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Pi Restaurant & Bar - 20 Reviews - 2532 25th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (612) 877-4368

Pi Restaurant & Bar

2532 25th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406
(612) 877-4368
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Two words: Nibbler plate! :) It blew my mind when our server brought out this heaping plate of deliciousness :) !!! We also had the trio of dips, which consisted of hummus, artich...


Ok, maybe my expectations were a little high coming from the east coast. This place seems as though they are trying hard, but it really has not connected well with the community ...

Everyone seems welcome. Haven't tried the food, but the menu looks interesting. The drinks are O.K. 6/30/2008

I have been there four or five times, and I have always felt welcome and comfortable. The drinks aren't strong, but that works for me. I haven't figured out the music. but I would know a slow song if I ever heard one.The staff is friendly and seems happy to serve you. HURLEY WI thinks Tarra rocks! more

Less than thrilling - weak drinks 5/25/2008

Ok, maybe my expectations were a little high coming from the east coast. This place seems as though they are trying hard, but it really has not connected well with the community of women visiting the establishment. We were served intially at the bar, where the bartended seemed hesitant in pouring drinks. One can always count on a gay bar to serve a decent cocktail. This is not the case at this bar. We were treated to a karaoke drag show that showed a little promise. The waitressses tended to be snooty at times, for no reason with some of the customers Customer service is NOT a focus for the team that works here. There seemed to be a good mix of people earlier in the evening and the mood was light. I can't say that there is anything exciting here that makes you want to come back I'll check in again in the summer. Not much diversity here either. The food was average. The place has alot of promise to be a great womens hangout serving the mulitiple needs of the community and celebrating the diversity of women. FOCUS ON YOUR CUSTOMERS AND PROVIDE OVER THE TOP SERVICE! You'll turn this place around. Good luck....Can you believe i can't use the L word on this site? Pros: large establishment, stage, several bars, dj, pool Cons: bathroom odors need correction. staff knew about it and said it's been that way - PROBLEM more

worst experience ever 4/27/2008

Okay ladies! I've been known to not give ""our community"" a fair shake but my experience at PI was one for the books. The music was terrible! I have no problem with alternative music but that is all they played!!! Do you think the DJ really cared about playing music across the board? umm~ NO! As far as the staff .....they act as if they are doing you a favor by making you an over priced drink~ which was weak.. might I add! \r Where are my sistah's? To the owners of PI~ I suggest that you add some decor, possibly paint, and open your doors so that more woman of color will be compelled to visit your establishment. \r ~one love~ Pros: None to mention Cons: No woman of color more

Choosey Lezzies Choose Pi 3/12/2008

I must be honest. The first time few times I met friends for a drink at Pi I found much to be desired. The cavernous space is quite like a 'before' picture awaiting a makeover. The food bounces between miserable and edible, crying out for a bit of enthusiasm and know-how in the kitchen. The experience as a whole feels a little like an evening at a rural VFW hall. \r In a perfect world, there would be lesbian bars. Plural. Fancy bars for Uptown chicks, down-home bars for the Cheers crowd, trendy bars for BabyDykes, and so on and so on. As a lezzy in my mid-40's who cut her teeth at Ladie's Night, I now wonder where my sky high expectations come from. I look forward now to meeting friends at Pi, know what to steer clear of on the menu and love having a welcoming, safe space to hang with members of my community. Like the ancient flannel shirt hanging in my wife's closet, Pi is what to put on when comfort counts. Pros: Good Clean Fun more

Great girls night out... :) Fantastic food... 3/11/2008

Two words: Nibbler plate! :) It blew my mind when our server brought out this heaping plate of deliciousness :) !!! We also had the trio of dips, which consisted of hummus, artichoke dip, and queso cheese dip, and the tater tots. I am such a fan of the food at Pi, and love the warm (super attractive!) staff and enviornment. We've had outstanding food, beverages, and service every trip. The food is priced just right, and much higher quality than you'd expect at a ""bar."" I love the fact that Pi is gay/ straight/ and transgender friendly. You could bring your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or both. :) Definately much more ""girl friendly"" than other gay bars in the city. They seem to always have something fun going on, Tuesday Trivia, Karaoke a few nights a week, and pool tournaments. :) Pros: Food, service, free pool during happy hour Cons: Can be hard to locate if you're not familiar with the neighborhood more

