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Morrow Refuse Inc - 7 Reviews - 4985 Bakerstown Culmerville Road, Tarentum, PA - Garbage Collection Service Reviews - Phone (724) 265-2491

Morrow Refuse Inc

4985 Bakerstown Culmerville Road
Tarentum, PA 15084
(724) 265-2491
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Lived in the area for 25 years been dealing with the local ""Big"" company. I got Morrow about two years ago now they have about 6 more accts on my street!!! I wasn't the only one...


I live on Saxonburg Blvd near popeyes, Two weeks ago Morrow Refuse Threw away my trash can lid, I wasent going to complain, so I left a note the next time they came around asking ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/19/2015

Morrrow Refuse services our plan - Forest Manor - in Harmar. I am very satisfied with their service. Today, very cold outside and I saw from my window that one of my trash can lids had blown down the street. After the trash pick up I went out to bring the cans in and found that the Morrow crew had retrieved the lid and put it with my cans. I appreciate their good work all year long. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/8/2015

Wow - I am really shocked to read these reviews. I've used their service for 15 years now and my only complaint is that they drag the cans to the truck which wears the bottoms out. I solved that by getting metal trash cans. When we had a large pick up, I called the office and the woman who answered was polite and we arranged the pick up. Men on the truck are always polite to me. They take whatever we put out. No complaints from me. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2014

This summer (2014) I had some work done on my house and the contractor need to get a roll off and ask me for the name of my refuse firm. The contractor called Morrow 3 times and left messages about his requirements in the week before he needed the roll off.... Morrow never returned his call! \r The morning the contractor started demolition he called another firm (found in the yellow pages) and the roll off arrived within 4 hours. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/6/2014

Note: I have never used Vogel so I can't compare, but I have patience. All I ask is that SOMETIME I get a return phone call, since they never answer the phone the few times over the years I have called. After 4 1/2 years, this is not a customer service problem, this is a COMPANY problem. They're not that big of a company and I know one of the people who works in the office.\r \r I have used them for 4 1/2 years-Butler, PA-because I didn't want to sign a 2 year contract with Vogel and pay a cancellation fee should their service stink. Well, most of the time my trash is taken but I have had recyclables left or a bag left in the bottom of the can or recyclables/trash left in my driveway. \r \r EVERY SINGLE TIME you call, they are not there and will not return messages. One time I accidentally sent a check made out to someone else to them and vice versa and they cashed it anyway (we use the same bank). The amount was double what I would have owed them and it went through 2 different sets of hands in the office and someone even wrote my account # on the check before cashing it. I made them give me a refund for the difference and it only took about 3 months to get it with my persistence! If you call and leave a message (or two) that you have a large item to set out and will pay extra for, they will not only never call you back but will not take the item. I have also watched them put recyclables in with the trash so what is the point of recycling? Several times I've left messages about large items I will leave out and they'll leave it there and then when I do reach them, they'll say just leave it out and they'll get it next week. I don't live in a neighborhood where that's acceptable to do (especially with broken toilets!) \r \r We are only allowed one small bin for recyclables via our township so we set an extra bag on top of it with extra recyclables (per their instructions-collected every 2 weeks). Lots of times the recycle guy will empty the bin and leave the bag. We have 10 people in our family so we can't afford to keep left over trash, etc. until the next week as we are always at our max with trash bags. The few times I have spoken to someone there, I have never found them to be rude (not really friendly though either). Wish there was a better alternative! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/29/2013

I see a lot of complaints but its way better than Vogel! \r In this busy hectic world that we live in ppl fail to look at the picture all the way around, we don't like to wait, time is valuable to all of us and we want answered right away!\r \r Being in the customer service business for 30yrs ppl fail to understand there are high volume times in and these days with down sizing you may be surprised to know that maybe in their office there might be a couple ppl.answering if even that, and you dont know what else they have to do besides answering phones and that can get abit hectic when your busy. \r As for their business, here in Natrona Hts. I have no complaints. Patience is a virtue. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/29/2013

this is the worst refuse company i have ever seen or delt with...never pick up half of garb left out and if you call the office ""WHEN THEY DECIDE TO ANSWER"" they are rude and dont care. YOU will line their pockets for service you dont get.... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/16/2013

