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Meridian Hills Assisted Living - 9 Reviews - 1813 S Meridian, Puyallup, WA - Personal Care Facility Reviews - Phone (253) 841-4909

Meridian Hills Assisted Living

1813 S Meridian
Puyallup, WA 98371
(253) 841-4909
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I worked at Meridan Hills for a number of years. Not once did I view any neglect. My own mother was a resident during this time and she was very happy.\r As far as the dining roo...


I have to agree with yucky kitchen. I have worked at this place within this year. They do treat their elderly okay. But I do have to say that it was very unsanitary. Kitchen draw...

To Bowl of Cherries 6/30/2011

Knowing the staffing patterns at the date of your post you FAILED to mention a few key things.\r 1 The position you held was responsible for the showers. IF people were not getting their showers then you are to blame.\r 2 You worked there for 2 years and claim to have witnessed resident abuse but FAILED to do your duty and report it. You are mandated by law to do so.\r And 3..... anyone can spot a disgruntled employee. Maybe you dont work there BECAUSE YOU WERE THE PROBLEM!!!!\r . more

Former employee/dining and kitchen 2/26/2011

I worked at Meridan Hills for a number of years. Not once did I view any neglect. My own mother was a resident during this time and she was very happy.\r As far as the dining room/kitchen ....we never had a negitive opinion.\r Go to any assisted living facility and you will see a shortage of staff. \r Cleaning the kitchen and dining room are a top priorty at the end of every day. We took pride in our work and the result showed.\r Sorry your experience was not to your liking. But many residents have been there for many years and they seem to be ok.\r garber68 more


I am telling you this now, absolutely do not even consider placing yourself or a family member here! I was employed by them for almost two years and left because of their sub-standard care! It is the number one worst place in Puyallup if not the state! Lets start with the care....If your lucky you will get the terrible care they provide, thats if your lucky otherwise you will just be neglected and left to sit in your room all day going crazy. No one receives showers here and most people smell terribly. They are so severely understaffed they have NO time for you...Picture your family member as a cow being herded around day and night...waiting in long lines for medication passed by under trained fools. Then once you get your 10 seconds to get your pills they send you off to the dirty smelly dining room where they will serve you some nasty slop and mystery meat. The dining room smells of feces and urine and there are flies all over the place. I once even witnessed pork chops floating in the dishwashing sink in warm bloody water for about 15 hours thawing. NASTY! There is a major theft issue going on and no one can seem to solve it! The state is in almost weekly investigating complaints of poor care, theft, and many other violations of WAC codes. I feel so terribly for the poor people who live here, don't let yourself fall into their trap. The people in charge could care less about the residents all they want is money money money...if someone dies Oh well get someone else in because we need MONEY! The way meridian hills is run is unbelievable, I don't even know how they have not been shut down...which will probably only be a matter of time...and don't fall for the owners review that tells make believe stories of wonderful resident care and quality meals because its a bunch of bologna! I swear try a meal for yourself if you can stomach it! first you have to fight your way through the flies and smell of urine to eat some nasty meal slathered in nasty gravy! eveything comes from a can and is processed garbage! So take my word for it! You don't even want to try it. But if you don't believe me head on in for a tour. you will be greeted by the pungeant smell of urine and a bunch of phony people with a fake smiles on their faces, trying to con you into believing their lies so they can rake in your family memebers money leaving them with a measly 60 bucks a month. And not to mention the RAT problem. Dead rats in the ceiling, rat feces in the ceiling, there were maggots eating a dead rat one time and all the maggots were falling out of light fixtures. I could go on for a long time but hopefully you get the point, which is wouldn't trust them to care for a pet rock! because they would surely screw something up! I hope this review helps you and protects as many people as possible...and please don't take the bait that I am a ""disgruntled previous employee"" because I am not! I truly care for the people who are currently living here and have found a new wonderful place of employment, where people are taken care of! Now please consider yourself warned!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: ABSOLUTELY NONE!! Cons: NEGLECT, NASTY FOOD, NASTY STAFF, TERRIBLE CARE IF ANY! more


