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Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - 75 Reviews - 28128 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 457-2503

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

28128 Pacific Coast Hwy (at Paradise Cove Road)
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 457-2503
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Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe - Malibu, CA


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Can drink on the beach! Food is yummy!!! Just don't stay past five hours or you pay lots for parking!


The loacation is the only reason to eat here. The food is served in gargantuan and unappetizing proportions. Screaming children abound. The food is quite similar to other Bob Morr...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/8/2012

BOYCOTT! You can find a nice beach all over Southern California, no need to patronize a place with total disregard for customer service. more

Ripoff! 1/2/2012

Haven't been here in several years. Used to love it but no more! Drinks over priced and under sized. Minus the ice I'd be surprised if the cocktails are 8 ounces. No prices on the bar menu (becoming all too typical in LA!), but my credit card receipt for 4 drinks was $46!!!! Wait staff inattentive and hurried us. They broke our group into 2 tables. One table had seats on only 1 side so we couldn't talk to each other. Got separate checks for the 2 tables, but they still tacked on 18% tip because total group was over 8 people!!!!! Final insult: Charged us $25 per car for parking because we stayed more than 4 hours!!!!!! This was after dropping almost $400 on food and drink. If you split before the 4 hour limit you pay ""only"" $3. On the positive side, the food was actually good. Would have been better with smaller portions and half the price. For people with more money than sense. more

Big rip off, Malibu! 8/2/2011

Beautiful setting.That being said, buyer beware! I ordered the fried coconut macadamia shrimp which was described on the menu as coming with potato, hot french bread and vegetables. The potato was baked in a bread shell, so I guess that was their version of bread. The potato was huge but came with a miserly serving of sour cream and butter, no butter on table. There were 2 small wilted, bad looking lettuce leaves, which I am assuming are what they refer to as vegetables. The parking is the most screwed up thing about it, other than the mediocre food. It says 3 dollars with validation- if you go over four hours you are charged 25 bucks, no exceptions.I was ten minutes over and they would not validate again for another meal and were very unpleasant. I tried to leave 20 minutes sooner but a van was parked so close I could not open my car doors, same on both sides. i also explained that to them. So if you go, keep an eye on the clock, and order something cheap. The entree was 27 bucks. Pretty much a rip off unless you just want 4 hours on beach- order one drink and forget the food. more


READ THE REVIEWS, I WISH I HAD. Admittedly it was a Saturday, and although we did make a reservation, it wouldn't have made the slightest bit of difference. We bagged the last space in the top cap park near the stinking septic tanks (I assume thats what they were) and walked down to the restaurant. Great decor, good vibe, unreal view. The staff at the check in were surprisingly a little rude and we were told it would be 20 minutes for our table... (possibly not the greatest thing when you have two small kids with you but dealable with ) half an hour later we were sat at a fantastic table with unbelievable view, what a shame our server was utterly miserable, non communicative, rude and idle. I'll refer to her as ""The Misery"". The food was unbelievably greasy and this is possibly the only restaurant in LA where my kids didn't eat the fries. The guacamole was bland and utterly tasteless, the calamari was greasy, the caesar salad was passable (just). Our caesar salad and guacamole arrived, to be followed by the sharing appetizer calamari 40 minutes later, we mentioned this to ""The misery"" and she rudely barked it would be out. ""The misery"" parked the cheque on our table before I had time to order any ice cream for the kids or asked if I wanted a coffee, another glass of wine etc and she was really annoyed when I asked her to explain what there was for the kids to eat for dessert. I ordered them an ice cream each. ""The misery"" re-parked the cheque on the table and said""Did I want Change"". I never dont tip, but my goodness this woman was so rude. I did leave her $4, a dreadful tip but the view was great. We left on the golf buggy beach shuttle (great idea) back to the car park with the stink of the septic tanks being carried along by the sea breeze. The grease mixed with the stink and the rudeness really made my husband and I both remark that we would never, ever, ever be back, and then the parking attendant topped the experience off, he was unbelievable rude and wouldnt even look at my husband as he handed the ticket and barked ""$3"". The bottom line is this place doesn't need to be better than it is. The staff dont need to be charming, The food doesnt need to be great, they have a fabulous location on the beach and they know it, but it would be amazing if they picked it up and had some pride in their service and dropped the contempt for their patrons, for they after all keep the place open. more

love, love, love! 11/10/2010

Can drink on the beach! Food is yummy!!! Just don't stay past five hours or you pay lots for parking! more

My first time there and definitely the last time 10/10/2010

The beach is OK however the restaurant is overprice and food is terrible. This is just the beginning of the story, the parking lot charge 25$!! unless you get validation from the restaurant, in that case you only need to pay 3$. But guess what... if you're a minute above 4 hours and you still need to pay 25$ for parking. So make sure you come with a lot of cash since this place will rip you off. more


