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310 S West St
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Office - Raleigh, NC
Office - Raleigh, NC


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I recently visited The Office nightclub after not being there in a while. To my suprise, the entire club was redone. There is an all new vip area with couches and a bar right in t...


Office isn't too great. The layout is strange. They have a huge dancefloor. You could probably even do ballet. The beer menu is alright, not...

Racist,Racist and more Racist!!!!!! 11/19/2009

MainMan Provided by Partner
They make black dudes jump through hoops to get in this sh!t hole! This place is so iffy man, use to go here sometimes when i lived in Raleigh (Thank god I'm gone!) Anyway use go there because alot of my friends at the time went from NC state. I could go there one week get in fine, go back the next week with a similar outfit and get turned away. All the black dudes i knew from NC state started wearing suits to get in this place. Then once you get in it's a bunch of Ugly Sluts acting like super models. They will kick you out for bumping into somebody. The dudes in thier are so thirsty for A$$ it's pure comedy! The Bar tenders are coke and pill heads who steal money from customers! I know because a friend of mine worked the door cash register. It's only busy when they have birthdays partys or the Nightlife Bus comes through. The sad thing is this is suppose to be the best in Raleigh!! Pros: pure comedy Cons: the people more

Office is strictly OK 7/25/2009

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Office isn't too great. The layout is strange. They have a huge dancefloor. You could probably even do ballet. The beer menu is alright, not... more

Stay away! 6/23/2009

CSMobileUser Provided by Partner
This place is a sheer disappointment. It was totally empty on a summer sat might. This so called upscale club is a shady, dingy place. The curtains are closed just to hide the ugly insides and emptyness of the place. Stay away from the place even if this is your only option. I am rating it a star as I can not rate a zero. more

Utterly depressing 6/23/2009

CSMobileUser2 Provided by Partner
Overpriced piece of gloom that reminisces you of dreary Monday mornings at work. The place reminds you of a deserted industrial yard. Stay away from this utterly depressing dump parading as a club. more

Bad time 5/26/2009

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
This place is rather lame to be honest. Two big hallways basically with a bar in each one. No pool tables, no bar stools. Basically a dance ... more

"The Office" : As much as excitement as a Monday afternoon in YOUR office 11/28/2008

Ktb1012 Provided by Partner
Wasted a Friday night at an empty bar because thats where my gf's sister wanted to go. We all left wishing we had just done our usual routine and went to our local bar near the college. My advice? Save your money. The drinks are weak, the music is 90's and the staff is rude as hell. Someone should write a letter to the state and get places like this condemned. Pros: LOTS of empty space to run around and play tag with your friends in Cons: NO PEOPLE. Overpriced drinks. Rude staff. more

Definitely never going back... 11/21/2008

littlepink Provided by Partner
Go the The Office if you like to overpay for your drinks, like snotty staff, snotty regulars and old playlists. Pros: it was close to my house Cons: everything about it sucked more

The Horror! The Horror!!! 11/3/2008

BettyGal4242 Provided by Partner
My experience at "The Office"? Overpriced drinks, unfriendly yuppy guests AND staff, outdated music, high cover price and membership charge, small club, sticky dirty bar, watered down drinks and bad parking. And this is coming from someone who is perfectly content just hanging out at a typical stingy dive bar. I guess I just expected a little more from a club that costs so much to go to. Save yourself the money and the time and go somewhere else. Im out over $100 for a couple hours at a crappy excuse for a nightclub. What a waste. Pros: never have to go back again Cons: overpriced everything, high cover + membership charge, bad music, bad "scene" of people, rude staff more

Not a fun place at all 10/2/2008

projecte Provided by Partner
Quite simply the Office is packed with overly hormone driven males trying their best to be cool for the few loose women that go to this place. The drinks are overpriced and the music is horrible. Even though I am not one for dance clubs, there are many better options than this establishment. Pros: Bathroom attendent Cons: Cover, Music, Crowd, Pricey drinks more


badkarma88 Provided by Partner
Went to The Office last night and had the most horrific time ever! First of all, the doorman took about a good 15 minutes to open the door for us because he was too busy showing off his new disgusting nipple piercings to the girls in front of us. Which by the way were swollen, scabby and just plain disgusting. Then we walked in and I was mortified for my friends to see that the club i had suggested, was blaring that old, way lame song, "Im blue aba dee aba da" or whatever. I could see all my friends looking at eachother like, "um, did she take us to a time warp back to 1998?". The bartender giving us our drinks wouldnt stop hitting on us, and he had a really bad dandruff problem that was all over the shoulders on his black button up shirt. It was majorly gross. The drinks are sooo expensive too. I paid $18 for 1 cosmopolitan which tasted like they put prune juice in it, and my sister paid $24 for a white russian that she couldnt even taste the liquor in. She told me it tasted like they just served her a glass of nestle chocolate milk. Talk about ridiculous! The only good things I would say was that they had valet, which is pretty cool and the club is pretty beautiful on the inside. Other than that though, I wouldnt suggest it and I highly doubt youll ever see me or any of my friends back at The Office. Pros: really pretty and have an outdoor area to smoke Cons: bartenders with real attitude and bad dandruff, BAD BAD music, overpriced drinks more

