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Netherworld Haunted House - 17 Reviews - 6624 Dawson Blvd, Norcross, GA - Aquariums, Zoos & Botanical Gardens Reviews - Phone (404) 608-2484
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Netherworld Haunted House

6624 Dawson Blvd
Norcross, GA 30093
(404) 608-2484
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Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA
Netherworld Haunted House - Norcross, GA


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I've been waiting all year for Netherworld to open again, and was it ever worth the wait! Awesome! My friends and I had a blast on opening night. The monsters were as cool as anyt...


to build such an expensive haunt seems a waste to herd people thru it. how do you scare someone who sees the scare happen to the group in front of them. if i were a teenager this ...

you make me sick !!!! 11/25/2011

I was once employed by these people and have one thing to say ..... god damn it stop taking all the people can i have some please !! : ) good job as always B and B much love . Ps , I saw the pic of your crowds and i puked !! Thank you more

UNBELIEVABLE!!! 9/26/2011

I've been waiting all year for Netherworld to open again, and was it ever worth the wait! Awesome! My friends and I had a blast on opening night. The monsters were as cool as anything I've seen at any other place, and I jumped about a hundred times.I look forward to this more than Christmas (how about a Christmas haunted house, Nether people?)\r \r The Raw Meat house was INSANE! We went there first and it was so cool! There's a real swamp INSIDE with aligators, and the killer pig that attacked me FREAKED ME OUT!!! I've never rode the subway before, and now i doubt I ever will - you'll see what I mean if you go. You should go, it's unbelievable!!!!!!!!\r \r Nightmares was awesome. I've been going to Netherworld for four years and this was the best one yet. So much going on and so many really cool monsters and creepy stuff. The doll girl scared the crap out of me in the parking lot! She came out of nowhere sliding up behind me and I thought I'd have a heart attack. Too much fun. I want more!\r \r I think every one of my senses was attacked at this year's show, except maybe taste (don't want to even think about what they would cook up for me to taste at Netherworld!). It was freaking nuts!\r \r We're definitely going back again a little closer to Halloween, it was definitely worht it. \r \r more

Hands down the best! 11/2/2010

Once again I was amazed by my annual visit to Netherworld! Now an annual tradition, this legendary haunted house is our FAVORITE holiday destination.\r \r Talking to other people in the line and parking lot, awaiting scares inside the attraction and out(!), you can feel the nervous energy building. Once inside the first house - this year based on gargoyles - you get an immediate idea of the level of enthusiasm these folks have for entertaining people! The sets and decorations were incredible, and the monsters inside look like they leapt out of a horror movie!!! My group nearly squeezed each others arms off as we were jumped at, leered at, FLOWN AT, and generally scared off our rockers.\r \r The second show Dead Salvage was a blast - well worth the additional $5 we paid with our combo tickets (Gargoyle and Dead Salvage together was only $27). Plenty of shocks and scares to make our trip memorable - we're already looking forward to next year's visdit. more

Netherworld Does not Discriminate Against the Disabled. 10/30/2010

Netherworld far from discriminates against the disabled. Netherworld Haunted House offers ample handicap parking for all guests and customers who are able to provide proper identification in the form of a handicapped parking permit, license plates, or medical documentation. In addition Netherworld has two parking lots in which customers and guests can park for free. While we have strived for 14 years to always offer free and available parking, from time to time these lots located directly on our property must close due to safety or policy issues. In addition we regret we cannot refund parking fees paid to off-site vendors. We have multiple civilian and off duty officers who remain on-site to help with parking issues and concerns. We keep our facilities wheelchair accessible to those who require extra assistance. As the person named in an unfortunate review, who also has suffered from advance gout for over 10 years, the facility has no such discrimination towards disabled employees or its customers. This complaint was handled by three levels of staff, including a uniformed Gwinnett County Officer who was called to explain the policy regarding the incident. Netherworld as well urges its customers who understand that while pay parking lots exist as close as 50 yards from our entrances, they should always remember we have 2 separate free parking lots, and that they should use personal judgment as to if they wish to pay at one of the un-affiliated parking lots. more