Always the great view and feels cleaner these days after the renovation. Food is OK and expensive unfortunately still house the worst customer service you will find in Los Angeles, period. I can't believe management picks these unfriendly and rude parking staff and waiters. I will not recommend these place to relatives and friends based on the terrible experience I encountered at the parking lot. To the manager: WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT more

Malibu's WORST Restaurant-- NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! 8/16/2010

WOW- This place was BRUTAL. DO NOT GO HERE. We had a group of 12 service-members in for the weekend on orders and called a week in advance to make a reservation. We were assured a group of that size would be no problem. Well, we drove over an hour to be on time for our 6:30 p.m. reservation and were told our table wasn't ready but we could head to the outdoor beach bar and wait. We were happy to grab a drink and wait for our table-- Little did we know we'd be waiting until 8:00 p.m. and STILL not have a table. I'm a regular reviewer and very rarely give a restaurant SUCH a negative review, however, Paradise Cove absolutely deserved it. Why even take reservations if you're not going to honor them or can not accommodate them? At one point in the evening, about an hour into waiting, we went and asked the hostess what was going on. She proceeded to point out one empty table and another table beside it that was still full and said we were waiting for the full table to leave to be seated. Flash forward 15 minutes and they've seated another group of 8 people at the table we were supposedly waiting for?! The worst part is that despite our patience and persistence NOBODY SEEMED TO CARE. They were nonchalant and rude to our entire party and rather than trying to rectify the situation by comping an appetizer or even being apologetic, they just kept feeding us a line about waiting for the table and it being ""really hard"" to accommodate such a large group-- no kidding, that's why we called A WEEK IN ADVANCE. So, after TRYING to speak with a manager and getting brushed off, our group of 12 took our business elsewhere and spent over $1200 down the street. We're THRILLED Paradise Cove lost out on our business and will spread the word far and wide to make sure we're not the only ones who are effected by their HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and blatant disregard for their guests. DO NOT GO HERE! Oh yes, and the bathrooms were flooded and smelled strongly of urine. Go ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!! more

Overpriced Parking and Rude Staff Not Worth It 7/6/2010

I used to go to this place all the time but it must have gone under new management because it totally defies the what Malibu is about. Laid back atmosphere, Fresh Fish, and good company are all a thing of the past here. I went in a few times in the past month and it was bad both times. I don't mind paying $20 parking when the service is good. But the staff are rude. The waitresses are nice when they bring you the bill but that's about it. Fresh fish in the window for 30 minutes doesn't seem worth the price of it or the wait. I've given it multiple chances but for me, I'd rather go to the Charthouse or Moonshadows where they know how to treat a guest! se la vi jerk-offs Pros: I can't think of any... Cons: Rude Managers and Staff, Over prices parking, Medocre Food more

Not the same Paradise Cove, read most recent reviews. 5/22/2010

I've been to Paradise Cove more than a few times. Notice that the majority of bad ratings are most recent. Paradise Cove use to have excellent food. Not anymore!! I don't know what happened. Maybe was bought out and need to cut down on portions? The service will depend on who you get, of course. Our Server was excellent. Food was approaching frozen food quality. Want a fluffy omlete? Don't look here!! Pros: great bloody mary's Cons: no better than Denny's food. Not hyperbole either. more

I have always been happy here 3/5/2010

we have been here numerous times last few months and have always liked the food and service. Cant understand the bad reviews from my experience here other than parking. We went all out with the mountain of shell fish thingy and it was truly grand with ALL fresh tasting seafood..... and I smell everything first so I know. Our server was Susan and tended to us very well ..... as did the other employees. Pros: all fresh and tasty Cons: just the pay to park thing pisses me off more

A View But No Frills. AVOID! 1/2/2010

My wife and I went to this restaurant for breakfast. We kind of ran into while we were in Malibu. As we were driving down to the restaurant we thought this was going to be a good choice for breakfast. It's right on the beach and it has a nice beach feel within the restaurant. After that everything just went downhill from there. The service is terrible and their attitude is as if they don't want to be there. We were ignored for about 15 minutes before we got our order taken. I did order orange juice and was told they didn't have any OJ. NO OJ? During breakfast? Sad and lame. As we left, I saw them making orange juice which means they had it but our server was too lazy to say, we don't have any at the moment because we are making it, do you mind waiting? Within the almost 1 hour and 15 minutes there, I only was served one cup of coffee. Never asked while eating or any other time during the meal. We weren't even asked how our food was or if we needed anything else. It's funny how while I am writing this, I am hating the restaurant more and more. I think the waitstaff is so unhappy because they have to work at this place. My advice. Avoid at all costs. It's service with a frown....Oh and the food wasn't great either. Do yourself a favor. Cook your own food at home. It will be better and you'll be much more happy. Pros: On the beach, beachy feel. Cons: Service, Service, and service....And food. more

