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Patrol One - 15 Reviews - 630 S Grand Ave 101, Santa Ana, CA - Electrical Equip & Supls Reviews - Phone (714) 541-0999

Patrol One

630 S Grand Ave 101
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 541-0999
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This complaint is on a vehicle being towed away at the owner?s expense. If the person posting this complaints were to follow their associations parking rules and regulations (whic...


Well I really don't know lots of anything.To each their own.However;If this story is about the guard that does'nt have a name tag,he comes here all the time.I usually only see him...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/28/2013

Attention HOAs, Patrol One does NOT care what is best for homeowners. These folks are completely unprofessional, they will upset your owners and make extra work for you. Worse, depending on your contract, they'll probably charge you extra for the effort while collecting a kickback from the towing company.\r \r They recently towed the car of a homeowner that had a parking pass displayed in the windshield. They claimed the pass was invalid because of a transposition of a couple numbers on the license plate even though the make, model and color of the car matched. \r \r Wait, it gets worse. The previous week they had cited the same car in the same spot. We called to ask why, and they claimed they had no record of the citation. Thus, they prevented us from complying with the rules by withholding information.\r \r They towed the card because they wanted to . . .\r \r 1 - They could have written a note on the citation about the transposition - but chose not to\r 2 - They could have answered our question when we called - but chose not to\r 3 - They could have knocked on the door instead of towing - but chose not to\r \r So, despite making every effort to follow the rules (contrary to the Patrol One response) the car was towed. If Patrol One had been professional just once out of three opportunities that would not have happened. \r \r Why would they do this? Simple, most companies that service HOAs charge extra every time they have to do something. Write an extra letter, get an extra check. Tow an extra car, make an extra buck.\r \r Avoid Patrol One at all costs!\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/8/2012

Very unprofessional and dishonest. Although the deadline for not parking on the street is 2 am, these scammers ticketed me several times after 12 midnight and towed my car before 2 am. Even the city of Los Angeles would not ticket you at 3:50 pm is you're parked in a 4 pm to 6 pm no parking zone. This doesn't make any sense. more

Tolerance & Comming Out of Closet /But in a Doughnut Shop? 1/1/2012

Well I really don't know lots of anything.To each their own.However;If this story is about the guard that does'nt have a name tag,he comes here all the time.I usually only see him when the police park in the back.So who am I to judge if he is bi sexual or trying to come out of the closet.However;That does sound to be a little strange to be attempting to come out of the closet in a doughnut shop.I don't know if he is a gov. or police informant.As the world is going through changes ,he could be.That is his buisness as long as he does not strive to push or promote the gay life style.I have seen him.He has those very strange sores all over is arms. He parks that old white Ford in front of the doughnut shop.Calif plate:6LMM386.The reason I go to that doughnut shop is the doughnuts taste good.No one should be asking Bible questions .Just buy a good study Bible and do you're best to live it. If this guy is acting out side the box ,he should at least not be in uniform.Also go online and find a gay bar.Or a church. But let people alone ,don't force his beliefs. To each their own! more


My friend visited a dough nut shop and over heard a elderly security guard ask a bi curious question. He asked some guy if God will except gays? The guy looked shocked. He said ,""Proverbs chp#23 verse 7,says do as a man says that he is"" The guy was in uniform. He claimed he was a believer. Its unknown why this unprofession comment was asked. 1. He could be bi curious trying to recruit for the gay life style while in uniform? Or 2. Maybe he was recruited by some under cover cop behind the scenes trying to get some bi play for a new recruit. Note: Why a guard from Patrol One would let this conversation out of his mouth.This is evidence he is not a Christian.The Bible says :Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The Bible says : ""Let no corrupt communication out of the mouth."" All he has to do is read God's word,then he will find out everything he wants to know.Matthew chp#12 ,clearly says : ""For every idle word a man speaks they will pay an account,they will be justified or condemed. This was done while he was off work ,still in uniform.He is not suppose to even be in uniform unless he is going to work.This is against the Buisness and Professions Code.I ask all Christians to pray for this guard. He obviously is playing games with God. I was disgusted and just grabed my doughnuts and left. The doughnuts are great ,but give me a break. I'm glad my children did not hear this. more

