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It was a good experience , Ms. Rosita Marzen helped me sort it out some of my problem s I had at our dentist offices ,my kids where able to get stickers and read new book and t...


Had implant done 6 years ago and never completed because no dentist could figure out the type and size of the implant, fast forward to feb 2013, 2 more implants arrive $1250 but c...

Dr. Kenneth Fleisher 9/7/2017

My husband had an appointment with Dr.Kenneth Fleisher on 7/17/17. When I was making the appointment I asked if the results of my husband's CT scan were available and I was told they were. Dr. Fleisher he did not examine my husband; he did not have access to his CT scan results or his medical records; he did not explain what was the problem. He told us to go home and once he gets access to the medical records he would call us with the treatment plan. He never did. It was an awful experience and a complete waist of time and money. more

STAY AWAY!!!! 6/15/2017

I went to the mergency clinic during Christmas break because I broke a tooth and couldn't find a dentist that was open. The tooth didn't cause me any pain. They immediatedly told me that I had to have the tooth extracted (Which I understand is their typical recommendation, even for healthy teeth) I then agreed to have a bridge done. But the student dentist and faculty all had different opinions on what to do. I've been there on six different occasions to have my teeth prepared for a bridge. every time something goes wrong. And after all is said and done I showed the x-rays to a friend of mine who is a dentist and he said I never should have had the tooth removed in the first place. Terrible experience. Find a dentist, any dentist, and avoid this place like the plague. more

Amazing time at NYU 5/14/2017

It was a good experience , Ms. Rosita Marzen helped me sort it out some of my problem s I had at our dentist offices ,my kids where able to get stickers and read new book and they were able to read at the waiting room and we got nice dentists and my younger son is no longer scared of using tooth paste. more

Please investigate NYU. I don't understand how they can get away with the things that rhey do! 11/7/2015

After going to NYU I have problems with my teeth that were not there before. They experiment on low income people . They don't supervise the students. They keep you coming back for what should be a simple procedure. I went to NYU for a filling that came out. It took them three months to fix the tooth. In the mean time they fitted me for partials. They made them wrong and when I went back they remade them but refused to give me the pattials unless I signed a bogus note that I was satisfied with the teeth and that I would never return to NYU . Professor Reahnic professor Cohen are jokers and most of all Student Advocate ms. Marian she's the worst of the lot. After four years of being bed ridden and loosing my dog of 10 years due to sickness from the ill treatment that I reviewed at the hands of NYU. After four years I was refused my partials because I refused to sign an illegal form that the student advocate Ms. Rosita Marzan drummed up. They agreed to return the money for their blunder to my health provider. But now I have multiple teeth problems and gum decease . And to be without partials is humiliating. There's a lot more including making my face sag around the mouth. From repeating improper and lengthy techniques ....I had to get the Disciplinary Board and some others involved in my case. please stay away from NYU. more

guest 10/7/2014

Do not go to this dentist! It is beyond horrible. I arrived at Nyu at 8:45, didn't leave until 1:00. I spent half the time getting a filling and the other half waiting for senior dentist to make sure the student did good. Trust me go to a private dentist and save your money and time. more

NYU Will NOT Give Pain Meds to Patients 6/4/2014

Even though I was in severe pain from two abscesses and doubted their recommended Motrin and Tylenol would work, NYU Dental refused to give me an RX for even a few narcotic painkillers!! I would up 48 hours later in severe pain, dragging myself to a walk in CityMD Clinic where I did get some Percoset. OMG!! Today I had 2 teeth extracted and again asked if I could have an RX for a FEW narcotic painkillers, guess what they said NO NO NO. I burst into tears, while my gauze filled mouth was dripping blood. THEN I was told the biggest whopper ever ... that is was because Gov. Cuomo has cracked down on narcotic pain prescriptions. YES he's cracked down on prescription/drug shoppiing not on legitimate prescriptions for legitimate pain relief. Columbia's School of Dentistry gives their patients prescriptions for narcotic painkillers as a matter of course when there is reason to do so. OMG I hope this miserable hell hole gets closed down. They are evil, unethical and awful. more

NYU College of Dentistry Patient Identity theft 5/19/2014

Attention all patients of NYU College of Dentistry, check your credit card statements for signs of identity theft. more