Are you kidding 9/25/2008

WhatItDo2U Provided by Partner
Someone actually met their future wife here? How much of a Gold Digger was she? I came in with my gf tonight and my first encounter with this place was horrific. The bouncer at the door tried to act like he was some harda$$ he said he was about to be accepted to the WF and I better not mess with him and kept insisting I had a gun hidden in my pants, I couldnt even believe it was happening. Plus, later in the night the owner, "steve" came up to my girlfriend, bought her a drink and asked with his big giant bags under his eyes why she was with "that chump" and kept bragging about his BMW and how he owned the club. Is that anyway to treat paying customers? Overall the clubs interior was nice, however the staff was very unprofessional. When I go out to a club I want to be treated with respect. I want to have a good time and dance with the ladies. NOTE there are no ladies there. You will find there are dozens of men standing around the dance floor not dancing and just watching like they expect women will just walk up to them just because they have a ton of goop in their hair and Im not kidding, atleast 4 of them were standing there twirling their BMW or Mercedes car keys around just to show off. I get that there are some clubs that dont want trash in their establishments but jeez, Why would you want every snob and lame person that cant even have a good time. Button up shirts, slacks, dresses...... and get this, they charge $7 for a bottle of water!! They dont even charge that much in clubs in NYC! HIGHWAY ROBBERY. DO NOT go to this CLUB. YOU will not have a good time. The next persons mercedes is better than the next.... give me a break!!! Talk about people trying to prove something!!!! Pros: "Dont Judge a Book by its Cover" Cons: unprofessionalism, snobs, horrible DJ's, uncomfortable atmosphere, HIGH PRICED DRINKS. its your funeral more

Wow.... Talk about rip off 9/25/2008

RaleighJava08 Provided by Partner
Ok. So, this is seriously the most pretentious, overpriced club I have EVER been to in my life. Unbelievable! Ive been to "The office" by the request of a couple friends of mine 2 times now in the past month and OH MY GOD talk about HORRIBLE. I went to use the bathroom and someone had "#2ed" all over 3 of the toilets and even after 3 hours of sitting in the club holding it in as long as I could, no one had cleaned it up. Not to mention the awful, mean, pretentious staff!! The bartenders and staff have the worst attitude Ive ever seen! The drinks are SOOO expensive, the people that go there are rude and snobby, and the music is WAAAY out dated. When I went just 3 weeks ago, they were still bumpin, "Mo money, Mo problems"!!! Talk about LAME!! Plus, for some reason the owner of the club came up to me and a couple of my girlfriends and suggested we start "mingling" with other men more. Are you kidding!!?? Also, on our way out, the door man gave us problems because according to him, "he usually makes $20 tips each time he opens the door"!! I was in shock at how unbelievably unprofessional the staff was and the insane requests they had for the guests. I will NEVER go back to the office and I wouldnt suggest it for anyone. Pros: club is pretty Cons: MEAN owner and staff, terrible out dated music, waaay overpriced drinks more


KMaca Provided by Partner
I went to "The Office" last weekend and had the worst time ever since Ive lived here. The drinks are WAAAY overpriced, watered down, weak, and everyone that works there has the worst attitude Ive ever encountered. Talk about SNOODY!! Plus, the crowd is a big "sausage party" and the owner walks around the club giving all the men a hard time if the women their with dont dance with other men besides their dates. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I would NEVER recommend this club to ANYONE! STAY AWAY! Pros: nice looking interior Cons: MEAN STAFF, WEAK WATERED DOWN EXPENSIVE DRINKS, NO WOMEN, BAD MUSIC more

