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Olive View Medical Ctr

14445 Olive View Dr Ste 2B182
Sylmar, CA 91342
(818) 364-1555
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I went to this hospital and I was admitted right away. I had high blood pressure. The nurses were polite. I was placed in a room right away. They ran x-rays, EKG, and blood was dr...


When i Was 16 back in 2001 i Was in labor with my first Child , so obviously i didnt know nothing .. My mom Was inside the labor room with me and since my mom doesnt speak english...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/1/2013

this is a very good hospital for patients............but a very badly managed hospital by the administrators. they constantly harrass their employees to do more than what is humanly possible. the poor employees are worked beyond measure and management kicks back and coerces the employees.\r this is fairly common in the county government system. \r sad to say..........the lowly employees are the ones suffering.\r I can say this firsthand as I am employed in this organization.\r to top it all they are chewed out by management for works left undone. this is poorly managed hospital , which does not want to hire additional employees to work.\r if anyone were to look for employement, please do not apply at this will suffer like we do.\r disgusted employee.\r thank you more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/2/2012

I have been honestly surprised by so many negative reviews. Maybe only the people with negative experiences are posting them...? more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/17/2012

I have read ALL the comments on this Hospital: NOW MINE more

No problems 5/20/2012

I went to this hospital and I was admitted right away. I had high blood pressure. The nurses were polite. I was placed in a room right away. They ran x-rays, EKG, and blood was drawn. Even though one of the nurses did not draw enough blood and the other nurse had to draw blood from my other arm, They were nice and polite. The female doctor was extremely nice. I was kept in observation for 5 hours. I was lucky I guess. more

Hate the nurses 5/15/2012

When i Was 16 back in 2001 i Was in labor with my first Child , so obviously i didnt know nothing .. My mom Was inside the labor room with me and since my mom doesnt speak english one of the nurses Was telling me to Shut up because i Was screaming to much , well hello it Was my first Child and i Was 16 .. So i told the nurse how do You WANT me to Shut up if it hurts and the nurse said this "" Yea i bet it didnt hurt when You were making it , right there You were screaming of joy "" , i Was like wtf .. And i told my mom mom what the nurse had said to me , my mom Was pretty upset so yea i will never go back to that Hospital ... more

This place should be shutdown 1/4/2012

My father waited in the waiting room for 10-12 hours after he had fallen from trimming a tree and suffered a severe cut on his wrist as a result of falling on the saw he was using to trim. He had to wait 10-12 hours before being seen by a ""doctor"" and then was told that he could not be stitched up because it had been over 6 hours since the injury occurred. Further, he was not given antibiotics to prevent infection because they felt it appeared to be healing properly. That places like this exist in America is a sad and damning statement of the quality of healthcare in our country. The employees at this facility treated my father as a second class citizen and their actions are deplorable on every level imaginable. This facility should be stripped of its licensing and if anything happens to my father as a result of their failure to treat, we will pursue every legal avenue to make sure this place is shut down. more

Response to ""Best caring health proffesionals"" 12/30/2011

Don't listen to this guy, he's an employee in the customer service dept. of the hospital. It's sad that this is all they can do to try to fix their reputation. When really all they need/ should do is work on their actual Customer service and patient relations/ care. This is a B.S hospital for many reasons. And all these negative comments don't even start to describe the Many things being done wrong in this Healthcare Facility. I'm sure there are hundreds more horror stories from patients that were to ill or just wouldn't waste anymore of their time to leave a comment for this horribly run hospital. My sympathy goes out to all the people that are in need of medical attention and are forced to wait a ridiculous amount of time (sometimes up to 12 to 15 hours just to get an assessment before being seen by a doctor) to get the care that they need. And what they do end up getting is usually half-ass and done so with a lot of attitude. I swear if you don't have the patience to deal with patients why go in the medical field in the first place. I'm glad I didn't have insurance and every bill they try to send me goes straight to the paper shredder. F??k this hospital their staff and everything that they're about! If you're having a real emergency and are able go a little farther I suggest going to Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Their E.R is never full and their staff really cares for the patients. more

