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Mercury Cafe - 18 Reviews - 2199 California St, Denver, CO - Activities Reviews - Phone (303) 294-9258

Mercury Cafe

2199 California St (at 22nd St.)
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 294-9258
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Mercury Cafe - Denver, CO
Mercury Cafe - Denver, CO


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I've always enjoyed this one-of-a-kind place for many reasons: They've got a seriously cool old beatnic looking set up going on, with an upstairs dance floor you really can't hear...


We've been dancing at the Mercury several times, but one time ate there with a group of 20 friends. I want to recommend it and I want it to be successful, but I have to say it was...

Terrible experience 1/2/2012

I had an absolute horrible time at your establishment on new years eve. Not only was the entertainment boring and distasteful minus Lynx, but I got completely ignored by your staff, it took me an hour just to get a bloody drink which once I got I was never asked if I wanted a refill. I got pushed,shoved and bumped into by your servers without even a simple sorry. Being super busy is no excuse for rudeness and neglect. I will never return and I will never recommend your establishment to anyone. more


Every one should check out this restaurant once. Takes one back in time. From the food, which most is ORGANIC and many items grown locally, as down the block a ways to a community garden. Desserts are all prepared on site. We ordered an Elk Burger and a Garlic Linguini w/fresh spinach, tomatoes, pine nuts and creamy feta cheese. Both we tasty. Wine is a little high though. If you are on a tight budget this may not be the place. If you want the "experience" THIS IS IT. If you are lucky enough to meet the owner, (Marilyn) she'll talk all about current events, which is nice to know she is up on, liberal thinking person. more

Yuck, Yuck Yuck!!! 4/8/2010

The food is expensive, horrible, and it’s run by one of the most unfriendly owners in the biz . Well, at least it’s in a bad part of town… So I guess that’s worth something J. Although the rest of the staff is great, that doesn’t score enough points to make it worth while. There are so many great places to go to in Denver and this isn’t one of them. If you are into the hippie scene, bring your love beads and go elsewhere. Yuck, Yuck Yuck!!! I give it one star but only because the system won’t let me give it a Zero. Pros: The Christmas Lights Cons: Everything else more

unique, cool, entertaining, and good. 3/3/2010

I've always enjoyed this one-of-a-kind place for many reasons: They've got a seriously cool old beatnic looking set up going on, with an upstairs dance floor you really can't hear, an extra large room for poetry readings and free mic nights--not to mention civil rights films, and yet still a separate dining area and also a bar. I've taken meat eaters here that said they serve one of the best steaks ever, and yet I was still able to get my healthy vegetarian dish. So there is variety. Sure, some of the waitresses look like they're into peace/love/and all that good stuff, but it's not only part of the ambiance, but the beliefs of what this place was created from. Very few places exist that I feel comfortable trusting how my food was acquired, and the ingredients in it. Perhaps if I didn't educate myself, I'd be happy to eat McDonalds while complaining about this place. But that's not the case. I know their milk's cost is higher than most, but I think $5 is stretching it--yet I admit I don't like to drink milk. And even if it does actually cost that much it's not indicative to the rest of the menu, and there really is a reason for it: Not only is it organic and from a local source, it's much more humanely derived. I'm not trying to get into lecturing that though, but if you really don't think it's fair, or are curious, watch PEACABLE KINGDOM and maybe you'll then understand. Also, their desserts and things are good, but they are healthier than what you'll find at the local donut shop. This place is so commendable, they've even put in water saving faucets in their bathrooms. I just have a hard time understanding why people wouldn't want to support a place that educates itself and acts responsible to its findings, especially those of us with children whose futures we should be looking out for. Pros: awesome all around Cons: Hmm? Not the fastest more

Gypsies... 5/7/2009

This place is run by gypsies who will rob you clean. $5 for a glass of milk?? Why? You didn't even milk the damn cow yourself!!!! You bought the milk from a store! more

Don't waste your time or money 1/7/2009

Terrible food, terrible service, and terrible prices. This is the kind of place that makes you leave slightly annoyed. Don't bother. Pros: semi-cool atmosphere Cons: semi-cool atmosphere looses it's appeal 5 minutes after being there. more