Great food, welcoming environment, alternative to corporate blandness 2/26/2008

We live in the neighborhood, about 2 blocks away, so we don't have to worry about parking, but Pi is our new family favorite for dining. We've eaten there a dozen times and have never been disappointed in the food. Its hard to try other things on the menu because the Gaysian wraps are SO good! Also, the french fries with tomato aioli are the best in bar food. We've brought our 11 year old a number of times and while I used to say the service was always prompt and welcoming, our last visit was not up to normal standards. I'm surprised people think the food is overpriced, our experience is excellent, fresh, homemade food worthy of any sit-down restaurant for bar food prices. (A huge slab, big enough for two to split with an app, of fresh roasted veggie lasagna with cream sauce for $8!) Plus Happy Hour and free pool until 8:00 to boot. Obviously, if you're offended by gay, transgender, uppity women, this isn't the place for you, better off at Rosen's Sport's Bar, but we are glad Pi chose our neighborhood! Pros: Great food, good prices Cons: One bathroom is for women, one is for anyone more

Pi--best bar on the planet! 2/10/2008

I can't say enough about how much I love Pi! It's nothing like the negative reviews included here. I find it hard to believe that we visited the same bar, though it sounds like some of us just have different perspectives on what is and isn't cool. For example, the last reviewer seems bothered by not being able to determine the gender of the person who asked for her ID, and in fact goes so far as to disparagingly label the person ""It."" I see it as an incredible strength that Pi celebrates an all-gender friendly atmosphere, and I love it that I see sapphists (this site is telling me that the 'L' word is ""inappropriate""!), gay men and transfolk all getting it down together! I've experienced the waitstaff to be friendly and efficient, even during the busy BINGO nights. Bars are bars; there will always be a certain amount of posturing, etc. But this one is as fun and friendly as a GLBT bar could get, and has contributed incredibly to the local GLBT community. I'd say the food is around average, with the highlight for me being the enormous plates of tater tots. Highly recommend BINGO last Thursday of each month! Woo-hoo! Go to Pi! Pros: Open, fun atmosphere. Great staff, all-inclusive. Cons: Parking can be tricky on BINGO nights. more

""Not"" the Place to go! 2/10/2008

My girlfriend and I finally decided to go check out this bar/resteraunt after all the positive and cliche publicity it got in the community. Not only is it not easy to find, when we did walk in the door the first thing that was said to us was, ""Give me your IDS."" I'm not even sure what the ""IT"" thing was that checked out ids. But then the place was very cheaply and poorly decorated, the music was of poor taste, there were not very many people except for in the overpriced resteraunt. When you walked by, you just got glared at and there was NOT anything going on in this excuse for a bar at all. I was very dissapointment but also entertained by the distastefulness of this establishment by the time I left which was like 12 seconds. I would never go back to this bar! I do not reccomend this place at all! more

Great bar, snotty staff 11/30/2007

Tara's awesome; we'd go just to see her alone. The rest of the staff can get kinda snotty tho. But it's still worth going! Pros: Hot girls, good dance floor & pool tables, the owner Cons: The attitude more

Worst ""club"" I've ever been to 11/16/2007

I started an account for the sole purpose of warning people that this bar has the SNOTTIEST staff I have ever seen. The food is overpriced and average. The music wasn't that great. NO ONE talked to me or my girlfriend all night and when we talked to other people, they looked at us like we were crazy. My experience at this bar was so bad, I have sworn off the entire bar scene in the Twin Cities. I have had many friends who have gone here and had the exact same experience. The overall worst part is the staff, they act like they are doing you favor for even letting you into this poor excuse for a club. Don't go, these people don't deserve ANYONE'S money. Pros: There literally were none Cons: The staff more

Love the food and the great staff! 11/5/2007

I registered just to post a review because I felt it was important to say that the staff at PI Bar are anything but stuck up! Yes, PI caters to a younger crowd (I've never seen so many mohawks in one room and the staff have more piercings than I thought humanly possible), but the ladies at PI have created a space where everybody can feel welcome--tattooed and pieced or not .\r \r There are vegetarian selections on their menu, as well as comfort foods like mini-burgers and tater tots (with yummy dipping sauces), so everybody is covered. I love that they screen films and documentaries relative to the LGBT community (Monday's ""Dinner and a Movie""), participate in fundraising events, and have held discussion forums/panels. This is my favorite place to go and my straight friends always feel welcome as well. Pros: great happy hour, food, and staff Cons: Can be hard to find/not well marked more

good food, music and prices 10/14/2007

We had a group of 22. Dinner was served quickly and was very good for the money. Service was excellent. We planned to go to another gay bar for dancing but ended up staying since the music, drink prices and service we better than expected. Good mix of women and men. It didn't start to get busy until after 10 pm. This place is a little our of the way but we will definitely return. It was definitely better service, prices and overall appeal than we expected. Pros: food, drinks, service, value for the money, close on street parking Cons: out of the way more

nothing like I expected 8/21/2007

This place was nothing like what the reviews I have read said. From the location, decor, the reviews I have read. From the location, decor, wait staff, food. IT WAS ALL GREAT!! The food was fantastic for the price. You can not beat it anywhere in town and it was so filling, so good. It is a smaller menu, but it is comfort food/bar food, nothing fancy. Just regular folks food, but so good. The desserts are not to miss too!! I am not a drinker, but if I was, I would not have been disappointed, the bar was fully stock, and there were drink specials galore!!. Once again, do not be misled about what others have written, I could not have been happier with my trip to Pi and the staff, and I am going back for a second helping of Pi!!! Pros: staff, food, service, price Cons: kind of out of the way more

