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Paul Revere Middle School

10502 Briar Forest Dr
Houston, TX 77042
(713) 917-3500
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this school is so gay them dumm 8 graders are fcken stupid specially la changa n all them dum females fck ms.anderson n all them ppl to they all puss*s and specially the b*tch edi...


Ikey V.(Code Name) Successful Photo Editor Graduated 2009 2010 from this school. I wished to get out of this school very early because how horrible it was just to stay there. Only...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/8/2012

paul revere is a good school it has improved greatly with mr azezus as principal\r more

Don't Go To That School... 4/24/2011

Ikey V.(Code Name) Successful Photo Editor Graduated 2009 2010 from this school. I wished to get out of this school very early because how horrible it was just to stay there. Only FEW and I meant only FEW people were very friendly and highly educated teacher. Ms Bowie and Ms. Byrd were very awesome 8 grade teachers. Ms. Byrd knows her history and on the other hand Ms. Bowie is very considerate of her. By considerate meaning she is a very powerful women who stand up again the students and teach them how to toughing students up and face the world because society is becoming weak and easily become hurtful by such simple words. Ms. Mitchell and the algebra teacher were amazing. They did what they can do help us become educated. Ms. Bohot was an awesome teacher who predicted everything and my personality about me in every way towards my future as a person who isn't like just anyone else either. Students were dirty and filthy in Paul Revere. Restrooms weren't even improved neither did the classrooms. Students were ghetto and extremely trash talking. Not only they were cruel, they were not the people I want to meet either because how they act around the surroundings and their anger management on how they referred to ALWAYS fighting every day. My teacher Mr. Silva was a excellent man and well known respected as well as I remembered the last time I met him. I was with Mr. Sayre with 3 straight full years and know me more than any other students so far I know and we actually got along. He was a wonderful orchestra man as so as the band director next door. There are few good teachers and few not so great... during 6 grade was disgusting... I’m glad they transferred my English teacher Ms. Gonzales to another school because I did not want her to see this school becoming worse and worse as years pass on. As you can say school is out of control and that is certainly correct but what I would recommend is turning the school and shut it down. Worst of all buying food and getting food is the same thing. You may never thought buying nachos at school ""would you like some cheese"" ""Yes as he said out loud"" I looked again ""oh my god expired cheese"" that’s right EXPIRED!! Really?! The school is OUTRAGOUS because even food from the tray food, the baked hamburgers gives you diaherra. You may think it’s funny for you immature people but it’s true. I have a high immune system which prevents any infection and this hamburger will mostly give you bad digestion. Rewards in school aren’t so great. Dances for middle school SAME music I hear every day. Not the type of dance I would expect to hear with some ghetto people and ghetto music. They seem to get along very well. I would consider this school is dangerous if some point of time and can get somewhere when you’re hanging out with unwanted people around you. The administrators were nice and they should be transferred to another school which I would think that is highly recommended. They act very mature and very nice as well but it all depends who you are talking towards too. Librarian is nice and may want a bit help of sometimes because immaturity of gene of student kept replacing such books everywhere and gets her pissed off. Students at revere want to be so called gangs but guess what. You gangs out there everywhere are going nowhere in your point of life because you may never know what your life may become if you change around and be highly respected around your surroundings. Things in this world that I just wish people were all mostly alike and well respected not ghetto-like never comes true but I guess this world isn't made for that. more

JESUS 7/29/2010

Well to start off I attended this during 2009-2010.I had recently moved to the state of Texas from Miami,Florida. When I first came to this school I was picked on(normal on at school)but picked on FURIOUSLY.Some teachers here try to give students an excellent education but that is ""Ant in an Ocean""i didn't realize Florida's education was soo superior.Most students STRUGGLE at the very basic things I was taught in 6th grade! :O The principal Ms.Anderson had try to make this school better but her efforts were in vain.Most teachers HATE teaching at this establishment and come stressed and bummed. The lunch is TERRIBLE.I've had cold pizza many a day. When you want to negotiate something with the administration they are VERY VERY VERY rude.This includes Secretary,&Staff. Students here bland,dirty,un-educated,and GHETTO. Their a few a dozen students who have the capabality and the drive of true future citizen. This school is a free MMA fights occur almost everysingle day,students are very rowdy and tik each other off.There were all ready 2 attempts from students to burn the school down.The 1st attempt proving very successful. This school in terms of demographics is mostly Black&Mexican students.In the ENTIRE school there were about 5 white students.Lets be truthful&honest now.White children go where the QUALITY EDUCATION IS. the true teachers who give this school and my self a little love are most DEFINITELY Ms.Byrd who teaches 8th grade American History.Sh is NO games but is a SWEET old school American teacher. I passed this shool with the BEST grades of my LIFE because of the easy curriculum. Words cannot describe my excitement of leaving&graduating this school.Because it was a struggle and hassle for me to wake in the morning knowing this is the school I go to. If you are a concerned,involved parent in your childs edu cation don't you EVEN DARE THINK,FATHOM,WONDER,CONSPIRE,IDEALIZE your child to go to this school. YOU HAVE BEEEENNNN WARNEDDDDDD!!!!!!! Pros: If your looking a nightclub during day for kids this is it Cons: EVERYTHING more