Netherworld Discriminates Against Disabled 10/28/2010

I have gone to Netherworld every year for the past 4 years. My sister was visiting and went solely to take her on the experience, which has always been and truthfully still is an amazing experience. When we were about to pull in, we counted 8 empty parking spaces right in the parking lot. This was luck because I have a chronic case of gout, to which I a recovering from a flare up and was already not looking forward to the long line. When we tried to pull in, a traffic person stopped us and told us they weren't allowing any more people in. We pointed out the empty spaces, but the guy said ""something happened, and they aren't letting any more people in."" It was what it was, so we drove half a mile up and paid $5 for parking. As I hobbled half a mile back, I was shocked to see car after car driving in without consequence. I sprinted to the guy and asked him why. He said they were letting cars park. I asked why he didn't let us park, and he told me that it didn't matter. I asked for a supervisor. When the supervisor came, instead of talking to me, he went and talked to the guy that was directing traffic, than stood around a minute or so before introducing himself. He explained that they just weren't letting people in without any real good reason, but I could park now if I wanted. I explained everything, how much my foot was hurting. He offered nothing. He didn't offer the $5 for parking we had to pay off my ticket. He didn't offer to move up up in the line because of all the walking I already did and my condition. Nothing. I hadn't raised my voice or cussed or said one threatening thing, and he became rude. I had been recording the conversation, and when I revealed this, he called a cop over to me. I had no weapon, had committed no crime, made no threat, and was completely sober and simply stating a reasonable customer service complaint and he called the cops. Don't get me wrong, Netherworld is top notch, and I love it as much as I love halloween, but I can't ever go back there. I was embarrassed and insulted by Pete, the supposed supervisor, and the discriminatory and apathetic attitude I was met with was disturbing and distressful. I couldn't enjoy my evening with all the pain I had. When someone is injured, in pain, or invalid on the bus, another person will give us their seat on a bus for them. Pete and Netherworld made a person in pain park half a mile a way and walk half a mile there, and half a mie back, when parking spots just 30 feet away were open, available, and plentiful. more

Absolutely my favorite haunt! 10/11/2010

I absolutely love Halloween, and being new to Atlanta, i've been looking forward to checking out an amazing house. Netherworld totally fits the bill. The costumes, props, etc. are so real, it's like you're walking through a movie set. Dead Salvage was my favorite - voice was totally hoarse after going through that one. Yea, the lines can get a little long but the monsters scaring you in line make the time go super fast. more

looks great but dull and silly 10/5/2010

to build such an expensive haunt seems a waste to herd people thru it. how do you scare someone who sees the scare happen to the group in front of them. if i were a teenager this haunt might have startled me but i must say that with all the hype about this bs it was extremely dissapointing. been thru much smaller haunted houses that were definitely way scarier. seems like their love of money outweighs their love for the holiday. just my 2 cents more

A BIG waste of my time and money 10/1/2010

If I could give this haunted house no stars, I would. I was extremely disappointed after all the hype I've heard about it. Yes, costumes and sets are nice, but who cares if none of that gives you the experience of a good scare?? You're basically standing in a long line and walking slowly through the entire haunted house and can see where all the actors are hiding. If you can't, you'll know when they're about to jump out by the screams heard in front of you. Take your money and go to a better one, there are plenty of others in the Atlanta area that are MUCH better than Netherworld. more

Mostly Good 10/29/2009

There's no doubt that this is one of the most expensive haunts in Atlanta. The sets and the costumes are phenominal. Quite a few good scares even for us tough-guys. The crowds were thick so you kind of feel herded through but that's just about anywhere. The strobe lights were horribly overdone. I play in a rock band and am virtually immune to smoke and flashing lights but they were so overdone it was nauseating and kept you too blinded to really even see many of the costumes and sets.\r \r Nonetheless, I'd recommend paying it a visit. My only advice for the Netherworld folks is to cut back just a TAD on the lights - there's no point in building an elaborate set if no one can actually see it!\r \r Cheers! Pros: Good sets and Costumes Cons: Never a chance to slow down more

Most creative Haunted House around! 10/14/2009

My friends and I went to another new haunted house this year that just used a lot of violence and nudity! It totally made me sick and not scared. Just by looking around you can tell that Netherworld is the most creative AND scariest haunt around. The performers did a great job of making sure everyone in line was involved and got their money's worth. It's like walking through a horror film! I had the best time I've ever had and will be coming back next year for sure! Pros: Very, very scary! Most unique haunt! Cons: Hate spending money on anything but totally worth it! more

Best Haunted House EVER! 10/14/2009

My buddies and I have been to a couple different haunted houses in GA, but we never came out scared! This year Netherworld took the cake! Right as we entered the parking lot we felt like as we entered a whole new world, Netherworld. The cast does a great job of staying in character and keeping the guests entertained. A couple of times that creepy looking doll character would come out of no where! Right as we got in line I felt anxious, yet excited hearing all the chainsaws and screams. Netherworld did an amazing job this year and I will keep going back year after year. Pros: Best haunted house by far! Cons: Line ""looks"" long but moves fast! more



