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P. Terry's Burger Stand - 27 Reviews - 404 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, Austin, TX - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (512) 473-2217

P. Terry's Burger Stand

404 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 473-2217
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P. Terry's Burger Stand - Austin, TX


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Wow!! Fresh, delicious and satisfying. My pick for comfort food in Austin!


After hearing all the buzz about this burger joint we decided to give it a try. What's the big deal? The bun and cheese were boring, the burger was small, the special sauce was ba...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/24/2013

I finally had a P. Terry's veggie burger last weekend and completely fell in love. First of all, a fast food place with a concern for health? Loving it! Second of all, a fast food place with an option for those of us who don't want meat or don't eat meat; amazing! They have beef, chicken, veggie burgers, cheese burgers, and amazing fries. You can get whole wheat buns, and you can add tons of fixins to make your meal even more delicious. Because the food is actually real meat and vegetables, and fresh, the meals are more expensive than normal fast food, but it's worth it. The combos cost at the max about $6.50, but the meals are filling and don't make you feel as guilty as you would if you ordered off the dollar menu from the McDonald's down the street. They also have gigantic dog treats for your dogs; we had 3 dogs in the car, one who is a very picky eater, and they split the treat and ate every last bit. I hope more of these pop up around Texas! more

Austin's Best Fast Food Hamburger! 3/20/2012

Wow!! Fresh, delicious and satisfying. My pick for comfort food in Austin! more

A Perfect Burger 2/19/2011

I don't eat fast food except P Terry's. The burger tastes fresh, there's no better way to describe it. It's not overseasoned or fatty, it's just good beef. The lettuce and tomatoes seem carefully picked, always crisp, sweet. It's not a large, gorge yourself burger, so I always feel good after eating one, and I eat it all, every morsel. The prices are very good also. Give it a try. You'll see why the place is always busy. more

Decent Burger 11/17/2010

finally went there to see what all the hub bub was about, orderded a burger and fries. i have to say i was not that impressed. dont get me wrong, it was good, but so is Short Stop. The patty was small, the fries were greasy and the parking/drive thu was tricky. i'll go again if someone else is buying, but Ill to to 5 guys for a couple of more bucks. more

Great Fast Food! 8/16/2010

I am a huge fan of the new, ""eco-friendly"" fast-food restaurants and the P Terry's Burger Stands are at the top of my list. Using great local and organic products, P Terry's gives you the guilty pleasures of fast-food without the guilty conscience or sick stomach. The HUGE helping of fries were fresh, thin cut (my favorite:), and delicious. The Chicken burgers were obviously chicken (a rarity these days) and I love that they offered Dr. Pepper with real sugar and Diet Dr. Pepper at the soda machine. In conclusion, T Perry's is a great way to substitute unhealthy fast food choices while on the road in Austin. Service was a little slow, but the thick and yummy Vanilla shakes will cover all faults!!!!!! more

Local Burger Stand with So Much Flavor 7/14/2009

We went to the P.Terry's on North Lamar but I couldn't find a separate listing for it. The food was absolutely delicious as well as very affordable (our meal was about $12.00 for 2 burgers, fries, drinks)! I'd read beforehand that the burger stand was developed after reading/viewing Fast Food Nation, and so was totally intrigued. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years, and haven't had a veggie burger this good if my memory serves me well. The special sauce was amazing, everything fit together to form the perfect compliment of flavors. The patty itself is made by P. Terry's (from what I understand) and most resembles a veggie burger rather than a boca burger, with rice, black beans, and mushrooms. My husband had a regular cheeseburger and absolutely loved it--he said the meat was perfect, not too thick and not too thin. The shoestring fries have some of the skin on them, which I love. And the homemade lemonade was delish (and many people were sipping shakes, so I imagine they're just as good). Although the burgers seem on the smaller side, they're really quite filling--it was hard to finish! I love this place, and can't wait to return again and again! Pros: Delicious Veggie Burgers, Burgers, Fries, Lemonade... Cons: Can't Think of Any more

dont see what the fuss is all about 2/7/2009

Everyone rant and rave about this place. It is comparable to a burger you would get at McDonald. Their fries are really good though. They have a great little seating area in the back where everyone eats and bring their dogs too. cool atmosphere more

