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Phoenix Clinic

13730 NW 6th Ct
Miami, FL 33168
(305) 891-3439
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This location has closed. Phoenix Clinic continues to operate in Hollywood. Same number, same quality...same premise recovery is the clients responsibility with support from t...


My boyfriend attended this facility in 2006. He was supposed to go and get help and he did. Now that it is 2008, he is still here and cant get a job. When you are in rehab, I thou...

Closed 2/11/2012

This location has closed. Phoenix Clinic continues to operate in Hollywood. Same number, same quality...same premise recovery is the clients responsibility with support from the staff. more

Phoenix feels cool to be at I love it here 7/23/2010

My name is Joseph and I am writing to correct my mistake of giving phoenix a bad review. I lashed out on that review to avoid taking responsibility for my selfishness and shortly afterward I relapsed on pills. Kenny trusted me now with my own medication and I learning to do better. THE TRUTH I KNOW IS ive been to other programs in miami like the one I was in when I wrote my review and their bad I tried to get patricia to come to pheonix and she died in another program of an overdose not to long after that. Pheonix is the fairest place to reside if you want to be treated fairly in a 3/4 way house they have strong values and enforce rules so everyone is treated fairly and have equal rights thats why I came back because I knew phoenix is a good place. THE truth is Ive been institutionalized instead of listening and getting better I dont know why I do that but I know im wrong. They personally put food in houses when food gets low so we can have a meal they have qualified therapists with real masters degrees from universities their transportation is equal to miamis finest they get you there on time with know questions asked to any dr appointment you need at any time of night ive seen the drivers do a good job and they deserve respect for that. I lied on accident about my eye my eye doctor told me my eye went bad from a dirty needle infection from memorial west not because of johnny he helps a lot of people and is a good pharmisisct. Kenny has some really beautifull houses clients live in and he furnishes them sometimes with his own nice furniture. There is a cable TV in every room of the phoenix houses and kenny insists on that as the standard he makes sure of that. I apologize for the last review I was wrong its gonna take a long time for me to take care of my problems but I will and please believe everything I said because im not lieng it hurts peoples feeling when they trie to do for you what you cant for yourself and you slap them for that thanks for letting me share and thank you phoenix for all the blessings youve put in my life I feel i would get no better place in florida unless i left florida and i love florida thank you Pros: Insestincy more

Grateful 12/27/2009

I am the mother of a Phenix client. My son has been to more rehabs than I can remember. He has been at Phenix for 4 months and I could not be happier w/ his treatment. As far as Kenny, I have always been able to contact him on any day and he has given me the time I have needed to discuss my son's progress and regression. I am not sure of other's experience w/ Kenny, but mine and my son's have been positive. My son always seems to find himself in not so desired positions and yet he has been helped through them as opposed to being sent home, which is what would have happened at any other rehab. This clinic seems to realize that their clients are NOT perfect and are still willing to give them a chance. My son came home for Christmas and could not say enough positive things about Phenix and really could not wait to get back. He had a support system while home and these other clients called him daily to check on him and him on them. I can't remember the last time he had any friends that cared what happened to him. Pros: Positive reinforcement Cons: None I can think of more

Pheonix hurts 8/3/2009

I was a member of pheonix 3 years a die hard member the last I remember was they never talked to me or anything else. My therapist was nancy and she allways helped me but i RELAPSED. I was clean a year twice in pheonix but it wasnt easy. I changed for those people and they never cared about anything I was doing. Kenny told me one day I was buying a movie for Kim he would strike me in the jaw for coming in his office. He is about buisness not relationships or people never had time for me after I kept going to the hospital something I could never right with him no matter what. Like I said Kenny has no time for anyone Now Johnny gave wouldnt help me with my steriods when I had chrones disease and I took them the wrong way and almost went blind in my left eye I was to sick to know how to take them. I owe Parkshore 120 dollars and they never paid my bill. I had to fight for my medications and so did Nancy. I was ignored the whole 6 months after the second year clean. These are facts why do I have to take responsibility for that mess and everything they did and also take responsibility for my problems. Some one either has to take the buck or pass it me I will try to deal with my sobriety without them. They dont care. I would just like to say I feel better and if you do go to Phoenix it is a good program but learn to do it for you not them and take care of your own problems without them because that wont burn a bridge with them and they will respect you more ok good. Pros: getting clean Cons: learning people are selfish and uncaring more

