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Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - 25 Reviews - 16 W 23rd Street, New York, NY - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (646) 784-6865

Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting

16 W 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010
(646) 784-6865
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Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY
Nourish Nutrition Counseling & Consulting - New York, NY


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Marissa is the best! She is kind, supportive, firm when necessary, and devoted. She helped me understand how my body works and kept me motivated. I never ever felt embarrassed ...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 11/6/2013

I was so excited to meet with Marissa after seeing all the reviews. I was so disappointed. First I emailed her so say I may have to reschedule our first meeting because of a conflict. I explained to her I would let her know by the end of the day and she gave my appointment to someone else! I thought I was being nice giving her the heads up. Then I finally get the appointment and she hands me a diet and says follow this for 2 weeks see you then. I was shocked. If it was that easy to lose weight I would not have to spend $275 for that. I left feeling alone and not supported. 2 weeks later she never contacted me no follow up ""how are you doing?""etc. 2 days before the appointment she emails be to reschedule for another week! I am completely disappointed. more

If you are even THINKING about a nutritionist, hire Marissa! 10/25/2010

Marissa is the best! She is kind, supportive, firm when necessary, and devoted. She helped me understand how my body works and kept me motivated. I never ever felt embarrassed or overwhelmed. Marissa helped me face my fears and embrace healthy eating - all while keeping a realistic attitude that an occasional piece of dark chocolate will not derail my efforts. Marissa understood my specific medical needs - eating for migraines -and helped me address this issue. She also helped me prepare for the biggest day of my life, my wedding! Marissa is the best money I have ever spent!!!! more

Marissa is the best nutritionist out there! 1/14/2010

I had gone to Marissa on a recommendation from a friend and I am so glad I have such good friends! Having high cholesterol issues in my family, Marissa specifically worked a nutrition plan for me that would not only help lower my cholesterol and lighten my weight, but also fill me up and keep me from reaching for those late night snacks. Within a 3 week span from my first visit, I had dropped 10 pounds. What I like most about Marissa is her ability to explain what things the body needs and why and why certain things are good and bad. I will continue to see her and recommend her services to all my friends. Pros: Very Thorough, Flexible Hours, Great Follow Up more

Completely supportive and realistic! 6/19/2009

Marissa works with you to create a program that fits your current lifestyle -- I was amazed when I dropped 10 pounds without even realizing I was eating all that differently! She's not about diets or unrealistic goals -- you just make small changes that are sustainable and satisfying! Plus she has tons of great meal ideas, and is warm, supportive and all-around fantastic to work with. more

Patient & Understanding Friend and Advisor 6/10/2009

I originally started seeing Marissa about 1 1/2 years ago, and was immediately impressed by her. At the time I had a very challenging schedule due to my long (and odd) hours working at a restaurant. It took us a little while to develop an optimal eating plan for me, but Marissa was always ready with new suggestions to help me make healthier choices and plan my meals & snacks in advance. It took me a little while to start losing weight, but once I actually started following Marissa's sensible advice the pounds started to fall off!\r \r She is very open in her sessions, I never felt like she was judging me (even when sometimes weeks went by and I didn't lose any weight), she was always encouraging and willing to come up with new eating strategies until we found something that worked.\r \r I had never worked with a nutritionist prior to working with Marissa, but I have tried all the ""diets"" out there (Weight Watchers, South Beach, etc.) and her practical approach to eating is the best advice I've received! I'm not currently seeing her as an active client, however she is still always willing to answer any questions I email her about food/diets etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to revamp their eating habits (whether for health or weight loss). more

Best Decision I've Ever Made 6/8/2009

After completing one of the most challenging experiences in my life (a marathon), I realized I had another challenge as a result; an entirely new body…and appetite! Half way through my training, I realized I was gaining weight and my energy was abnormally low. I don’t eat meat, so making sure I was putting the proper balance of proteins, complex carbs, etc into my diet was essential. I had no clue where to begin! Marissa not only helped me with all of my concerns, but she allowed me to accomplish personal health goals I haven’t been able to in years. Her genuine personality and openness really helped me to feel comfortable when expressing some pretty uncomfortable issues I had with nutrition. I am excited to say that after working with Marissa, I have been able to change my health habits around completely. I can’t express enough how wonderful she is both professionally and personally. It’s not often you can truly make a change…..she helps you to make that change a reality. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for nutritional guidance. Thanks, Marissa! more

