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Metro Security Inc. - 10 Reviews - 136 S Main St Ste A200, Salt Lake City, UT - Electrical Equip & Supls Reviews - Phone (801) 596-1272

Metro Security Inc.

136 S Main St Ste A200
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 596-1272
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Metro Security Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT
Metro Security Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT
Metro Security Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT
Metro Security Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT
Metro Security Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT


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I work for Metro and I love the people i work with. I work at a great site and every one likes having Metro out there. I have a great superviser and every time ive talked with so...


First of all, Ive worked for Metro Security and was a project manager with them and know Mike Gunn for years. Let me say this, MPA CEO Mike Gunn is UNETHICIAL, he just had to pay ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/1/2013

Very poor agency indeed! (Be aware they are now known as ""Pacific National Security"" - as they got bought out by a company out of California, at the beginning f 2011.) They are now located at 1515 West 2200 South, in West Valley, Utah. \r \r Unfortunately, even with the new name - the unprofessional and questionable ""business tactics"" - (both towards their employees and their clients) - are still the same. \r \r First of all, let me point out one major flaw this company has - and that major flaw would be a LACK OF HONESTY. \r \r For starters, not only do they *purposefully* short their employees on the hours that the employees have worked - (which, in turn - shorts the employees on their paychecks) - but they refuse to make any changes and/or correct this issue and change their highly questionable ways. (This has been going on for a while - quite possibly as far back as when they bought out the company prior to this, Davis Security.) \r \r The sad part about this whole deal is that they have some very dedicated, hard-working employees there - who will put their own lives on hold, so that they can help the company cover a shift. (This would demonstrate to me that a number of these employees have good work habits, have good hearts, and work hard to be part of the team.) However, it would seem that this company does not pay/show its employees the same type of respect, professionalism, dedication and honesty in return. \r \r I do not know where the money that is paid to this company (for their services) goes - but it seems to me that it often goes missing. (This is probably why employees are often shorted on their hours/paychecks.) I could not confirm if someone is stealing money for the company - or if it's simply due to bad spending/budgeting tactics...But whatever the case - they need to fix this very big, troublesome issue and they need to fix it FAST/NOW! \r \r I'm honestly surprised that this company is in business after all of these years and that they *still* have a license to run their business here in the State of Utah! (With the amount of employees whom I'm sure have complained over the years - it honestly baffles me as to why they haven't been shut down.) \r \r If you're looking for a company that does business the honest, professional, and fair way - look elsewhere! Choosing this place as a place to do business is only adding to the problem regarding their dishonest ways and in a way, is actually *condoning* their bad business practices. \r \r In the end, this company has only itself to blame for its faults, problems, and unprofessionalism. Nobody has told them to mistreat their employees, nobody has told them to lie or that it was ok to lie in various circumstances. Alas, the blame for this lies upon their own shoulders - and if they want to get angry with anybody, they should honestly get angry with themselves for not being more upstanding and honest in their ways. \r \r Lastly, I just have to say that I honestly feel sorry for the employees that work there and are almost constantly mistreated by this business. (Believe me, there have been *many*!) May they eventually find employers/a company that will treat them well and not cheat them! more

Metro STAY AWAY 1/12/2012

First of all, Ive worked for Metro Security and was a project manager with them and know Mike Gunn for years. Let me say this, MPA CEO Mike Gunn is UNETHICIAL, he just had to pay the Utah Board Of Labor a huge check for underpaying his employees. He makes his guards work more than 24 hours straight shifts, puts guards at location with out the ability to use a restroom or have water, Mike Gunn and Human resource person both sleep with female guards and office staff, I have proof on my phone of this if anyone asks and can be found on my website. Mike Gunn also treats his customers like trash and will say anything and do anything to get the account and then not have guards show up for shifts. If any one tells you different they are liers, all this information can be found with the federal labor board, BBB, as well as records that I have kept. If you are thinking of working with Metro or hiring them DONT. more

