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*A long read but if you're serious about your mental health you'll read all the reviews carefully.*\r \r Ok I know there are a lot of negative comments regarding Dr. Putman but ...


I saw Dr. Putman for about 3-4 years I guess. I stopped seeing him because I want to get a 2nd opinion on the meds he prescribed me for anxiety and just generally wanted a change...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/16/2013

I have read the bad reviews and I have to share how Dr.Putnam gave ME a new lease on life - in particular because of his knowledge of head injuries. 35 years ago I was in a terrible car accident in which I lost my father. After the accident I had nightmares every single night, for 35 years. I had chronic depression. I had episodes that I thought were full blown panic attacks, though one doctor told me he wasn't exactly sure what they were - they were similar to panic attacks, but didn't fit exactly. That doctor treated me as if it was a standard panic attack, and that did not work well at all. I was diagnosed by doctor after doctor with PTSD (trauma + nightmares+ anxiety...made sense enough), BUT every time I took any meds recommended by these doctors I would have immediate, terrible, frightening adverse reactions. Doctor after doctor threw up their hands, and a couple accused me of refusing treatment just to be difficult, which was absolutely not true. I gave up even going to doctors about the issue and had not been to anyone in about 10 years, when my mother died. I was doing so poorly that I thought ""one more time"", but I was terrified of being prescribed some horrible medication that would make me feel more ""crazy."" A therapist recommended Dr. Putnam, saying he was very cautious about meds and would listen to me if I didn't feel comfortable with his treatment plan. His initial interview was so thorough and he asked questions that no one had ever asked, but that made total sense once he asked them. He is extremely knowledgeable about PTSD vs TBI (traumatic brain injury). The symptoms are very similar (nightmare, anxiety, depression) but there are some tell tale differences and he was able to root out the truth. He diagnosed me with TBI instead of PTSD, prescribed appropriate medication (that I had not tried before), and within three days the nightmare and anxiety attacks stopped cold. It was AMAZING, truly. He told me that my adverse reactions to the other drugs were indeed due to the fact that I had a head injury, and not just me being ""difficult"". An EEG confirmed his suspicions that I had a seizure disorder due to TBI,, not PTSD. So in answer to those who question his ""obsession"" with possible head injuries, I say listen to him!! He may be right about your condition. It does seem to be his ""pet"" area, and maybe I just got lucky, but again, he was so thorough, asking questions that 10 doctors before him never thought or knew to ask. His manner IS very no-nonsense, but he is not there to do therapy, he is there to diagnose and treat physically, Besides no-nonsense, I have found him to be very respectful and encouraging and genuinely happy that he could help me in such a profound way. I would HIGHLY recommend him, especially for anyone who suspects they have been misdiagnosed or where previous treatment plans have not worked well. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2013

Not good at all. I've been seeing psychiatrist for ADHD and mild social anxiety issues for the last 8 years. Never someone as uncomfortable, condescending, dismissive, and weird as this guy. I looked him up after my appointment and found these reviews, and I must say I echo the theme in two of them: obsession with head injuries. No one ever interrogated so much about times I've hit my head as he, and he insisted it may be an issue, and recommended I get a whole litany of tests done. He was afraid that if he prescribed me the same meds I've been taking over the past years, that I might have a seizure due to head issues. I have never had a seizure before. The experience freaked me out. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/20/2013

I am relieved to find a Dr. like Dr. Paul Putman. He is an incredibly knowledgeable doctor and more of scholar than a pill pusher in my opinion. He doesn't have drug company stationary, pens, and coffee mugs dangled around his office (very good sign). I felt very much at home and at ease in his office and in speaking with his receptionist. He is a Dr. that takes control of the situation as a doctor should by asking effective questions to assess your history, habits, symptoms, childhood, etc. He is very thorough and I didn't feel rushed or under any pressure while speaking to him even when I had trouble answering questions. I like his style... straight shooter who is methodical, direct, and to the point. He even asked me what I was hoping to accomplish and what my goals were. I had been through a month of hell going from doctor to doctor trying to find a doctor who would really take the time to work with me. Every doctor I had been to prior didn't want to take the time to dig. I feel like Dr. Putnam has me going in the right direction, but most of all I feel like I have a doctor willing to work with me to get at the root of my symptoms. I know I'm in good hands and that is too important. more

He's my doctor and I like him 5/17/2012

I've been seeing Dr. Putman for almost 10 yrs now. I think he is a considerate, very mild mannered individual. I like his mannerisms. He has been helpful with me throughout this time. My only regret is that he does not have another physician for backup when he is not available, and that he expects you to make your appt. even if you are sick with the flu (or you will be billed for it regardless). I'm also somewhat disappointed to just learn that Meg is his wife (I feel somewhat deceived). But as a doctor I would highly recommend him. And I plan to continue seeing him even tho it is a very long drive for me to get to his office. He's worth it. And Meg is very friendly and helpful. Now that I know she's his wife (thru these reviews), I think that's great! more