I have to agree with yucky kitchen. I have worked at this place within this year. They do treat their elderly okay. But I do have to say that it was very unsanitary. Kitchen drawers, shelfs had grease and gross stuff on it. I do know that they have to let anyone see thier inspection reports. I suggest anyone who may want to put family thier, they should really investigate the DSHS reports and ask to go into the kitchen and look around. I do want to stick up for that former employee. The people who are in charge here don't treat thier employees very well. If you decied to work there, call Labor and Industries to see what the track recorded is. I can be their has been alot of complaints about how employees are treated by managment. I just hope with these reviews, that managment has taken care of how dirty the kitchen is or was. Hopefully that will change. To bad that managment wouldn't change. Guess you can't change people. more

response 8/6/2008

Honestly, I have worked at Meridian Hill Assisted living for 4 months now. I love working there. The residence our what is important to us. I would refer Meridian Hills to anyone. My grandfather is in this state. I was checking into placing him meridian hills as well. So honestly this person that is saying this negative information about meridian hills not being clean. That statement is not true and the alligations she is making is definitely not true as well.\r \r The residents are the most important part of meridian hills and bring them into the situation was not right. That could cause stress on the residence. They love having a place they can call home. And someone coming in and interupting their place of residency is not something you do. more

response to yuky kitchen 8/6/2008

I have worked at Meridian Hills for 7 months and I have never found any problems with staff or cleanliness. The kitchen has been up to code ever since I have worked there. Yuky Kitchen is nothing more than an angry former employee. Yuky Kitchen has presented herself to the residents as a state worker and later on we have found out that she never worked for the state so this former employee does nothing but create havoc anywhere she goes apparently. If the kitchen became that bad then apparently she wasn't doing her job. Grant it that the kitchen will get messed up while the staff is working but every day it gets cleaned up. Who don't mess up their kitchen while they are cooking? Personally I think this former employee just needs to get a life instead of disrupting our elderly. Our elderly residents are very fagile and sensitive and she done nothing to help them. She caused alot of them to be very upset and if I am not mistaken, that is a form of abuse to the elderly. As far as her contacting our administrator, I don't know exactly what was said or done but I do know she did not go through the proper chanels. She went to the residents first and asked them to back her up on this. If she was in the right, why would she need to ask the residents to back her up? That is all I have to say about this person. I hope everyone who reads this will think about all the points that was made by other people who responded to this along with mine. Meridian Hills is a great place to be and I wouldn't have any doubts about placing any family member of mine here. Thanks all for your time. Pros: Great place more

Quality Food and Resident Care Service 8/3/2008

The review listed above regarding the kitchen was written by a disgruntled employee who has made it a mission to disparage our community for reasons we cannot understand. \r \r Meridian Hills is in and has been in compliance with all State regulations relating to quality of our food service. \r \r Please come to Meridian Hills and see and experience for yourself the people and the quality of the services we deliver. more

wonderful resident care 7/20/2008

I would definately recommend someone living here I recently started, and out of the places I have work it has the friendliest and most reliable staff I have witnessed yet. The workers really care about the residents and their well being not just abou them making money and going home. I would definately recommend this assisted living facility and no the kitchen is not gross!!!\r thanks Pros: care more

Yucky Kitchen 7/11/2008

My first day working here was so gross I went home and call DSHS and any other phone number I could find Grease,food,hair,dirt, dander on all shelves, drawers and the refrigerator.One of the things that I did to try to fix the problem, besides reporting this to state agencies, newspapers, and TV stations, is I personally talked to the Administrator. She told me she was aware of the problem but has been busy with other parts of the building. She said that she would look into it., I did notice 2 days later that a new schedule was up and there was 1 person cleaning scheduled a week later. That night when we served the chicken salad. When I took a bite the chicken salad was warm.I found a thermometer to check the temperate. The salad was at 80 degrees. I notified and showed the nurse on duty to witness what the temperate said. I then notified the Administrator per phone. she was very upset when I told her that I had already called the State in reference to the gross kitchen and I was going to call again to report this warm food. she was upset very rude told me to find a new job and hung up on me.I called her back reminded her that she can't fire me because I am reporting stuff to the State. All I am saying is that if you are going to send your relatives here ask to look at the kitchen. Really inspect it if you get a chance and your relative already lives there maybe you should have meal in the dinning room with them to check it out. I talked to the inspector she is aware that they are cleaning the place up as fast as they can. I really hope this helps anyone who is going to live here more
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