Metro if great to work for!!! 12/13/2011

I work for Metro and I love the people i work with. I work at a great site and every one likes having Metro out there. I have a great superviser and every time ive talked with someone in the offices they have helped me in a very fast and meaningful way. I wouldn't work for anyone else and I hope that I can move up in Metro. more

love working for metro 12/13/2011

I work for Metro and I love the people i work with. I work at a great site and every one likes having Metro out there. I have a great superviser and every time ive talked with someone in the offices they have helped me in a very fast. I wouldn't work for anyone else and I hope that I can move up in Metro. more

metro is weak 9/19/2011

I have worked with METRO for 2 weeks and I can't tell with my experience through the military that this organization is hardly professional. Lets talk about the low of the low class of people who work for this company. I have never seen such undisciplined workers in my life. They are worse than boots who come into the military. I am sorry but the leadership I have seen does not act the part that they claim. Maybe I'm biased, coming from the Marine infantry, but I have never seen so much disorganization and employees coming up with all sorts of excuses for why they can't be punctual or that their feet hurt and need to sit down for 20 minutes. I guess you civilians think that is hard working. Let me put it straight to you, infantry MOS's across the military branches will see this crap and see how weak and punitive civilians are. All excuses no responsibility or discipline. These are the employees of metro protective agency. Well what do you get when you offer $9 starting, the garbage wil more

Metro Protective Agency 3/23/2009

First off let me state that yes I am a current Metro Protective Agency employee. I have worked with MPA for over year and have held a number of positions with the company and have a great understanding of its inner workings. So lets start off with the managment team, first off anyone who thinks the CEO Mike Gunn is unethicial you obviously have not spent any real time with him because he is one of the most honset, and ethicial person you will ever meet and i personally have seen him got to bat for his employees. Now for the rest of the managment team, i have seen the General Manager, Operations Manager, and the Assistant Operations Manager bend over backwards to assist a employee they will do when it's realistic anything they can to assist employees with issue. MPA has a open door policy and i cant count how mant times i have arrived at the office, and there are officers in there managers offices just talking with managment not about company related issues but whats going on in that officers life and what they can do to help, Metro's managent team is a highly experianced team, they are extremly concerned about officer saftey in the field, and any one who has a bad taste about them is probably a termintated employee who messed up and instead of holding themselfs accountabule for there mistake's they feels the need to blame someone else I.E the metro managment team. I personally love working for metro protective agency, this company recoginizes those that work hard and want the company to secede, i cant give any greater endorsment than that, so if your looking for a company to provide your security needs than metro is a great company that care for its officers and clients and will do anything reasonabule to assist a client with its security needs. Pros: If you work hard you will be recognized more

State Fair 9/16/2008

This review is in response to the review concerning the officers at Metro Protective Agency and the way they handled themselves on the Segway. First off I spent the ten days at the fair park and spent a great deal of time with the officers at Metro. And I can say with great pride that they were very professional in not only the way they handled any issue that came up but also with the way that they handled themselves with the crowd while on their Segways. Pros: Professional Attitude, Customer Service. Public Safety first more

Metro Dispatchers Rock! Whatever early morning hour it may be -- THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR US! 7/6/2008

Metro Dispatchers Rock! Dana, Whitney, Trisha, Collin and that hopeful Brenna you are the best! Your always there when we need you and talk about staying on to of it in the dead of night. Those 1036 checks are appreciated and the support and followup calls to make sure Metro guards are a-okay make you one of the best group of people on the backend. Keep up the great work, it can get crazy as we know without you I dont know what we would do. METRO DISPATCHERS ROCK and don't forget it! I will miss you and several others at Metro! Employees and management at Metro are serious professionals in the security business and have a very close team that uses state of the art technology and the corporate branding of Metro from custom guard and patrol uniforms to fully customized patrol vehicles and a state of the art dispatcher and control room sets Metro apart from the rest--seriously--spare no expense. Metro management is sharp, experienced and swift at taking care of business. Metro success is the great employees like the dispatchers mentioned above whom are the ones with great leadership have contributed to Metro's continued success over the years. Metro is a great company to work for and has long term rention rate with their clients and a great reputation within the industry. Thanks Metro! I will miss alot of you for many I never had the chance to get to know. Hope I can in the future. Best Luck and take care Metro! I HAVE WORKED OTHER SECURITY COMPANIES AFTER I WORKED FOR METRO--- I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ITS MAY 2009 AND METRO IS FAR ABOVE THE REST. TRUST ME. IN FACT I AM GOING BACK TO WORK FOR METRO. THE OTHER COMPANIES --- NO COMMENT. TRUST ME, IF YOU WANT A ORGANZIED AND ETHICAL COMPANY TO HIRE FOR SECURITY AND WORK FOR---- DISREGARD ALL THE COMMENTS FROM EVERYONE ELSE! METRO IS THE ONLY ACT IN TOWN THAT GIVES THE DEFINITION TO ""SECURITY"" KEEEP IT UP METRO THE REST ARE HORRIBLE. I AM COMING BACK TO WORK FOR YOU!!! Pros: The company has a very dedicated back end support operation to help guards in the field - dispatchers and patrol - immediate response and ready for anything Cons: None--especially compared to many others that I worked for... Metro knows a good guard & client when they have them. more