Nice visit 6/27/2007

Came to the Pi to photograph the bands. Everyone was great, service great, food was good. Everyone there seemed to be having a great time. Yah the place is a bit rough around the edges but lots of room and seemed like a safe place to be. I hope it has a long run and I hope to be back for more music. Thanks to the staff that took care of me. If you go make sure you say hello to ""the torch"". nrmn more

SOOO much fun! 5/25/2007

I have gone to Pi three weekends in a row, I can't get enough! \r We arrive for supper, and stay for dancing.\r \r The food is tasty, and VERY affordable, especially during their happy hour (ends at 8pm). The dance floor is quite spacious! The DJ's create a great mix of hip-hop and top 40s, although a slow song once in awhile would be nice.\r \r There is parking on the side of the bar, and along the streets, but I recommend arriving early. Not only will you be assured a table and a parking space, you will not have to pay the $5 cover! Pros: Free pool and 1/2 price food and drinks until 8pm Cons: Not enough tables and chairs more

missed the mark 3/20/2007

all i have to say is...WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. the time it took for drinks was WAAAY too long, the food was not that good...and seriously, what's up with the snotty staff? i thought they were trying to open to doors to EVERY lesbian in the community, not just the super young, super trendy kiddie crowd. speaking of, the art on the walls looked like a 5 year old did it. I will give it to them for trying hard, but they need to focus..they cannot be everything to everybody. in the end i wish them luck, but i will not be visiting again anytime soon. more

Best Girl club in Mpls 3/10/2007

Take a cab if you drink-parking is not your friend unless you like to arrive early. Pool tables are very nice-lots of young cute girlie girls back in pool room. Bartenders..well the big bar in front gets over crowded and lets just say the hottie woman in the back bar does a faster turn around on drink times. Music-constant and current-tables enough if you need them. You will not be sitting long as the dj spins a great mix night after night. \r Cover appropriate at $5 .hug the nice fellow carding he is a GEM ! It would be nice to see them eventually turn cover into a donation for some charity in the future. Coat check chicks are a bonus and bathroom(s)-well there always needs to be more. Why even have a mens when it can just be called ""overflow""?\r \r ...Owners from San Fran thank you for coming to our fine city and setting takes courage to set up a Lesbian themed nightclub and actually turn a profit. WE have missed having the METRO type space...\r \r and you have food tooo? Now I WILL HAVE TO SEE THAT FOR MY OWN EYES! Nice job soo far ! \r \r Congrats on a great bar---:) Pros: cute women good dance music nice use of space Cons: parking more

The whole place makes you smile...that and the staff 3/9/2007

Congratulations to Tara, Benny, Steph and the staff at PI. They've got a great thing going.\r Kuiper Specialties, Inc. might have helped them build it....but it's the warm welcome, good food, comfortable, yet stimulating atmosphere that keeps us coming back again and again...\r Bigmarv and Lois will be big fans for a long time. Steph Chef's asparagus is to die for..., great wine selection, different menu items each night, the tilapia tacos with Steph Chef's own salsa were fresh and cooked to perfection. Pros: we go early evening to avoid the big crowds, food is good, staff is friendly and casual Cons: not well marked yet, can be hard to find. they are working on signage and lighting... more

Best aspargus spears I've ever had.... 3/1/2007

These ladies make you feel so welcome. (I'm talkin' about Tara, Benny, Steph and their staff.) Food is excellent. Chef Steph knows what to do with aspargus... Tara and Benny will make you feel like you're home. Music is right on... (Thank you Blowtorch. Just a great place to hang out. It will definitely be one of our favorite hangouts. My husband and I are very comfortable hangin' with the girls... more

PI is the best lesbian bar to ever make a scene Minneapolis! 2/28/2007

There is finally a lesbian/queer bar in Minneapolis! It's huge b/c it used to be an old VFW. There is a dining area, a huge dance room, a stage for live acts, a pool room, a large bar, a small concession stand with bottled beer for quicker service on drinks, the bartenders and servers are super hot! and there is also after hour bar food!! The staff are super welcoming and proud of their place so let's support it so we will have this for a long time to come! I love PI!!!! Pros: it's in mpls and not in st.paul! Cons: nothing wrong about a new lesbian bar! more
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