This company is horrible. I don't have a choice in which trash removal service to use, but if I could select one, this would not be the company I would go with. Today was about the fifth time that they have only taken some of our trash. One time they decided not to take our recyclables. I have called and left messages but no one ever calls me back. I have also spoke to the township who then called them. I'm not putting out excessive garbage, but it must be hard for them to comprehend what amount of trash qualifies as the three bins that I am allowed. I'm irritated that I have to pay for this service, that they sometimes provide, and sometimes don't. I guess they don't care because they are getting paid regardless of the job they do. So, if you have a choice in trash collection companies, don't use this one! more

I cant believe their a business 4/5/2011

I live on Saxonburg Blvd near popeyes, Two weeks ago Morrow Refuse Threw away my trash can lid, I wasent going to complain, so I left a note the next time they came around asking if they had the lid? Well they throwen away the bottom then too. I called , they said just to leave the bags out front, i said animals get into the trash and you need a can. She stated she would let Mr. Morrow Know & call me. Its Been 10 days and now wont take my Call. more

Way better than dealing with the local ""big"" company 2/27/2011

Lived in the area for 25 years been dealing with the local ""Big"" company. I got Morrow about two years ago now they have about 6 more accts on my street!!! I wasn't the only one sick of the guys from mars here either!!! Thanx Morrow for hassle free service. more

Welcome to the Neighborhood 1/31/2011

My MORROW REFUSE; "WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD" was the truck passing my garbage up my first week in the house, then after 3 months of NOT picking up from my house they have the nerve to send a bill. They claim it is mandatory to have trash collection...if that is true how can they blow the new guy in the neighborhood off ???\r PLEASE sign a contract with someone else ! more

Disorganized and mediocre service 2/15/2010

I have lived in 5 cities and used over 5 garbage services. In the past 3 years they have broken 3 of my garbage cans and when I call they tell me that I should use garbage bags . \r All three garbage cans were top quality rubbermaid cans that costed me $45. It is obvious that they just slam the can on the back edge of the truck and dont care. \r \r When I speak to the mgr its obvious that he dosent care.... Cheswick-west deer should cancel their contract and go with Waste Management or another company Pros: pick up garbare on time Cons: irresponsible more

Steady Terrible Service!!! 7/17/2009

No customer satifications. Calling them is such a pain. After calling, the service is still bad!\r \r Went right past our garbage. We put it out the night before and still they go past it without picking it up!\r \r But they are ALWAYS on time on giving you your bill.\r \r Wish there were another company to go with. Cons: Horrible customer service, worse pick ups more

Worst service I have ever experienced 12/10/2008

Used this service for about a month. They charge for recycling but throw it in the garbage truck. When I complained about this, they stopped taking the recycling, leaving it sit on the sidewalk. Why am I charged extra for it. They don't answer their phones and then become indigent when you complain about the poor level of service. I spoke to the owner (John) when I canceled the service, but they don't seem to have their records straight as I still receive bills from them. Have written to them twice explaining that I don't use their service and I think that after nine months they finally got it figured out. Really a nasty group of people and I recommend they be avoided. I transferred to Vogel and received spectacular service. Pros: There are none Cons: Terrible customer relations and service more

Disappointing 10/1/2008

We waited three months to get a rolling cart we paid for from day one. They have not picked up the recycling in eight weeks, nor have they responded to phone calls regarding this issue. We will not renew a contract with them. more
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  • Morrow Refuse has been providing trash disposal service to residents and businesses since 1953. We are committed to providing excellent service to all of our customers and to supporting the environment.