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I see all these horrible ratings, so, I needed to add my experience. I live in a major condo in Bloomington that Paradise manages. They have always been prompt in answering our ca...


This group cannot return phone calls or respond to concerns in a timely manner.

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/11/2014

Knowing that Paradise manages around 150 buildings covering literally tens of thousands of units, the handful of negative reviews found here from anonymous individual owners probably isn't as bad as it seems. Serving on the board of one of their buildings I know first hand how people who get answers they don't like tend to interpret that as not getting answers, and then as an issue is pressed people will then complain that ongoing attempts to explain an answer are interpreted as getting different answers. It's been an eye-opening experience how so many people don't understand the differences involved between renting and owning in a multi-unit complex with a governing document of rules and regulations. From my experiences talking to and working with other associations who use different management companies, I'm guessing that most of the complainants here have never owned in a building managed by one of the other major property management companies in town (that parking fee you're upset about won't compare to other management companies insisting you use contractors under their direct control and costing you $100,000's more). As to the importance of different projects, the first responsibility of the board and management is to protect the value of your asset, which is your building. An individual home owner has the luxury of putting off maintenance or hiring any Johnny-come-lately or hairdresser's cousin's in-law to do contract work on the cheap and hoping for the best, but this is not a good idea for larger multi-unit buildings where small problems can quickly become much larger/expensive problems. When we've had issues, as any building will have, Paradise has always required multiple outside bidders, made recommendations based on years of experience with different vendors, been open to anyone making suggestions for other vendors to include in the bid process (provided they're minimally qualified for the task at hand), and then it's up to your board to make the final decision. If there's a problem with a vendor it's much more likely your board decided to go with the cheapest bid than it is that Paradise recommended a sub-par vendor. I would also point out that Paradise has gone far and above what other management companies would do when insurance claims are in play. Our HOA has been saved literally millions of dollars through their battling insurance companies who either limited or refuse to pay on various claims - and in one instance they fought a flatly denied claim for more than two years before winning a 7-digit victory for the HOA. From what I understand of the other management companies in town none of them would have put in this much above and beyond time and effort to protect their client's interests in the face of repeated denials. If anyone is considering basing where they buy a condo based on the management company, don't look here, interview the HOA boards of all the different buildings you're considering and see what they think of management options. I think you'll find what we found when we did this, that Paradise Management comes out on top. more

Paradise Not Just Incompetent 2/24/2012

Sounds like the same nightmare in our Condo. There is something criminal going on when it comes to selection of vendors and the frivolous projects Paradise promotes to our Board. Their hand picked vendors are rip-off artists. I thought Paradise was just incompetent, but they are working a system at our expense. Look for Paradise in the headlines soon. more

Where do I start!!?? 9/23/2011

This is not my first experience with a prop mgmt company but definitely the worst.Our asso switched to Paradise last year and it has been a nightmare.About 1/2 of what is to be done doesn't get done.Our Board does not follow the protocol for meetings that we have set and it has been brought to their attention but continues. The scare tactics that Paradise uses to get the Board to spend money on frivolous maintenance is continual. They ALWAYS use their companies for work that needs to be done and get bids from only them.They door a poor job on the projects.Calls are not returned, violations not followed up on. Our Paradise rep participates in our Board meetings as if she is on the Board. I have yet to hear her state a statute that they need to follow or a Rule or Regulation they are violating. I sit in our Board meetings and watch as people shake their heads in disbelief as to what goes on. I did send a letter to Paradise Mgmt with my concerns with no reponse. If you are looking for a good management company this is not the one!! more

Bottom of the worst 9/15/2011

This is my third condo ownership and Paradise management really leave a lot to be desired. Certainly not the cheapest but absolutely the worst of the three in customer service. Total disregard for our associations money. Total disrespect for the owners concerns. Returning emails or phone calls takes days if returned at all. Definitely not experts in Condo Association Law so much has to be rehashed over and over until correct. Much better alternatives in TC's area more