Reviews from idiots who were towed for not following rules 11/16/2011

All the reviews here are from disgruntled idiots who got towed by the Security company AT THE DIRECTION OF THEIR EMPLOYER. Anyone who gets towed in their community obviously is not following the rules of the community. Being stupid and getting towed does not make the security company a criminal enterprise.\r Patrol One serves several communities that I am involved with and they do a fine job. If you don't like being towed, follow the rules, morons! more

They are Scamers and partener with Two companies for profit 6/11/2011

All towing will benefits Patrol-one comany one way or another, they are scams!!\r Security guards are part of their scams, from towing companies,anywhere from $25 to $75 per car. What has really blown my mind is that I used to work with Tow companies and I am aware of these scams. guards at their signed facilites getting kickbacks for towing away tenents and visitor cars at communities and public facilities. No notice to owners before they tow cars. This is a scam which flies in the face of all communities, and I hope someone will take an legal action against this company and hire a lowyer. There are many complains about this company and collecting petition is not that hard. I am disable and can not follow this, otherwise i would like to see them in hell. All tow companies operate in a very gray area of the law. Here is a link about Bandit tow comapines and your rights if you do wind up getting towed.\r Go to (fraudguides""dot""com/auto-bandit-tow-truck-scams.asp)Pros: ???\r Cons: Many illegal tows\r more

The Worst with no concern for the customer 4/23/2011

While you all had cars that were towed too quickly I cannot get them to follow through and tow an abandoned car that has been there for over 9 days. They let it slip that their patrol person made a mistake and now that can't tow it. more

Worst of the worst!!! 1/7/2011

I wish there was a way to give this company a lower rating. They are vultures who look for any opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting home owners. Their business has nothing to do with providing safety and security. It is wholly focused on making a buck by exploiting the fine print in your HOA around towing cars. We had many incidents with them in our previous Irvine home - including one night when they had the audacity to attempt to tow our car from our OWN DRIVEWAY because it was ""encroaching on the sidewalk"". There is no negotiating or reasoning with them on any level. All people we have dealt with at this company have been rude beyond belief. We found out the hard way this evening that we are stuck with them in our new neighborhood, as well. We will be petitioning our HOA to replace them with a valid security company as soon as possible. If you are moving into a neighborhood monitored by Patrol One, please reconsider! They will make your life hell. more

Clearly one of the worst security companies 12/2/2010

As I write this we are petitioning our HOA to drop this company as the "" security patrol"". Firstly, they are inconsistent in their towing policies. They say it is up to the HOA but they have twice in one week towed a guest's car sooner than the 24 hour period. And, our HOA states it is subject to tow- not MUST be towed. The first time they towed was because we missed one day on this list by accident. They could see we were listed for all the other days - but that's right they called they buddies to tow one hour after writing the citation. Next time it was because the license number was off. The car, make and color were right and there was a confirmation number- yep, less than 24 hours they towed. Secondly, they are very unprofessional. I was told on the phone after I was clearly emotional that I should know where they towed my car. Very snidely. Why? Because they knew they had towed my guests car the week before. Please read the other reviews. They are a shady company. If your HOA is using this service I would seriously contact your HOA to investigate claims. more

All tow comanies are scams!! 11/3/2009

Security guards kickbacks from towing companies,anywhere from $25 to $75 per car. What has really blown my mind is that Kaiser Permanente guards at their Hollywood facilites have begun getting kickbacks for towing away employee and visitor cars. In kaisers case, the tows are from the INSIDE of the parking lot. The parking lot is not very well marked, signs are few, and for the employees, no memos as to where we can park have been circulated. This is a scam which flies in the face of Kaiser's TV commericals!! All tow companies operate in a very gray area of the law. Here is a link about Bandit tow comapines and your rights if you do wind up getting towed.\r Go to fraudguides dot com/auto-bandit-tow-truck-scams.asp\r Pros: ??? Cons: Many illegal tows more

Hire theives and crooks 8/13/2009

We had a security gaurd let go after learning he was caught stealing from the residents he was supposed to protect. He ironically kept in touch with me and sure enough I see now they hired right man for the job to pull off shady things and tow cars without cause! At least one thing is for sure. I will not apply for work with this company! Bunch of Theives! Pros: Business get kick backs Cons: Hire shady people more

