to live a normal life once again. Even though my pain is gone, I want to continue to see them both as part of my maintenance routine going forward. Another huge factor as part of my overall positive experience with them has been the fact that their entire staff is extremely flexible and friendly. more

Great Chiropractor Experience 10/24/2006

I can't say how happy I have been with Potrero Chiropractors and Frank Gilson, D.C. in particular. I had a terrible pinched nerve and didn't know what to do. On my first fist Dr. G did a very thorough examination and asked detailed questions. He described what was happening to my whole spinal area. He put me on a regime of visits and stretching. A few weeks later I have no issues with my pinched nerve, no tingling in my fingers and can move with ease. I continue to see Dr. G on a regular basis to up-keep my health.\r \r His front office staff are friendly and are willing to work with you on a payment schedule if you need to do so. Making an appointment is easy and if they have to they can fit you in when you need to come in.\r \r I am very happy with my results and recommend Potrero Chiropractors to anyone who wants a better way of living. Pros: Easy Appt. making. Friendly staff. more
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  • At Potrero Chiropractors, we offer innovative, efficient and cost effective treatments by providing chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. We have established a team of health care professionals with the single goal of improving your health. We do not look at symptoms as much as the underlying cause of your symptoms.

    From low back pain to headaches, from car accidents to health maintenance, we'll take care of you every step of the way in order that you achieve optimal health in a natural and safe way. The chiropractor, Dr. Frank Gilson, has been in private practice for 9 years and is the club chiropractor at 3 different gyms in the city. The acupuncturist, John Ellis, L.Ac., CMT has been in private practice for four years and used to teach Chinese orthopedic massage at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together they offer a truly unique health care experience.


  • Health center focusing on the neck, back and head includes a chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, nutritionist and personal trainer.

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