Highly Recommended! Changed my life... 6/8/2009

Marissa is the best nutritionist I have ever worked with! Marissa is nurturing, non-judgmental, and trustworthy. In the past, I had a very hard time sharing my issues with other nutritionists, and felt they were judging me. This was not the case with Marissa; I felt so comfortable opening up to her and sharing all of my issues with her. Because of this, I was able to work through my issues, develop a healthy relationship with food, and ease my gastrointestinal problems! She helped me work through everything in such sensible ways. My life is forever changed because of her. I would highly recommend Marissa to anyone! more

Excellent Nutritional counceling and proven results 9/16/2008

Marissa is probably one of the most understanding and experienced nutritionists I have worked with. She is able to help customized meal plans that are realistic and suitable to your daily life. She also understands that you live in the ""real world"" of temptation, emotions, and impluses and can help you find what works best for you to stay in control but not feel deprived. She has been very helpful to me lose weight, figure out my bodys needs, and keep me motivated. I recommend her to any and EVERY one! more

Great nutritionist 9/11/2008

After gaining a good deal of weight last year I finally decided to seek out a nutritionist to help me achieve my goals. I was eating a great deal of refined sugars and carbohydrates mainly so wanted to find a well balanced diet without going hungry at the same time. .I am very pleased to say that I have lost about 14 pounds so far after working with Marissa. She is a wonderful nutritionist and very encouraging. more

Wonderful 9/8/2008

I've been seeing Marissa for several months and the results have been absolutely fabulous! Not only did I lose almost 30 pounds in five months, but my hair and skin look healthier and I feel great!!!\r Marissa is really effective as a nutritional counsellor because she really tries to get to know you and understand your lifestyle and eating preferences. She then uses that information to recommend healthy choices that are practical and sustainable for your lifestyle and with your specific eating preferences in mind. (For example, if you're person who eats out all the time, Marissa will print out menus from your favorite restaurants and help you pick foods on the menus that are healthy for you and good to eat. )\r Also, I think it's important to mention that Marissa doesn't promote crash-dieting, starvation or even deprivation in any sense. Instead, Marissa really encourages people to enjoy food and eating (and even treat themselves sometimes) while still adopting a long-term lifestyle that's healthy, practical and sustainable. more

Enduring changes 9/8/2008

Marissa helped me make major changes in how I deal with food and eating. Her educational approach gave me tools that continue to serve me well, over a year after my routine consultations came to an end. I was stuck in a terrible rut, eating lots of takeout and processed foods; weeks could go by without any protein besides the whole milk in my lattes. I now have really good eating habits and actually enjoy eating nutritiously. For someone who wasn't looking forward to life without cheese fries, this is pretty incredible! For all of this, plus her delicious recipes, I give her the highest recommendation. more

Not only a A Wonderful Nutritionist, but a great friend! 5/8/2008

I spoke to Marissa the first time today, and I must tell she sounds like a wonderful person on the phone. I'm new to her program and would like to mentioned how exciting I am to meet her and discuss of how to maintain a healthy weight limit. I know without a doubt she'll meet my expectations. I highly recommend Marissa to anyone in need of a nutritionist and a friend. more

Truly fantastic counseling 4/2/2008

Marissa is a fantastic nutritionist with unparalleled passion for the health and happiness of her clients. I started seeing Marissa with little understanding of how to eat best for me: the food my body needs most, the best way to spread out my meals in the course of a day, etc. She quickly understood my individual situation and helped me articulate goals for my body and overall health. She drew up a plan that was (and still is) completely feasible, because it was not a routine, FDA-approved pyramid plan; it clearly represented my goals, my health restraints, and my lifestyle. And she made it clear that her primary goal is for me to feel better from a health standpoint. I've seen other nutrition counselors who express a sole interest (explicitly or implicitly) in how I look--I appreciated Marissa's focus on well-being, rather than on vanity. Over the course of our sessions, she provided genuine encouragement of each improvement and designed a plan to implement and achieve new goals each month. I hadn't anticipated this goal-based model; but it was an ideal approach to health improvement and weight loss. I ultimately achieved my biggest goal: feeling consistently healthy and energized. Marissa continues to make herself completely available to questions, concerns, or requests for additional visits. She's truly a life-saver. more