No service in ER or clihic 10/26/2011

In ER 11 hours. They focused on one issue and one issue only, which they felt was an immediate need, though one specialist told me the two other symptoms had nothing to do with the other. The attending doctor to ER told me it had everything to do with the problem they were ""treating"" me for. The staff was rude, lacked compassion, and bedside manner. Some staff that I've had to deal with because I filed a formal complaint can't comprehend or speak English. There was a discrepancy in how to take a certain medication that I still can't get answered not to mention the side effects they don't tell you about. I looked it up myself. The attending doctor condoned the behavior of his staff and told me how wonderful they are. That also included a phlebotomist (in any other place would have been retrained and reminded on how to draw blood) who didn't listen to someone who told her about small veins. That should have been a clue to use a butterfly needle but no, not her. She used a regular needle and didn't stick it properly so it didn't draw out the blood. When she was reminded that the person had mentioned the small veins, she finally used a butterfly. Aside from that, when I didn't hit registration fast enough they had called someone else and I was told to sit down. Yet, two people were allowed to stand right in back of me through the registration process. These two people just happened to be of the same culture of the registration employee. Some immediate need? The employees of the clinic called about a week and a day later and said they had an appointment for January 20th -- Yeah some immediate need my you know what. They overbooked the clinic (so how is that the patient's fault?) but doing a little foot stomping and threatening to go to the press and the Board of Supervisors, they made the appointment for November 18th. Again, some immediate need yeah right. more

COMPLAINT 4/21/2011

my name is Jacques G .first time i took my wife to the ER sep 2009, we waited 18hrs she was having obtomanal pain they told her she's got gas go home, couple of days later i took her to northridge hospital. they admitted her, but her insurance wouldn't let her stay there they transferred her to olive view, olive view couldn't do the test that they need it so they sent her to UCLA HARBOR what a dump,they did a needle guided biopsy and they said it was pancreatic cancer, so back to olive view because it was close to our house, they started chemo for 3 months, and 32 setions of radiation, a week later they did a cat scan, her doctor, oncologist HELEN KANG said nothing worked, told my wife she only has couple of months left to enjoy rest of her life, they don't even have a surgeon at olive view, couple of days later i took her to northridge hospital her pain was to severe. they admitted her, she got to see a pancreatic cancer surgeon, got a second opinion, the surgeon said he could do the surgery of resection the pancreas and take out the tumor. but her insurance wouldn't cover him, so he told us to go to USC, i transferred her insurance to USC, Jan 2011, had to start everything over, got to see a pancreatic cancer surgeon, they did allot of test. and we got a surgery date may 5th, they will do the surgery 8hrs long, but she will be OK, so olive view had no clue on what to do, instead of sending her some where else they just gave up on her, so if you thing you have a cancer stay away from olive view hospital, there oncology department sucks. i wonder how many other patience have be told the same thing, and they just die, after my wife has her surgery at USC and gets better i will be suing olive view, and doctor HELEN KANG. this isn't over yet, so please stay away from olive view UCLA medical center you have a problem go to USC it will be worth the drive. more