Looks like Meg's mother may have posted a review 2/14/2012

Funny, Meg Putnam's mother is named Lelia Merrifield. Interesting that one of the only decent reviews is by a Lilia M. more

Very knowledgeable 1/10/2012

I've read all of the reviews here, and I understand what everyone is saying about him being cold and mechanical. He is. Maybe he can sometimes seem condescending. But, to me, it's worth it to deal with a small personality quirk in order to get the wonderful care I receive from this man. Dr. Putman seems to stay current on all of the latest medical literature and will tell you everything you need to know, and then some. He has answered every question I've ever had and his answers have always been very thorough. If I want someone touchy feely, I will see a therapist. If I want a good doctor, I'm going to someone who knows what he's doing, and Dr. Putman is that person. He's simply an excellent doctor. more

he only wants your money 6/1/2011

Terrible doctor, should not be in this profession let alone this field. He's not there to help you, he's about making money. He made me feel bad for months. I had to give a star to write this review, otherwise it would be ""no star"". Please read other bad reviews about this doctor, I'm not the only one. more

A good Psychiatrist if you ask me. 2/10/2011

*A long read but if you're serious about your mental health you'll read all the reviews carefully.*\r \r Ok I know there are a lot of negative comments regarding Dr. Putman but that didn't stop me from seeing him for the first time. For one, he was one of the few docs I found in Austin who accepts insurance and the location is not bad either. Plus, I'm not looking for someone to hold my hand, I just needs my meds refilled. I moved to Austin recently and ran out of meds and wanted, more like NEEDED, to find a doc to get me through my ""situation"". Here's what I thought for an initial appointment.\r \r Meg, his wife...receptionist...whatever you want to call it, is quite friendly. As soon as I walked into the office she greeted me with a smile and a nice ""Hello!"". That's usually standard for ""good customer service skills"" so she gets an ""A"" in my book. I think it's great that she's able to work for/with her husband and who cares if she calls him ""Dr. Putman""!? We ARE in an office setting and he IS a doctor. The waiting area is very clean and has tons of magazines, TONS. The sofa is comfy and not dirty nor does it have that ""used"" look. It's a cute/cozy waiting area. \r \r I was a little nervous to meet Dr. Putman based on the reviews but I have to say, he is a friendly man. I can see how people might be ""offended"" by his tone and the way he works but I wasn't offended at all. He's a straight shooter. I like the fact that he is very knowledgeable and understands my issues. (Anxiety-Panic) He asked me tons of questions starting from my childhood, which is good. He would pause in between questions to see if I had any. Good, again. Every question I would ask, he would know an answer - or statistics etc. He made me feel very at ease and comfortable because he's so knowledgeable. I was seeing a different doc in a different state who was treating me with certain meds and he prescribed me the same thing...he actually lowered the dosage on one of them. So no pill pusher here.\r \r I think if you are in need of help and want a soothing, counseling, ""hold-your-hand"" therapy's best to see a therapist. If you're looking for someone to snap some sense into you, help you realize that you're not alone and is VERY knowledgeable...see Dr. Putman. After all, if you know you need's best to go with someone who knows tons of facts about them...from generic brand to brand-name.\r \r I left the office feeling happy and satisfied with that visit. \r \r I know I know, that was my FIRST visit. Well, first impressions make a huge impact so after hearing about how mean and awful he is in these reviews, I can still confidently say that he's a good Psychiatrist! more

Very bad experience 1/3/2011

Dr. Putman cost me almost a year of my life. He never listened to me, was totally condescending and really does not seem to like patients who have some opinions of their own. I received high doses of a mood stabilizer, that basically rendered me totally unable to function. Mostly I cried and slept and was too exhausted to do anything. This went on for almost a year. It was clear that the medication was not good for me. Yet he refused to change it. Whatever I said, was not important and wrong. My husband pleaded with him to do something about my situation, because clearly I was doing horrible. One funny thing: nobody here seems to know, that Meg the receptionist, is actually Dr. Putman's wife. I found out by reading his book. I would have never guessed. She calls him ""Dr. Putman"" and they never let on. I think there's something wrong with that picture, but that's just me. more

Too Clinical, but Very Knowledgeable About Meds 10/19/2010

I've been seeing Dr. Putman for a couple of years now. I agree with the reviews that call him adequate. He's not great, but he will help you when it comes to determining which medicines might be best for you condition. He's overly clinical at times and fails to recognize that one person's experience won't always fit into the statistical models he quotes so often. And he doesn't do any counseling to get to the root of any issues. It's all about the medicine. I continue to see him because he's been good about helping me through my needs with regards to medicine and because there are so few doctors available to see here in town. more