Pretty much Bottom in terms of property Management 8/29/2011

One of the easiest thing any management company can do is at least be professional and return phone calls. Must say they are the absolute worst at it. I have to pretty much call at least, every day for 2.5 weeks straight, couple of times a day, before I can actually get a hold of anyone there to answer any questions. Once that goal is reached, next its the different answers, based on who you are talking to. Each time its a different answer, and cannot hold anyone accountable for any of their answers there. The staff there need some training in the same message to all customers and preferably how customer service works. Their hiring of contractors for jobs also leaves little to be desired for. At first they hire a contractor for jobs who leave us with more issues, which result in special assessment to fix previous issues. Then take pretty much the whole summer to hire another contractor and then speculate on reasoning why your scheduled maintenance might not be done the year its scheduled. I would think having this many places that they manage, would indicate a certain level of Know how... Not so I am afraid. more

They have been excellent in my book 2/13/2011

I see all these horrible ratings, so, I needed to add my experience. I live in a major condo in Bloomington that Paradise manages. They have always been prompt in answering our calls when something has needed to be done. Since we a re a big account for them, maybe we're lucky, who knows. Anyways, I give them a thumbs up. I've lived here for 4.5 years. more

Will Not Return Calls 12/3/2010

My husband and I have been trying to get in touch with Bob Paradise for an entire week. We have both called him multiple times every day this week and have not heard back from him at all. He will not return calls or e-mails, and his staff never knows where he is or when he will be returning. They want us to pay for a month's worth of parking for a parking spot that we don't even have a car to park in. Apparently a week and a half's notice that you don't need the spot the next month is too short of notice. We are very upset to have been treated this disrespectfully. more

not worth the money 12/1/2010

From a botched attempt to provide building-wide internet, to calling my wife a liar on the phone after backing out on a promise to allow a maintenance guy in after damage to a broken water pipe in our unit, to standard 5-10% rate increases per year in our dues, to the way that I have never been able to find a representative on the phone, to the way our building representative changes more often than a supermodel, this management company has disappointed me. This morning I felt the need to write about it when our water was shut off due to construction. The company knew about it ahead of time, but didn't bother to let anyone know they wouldn't be able to shower, brush their teeth, or cook breakfast before going to work. more

The Reviews Do Not LIE 10/27/2010

-The overwhelming negative reviews speak for themselves. Do not return calls, emails, or pay for the damages that they cause. They are also terribly unorganized. Send them copies of rental agreements via email and snail mail. Four months later they are looking for a new copy. This group would be a bad choice for any association looking for a management company. more

How do they stay in business??? 9/17/2010

Paradise and Associates is horrible! The staff is beyond rude. They do not return phone calls and in order to get them to respond to emails you have to send at least three or four. There is nothing good about this company and I can't believe they are still in business. I would avoid purchasing a condo if they are the management company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish someone would have warned me about them before I bought my place. more

Worst company ever 5/13/2010

Stay away. Something corupt is going on there. more

They suck! 3/24/2010

This group cannot return phone calls or respond to concerns in a timely manner. more

paradise and assoc are a terrible company 12/1/2009

paradise and assoc I have many problems with them. Mark who cleans and does maintance give the residents a hard time. very rude and always give me as a hard time. he is so rude and disrespectful. i have even been told he disrespected the elderly who live in the building. terrible people and worst organization. he treat people so bad and he is hired help he should be fired. Pros: terrible company Cons: terrible company more

omg-they are Bad!! 8/16/2009

I live in the Falls/Pinn building and the whole building is falling apart!! I got stuck in the elevator for 2 hours..the whole buiding looks like -rap .. We are trying to get Paradise out of here!! Pros: nothing Cons: They are going out of business/do not use more

worst management company!! 7/12/2009

I live in the MPls downtown condo and this is the worst management co I ever seen!! The maintenance guy never does anything! and I think he is drunk 1/2 the time!! more