Metro is the GOLD standard in SECURITY in Utah! I have se 6/14/2008

METRO is one of the most advanced and tech savy security firms I have worked for and plan on making this a long term career move especially because of the management. The management and its owners are up front and respectful and hold you to word as an emloyee in turn your see the rewards in many different forms. Just like their clients most likely do to with Metro. The image Metro portrays and the advanced technologies involved in their operation and especially the upper management is incredibily dedicated. For all those whom are disgruntled over something I suggest you reexamine yourself. I believe Metro gets down to the chase and does not bs with people whom are going to prevent the company from moving forward. I am a comany person and loyal to my employer whomever it is. Security requires alot of different things and assignments, dont complain or be picky do your TIME like others and EARN your respect. I just know that from all the many wanna be companies--yes some are good, but they all say they are the BEST. Metro is, you see it. ACTIONS MEAN EVERYTHING. Also, dont bash your employer like you did, it will catch up wit h you later. LOYALTY in the beginning throughout and the end is key esecially if you want to pursue the business with another company. I am excited and NEW but I am here to Learn METROS way for I know alot of people who will not even risk going with a large national company because they cannot manage the little things that MATTER. METRO can and I am apart of their team. So for the negative comments made, every company gets them---just dont cross the line talking about reputable business owners in companies like this for that is ridiculous and is clear to all why you are no longer employed. RESPECT, LOYALTY and DO YOUR JOB"" Pros: Great m to anagement and image is everything--great people Cons: people whom dont have respect or the desire to do anything they might not hire more

Yeah, right, cop.... 4/8/2008

Lets start off with your keen powers of observation being a ""cop"" and all. If you look at the majority of the reviews with 5 stars, they were all written by me, the same person, and I am not Mike Gunn. Second, yes lets look at the ""key strokes"", oh wait, we can't ""cop"" because we can't see the person typing. Third, lets look at the slang. Wow, again it is all the same! Why you might ask yourself are all of the grammatical errors and slang and ""key strokes"" the same. Hey detective guy, check this out, BECAUSE THE SAME PERSON WROTE THE COMMENTS!!! Try looking at the names, they are from the same people, none of which are Mike Gunn and the majority of are current or past employees. Pros: Good company, small and intimate. Follow the rules very closely. Cons: Retards who quit and screw the other employees. more

I have never been happier 4/8/2008

I disagree strongly with the last two reviews. Going by thier user names they appear to be two employees who were fired for less than honorable circumstances. I have worked for several security companies in the valley and appreciate the fact that metro continues to challenge me, provide the opportunity for me to improve my skills and rewards me for accepting more responsibility. Those here that strive to do thier best and suceed are happy. I also know from experience that the Management and Supervisors take pride in what they do and strive to instill that in all employee's. I have never worked for a more disciplined company. Pros: Advancement based on what you do, not who you know. more
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  • Metro Security Inc. is a private security agency in Salt Lake City, Utah that has been based on years of public safety experience. We know that we can meet the needs of every customer by evaluating and then creating a customized plan of action to ultimately reach a satisfactory solution. Metro has years of experience in working with the community. We offer: Security Guards, Security Patrol, Armed & Unarmed Security, Live Monitoring, Video Surveillance, Private Investigator, Roboguard, Autonomous Officer, Bodyguards, Executive Protection and Armed Escorts. Metro has over 31 years experience in the Private Security field, along with experience in the Marine Corps, Salt Lake Police Dept., and a degree in Criminal Justice. All of our personnel go through extensive screening, training.


  • Private security agency can handle building protection, asset management, patrols and more.

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