A practical approach to real long-term results 9/13/2007

At 40 years old, my BP and cholesterol were above normal and rising. I wanted to deal with the problem through diet and exercise if possible. One of the trainers at my gym (Equinox) recommended seeing a nutritionist, Marissa Lippert. I thought only women saw nutitionists, and I was hopeful that I wouldn't be asked to radically change my eating habits and do something that would only work in the short term. Marissa's practical approach was to help me set goals (i.e. lower my cholesterol, lose weight, etc.) and establish, not a diet, but a way of eating that would help me attain those goals. She encouraged me to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. I kept a food diary (which was eye-opening when I saw what I really ate). Marissa gave me grocery lists, brands of food to buy, menus, recipes and other information (including restaurants and specific menu items to choose) that made eating right downright easy and tasty. She even helped me design a low-sugar margarita. We would plan for eating right during social events over the holidays, and we even talked about how to deal with people who were critical of my new habits (and some people were). I was surprised how many times high-calorie, high-fat, high-sugar food was forced upon me, but I became good at saying ""no, thank you"" or taking a little bit and refusing seconds. I feel better, I have more energy, I lost 22 pounds, I cook at home a lot more, and my cholesterol and BP are now well within the normal range for over a year -- no prescriptions. I have referred friends to Marissa, and I am a testimony to the fact that her approach works! Pros: Practical, sustainable approach to eating and living well. more

Life-Changing... For Real 8/14/2007

Marissa was recommended to me by a trainer at the gym after I had tried for months to lose some pounds and only managed to gain muscle and bulk up. For years my weight fluctuated, and I wanted to learn balance in my eating habits. I also have a food allergy and wanted to address that limitation. She was very impressive in her knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle obstacles. The advice was gentle, but firm. And it was very clear. Marissa is very understanding about the craziness life sometimes offers up, and she helped me tailor a workable diet to an erratic self-employment schedule. I could not believe the education I received with regard to portion sizes, metabolism, and food in general. You can read all the magazines and diet books you want, but there is nothing like having a professional consultant really examine your eating habits and pinpoint issues. Bottom line: I lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks and have kept it off for almost a year. I also see differences in both my body shape and my skin quality. Weight loss is no longer an issue in my life, and I feel very energetic. Marissa's excellent listening skills and manner, her profound dietary expertise, and her dynamic contribution to the profession make her a valuable advisor, resource, and new friend. Pros: Convenient Location, Flexible Hours, Pleasant Office more

Miracle worker! 6/24/2007

When I was pregnant with my son, I put on a ridiculous amount of weight - and after he was born, I was confused about how to lose weight while maintaining enough energy and calories to breastfeed. On top of that, my partner is a vegetarian, so my diet consisted of a LOT of pasta... A friend referred me to Marissa, who said ""I love a challenge!"" and helped me rethink the way I think about food. I wasn't dieting, but making a change in my lifestyle, and before I knew it, I was 40 pounds lighter. And my entire family eats healthier now - we know how to grocery shop and how to think about the foods we order in restaurants. She is a miracle worker, and she's realistic about the demands in your life. She helps you work around challenges and is always supportive and encouraging. And you never feel deprived of anything, because Marissa helps you find suitable substitutions for those bad cravings you get. At the same time, she doesn't make you feel guilty for having those cravings. And I know that, with her help, I will lose the rest of the weight I need to lose. And I couldn't do it without her guidance.\r I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to be healthier - like I said, she's a miracle worker! Pros: Easy to talk to, supportive, effective, extremely knowledgable Cons: Absolutely none! more

