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311 E Fifth St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 469-7615
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Paradox - Austin, TX


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Paradox a year ago was something that I would describe as an old club that needed some work. I went in there about a week and a half ago and all I can say is WOW!!!!!! They have p...


So this place was the first club I have EVER gone to. The cover charge was crazy high and the guys in front glared at any guy who was in line! When you got in it seemed alright. W...

Way different than before!!!!! 7/9/2008

Paradox a year ago was something that I would describe as an old club that needed some work. I went in there about a week and a half ago and all I can say is WOW!!!!!! They have put in new carpet, new furniture, put the dj booth in the perfect spot and hired new staff. OH YEAH AND THE RESTROOMS ARE AWESOME NOW!!!!!!!! I had a great time with my friends and also the music has never been better. They played the best mix of hip hop, old school, reggae, and even some fun salsa music... The crowd was so good, Alot of military, thanks guys for doing what you do.... The only thing that I can say negative is that it gets so busy that it gets hot... There was a rowdy group at the end of the night but hey alcohol creates liquid courage and they handled it very well...... GREAT JOB PARADOX!!! !!! Will see you soon Pros: Very busy, big dancefloor, and cheap good drinks Cons: Hot, closes at 2:30 STAY OPEN LATER!!!! more

It's ok.... 3/6/2008

So this place was the first club I have EVER gone to. The cover charge was crazy high and the guys in front glared at any guy who was in line! When you got in it seemed alright. We went to the dance floor and loved the music, but for the most part no one was dancing. There were a few girls on the platforms but other than that pretty dead. After awhile it picked up and more people started dancing, then it got WAY crowded! My friends and I ended up dancing in our own little corner, with the trashcan. It took a while to get through really sweaty and touchy people till we could find an alright place to dance. Guys there were all perverted and kept trying to stick their hands down my friends pants. My fiance ended up being our body guards and didn't have any fun. After awhile we went to a wall and when I looked to the side of me I noticed two people going at it, sexually! This girl was literally riding this guy in front of everybody and everyone went about there business like it was normal, and I'm sure it is. When we were leaving the place smelled of regurgitation, urine, and herbal substances! Someone needs to go in there and straighten that place up! Pros: Great music!! Cons: Everything else more

I do not recommend it!!! 2/19/2008

A couple of my friends and I were looking to have some fun at a club. My friend was referenced to PARADOX and so we all decided to go. It was the first time that all of us went their. We arrived around 11:30 and the line wasnt too long to get in being that it was quite early. But right when we entered the building we noticed that this establishment wasn't what we had seemed. The club was very hot, it smelled like herbal substances, and there was glass bottles and cups all over the floor, which isnt safe for anyone. There was a lot of people that had a ton of attitudes and people fought over chairs to sit on at the table. Then towards the end of the night. Two people happened to be dancing with each other and then I noticed that they began having s3x... Not just riding each other... LITERALLY HAVING S3X!!! The female had her dress pulled up and the guy had his pants down. I do not think that a club is a place for people to reproduce. I felt really uncomfortable and I wanted to get out as fast as possible. It was one of the worst clubs I have ever been to. And I go to a lot of clubs... and none of them were as worse as this one. I would recommend not going there to anyone. Pros: Plenty of People there to meet Cons: Glass on the floor, tons of ugly old people, people that are high more

Horrible Customer Service, Unfriendly 9/13/2007

My friend and I attended this club a few weeks ago and the night went smoothy. I admit, I do not look 21 by any means. I look like a girl who just entered high school. However, in this case, I usually bring two of my photo Ids that both state my age (at 24) and have no problems. I was given my wrist band and walked in with no issues. I didn't even have to provide my second ID. I stayed for several hours. I was about to enter the restroom, when a woman employee tugged and grabbed my arm (literally so I almost fell back) and had what I believe was a security guard with her. She held my arm up and for a second, I thought "do I know this woman". She immediately pestered me with questions as if I was a criminial. No "excuse me", nothing! She rudely asked "who" let me in the club. Appauled, I told her I have no idea! Mind you, I had been drinking the whole night and it had been a few hours, much less, it was dark and I could barely see anything or anyone! She then asked me why my wrist band was wrinkled and tampered with. At this point I pulled out both my IDs and presented them to her. She looked closely at them and handed them to me and told me not to play with my wrist band again! You got to be kidding me? Why didn't she just ask for my Ids to begin with? Not only was it humiliating, but unprofessional! more

Avoid every day of the week 7/6/2007

This place is low class at best. The crowd is questionable, the drinks are bad and the service is bad. I do not understand why people wait in line to get into this place. There is a cover charge and it's open to people ages 18 and up so if you're 21 and up expect to be amongst children. The latin club addition is worse. It is sleazebag central, men and women alike. It's also hot and uncomfortable and it smells like sweaty people. more

four and a half stars?? are you kidding??????? 5/10/2007

They do play some good music, but come on you people...this place is a hole. i visited this establishment twice in the hopes that it was just "the wrong crowd" the first time i went. Big mistake. The door staff are friendly enough if you're a woman but tend to give the guys a bit of a hard time. its nice that it has a sunken dance floor, though it is a little intimidating to be the first and sometimes only one on the dance floor at the beginning of a night. the restrooms are a joke, there wasn't ANY toilet paper in any of the womans stalls EITHER time i went. i was immediately accosted by 6 men as i exited the womens restroom, accusing me of giving my drink to a minor...i didn't even have a drink!! they persisted and i left almost immediately in tears. more