The Best Tasting and Healthiest 'No Guilt' Fast Food Burgers! 12/2/2008

We're visiting from out of town and noticed the long lines of cars often lining up at the drive-through as we drove by to get some take out meals at the Whole Foods up the road. That got our curiosity, so I checked online to find out if their burgers are charbroiled, which is the only kind of burger I'll usually eat. I was initially disappointed to find out that they're not, however their website impressed us enough to give them a try last night. We both ordered burgers with whole wheat buns, and added onions and pickles (and extra sauce). My hubby got an order of fries and a chocolate shake...I ordered the fresh squeezed lemonade. We were thoroughly and surprisingly impressed! The burgers were fantastic...everything tasted fresh and had (for our palates) the optimum proportions of meat, bun, lettuce, organic tomatoes, diced onions, pickles and sauce. I'd read other reviews that complained about the lack of tastiness in their burgers, but we both found them to be tasty and yet not over-seasoned (where you typically end up totally dehydrated an hour later). The fries were perfect. I'd also noticed that a couple of reviews complained that the fries were mushy or soggy - NOT true for us! They were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside...not oily or greasy, nor over-salted. The shake had a 'real' chocolate taste to it, rather than the generic bland chocolate flavoring of the usual fast food joints. And the lemonade had a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness...a nice refreshing alternative drink that I'll definitely be ordering again before we leave town. We brought our little Cairn terrier with us and she was thrilled when they gifted her a *huge* doggie biscuit. Wish we had one of these burger stands in our area!! We're off to get another burger now... more

Safe to eat. 11/13/2008

I drive by this place on my way to and from the grocery store. I see there is a stream of cars and people waiting to get their food. My husband loves burgers so, convincing him to go try the place was easy. I don't really like to eat at ""fast food burger places"" but, since it's local I thought ""how bad could it be?"" I like the simplicity of the menu, the burgers are dressed simply (lettuce, tomato and special sauce), they use all natural Angus beef, they don't use hydrogenated oils and they use local-organic tomatoes. So, I understand the higher prices. It isn't the most fabulous, all time, special burger. If that is what you're looking for, you're not going to get it. It is ""just a burger"". The reason I give it 5 stars is because, it suits my palate, portion, preference and pocket. The location is good too! I will be returning. Pros: All natural Angus beef, local-organic tomatoes and simple. Cons: Not enough parking. more

Where's the beef......??? 6/13/2008

So I finally tried P. Terry's. When I took the food out of my bag and saw my wrapped cheeseburger, I thought I was given a kids meal portion by mistake. Come to find out, that was the regular size. I ate it slow, just to ration out my burger to the huge amount of French fries given with the combo. \r \r The fries were different, more like the shoe-string fries, but not bad, definitely not greasy. I agree with others that the burger needed a little more salt and pepper (and I rarely say that for any food.) I did like that you could get ketchup in a little cup instead of sitting there opening packet after packet while your food got cold. What concerned me though was that the ketchup was on a shelf outside in the 100' weather. Is that safe????\r \r The meal was tasty, and the burger cooked pretty well. Unfortunately, I filled up on fries because the burger was so small. I would consider going back if in the area, but would definitely order the double meat so that I'd feel like I ate a meal and not a snack. \r \r The prices were reasonable, the soda was good with the nice small pieces of ice. I got the cookie, eehhh, a bit dry and floury (???) tasting, nothing great. I'd spend that $1 for the extra patty next time instead of the cookie. I have yet to find a really great tasting burger in ATX that I love. There's still no comparison to Chris Madrid's in SA.....but I'll keep looking. Pros: Ice is great to chew on, burger not bad, better than most...especially Hut's Cons: Give me a bigger burger, at least the avg 1/4 pounder more

Amazing Milkshake 8/9/2007

OK, I've lived in Austin for just over 2 1/2 years and a friend of mine just took me to P Terry's last weekend and I highly recommend their Double Chocolate was the best milkshake ever! I also ordered a cheeseburger and fries and everything was delicious! The burger was awesome and the fries had just the right amount of salt...I don't eat burgers very often, but I will definitely go back! Be prepared to wait in line for a while...the cars were lined up from the window out on Lamar when we went...but it is definitely worth the wait!! Pros: Double Chocolate Milkshake, Burgers, Fries Cons: limited seating more