Have you people ever owner property before? 12/19/2008

It has been my experience that people who leave reviews like many of you have are either ignorant or uninformed and know nothing about what your responsibilites as a homeowner are. Having served on the Board of Directors at my last home in St. Paul, I can tell you that mngt doesn't choose your vendors - LIKE LANDSCAPING AND SNOW REMOVAL AND HVAC so if your unhappy with the weeds, attend a Board meeting or talk to the developer. And just because you are unhappy with something doesn't mean the Board (which is made up of VOLUNTEER homeowners) or management (who is working at the Board's direction) has to accomodate your every demand. I live in a Paradise mng'd property in downtown Minneapolis now, and they have been 100x more responsive than the management company for my last association. You also need to get a grip and understand that the association's budget dictates association dues, but it doesn't sound like any of you have bothered to attend a Board meeting to find that out or anything else about how associations work. Mngt also isn't required to fill out every form you need to sell YOUR property for free. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE AUTONOMOUSLY, BUY A SINGLE FAMILY HOME - NOT INTO A MANAGED COMMUNITY. Most of you sound like you should be living in apartments you're so needy. No, I am not an employee of Paradise, nor am I a current Board member at the association I live in now so don't bother blogging that accusation in the next post. I'm just a homeowner with some sense...and I happen to be more than satisfied with Paradise management. more

STAY AWAY from Paradise & Associates! 12/10/2008

If you are a building looking for a company to manage you.. .DO NOT... I repeat... DO NOT use Paradise and Associates. I have had to deal with these crooks for years and it has brought nothing but headaches and money losses to myself and everyone in the building I live in. My advice would be to check around the cities and ask for feeback from the management of other buildings for recommendations. Pros: Nice sounding name (Paradise). Sadly, they are no paradise to deal with. Cons: Years of problems and stress having to deal with them and their poor reputation speaks for itself. more

Worst community in Robbinsdale 9/10/2008

I moved to a property in Robbinsdale that is managed by Pariadise & Associates. I am a property manager/Realtor for the the last 35 years and I have never witnessed such unprofessionalism. On September 8, 2008 the weeds were finally pulled from our complex. . I have pictures of weeds over 5 feet tall. This is the first time this summer that they finally got around to it. It has been embarrasing to our guests. This is effecting our property values. Should we pay $250,000. per unit and need to look at weeds and garbage? Would you? \r As a career property manager, I am mandated to visit my site weekly. Are we paying Paradise & Associates to just sit in their office. What is worng with Ryland Homes to allow this.\r \r I am sorry I ever trusted them, with my resources. \r \r You can do better.\r \r \r \r We are paying for their incompetnecne.\r more

No Customer Service 8/3/2008

ThatIOneGuy2, why is your post so hateful? Are you just an angry person, OR maybe you work for Paradise???\r \r This management company needs to get out a dictionary and look up the meaing of customer service. You can never get ahold of anyone here, they never return phone calls or emails and when, by some miracle, you do get ahold of someone they are shifty and helpless. They are glad to collect dues and fees, but don't want to provide any assistance. The community I live in is now almost 25% rentals and despite a cap in our bylaws, they say there is nothing that can be done. Rules are never enforced, lawn service is terrible (lawn care workers have put three holes in the siding of my neighbors house) and the community looks terrible. There is no communication, which they blame on the ""high cost"" of postage; so we never know when meetings are being held, it would be nice to be able to attend once in awhile. I don't mind paying dues to live in a managed community, I'd just like to see some results for the money I pay. Cons: Overpriced Services, Poor Service, Poor Communication of Meeting Dates more

Paradise Management 7/24/2008

I live in a townhome development that Paradise Mgmt. manages. There are home made for rent signs all over our development, cars parked in the streets night and day, and we are approximately $30,000.00 in debt in late association fees. I realize the late fees are not the fault of paradise, but why arent they using legal help to collect them. We are WAY over our ""cap"" on the number of renters allowed in our development and Paradise does not respond well to emails for phone calls. They are not responsive to suggestions either. I have my for sale sign up and will never involve myself with them again. more
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