worst hospital on the planet 9/2/2010

If I could give this hospital a negative rating I would. If you have no insurance and no other option you'll probably be forced to step foot in this hospital. They know you have no other option and no lawyer and they take advantage of that. They are the rudest, laziest group of people I have ever come across. Get through your vital stats without the nurses rolling their eyes so they can get back to mocking the patients loudly, or talking about how bored they are. I gave the nurse my symptoms and they told me I was having an anxiety attack. I was not, they will come up with any excuse to just get you out of their face. So after waiting 12 hours I go back and they give me a pill that I had an allergic reaction to and denied it said it was all me again. I went back again 3 months later still feeling horribly sick, get the same rude treatment. Wait another 12 hours, get sent to walk in, get a ct scan. ""Oh it looks like you have a cyst, would've been easier to treat if we caught it months ago."" REALLY!!!! I knew I had a cyst before they told me I could see it in the mirror but they had told me before that no nothing was wrong i was just stressed out and all my symptoms were anxiety related. The Dr in the walk in said all my symptoms could be from the cyst putting pressure in my head. Thank you for making the last half year of my life miserable and trying to make me seem crazy. I really hope that no one who works there has to go through what they put their patients through. Just go and listen to the stories you'll hear in the waiting room. And anyone who gives this hospital a good rating must work for them cause I highly doubt they are factual. more

You'll be left for Dead at the E.R. 1/13/2010

My dad has Liver Cirrhosis and was taken to the E.R. 2 years ago, he was vomiting some blood, extreme abdominal pain and some mental unawareness. Even through extreme pain the wait was long, yes I am sorry it is crowded and some people that were there should just make an appointment with their physician, because it's not that big a deal like colds or sprains. This Hospital is horrendous, it's like a Hospital mixed with the Department of Social Services where there's metal detectors just to get in. Obviously those uninsured, low-income people are treated as second class citizens I know this ain't Cedars-Sinai, but seriously I bet poorer countries has better hospitals than Olive View. BTW: Obviously that only good comment on these reviews comes from an employee or manager with biased information. There is no way that this Hospital will get 5 stars, either that or they ever stepped in a Hospital in their life. Pros: Nurses Cons: Doctors that typically ignore you more

My first and hopefully LAST emergency room visit in the USA 10/20/2009

I was sent here due to having excessively (as they said, ""stroke-level"") high blood pressure and no insurance. I arrived at 12noon. 10 minutes later their own people measured my BP. Great. But it took 13.5 HOURS to see the doctor. I told the doctor that I already had used the medication he was planning to give me and that it didn't work, but he ignored me. I left at 5am. I'm supposed to go back in 2 weeks. Joy. Maybe I'll skip it. I'd rather be DEAD than return here. Pros: doctor and nurse, especially the nurse, were nice Cons: EVERYTHING ELSE! more

If you have REAL emergency! GO ELSEWHERE 8/3/2009

BE PREPARED TO WAIT between 8 - 20 HOURS!! Pros: I got nothin.... some nurses seemed to care. Cons: lotsa crazy dope seekers screwin it up for SERIOUS patients! more

Best caring heatlh proffesionals 10/11/2008

What I have seen here is only good people and a great enviroment among them, Doctors really get involved with their patients and get to know them very well, I am surprised they are saying that, probably yeah, you need to wait while some other people is coming, but remember, that is why a Triage exists, Doctors will see first to the people with worst illness and after that people who is more stable. Pros: Great communication Cons: Volume of patients more

Worst Hospital 10/2/2008

I would never recommend this hospital. I got very bad impression from here. Rude people, I found out that I know more about medicine than the nurses. Person can die waiting in emergency room. No help at all. My mom has an ulcer and she fainted four times in a day. In emergency room they gave her painkiller and said everything is fine with her. Overall, I would never recommend this hospital. more

Worst Hospital In the Valley 12/6/2007

I am sorry to say this but this is the worst hospital ever, my mom has been going to that hospital since April of 2007 she has gallstones and the pain kept getting worse. Everytime she went to Olive view she waited in the emergency room for a whole day just to be told theres nothing that can be done, the nurses at the hospital were also very rude to her. My mother is 50 years old and she doesnt have medical insurance her medicaid is in process but its amazing how you have to be dying for Doctors to treat you. After 6 month of waiting I decided to take her to Holy Cross where service was amazing, in one day she got a MRI and ultrasound done and the next day she had her surgery. If she would have gone to Olive View she still would have been waiting for them to decide and operate. I will never recommend this hospital to anyone. Cons: Service more
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