Best chicken burgers in town!\r \r And, their oatmeal choco... 7/20/2007

Best chicken burgers in town!\r \r And, their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are delicious! more

Best chicken burgers in town!\r \r And, their oatmeal choco... 7/20/2007

Best chicken burgers in town!\r \r And, their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are delicious! more

Best chicken burgers in town! And, their oatmeal choco... 7/20/2007

MiriamChan Provided by Partner
Best chicken burgers in town! And, their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are delicious! more

Best chicken burgers in town! And, their oatmeal choco... 7/20/2007

MiriamChan Provided by Partner
Best chicken burgers in town! And, their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are delicious! more

I really, really wanted to like this burger. 5/18/2007

First off, I love supporting local businesses. I love the concept. I love the shady picnic area where kids and dogs can play while the grownups eat Angus beef burgers and organic chicken sammiches. I love that they use fresh lemons in their lemonade, cook their handcut potatoes in trans-fat-free canola oil and make their milkshakes so wonderfully thick and yummy. The drive-thru is faster than any big chain and the staff is wonderfully friendly and accomodating.\r \r But the burger is sad, oh so sad. It's happy-meal sized (I'm guessing 1 1/2 ounces cooked weight, tops), blandish (zero seasoning, not even salt) and why, oh why, would anyone put Angus beef on a gummy white bun with a slice of processed American cheez? Sorry, I just don't get it. WIth an upgraded whole grain bun, a patty twice the size and some decent cheese, they'd have a real contender.\r \r Next time, I'll try the chicken. Pros: Shaded picnic area, nice staff, great concept Cons: Itty bitty bland burger more

Delicious burgers and homeade fries, all natural ingredients, love the milkshakes too 2/7/2007

I love the burgers, which are all natural, and their secret sauce. I also love supporting such a fun little local business. They make their fries from scratch, so no frozen bags of potato sticks here. The fries are absolutely addictive. Their simple milkshakes are awesome, and seem to be very popular. I haven't tried their veggie burgers or chicken sandwich, but they also look really good. \r \r This place has a drive-through, but we like to sit at one of their picnic tables in their fun patio area to eat, while we watch the locals. \r \r You've gotta try this place at least once. Pros: All natural ingredients, homemade fries, milkshakes, atmosphere Cons: Short menu, but what they do have is Oh So Good! more

As Delicious as In N Out!! 12/29/2006

I know that seems like heresy to In N Out lovers, but just wait til' you try it. We tried P. Terry's after after driving past their fun retro looking building on the corner of Barton Springs and Lamar a few times and haven't stopped going back since. I'd almost be embarrased to know many times we've eaten out as a family there in the last year except that they use 100% all natural Black Angus beef, Buddy's natural chicken, and Gardenburgers, they even offer wheat buns if you prefer which I haven't tried. You really can't get a much healthier hamburger! They're fries are fresh cut and they're milkshakes are addictive. Their menu is simple and inexpensive (still), they even boast to have a secret menu though I can't seem to find it on the website. We are devout devotees and even showed up early on their one year anniversary for free t-shirts and cookies and then came back to eat later. Yes we're P. Terry nerds, and probably one of their best marketing solutions besides their location - we've told so many people about them and brought so many friends here, more than any other place in Austin.\r

\r I was just reading some of the reviews and wanted to add if the kind of burgers you like are fast food hamburgers or greasy hamburgers dripping with fat then, no, you will definently not like these ones! Pros: healthy, mostly natural, great outdoor seating area with play area for the kids, fresh, DELICIOUS Cons: none! more

Best Drive through Burger Ever in Austin! 11/20/2006

If you have been to In-N-Out in California, I think that P Terry's has almost as good burgers for that kind of restaurant. The burgers are decently sized, decently priced, and pretty dang good! They even have off-the-menu items for those in the know (can be found on their website :-P). I highly recommend this place to most burger lovers. Pros: Great Burgers more

Not really all that 11/17/2006

Me and my boyfriend went here ready for theses supposedly great burger. It was just average I could have gotten a better burger from what-a-burger. It was just really bland and not that big. The service was good but at then end of the day the service wasn't what I coming for. more
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  • P Terry's has options to please us all - chicken, veggie, and beef. I don't eat beef, but can vouch for how great the chicken and veggies burgers both are! Though some may consider these burgers...

  • 7/5/2010 Provided by Citysearch

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