Nightmare On West Street 9/25/2008

Ok so definitely first club Ive ever been to where the owner wont stop badgering me and my friends the whole time about how we should be dancing with the men guests more often. Not to mention the rest of the staff that had the worst attitude ever! I brought along the whole entourage with me, all my gorgeous friends from UNC after hearing such good things from some of the guys in my chem class about the office. We ended up leaving just about an hour and a half after arriving but my wallet was about $100 lighter. It was terrible. $16 just a for a dirty martini that tasted watered down and had someone elses old lipstick on the glass?...yeah, I dont think so. I complained about the dirty glass and the bartender literally laughed at me, tugged the glass out of my hands and then banged a new one down in front of me 10 minutes later without even so much of an apology as she chatted and giggled with one of the other greasy bartenders. Plus, was it seniors night when I went? Because my friends and I couldnt help but notice the consistant playlist of Spice Girls and Nsync and the 50 and 60 yr old men that were googling at us the whole night. Maybe that had something to do with the "no men under 25 rule"? And last but not least, after the valet parked my brand new Nissan Z350, it reeked of a dirty diaper. Thanks alot Office...for nothing!! Pros: Pros? I think not. Cons: Smelly, mean staff, over priced drinks and service, terrible music more

Best Club in the triangle! 9/11/2008

clubgirl2 Provided by Partner
I recently visited The Office nightclub after not being there in a while. To my suprise, the entire club was redone. There is an all new vip area with couches and a bar right in the middle. The atmosphere is very friendly and the people that go there are fun to be around. The club is very upscale and the interior is gorgeous! If you havent been to the office lately I highly suggest checking out the new additions and remodeling! The weekends there are alot of fun, its always packed and the music is awesome. Pros: ambience, parking, drinks, staff, service, interior more

Empty on Saturday?!?! 3/20/2007

ps9911 Provided by Partner
So some friends and I decide to venture over to The Office a few weeks ago on a Saturday night (we heard some great reviews from other people and online). We pay our $10 cover and head in a little after midnight only to find about 25 other people in the entire place (practically empty). We left, completely disappointed, at 1am after having an overpriced drink (about 15 more people wandered in during the 45 minutes...definitely not enough to keep us around). We decided our time would be best spent anywhere else (Ess, White Collar Crime, Hi5)! less than 50 people in this huge space at 1am on the weekend?!?!...that's the type of lame crowd I'd expect at 9 or 10pm...not 1am! Apparently Friday nights are better...but after this experience, there's no way I'll ever try The Office again. Pros: No wait to get in!, nice dance floor (too bad it wasn't used) Cons: empty, overpriced and weak drinks more

Way to crowded and over-priced! 2/24/2007

armanibebe1982 Provided by Partner
WOW. My first time at The Office was for sure an experience. If you like crowdedness, come here! Ive never seen so many people try to fit into one room.. There was no room to dance, my fiance kept trying to move me around because he said his rear end kept rubbing on people.. Dont they have a max capacity? Another pointer, if you are planning on drinking, make sure you get drunk BEFORE the club. I dont know about you but I dont fancy paying $17.00 for a double shot of crown!! The bartenders were rude to my fiance when he made a comment about the price of the drink. There were also fights which made me angry, a few guys that danced with my girlfriend FOLLOWED us all around the club, one even followed us to the door as we were leaving... beware. Other than that the music is decent, although I wish they would turn the volume up, I could hear my fiance perfectly. Pros: Fun people Cons: Door entry fee, overpriced drinks, rude bartenders, stalkers more

You just never know.... 7/9/2006

barefootinthesand Provided by Partner
I've been here many times..... sometimes, I have a great time; others, I am completely frustrated. There are several times when I take long breaks from the office and not go there for months and months. Usually when I return it seems to get better. In the past, one of the frustrations I've had is the overabundance of guys just STANDING on the dance floor. Either dance or go sit down or stand on the edges of the dance floor. The biggest peeve I still have about this place is the outrageous cover charge to get in. The drinks are overpiced enough as it is. Usually it's a pretty good time and not very pretentious.... you get the vibe that people are just trying to have a good time instead of trying to prove something. I would like to recommend to the club to have more events... there have been times where beer promos, fitness club promos and other club events are going on.... it makes me feel better about paying that cover charge to know that you might score something for free when you get inside. Just a suggestion. :) Pros: Usually good music, good vibe, good bartenders Cons: Inconsistency with just about everything more

I met my future wife here! 2/17/2006

gautham_venkat Provided by Partner
I met the woman that I am now marrying at this place! we almost didn't get in because of the silly members only rule, but a guy was nice enough to sign us in. I met my future wife there with her friends. It just might be the right place for someone who is looking for their future husband/wife :) Pros: met my wife here! Cons: members only more

bouncers think they are more than their low rent 7/29/2005

swngcat Provided by Partner
Most prententious club I have ever seen. I have been to great clubs from Toronto to LA to Barcelona and I have never been as dismayed by the iditocracy of the staff that the office. There is no need to pretend that you are a great club -- just let it happen! Unfortunately, this is not the case -- the bouncers feel they have to 'bounce' when there is nothing to step to. You have lost my interest -- I can't wait until you are replaced with a bar/club that actually respects its patrons. more
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