fck dat skool 5/20/2010

this school is so gay them dumm 8 graders are fcken stupid specially la changa n all them dum females fck ms.anderson n all them ppl to they all puss*s and specially the b*tch edith fck dat skool is gay as fck more

Great place for a fight and a poor education 10/27/2009

This school is so out of control. Students roam the hallways at will between classes. Fights in classrooms, gyms, locker rooms, and cafeteria. Discipline is out of control. Teachers send hundreds of discipline referralls to administrators with no response. We have had a ton of good administrators and teachers have quit, the principal still stays. She stays despite the lack of control and safety in the place. Parents and teachers complain for years to Greg Meyers, the HISD trustee, yet she still runs the place. What does it take for you to leave, Ms. Anderson? Does the place have to burn to the ground? Pros: I guess someone can read there. Cons: total lack of discipline and administrative control more

bad azz 9/11/2009

paul revere iz a badazz school we had a school dance on friday tha 11 it waz alsome who cares all ma teachers induceing mz sasu Pros: bad azz Cons: idk more

Paul Revere Middle School 7/23/2008

Paul Revere Middle School Known 2 da Gangs Bloods, Crips, La Tercera Crips, South West Cholos, La Primera, Somos Pocos Pero Locos, and Surenos, It iz the worlds most dangerous school talk trash u get jumped or shot. Trust Me dat school iz nothing but gangsters i been there and didn't like it so if u go there watch out!!!!! more

WARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6/3/2008

this school is so uneducated, low clss,POOR.they cannot afford a air codtions for classes.Some one needs to GET HISD on that witch who owns that school oh its Mrs.Anderson.Gang Related.Its have to be classy not trassey.It stank.l wish that she would be fire.Ms.henry a math teacher she is horrible and look like cow.All she talk about her Granddaughter NO ONE CARES! NO ONE CARES AT THAT SCHOOL.\r \r YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ONCE AND ONLY ONCE \r SENT YOUR CHILD SHE/HE WILL BE IN C.E.P BY THE HALF OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r . more


Avoid this school at all cost! This is a ZOO for kids and they are running wild. Never in my life have I seen kids without any supervision. Food Fights, Children are arrested everyday, Sent to sac for not wearing the proper attire, GANGS are outrageous, No Homework for 6th graders, No test, teachers quitting left and right in the middle of the school year, because the kids are out of control. I have never in my life experienced such an unprofessional staff. From the Principal down to the Police that patrol the building. They scream at the children in the hallways and are very rude to them. They act as if they are animals. Again if it is an education you are looking for DO NOT! DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! more

BEWARE 4/18/2008

This school means well, but they need to step their game up a little more. The teacher's are not there to help the children, they are only there for the money. When i was in school, the teacher's would actually try to help the students. But now they just don't care. How can I help my son in school if the teacher's aren't doing there part? Have more patience. All kids aren't bad. Take the time to listen to the one who are there to learn but have a hard time learning. You will eventually make them turn the wrong direction because of the simple fact that you aren't willing to give it a try. more

Paul Revere 2/27/2007

This Is A Nice School Just Not For Children Who Are Preppy There Isnt a Student Cancel Pick The Right Kids you Hang With There Are 100's of Ga//Gs members here but dont argue with anyone unless they bother you because you will get beat up this school is ghe++o but it can be nice seventh grade try to get on team 5 best we go to slitter bomb the alamo moody gardens and other nice places you will like dont geet in sac boring dont fight and this is a uniform school more

Paul Revere: The Best Kept Secret in Houston 2/15/2006

If you want an outstanding and well rounded education for your child, Paul Revere Middle School is for you. Students not only have some of the best teachers in the city but also get to take a huge variety of electives. The staff is warm and caring. The Dance teacher and the Orchestra teacher are particularly impressive. more
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