Unbeliveable 3/5/2009

I was in Wisconsin for Christmas of 2008/2009. Apparently I got some sort of warning ticket that I couldnt park on the street in front of my house. I obviously didnt get it being out of state. When I got home I had no car! Well I called and was treated very rudely. My issue is why the hell cant I park in front of my house. geez I Pay my HOAS. Whatever. more

CRIMINALS 9/19/2008

I belong to the Applause HOA and these guys just don't care. They have towed car after car without following the rules we have given them!! What the @#$% is going on? Do these companies get kick backs from tow compaines? Don't use this company. more

Watch Out! This Company is ultra-shady! 8/9/2008

Patrol-One wrongly towed my car from my own private property. I'm in the process of trying to dispute it. Apparently, their business model is to tow cars from gated communities dumb enough to contract for their services. Then, you have to pay $300 to retrieve your car from the towing company. Of course, it's illegal, wrong, immoral and horrible. But, it's a great set-up because who is going to take the time and energy to take them on for $300? So, they keep doing it over and over. I learned from others in the community that they have done this to many people. Sad. :-( Pros: well organized con artists fun to observe in action Cons: when it happens to you, it's less fun more

Unprofessional 7/11/2008

On Saturday, July 12, 2008 at approximately 12 AM, I interacted with Patrol One officer #979. I am a resident in a community which Patrol One patrols. After being parked for about 15 minutes, I left my residence to move my vehicle, which I had left parked in a fire lane. When I left my residence, I noticed a tow truck and Patrol-One employee near my car. At this time, all four wheels of my vehicle were on the ground.\r \r As I proceeded towards the vehicle, the Patrol One employee said, ""Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"" in an unprofessional tone of voice. She then approached me and shined a flashlight in my face. I apologized for leaving my car in the fire lane and told her that I would move it. She responded by saying, ""Sorry, dude"" and rudely demanded that I do not talk to the tow truck driver. She then spoke with the tow truck driver, who proceeded to lift the car two feet off the ground. After the car was lifted, she informed the driver that he could now charge a drop fee of $72.00. She then got into her patrol car. I asked the tow truck driver how long ago this was reported, and the patrol officer yelled from her car window, ""I just called it in,"" and then she drove away with excessive speed. She repeatedly referred to me as ""dude"" and maintained a condescending demeanor throughout the interaction. This patrol officer was remarkably unprofessional.\r \r It would benefit not only the company, but their clients, if Patrol One had enforceable guidelines governing the professionalism of their staff. From my interaction with a Patrol One employee, I am under the impression that the quality of their staff is not something that is important to this company. I work in law enforcement and it is clear that the behavior of this Patrol One employee was well below the standards set by the industry. more

Patrol One's response 5/6/2008

This complaint is on a vehicle being towed away at the owner?s expense. If the person posting this complaints were to follow their associations parking rules and regulations (which they signed off on when purchasing their home) then their vehicle wouldn't have been towed and they wouldn?t be posting a complaint on this website.\r \r Patrol One is a reputable company and has been for over 15-years. We have a ""AAA"" rating with a well known Bureau in California for a reason and would be more than happy to utilize the mediation service they offer their clients to oversee any complaint that anyone may have on us.\r \r It is sad that there is a website that allows people to throw grenades at a company and not be responsible for what they claim! Pros: Great Company to work with more

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! 12/31/2006

This Company engaged in fraud. They towed my car from a private, gated community and charged me $190 to retrieve it. After fumbling around, they scrambled to create a false record of notices that were never issued. (By the way, I have proof that one of the days of the alleged notice, I wasn't even parked there!!). But the best part is, when confronted with this information, Bill Bancroft threatened me, saying that he ""couldn't lose"" in small claims court, and that he was in court for this very thing ""all the time."" AVOID doing business with this company and Mr. Bancroft at ALL COSTS.\r \r The company's response is laughable. First, what is this alleged ""bureau"" in CA where they have an AAA rating? I DID complain about Patrol One's repugnant fraud to every agency I could including the police and the FBI. Second, they are making up facts or are wholly ignorant of the situation I described (likely because they tow so many people illegally). If you are unlucky enough to encounter anyone working for this horrible business, run in the other direction before they rob you too. Cons: FRAUD, dishonest, threatening more
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