Realistic eating in an unreal city 6/24/2007

As a teacher I have a different schedule than most and I need to keep my energy up all day - 5 year olds are quite the work out! Marissa helped me find a way to work with my schedule and keep my energy up during the day (while avoiding the snack table in my classroom!) What I love the most about working with Marissa is that she is realistic about a person's lifestyle in this city. She helped me consider what to order when I ate out or ordered in and also considered my love of sweets and vino. After years of reading about how to make healthy living your lifestyle, Marissa really made the vision clear for me and one that I can happily live with. Pros: Friendly, Understanding, Knowledgeable Cons: None! more

Very personalized attention 6/13/2007

I thought I knew how to eat right, but there was a lot that Marissa taught me. I loved that she had first hand knowledge about living and eating in New York City. Whenever I mentioned a favorite food place, she either knew it, or knew healthier alternatives in the area. She even reviewed my favorite take out menus and highlighted her recommendations! \r \r She was always available to answer questions, and responded to my many emails. \r And she definitely showed enthusiasm for my success, I lost 30 pounds by eating healthy and adding exercise.\r I would highly recommend Marissa for anyone looking to learn more about healthy eating. more

Learn How to Eat! Call Marissa Today! 6/12/2007

Almost a year ago, I was at my absolute unhealthiest. I was overweight and totally miserable. So, I woke up one morning, and decided to make a change in my life. I joined a gym and promised myself that I would start eating healthy. But with so much nutritional/diet information on t.v., in magazines, and on the web,...I wasn't sure which way to turn. Luckily, someone at my gym referred me to Marissa at Nourish, and with a little trepidation, I made an appointment to see her. Initially, I thought that she would have me eating rice cakes and drinking nothing but water all day. But my fears were unecessary. Calling Marissa was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Marissa created a counseling package for me and my wife, which included visits to our home, a ""field trip"" to a local grocery store and individual one on one meetings for myself. Marissa taught me everything I needed to know about food. Now, I know how to read nutritional labels, how to decipher a restaurant menu and make healthy decisions when eating out, and the basics, like how much to eat (portion size/calories per day). And to top it off, she doesn't ""ban"" any foods. Everything in moderation including moderation. Marissa teaches you all of this in a very low key, personalized,...unintimidating/down to earth way. Thanks to her (and a lot of hard work at the gym), in a matter of months, I lost 75 pounds,...and I didn't starve myself. As I lost the weight, I worked with Marissa to adjust my diet,..bringing back in more of the foods that I enjoy. And for a 35 year-old guy, I look better than ever, and I feel better than ever. And to top it off, I really enjoy cooking and eating again,...because now I know how to eat! Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or just learn to eat healthier, Marissa will help you meet your goals! She's great. Pros: She's friendly and smart and will teach you how to enjoy food while losing weight! Cons: You will have to fork out $$$ to buy a new wardrobe after losing all the extra pounds! more

Knowledgeable, supportive nutritionist with great results! 5/29/2007

Marissa provides you with everything you need for long-lasting weight loss and healthy lifestyle change. She focuses on having you live the healthiest life possible, while teaching necessary behavior changes, providing practical management strategies and helping create a new relationship with food. This was all possible for me with a very busy schedule (I spent 5 weeks in New Orleans - talk about an unhealthy city!). I am now 50 pounds lighter (with more to go!) and am amazed everyday at how I feel and what I'm able to accomplish. My work with Marissa made my new, healthy, thinner life possible! more
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  • Discover the connection between your lifestyle, food choices and nutrition goals with Nourish Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling, founded by nutritionist Marissa Lippert, MS, RD.

    Marissa helps clients see food from a new perspective. Working together, you'll strategize how to make smart, mindful choices that are realistic for your body's individual needs. You'll learn to incorporate simple, healthful habits into your daily routine that are achievable and sustainable.

    Whether you want to lose weight, address health concerns, increase energy levels, or simply eat better, you'll reach your goals through knowledge and encouragement. Learn to see food in a refreshing new light with the guidance of one of New York's most valued nutritionists.

    Specialized services for groups and individuals--grocery tours, private counseling, lectures, cooking demonstrations and recipe revisions.


  • Registered dietitian teaches people to make healthier choices and about the benefits of certain foods.

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