Not worth the view!! 10/18/2009

Pay to park regardless of the style in which you choose to stay. Poor staff with unpleasant attitudes. Meals were very greasy and over priced. Nothing tasted very fresh considering the hype that they establish in the menu. Lastly, sick all night with stomach cramps due to fish and chips and tacos. You can have it! Pros: Nice View Cons: Everything else more


Food was awful and the waiter was rude and charged extra food item on menu. When confronted with the manager, the manager said it was a mistake and did not do anything. After reading other reviews, I believe now that the owner/manager push the waiters to add extra items on receipts for profit. Cons: WORST EVERYTHING more

Hate to say this, but I got seafood illness after 1st visit 7/24/2009

Paid $25 to park and then later got sick (cramping) after eating the seafood fish tacos...what more can I say? Pros: beach Cons: seafood quality - expensive parking & food more

Avoid this place, unfriendly people 7/16/2009

Bad place, you need to pay 25 dollars for parking!!! Rude people. more

Very bad service 7/16/2009

Unprofessional service and expensive. Rude waiters. We were very bad treated in this place. For sure our worse experience in one month vacation in the usa. more

Do NOT go here for anything special or dear to your heart! 6/28/2009

I have now had TWO disappointing experiences at Paradise Cove. A birthday party for an elderly relative was ruined (I made a reservation for an inside table with easy access for a grandpa with a walker. The restaurant lost the reservation/request, had us wind through a sea of narrow tables and then would not serve our little birthday cake after we ordered more than $150 worth of food!) Pros: Nice view of beach. Cons: Lazy, mismanaged, unresponsive, greasy overpriced food. more

Worst place to go, not worth the long drive 6/21/2009

Please beware: waiter charged extra food item on receipt on purpose, bad service, bad attitude, bad management and bad food. I had the worst experience ever. Please do take your time to read my review. My cousin and his friend came from Taiwan to California and I decided to take them to this place that my friend raved about. I would like to emphasis here that we are three good looking and very educated people. I was getting my masters degree in acupuncture. My cousin and his friend are medical doctors in Taiwan and they were here in U.S. to get their additional PhD degrees in medicine. My cousin and his friend both got the same soup and it was way too salty. I informed the waiter to exchange for another soup and the waiter told us that was how the soup suppose to taste like, and he would no let us return the soup. I have been in this country 20 years and I know that any American restaurant will gladly exchange unsatisfied food for something else. The waiter treated us as we were ignorant people who don't know what food should taste like because we were Asian, who looked tourists. My cousin and his friend were polite and they both had to add half a glass of ice water each to their soups and it was still salty and became lukewarm. When I got the check, the waiter purposely duplicated an additional $15 main course on the check. He did it intentionally because from 20 feet away, he saw me double checking the check and came over right away to tell me he had made a mistake. I did not have to question him first for him to realize his ""mistake."" He acted guilty. This is not my own imagination because both my intelligent Doctor cousin and his Doctor friend also agreed that the waiter did it on purpose from the look on his face. I also saw every other table had bread baskets and I questioned the waiter why my table never got any bread. He said that we had to ask for it. That is bullsh#t, especially the waiter had to at least offer us and especially we ordered soup that goes well with bread. I should had talked to the manager right away, but I waited until the next day. Over the phone, the manager tried to denied any wrongdoing and defended the waiter. This is why I wrote and please reconsider before you go. Pros: Oceanview - but there are other places to go instead Cons: Worst everything else more
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This Malibu bar attracts thong-n-sarong natives and local celebs.

Owner Message

  • Bob Morris' Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is the only restaurant in Malibu that is right on the sand with its own private beach and cove. The next time you're trying to think of where to bring your family, date or loved one for dinner, consider Paradise Cove. Enjoy the beach, the people, the food and the giant mile high chocolate cakes. It's romantic, with a private cove, ocean views, jazz nights and delicious seafood.

    Come for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, or just to hang out and relax with a drink. Our breakfast menu includes items such as Belgian waffles, pancakes, breakfast burritos, French toast and double cheese egg omelets. For lunch, we have lots of sandwiches to choose from, a salad bar and appetizers.


  • In Short
    This secluded spot is the quintessential beach bar and restaurant. Sarong-wearing locals drink Coronas from icy buckets two feet from the water, while barefoot diners snag seats in the sand after ordering food and drinks. Large groups and families wait for tables overlooking the Pacific at the full-service restaurant inside. Sesame-encrusted ahi tuna steak sandwich is a lunch favorite, while seafood dinners include iced platters filled with poached shrimp, shucked oysters and king crab legs.

  • 5/2/2005 Provided by Citysearch

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  • Hours:

    Mon-Fri 8am-10pm Sat-Sun 7am-10pm
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    American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover
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    Central Malibu