If You Are Serious About Your Recovery Go to Phoenix. 1/16/2009

In regards to the previous comment no one ever called Kenny a god. For that matter Kenny doesn't heal people. No one ever said that he did. It sounds like this person was only at Phoenix for a very brief amount of time. How can he or she she judge Phoenix ? Phoenix never was suppose to be a country club. You have to go in there with a positive attidude. If you work at your recovery you'll most likely be successful. Pros: The program has a lot of structure,which recovering addicts and alcoholics need. more

kenny phillaw is a lo life scumbag 1/14/2009

kenny and the phoneix clinic is no good and for the idoit that wrote about how much kenny and phoneix helped them has no idea about recovery kenny is not god he does not heal people more

A Good Place to Get Better! 11/3/2008

The people who have written negative things about Phoenix and Kenny(Philyaw)have got it all wrong. I was at Phoenix for one year and the clinic helped me out a lot. I've known Kenny for over four years and he is very caring and puts other people's needs before his. He does whatever he can to help out a client. Kenny's heart and soul is into helping people recover. I've been to a lot of other programs and Phoenix by far was the best one that I was at. People who have addictions need the structure that Phoenix gives them. Pros: A very solid program,Some excellent staff members. more


Okay people. I am reading these reviews, and its irritating me alot. To the ones that are writing them.............what is your clean time? Pros: Awesome therapists, nice homes to live in Cons: not good if you looking for a place to stay, this is a serious treatment program ! more


To you people who call Pheonix a joke and say dont send your husband to this place , all of the people who have attended are legal adults and make their own decisions!!!!! Nobody makes them cheat they make that choice on their own, the option to cheat is life and lies within that person ! To the person who said it was a joke its just like A person in who is still in their addiction to place the blame on everyone but themself!!!!!! In Kenny Philyaw's defense if I had to deal with these kinds of people on a daily basis I would name the same kinds of punishments! ""WE ARE ADDICTED"" Normal Punishments DO NOT WORK ON US AS WE ARE NOT NORMAL PEOPLE!! I speak from experience I went through this program as one of the people that was in trouble all of the time I had to sit in the chairs everyday that I was there almost !! I did not relapse while I was there and will have 2 years clean in a few months !!!!!! I cannot stress this enough ""YOU HAVE TO WANT IT"" You can't go through life Happily blaming others for everything ! You call that honesty? Thats denial good luck with that!!!! In closing i have to say Thank You Kenny,Kim,Molly,Vanezza,and everyone else that helped me along the way Pros: The Perfect atmosphere to get clean it was reality more

If you are a woman married to a man who has attended this place, dont let your husband go to this place.... 8/10/2008

My boyfriend attended this facility in 2006. He was supposed to go and get help and he did. Now that it is 2008, he is still here and cant get a job. When you are in rehab, I thought it teaches you on how to not only live a clean and sober life but to also be a man and take care of your responsibilities. I always knew that my boyfriend has a wife and children in another state but didnt care. I called her and told her everything about us. I am a lot younger than my boyfriend but I love him even though he is married. The reason for me writing this review is because this facility doesnt have a great influence on people about honesty and trustworthiness. My boyfriend is a perfect example. You can go on myspace and look at our pictures and judge for yourself if a clean and sober person is supposed to live life like this if he is married with children. My display name is ""Neisha @k@ Mrs. Carter"" and you should have no problem viewing my boyfriend and I. more

Phoenix Clinic 7/26/2008

This is not an accredited web site and I find that this information may be false and untrue. This maybe a bad review from a dissapointed client that may have had a bad experience at this treatment facility. Pros: thumbs up. more


I actually tried to attend this place for treatment. It was recomended, and it was in Miami, so I thought I'd give it a shot! Upon arriving, I was picked up @ the airport, and promptly rushed back the their poor excuse for a facility!! It was in a large warehouse in the back of a flea market, with NO SIGN on the building. It was in an alley, which was lined with drunks....and was located in a very UNACCEPTABLE atmosphere! They only have 1 TOILET for men, and one for women, AND there was at least 100 + peole there @ one time. Do you know how long the wait line is for that????? The people that were supposed to be running the place, were selling t-shirts and cd's out of the trunks of their automobiles to the clients. Kenny Philyaw is the main person in charge of ""ADMISSION"" and is also, listed as most of the clients ""payee"" as most, if not all of them receive SSI/SSD. They had a very cruel and unusual punishment for their clients... Kenny would make them clean out cars and sit in a chair facing a wall if he felt they were misbehaving in some way. It took me less than a week to realize that this place was just a money making scam and is taking advantage of the welfare system and the people that aren't smart enough to know any better..... It's a shame!!! I give this facility.... NO STARS!!!!!! I will do everything in my power to get this information out to people, so they do not become a victim of this HORRIBLE PLACE!! Pros: There are NO PROS.....And most are just WANKSTAS! Cons: This place was more than inadequate!! SERIOUSLY! more
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