Mechanical, perhaps good 9/7/2010

I saw Dr. Putman for about 3-4 years I guess. I stopped seeing him because I want to get a 2nd opinion on the meds he prescribed me for anxiety and just generally wanted a change. Not very personable and takes a long time for him to warm up to you in the least. My overall impression is ""adequate"". I'm a little surprised at some of the experiences listed here, but not much; I can see where he could be that way (arrogant). I haven't seen a ton of different docs, but as far as shrinks go, I wouldn't recommend him. He's impersonal and mechanical, but I wasn't ever offended by him. Note: if you drink coffee and have anxiety, he will continue to ask and recommend that you not drink it even after the 5 billionth time ;>) After seeing another psychiatrist, I'll see if he pans the meds that Dr. Put prescribed. If this happens I will be unsatisfied and may come back to reduce his rating to 1 star. Overall the regimen has been at least adequate, I just want a 2nd opinion. **********Update 11/7/10: So, I saw Dr. Wier - very refreshing change from Dr. Putman's stuffy style. The difference between the 2 is night and day. I don't have any reason to think the med regimen, after speaking w/Wier, that Dr. Putman had me on was bad; at least he didn't say it was; though I'm weening off one of the meds. I still leave Putman w/ a 2 star rating for being impersonal and robotic and, in the rare instances that called for it - no flexibility. Incidentally, their are 2 shrinks (women) in my network that appear to be absolutely deplorable and/or insane based on their reviews. In conclusion, life is too short to not fire a shitty and/or mediocre doctor, be it competence or otherwise. more

And I THOUGHT I'd seen some arrogant doctors! 3/16/2010

I would echo and amplify some of the negative review Dr. Putman's received here. He was arrogant and condescending towards me. Practically every interview question he asked led to a rude interruption or was punctuated with a rude/condescending remark. He smiled as he openly questioned my previous psychiatrist's treatment - clearly pleased with himself. Narcissistic Personality Disorder, much? I don't expect a psychiatrist to be a therapist, but like another reviewer, I left my appointment feeling angry, agitated and desperate, rather than hopeful - and on the hunt for a new doctor, pronto! Another reviewer also nailed it when he wrote Dr. Putman seems ""only interested in you as a biological specimen."" Add to that the man's apparently got a real fetish for head injury (see other reviews here). In the interview I recalled a single time in my childhood when a hammer fell on my head. I did not pass out, or go to the doctor. It was one of the singularly least significant events of my childhood, which I tried to emphasize to him. Yet, sure enough, I get back a preliminary diagnosis that includes head injury. Not to argue that head injury is irrelevant, but this guy would seem clearly out of the mainstream on this, based on these reviews alone. So, is he arrogant yet genius, aka some ""House, MD"" character? I dunno, but from his website you'll find a link to his book that is SELF-PUBLISHED. You can read the intro on Amazon... I found TWO typos on the FIRST page of the introduction. He seems intelligent and may well be a talented diagnostician. If his manner were otherwise, I might appreciate his highly analytical approach of extensive medical/neurological testing, as he indicated for me - I would like to better understand the biology involved with my conditions. However, I could sense he would likely have an insensitive and inflexible approach towards medication options, a suspicion born out by reading other reviews here. If you're looking for someone to validate your self-loathing, who won't respect you in the morning OR at your next appointment, Dr. Putman just might be your guy. Otherwise STAY AWAY! I only wish I had read these reviews BEFORE seeing him! Pros: Possibly thorough and competent in a very narrow way Cons: His personality disorders are likely worse than yours more

Knowledgeable Doctor that Tells you what you NEED to hear 1/14/2010

Dr. Putman is a wonderful doctor. While he won't baby you, he gives you the answers you need to hear. When I asked about the $4 prescriptions from Wal-Mart he informed me that many of them are not great for psychiatric needs because they are older medicines that have lots of negative side effects and don't work as well as newer medicines. I also asked about herbal remedies and he told me that St. John's Wort, for example, has not been shown in medical trials to work, the reason it might make people feel different is due to them believing it's working, sort of like the sugar pill/placebo effect. Also he informed me that head injuries can affect you for years and years down the line. I don't see what is so surprising about that to the reviewers below. If you have had a head trauma in your past and are visiting a psychiatrist why would you think that it could not be because of your head injury? Anyway, Dr. Putman is a great PSYCHIATRIST, who specializes in knowing medicines and which medicines work for each person's situation. He treats you like an adult and cares about getting to the bottom of his patients' problems. I know that this can sometimes involve multiple tests and going with the non-generic meds, but to me mental health is an expense that is 100% worth it, and I know and trust he isn't recommending anything just for the heck of it, but because he wants the best quality of life for his patients. I also know he will answer my questions but if I keep asking him the same thing expecting him to tell me what I want to hear, that won't happen, he'll give me the answer I need to hear, that he's paid to give. So, I just want to say I'm really surprised by the negative reviews I've read on here. I've always felt both Dr. Putman and Meg are looking out for my best interests and care about me. Dr. Putman is hands down the most knowledgeable psychiatrist I've heard of in Austin when it comes to medications, so if you want someone to help you figure out the best medication for you, I would highly recommend visiting him. Pros: Knowledgeable, Thorough, Professional Cons: Not open Weekends more