Don't trust your teeth to NYU College of Dentistry!!!! 3/30/2014

It took them 4 months and over 10 visits to complete one root canal and in the process they gave me an infection that made my cheek swell up badly requiring 2 antibiotics with all the negative side-effects (i.e.diarhea) that go along with taking antibiotics. Here is a time-line of my experience (below). My advice: AVOID NYU COLLEGE of DENTISTRY LIKE YOU WOULD A PLAGUE!!!! They're not that cheap and their quality control SUCKS!! 9/26 - Kriser - Dr. Animesh Bhatiprolu 9/27 - Work on Root canal 10/14 - More work on root canal - Residual pain - Starting to sense an infection 10/29 - More pain - requesting antibiotic Not able to get me numb - worked on me anyway 11/12 - Increasing pain - can’t get me numb - no work done I’m insisting that I have an infection and asking for an antibiotic 11/26 - Extreme pain - can’t get me numb - Attending sticks needle down root canal into live nerve in attempt to get me numb I ask again for an antibiotic to fight the growing infection 12/9 - Dr. Erfan - Evaluation - no work done I’m in constant and extreme pain and ask for an antibiotic 12/12 - Dr. Erfan - continued work on root canal I complain again that I’m sure I have an infection and need an antibiotic 12/13 - My cheek swells up with a full-blown infection I send Dr. Erfan a photo and request that she call in a prescription for an antibiotic She tells me I have to go to the emergency room first 12/14 - Emergency room - Finally get a prescription Start antibiotics 3x per day - 3am doses 12/15 - Had to cancel work due to pain and disfigurement (swollen cheek) 12/18 - Had to cancel a dental appointment at Ryan to repair a filling on other side of mouth because of the infection/swelling 12/19 - Antibiotic not working fast enough - Start a new antibiotic 4x per day - 4am dose (Diarhea side-effect) 1/7 - Dr. Erfan - More work on root canal 1/21 - Dr. Erfan - Root canal finally filled more

The worst dental experience ever 3/18/2014

I trusted NYU but I ended up worse then when I first walked in. The only reason I knew of their mistakes is that I requested my chart and being a RN I discovered so many mistakes. They use people with limited income to experiment not practice under supervision like their brochure stated. I have plastic discolored gums thanks to Miles Yacker, more

Advice 3/3/2014

To those patients that have had problems with their dental work and have not received satisfaction, here are a few solutions: 1. Contact the patient advocate or social worker 2. Send a letter to the Dean, Dr. Charles Bertolami and copy somebody important (see # 4). Send a letter to the president of NYU, John Sexton as well. 3. Contact a lawyer if necessary. 4. Contact your local Congressional Representative as well as your local State Senator or Assemblyman and ask them to intervene on your behalf (ask them to send a letter to the Dean). Very effective! 5. Contact the NY State Society of Dentistry as well as the NY State Education dep't. 6. File a complaint with the OPD (office of professional discipline) 7. Keep all financial records of payments as well as original contracts. Make sure that you have copies of informed consent paperwork for procedures and photos. 8. Make sure that you understand any treatment plan changes since this will affect your financial obligations. 9. Keep records of all dental visits and the treatment completed. Keep track of the maintenance of your Dental work (when was the last time your teeth were cleaned?) 10. Obtain a copy of your Dental record including all progress notes, test results, x-rays , photos etc. You will need to fill out a form and pay a fee but it is very worthwhile to have copies of your record. 11. Remember that the squeaky wheel gets attention. Do not be passive if you are not happy. Know your patient’s bill of rights. You must be steadfast and persistent in your complaints, while being respectful. Good luck more

My NYU Dentistry Nightmare 2/25/2014

Make sure you understand the statute of limitations related to dental malpractice when going to this school. They were responsible for the loss of two teeth in my mouth and fillings with decay underneath. When the malpractice lawyers' dentist looked at my teeth, he said they had punctured a root. After a year they admitted responsibility and I had to have a bone graft (because they had left it so long that my bone dissolved in that area) and implants installed which failed. I had stitches on the same site 3 times, my upper tooth above the missing 2 is dropping down but I have missed the opportunity to take legal action.Mr Studley, the clinic manager wants to connect on LinkedIn..the whole ordeal is sickening, I have no idea how they get away with creating such a nightmare. more

Shoddy Billing Practices 2/23/2014

Been a patient for implant dentistry since 2005! I needed a complete mouth restoration. I was not able to go through a private dentist as I simply could not afford it. I am now at the last rung of my treatment (hooray) and was told that I still owe $7900. If i pay half they can send the final teeth to the lab and back to me to try on. I manage to scrounge $4000 together (I borrow and put some on my credit card). They have the teeth back from the lab and they look great, I try them on, they are GREAT! They tell me I still owe $5100! I say, NO, I should owe you only $3900. My dentist & I go to the manager's office to go over the bill. She looks through my dentist's folder and sees that he never charged for my lower restoration, so now my bill is $13,000!!! I'm not working, I lost my job 2 years ago. After 9 yrs with these folks they want $13,000 from me. They expect me to pull it out of the air! She tells me the teeth will not leave this building to go to the lab for tweaking until you pay. This is EXTORTION. They telll me maybe they can reduce the bill by 20% bringing it to $11,000. That's still out of my range. I'm NOT WORKING!!!! HELLO!!! My mouth has been photographed, x-rayed, more times that anyone could imagine. I've been told I'm a fascinating case. If that's the case they should be paying ME! for all the teaching opportunity I have given to these people. I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone. I think their billing practices are very shoddy. I don't believe anything they tell me. more