It's alright...but it's not real! 3/20/2007

Lets start at the top...the line is average, it moves quickly. If you're a guy, be prepared to either tuck in your $85 dollar shirt and waste the time it took to iron it, or "Walk it Out". There dress code seems to change according to the person wearing them. I guess they look down on logos, beanies, extremely baggy pants...yada yada yada. I've been turned around for wearing a Guess button up, (fitting) Polo jeans, and Diesels...go figure! If you make it into the club, you'll notice a cash register with a tip jar...Why I need to pay a tip to get in is unknown to me. They advertise "$1 wells", but they don't tell you that it's bottom-shelf liquor. BLAH!! I don't know how bouncers do it in TX, but real clubs, they don't act like jealous ex-boyfriends and hoover over the ladyfriends that you're dancing with. Ummm...let's see, you can't bring your drink into the bathroom. so either drink before you p, throw it out, or take your chances by leaving it unattended. If you like to dance to censored music, great place! They play music from the local radio station, which is horrible to begin with. They DJ is great at pressing "PLAY" and bobbing his head to the music. There's NO connection between him and his audience. Then you have this short whiteboy pretending that he's a modern-day Adonis trying to move the crowd. Some girls are nice to meet, but generally have their own agendas, and want no part of a guy. Guys, don't count on one-night-extravaganzas. On the topic of ladies...Gentlemen, BEWARE!!! Most of the girls...are YOUNG GIRLS!!! The men's room smells like sweat, lust, and liquor. Try not to fall while gliding over the urine and vommit soaked tiles. But at the end of the night, after you drown the week's woes in a pool of 80 proof , sweat the stress of work away, and grind yourself the "blues", you'll realize that R. Kelly's "Step in the Name of Love" can ironically conclude the evening.. In more ways then one..Now that's a PARADOX! more

Bring it On Bro! 2/1/2007

Sasquatch would be at home in this funky mix of urban and fat back girls. Give it for the ebony and pink. Somebody better hose this place down. Girls, bring protection! Pros: FedEx would be at home here Cons: Sixs and Nines-Beware more

Forever changing 12/28/2006

I went to Paradox for the first time in many years and they keep changing things up. We all know that with different music, different people come. They have added a room called Planeta. It has the best international music I have heard anywhere in Austin. They are still nice to everyone. They have the best sound and light show in Austin. They keep finding a way to stay in business and do well. In a spot that big it is tough. Great job Paradox. Keep up the hype work!!!! Pros: Great Dance floor, Cheap drinks, good energy Cons: Lines at the door and at the bathrooms. more

Worst club in Austin 12/3/2006

This place was so nasty. The staff is rude and the atmosphere and people are trashy. It's also seriously gehtto! If you have any class at all, this is not the place to go! more

Great music and wonderful hot staff 6/10/2005

Paradox is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. The barstaff are all hot. The music is always the very best hip hop played by hot 93.3 dj's. Great place to dance to the best music and get the best drink specials on Friday and Saturday nights. Very down to earth and not snobby. Pros: Drink Specials, Music, Dancefloor Cons: Hot more

User review by texasheat005 4/17/2005

this club was very fun! one of the better ones ive been to! go there and expect to meet lots of beautiful people (guys and girls alike) Pros: good music Cons: too crowded more

Young girls, Big fun 3/10/2005

Great place to go if you like bare midriffs and young hotties. The drinks are good and they stay open late. The staff is really nice once you get it, but the guys at the door can be a bit gruff. more

User review by alancer 2/9/2005

Paradox is a good place to go but it gets over crowded and you really can't move. The cover charge that they have, charge to much. more

Hottest Hip-Hop 7/31/2004

This is the hottest hip-hop club in Austin on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays!! I love their drink specials, $1.00 well drinks ALL NIGHT LONG! C'mon who else gives us that! Yeah, I've heard people complain about the cover charge, but you will never regret if you enjoy to dance and sweat all night long. All the staff is great and HOT (guys and girls)!! And if you haven't been there you're missing the greatest night of your life. Pros: $1 well drinks, Lights more

still on top 7/21/2004

I have been going to this club since I was 18 and it has always changed with the times. The music is great and the dtaff is always on. the drink specials are better than any other place. Where else are you going to find $1.00 drinks on a Saturday night. I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings. Pros: great dancefloor, great staff, good looking crowd Cons: , long lines if late more

Wycked cool club 8/14/2002

This is where I hit from the start, and stay. Before the changes..after the changes..even w/a different name..its Paradox and it rox. It you're not open minded or prefer "piano bars" sometimes..go somewhere else. If you're a redneck need not go either..or a snob. there are plenty of bars /clubs just for you..if you like to to some GOOD sh...and check out some fine n funky chics..and guys too I spose...hit Paradox. Pros: music,service,prices,, people,atmosphere, artistic,creative Cons: wish open l8r lol., Crowed 2me is, not a con! more

keep on grinding 7/24/2002

Paradox is one of Austins hot spots for club dancing. Fine girl's, guy's, concoction's and with its spacious dance floor (ground) always reverberating the hottest beats will make you want to grind and freak the night away; until you get some digits of course. Pros: spacious, seating, location Cons: bar area seems plain, no members service, ninja scroll monotony more
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  • In Short
    One of the hippest mainstream dance clubs in Austin has been changing with the times for over 10 years. Fog machines, endless lights and over-the-top foam parties created for teenagers and college students are all the rage. With an 18-and-over policy every night, the place is usually packed and the crowd pulses to the pounding beats while mingling and lounging on the overstuffed couches.

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