HORRIBLE, Will not ever go back 1/13/2010

This was one of the worst experiences of my life, i have been to many psychiatrists, all throughout my life. Once i moved from school back to austin i tried him out, he was not nice, he was not supportive, he made me feel like it was all my fault why i feel like i feel. From the first 5 minutes i could tell he was not the doctor for me. I was perscribed to all kinds of medication for my anxiety, and i was hoping for answers from him. He perscribed me to a medicine that is for epilepsy and seizers, he also said that a head injury from 10 years ago could be causing all of this. He told me to go through 6 different tests (i would have to pay for) before he could help me further. A psychiatrist is supposed to support you, help you and make you feel better even if you are in a sticky situation, he made me feel worse, and scared. I had a panic attack right when i walked out of the building. Please, do not use this doctor he will pull you down, there are other ones out there that will actually help you dont feel like i did. I felt like there was nothing i would ever be able to do about my anxiety after this meeting, and now its completely under control because i went somewhere else. Pros: i realized that not all doctors know what they are doing Cons: Doesnt care about you personally, perscribes wrong meds. more

Horrible Doctor 11/8/2009

I was seeing a great doctor, but on the recommendation of a friend I decided to switch doctors and start seeing Dr.Putman. I saw him over a period of several months and found him and his wife Meg (who works for him) to be not only rude, but uncaring. I was very concerned about side effects I was having from a med that he prescribed when I tried to explain this to him his EXACT words were...""This subject is not up for discussion."" A few minutes later still very worried I tried again to ask him a question about the meds. His response was ""As I have already stated this subject is off the table."" Every time I saw him he would repeatedly cut me off mid sentence and just give me statistics, facts and figures. He is obviously a VERY left brained person. In the end I went back to my old doctor and appreciate him more than ever. He cares about me and understands that I have feelings, emotions, and worries. I would advise anyone who is sensitive and has emotional probs to run from Dr.Putman as he will only make you worse by not treating your concerns seriously and hurting your feelings. Cons: Doesn't care about patients more

HORRIBLE - Avoid this doctor 9/14/2009

This doctor and his staff (wife) are horrible. I have never encountered a worse doctor in my life. \r Pros: Knowledgable. Can get you in for an appointment quickly. Cons: Office staff is rude. Dr doesn't care about patients. more

Will not go back 8/30/2009

Dr. Putman is a very technical and narrowly Pharma based doctor. He doesn't seem to be interested in you as an individual person, only you as a biological specimen. When I asked him for advice on natural supplements I'd tried or read about online, he flatly told me that none of them work (even though I explained that they had altered how I felt). When I pushed him to explain why that was, he spoke using condescending arguments and it seemed clear that he really didn't know why ""they don't work"". Pros: Good diagnostician Cons: Very impersonal more

least likable psychiatrist 7/20/2009

I was a patient of Dr. Putman for almost a year. I chose him because he was in a convenient location. Initially, I got a weird vibe from him, but thought maybe I was judging to harshly. Our sessions ended because Meg (his secretary) called me for a same day appointment because he had and opening. I agreed to take the appointment. Although when she called I had a repair man over and some other things were going on. Basically it was a hectic time. I called back 2 hours later because I realized I wouldn't be able to make the appointment after all. Meg then began to tell me that she might have to charge me $95.00. I apologized for not getting back to her sooner or for any inconvenience and began to dispute the charge. She started to get very rude and even raised her voice. The call ended with her saying that Dr. Putman suggested that I find another doctor and all because I disputed that ridiculous charge. I never had a doctor make me feel so expendable. Pros: good diagnostician and pharmacologist Cons: he has a very cold personality more

Best Psychiatrist in Austin 12/5/2008

He helped me when no other doctor in Austin was able to. He is a great diagnostician and pharmacologist. He has a safe and trusting manner. I am so comfortable going to see him. The office staff are extremely helpful Pros: great doctor, office ambience is great, just about everything Cons: no weekend appts. more
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