NYU College of Dentistry 2/4/2014

Do not go to NYU College of Dentistry for dental work. Please try to find a reputable private Dentist instead. The fees at NYU are expensive and not much cheaper than private dentists . The lack of consistent faculty supervision and insufficient quality assurance by the administration has resulted in numerous lapses in treatment and malpractice. No stars for this rating. more

Awesome! 11/9/2013

I had a great experience at NYU dental school. My Dr. was pleasant, competent and did his best to make me feel comfortable! I have yet to find a seasoned dentist who has better bedside manner! I moved away from NYC otherwise I would have continued to see my student dr and I would have saved a lot of money! more

Nyu dental 2/19/2013

Had implant done 6 years ago and never completed because no dentist could figure out the type and size of the implant, fast forward to feb 2013, 2 more implants arrive $1250 but crowns are $1400 each. Outrageous can get a better price at a private dentist, AND they refuse to honor the old implant saying I didn't pay for the crown (which I did) and want to charge me another $1400 for that!!! Also I had to beg to pain meds after the 2 implants, presently I am arguing to get the crown for the old implant for a lower or no cost, but I would not give them another penny. DON'T THEY NEED PEOPLE TO WORK WITH, they charge too much for a school!!! more

DON'T GO THERE 2/5/2013

The dental students make too many mistakes, and the faculty are pompous asses. I went for an implant. Big Mistake. The price kept changing and the procedure time kept getting longer. As far as I am concerned, they are crooks. more


What a nightmare. Things were great until it was revealed I had a cavity. They then proceeded to fill the cavity which ended up causing me extreme pain about a month later. I went back and got a temporary filling which caused me extreme pain. 4 days later, went to the ER clinic and turns out the student had not completely removed the decay! Left with another temporary filling which turned my face in to rocky for 2 weeks. Went back and now I need a root canal and a crown because my gums are now infected after the ER clinic poked and prodded my gums with 3 needles. Apparently my insurance did not cover both procedures and they tried to hustle me in to getting a prepaid credit card with 14% APR!! The manager would not even talk to me until I signed the paper saying I would go through with the procedure. When I finally got the chance to speak to MS. ELKA EDWARDS she says "well what you want me to do, i ain't a dentist". I call patient advocacy and both ROSITA MARZAN & ALISON LEFFEL are sitting around waiting to "review" my complaint. Until then i'm stuck with a gum infection and a temporary filling that is coming to pieces. Unbelievably unprofessional. Make sure you got a lawyer before you walk through those doors. Get a cleaning and that's it. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE TOUCH YOUR MOUTH!! THIS IS HOW THE POOR GET TREATED IN THIS COUNTRY!!! more

good experience 1/24/2012

I have been a patient here(nyu) three years or more; since I have been here I had some extensive dental work done(from extractions of wisdom tooth/rebuilding of number of different teeth plus a number of other procedures).To now being a patient of the orthodontic department. As you can imagine, within a three year span, i have had a number of student doctors work on me. And you know what? I don't have any complaints, about any department(and i have received treatment from three , different departments/i have experience here). I have nothing, but praise for these young professionals(who are making a difference in people lives). I currently wear braces and I'm completely satisified with my doctor/her team(DR. H Park of orthodontic department). She is truly an amazing doctor. As she puts forth here best effort into each and every patient. Best orthodontist ever( I highly recommend)! Also, I would like to thank all student doctors, who i have been a patient of. For, working on my mouth(case) is no easy task but rather a learning experience(very difficult indeed). Thank you, once again DR Park,(your hard work is appreciated). more

THE WORST! 12/4/2011

Oh my god, do NOT go there. I was in HORRIBLE pain and went to their emergency weekend clinic. They misdiagnosed me and didn't believe me that I was in pain. Even though I told them that I was unable to sleep or do anything because of it, the doctor refused to prescribe me any pain meds because he stupidly believed I had something else than I actually had (which was later diagnosed at a different hospital). Not only are they incompetent, they also treat their patients like idiots. more

Implants, partials, flippers. 10/28/2011

I am in shock. I went for assistance because my tooth is falling out. I was open to having it extracted and putting either a partial or implant in. I was told that they would not do any work unless i took EIGHT of my ten upper teeth out. UNBELIEVABLE. As i was leaving because they refused to help me with the one tooth the student said "just go to the emergency room when you're ready." I happen to agree with their treatment plan but i cannot afford it and they would rather turn me away for the problem i went to see them for rather than help me. Their agenda is "all or nothing." I left very disappointed. I think this is disgraceful. I wonder how many dentists out there in the real world would turn down patients for the problem they are coming to the dentist for? How many practicing dentists would not work on your mouth at all unless you committed to fixing every single tooth in your head? NYU Dental Clinic certainly did not serve my needs. They ignored me completely and basically said get out if you don't have ten thousand dollars. more
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