I can't wait for Netherworld Halloween season!!! 8/3/2008

I cannot wait for another Netherworld-haunted Halloween! Once fall rolls around, I start craving the cool air, crisp evenings and early darkenss that reminds me of the suspense of Halloweens I got as a kid. Since I live in the south, I can't always count on cool air or crisp evenings. But I can count on my annual visits to Netherworld, for exactly the kinda fun I looked forward to. Creepy monsters jumping out of nowhere, spooky music - not to mention all the nervous anxiety!!! This place always reminds of that one house you saw while trick-or-treating - you were too afraid to knock on the door, but you couldn't resist a trip up those porch steps for who-knows-what (probably a popcorn ball or something else your mom wouldn't let you eat).\r Pros: Plenty of fun and frights for the Halloweener in you! Cons: November comes too quick! more

Very disappointing, over-priced, predictable, only good for skiddish kids/teenagers 6/24/2008

I was so looking forward to this haunted house, but as soon as I got there I had a feeling that it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. The ""monsters"" walking around the parking lot are funnier than they are scary. They walk up to the most scared looking young girls they can find and just yell or stare at them. It was funny just to watch. I can see how young kids or young teenagers could like this, but it's definitely not ""adult scary"". I'm only 20 and consider myself a huge haunted house fan, but this was really just a waste of money. More than once I could see the monsters/ghosts hiding behind whatever before I even got to them. Then they would jump out and expect me to scream, instead I yawned. Pros: Provides a good laugh Cons: Isn't worth the amount of money you pay, really predictable, more

Bringing back the Boo! 10/11/2007

I grew up looking forward to Halloween far more than Christmas, Easter or my birthday. Halloween just seemed so much more fun than all those other holidays - the looming threat of scares and shivers in the cool fall evening, mixed with the promise of bagfuls of candy was the perfect concoction for my young mind. Yet as I grew older, the Halloween experience seemed to diminish more and more each year. I found my love of Halloween was becoming more of a nostalgic memory than an actual yearly tradition.\r Then I discovered Netherworld! Someone found that old All Hallow's recipe book and conjured up my favorite holiday elixir once more - just the right blend of creepy and cool, with enough ghouls and fiends stalking the grounds to make every twist and turn a hair-raising adventure. The sights alone are worth the ticket price (and I won't reveal any of them here - they are enjoyed most when unexpected), but throw in a boat-load of eye-popping chills and thrills and one thing is clear - the Halloween spirit is alive and well (or is that DEAD and well? Hmmm...)!\r Beware.\r And be sure to make this your new Halloween tradition... Pros: Great Halloween fun with plenty of creepy atmosphere Cons: Halloween only comes once a year... more

An instant Halloween tradition! 10/11/2007

I have been hearing the radio ads for Netherworld for years now and finally had a chance to go out there with friends this past weekend. I WAS BLOWN AWAY! This is more than just dark hallways, it looks like a frakking movie!!! When we pulled up the line looked long, but after getting tickets, it moved quickly. There are 'ghouls and goblins' all over the parking lot, walking around the lines, so even standing in line was fun.\r \r The inside of the place was huge, and if anyone tells you different they are is scary. You want to almost stop at times and look at everything in there, things are always popping out, scaring you, and making you want to scream. There seem to be two haunted houses there, the larger one is upstairs and is amazing. The one downstairs has this giant looking walk-through archway, and again it was like I just wandered into a movie set. This haunted house scared me more than upstairs, and kept getting me turned around.\r \r I will definitely be back next year! more

Simply Silly 10/8/2006

OK, so...I was told this was the scariest Haunted House around...and believe me...I am a scaredy cat. This place was so silly. I could totally gauge when people were about to jump out at me, taking the fear out of the whole situation. I breezed through without a single startle. I'm not sure if this place was scary once upon a time, but not one of the people that were with me were scared. Then, to top the cake...some little actress in the house actually cursed me out because I laughed at her when she tried to scare me. So, I had to complain to management. I have to agree that the make-up and the costumes were quite good. It's definitely something to look at, and you get your money's worth out of the theatrics. But, just don't expect to be scared, because it won't happen. I was very bummed out. It was definitely not worth the 20 bucks. Pros: Theatrics, costumes Cons: Silly; not scary at all more
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  • One of the scariest haunted houses in America offers first-rate frights and ghoulish surprises every Halloween.

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