I can't believe I even gave them a chance 11/23/2008

First of all, this is my third time coming here, and yes, ALL of them were terrible! I tried giving them a chance but jesus, what a despicable establishment. We were never greeted, even after 30 minutes of sitting at the table WE picked out. When the waitress came she was very short and rude with us, as though she had better things to do. This was how my first two experiences there were also, and all three times I never got ? of the way through my meal it was so bad. I don?t know whether to feel sorry for these people or laugh at them. The food, my god, the food was indigestible. The service was patronizing and SLLLOOOOOWW. I?m wondering if these people even get paid for what they do (or don?t do rather), or maybe they aren?t actually on the payroll at all because it?s just enough for them to be able to say ?I work at the Merc? hahaha, what a complete waste of time and money. I?m sorry to the friends who recommended it to me, but I will NEVER step foot in this place again. Pros: Absolutely NOTHING! Cons: Absolutely EVERYTHING! more

come for the pretentiousness, leave for the terrible food and service 9/11/2007

first, the "euro-style" service wasn't amusing, even in the 'we refuse to conform because we are better than you' kind of way. I've eaten at many "euro" style establishments, but I have never been outright ignored, even by the hippest and 'weirdest' staff in Denver. I came to watch my friend play. We were one of two other tables sitting in on a totally dead Tuesday night, and they still managed to ignore us entirely. After seating ourselves, we finally got some pretentious, albeit 'DIY' style menus, which we had 45 minutes to look over before being asked "have you found something you like?" by another staff member who then managed over the coarse of another 15 minutes to find our waiter to send him over to ask the same question again. The salad did eventually arrive, complete with limp lettuce with brown edges, on a plate that was way too small. We then had time to watch several other songs, smoke cigarettes, and walk to the bar to order some mediocre yet way over-flavored 4$ glasses of beer, that is undoubtedly 'better' than everyone else's beer. The food did eventually arrive cold, and bland. We are both vegetarians and do know what good vegan cooking is, and this was anything but. I would say it was a poor-man's Watercoarse but the dishes were in fact about twice as expensive. Unable to finish my gross beer, I tried to order a sprite (or 7up). "no. we don't have 'common' soda, um.. what we DO have is organic, agave sweetened (?) lemon-lime flavored vegan soda, thats way better than those 'common' sodas". So 30min later, I'm finishing my SPRITE, and we realize that they do not take credit cards. They did, however have an ATM, which, lucky for the waiter only gives out 20's, because by this time I was so tired that i couldn't bear to wait for change, so I dropped the 20's, and RAN for the exit. I realize that this isn't Perkins, and conforming isn't hip, but if you're going to serve bland food extremely slowly and pretentiously, you shouldn't charge arm and leg. Pros: supportive to local artists *sigh* so i guess that makes it all better. right? Cons: everything more

Yucky!! 9/6/2007

Blah!!! Horrible food and even worse service. If you want to be ignored by your server until they bring you awful food, then this is the place. The menu was boring and could have been put together by a 10 year old. My enchiladas were so overcooked that some of the food on the plate was unrecognizable. No one ever checked back with us to see if we enjoyed everything and the fastest service we got was when we asked for the check. Pros: good for vegetarians Cons: awful food, horrible service more

One of my most favorite places in Denver 6/23/2007

I have been coming here for years. Not one time have I ever had an experience that wasn't absolutely wonderful. My favorite dish is the California omlet. Order a side of hollandaise and you will have an experience to die for. Where else can you get a glass of cherry juice with your breakfast? Or some of the most amazing coffee you ever had in your life & you can drink it with a little organic honey as well. There's dancing, art, poetry slams, you can expand your mind, talk politics, look at funky people, be a funky person, listen to live classical music on a Sunday morning... what could be better? Pros: People watching, art, good food, vegan friendly Cons: Don't come if you're a Republican, hate weirdos or are expecting Perkins. more

Best (only!) swing dance nightclub around, cheapest date on the planet 11/2/2006

$1 Swing dance lessons on Sundays, with national champs, and reasonable prices for the Tuesday and Thursday lessons. 3 nights a week Swing takes over. You're back in 1937 all over again. It ain't dancin' with the stars, it is however something else truly amazing and inspiring. Young, old, black, white, rich poor, dressy or not, you'll feel at home here. Sure the service isn't the best, all the time, but the drinks are poured strong, the music is always perfect, and its just about as cool of a bohemian place as there is. Theres a ton of parking right there, so you don't have to deal with that, and if you want to sit in a table all night and take up space, read a book, and drink 40 cups of coffee, by all means, they'll let you. Poets tear it up, tango dancers glide somberly across the floor, and you never know when you're going to see a world class piano player, a fire-eater, a juggler, a tarot card reader, or a celebrity here. Famous folks go out of their way to come here. Ocassional national musical acts, professional theatre, and more also grace the calendar. They offer budget weddings, organic food, and gluten free deserts. A lot of business is done with co-ops and small farmers, so you know ifs good for the local economy. They are not installing windmills to power the place. If you're at all green, this place will make you happy. Its not the Macaroni Grill. If thats what you're looking for, well go there instead, but if you want something that makes you think of New York, Seattle, or Argentina, this is the place. You have to visit to understand it. Art shows, food specials, fun dancing, and romantic lighting, I really can't describe all the things that make this place fun. Go, when you're not in a hurry, and with someone you love, or go looking for someone to love, you won't be dissapointed. more

Yummy! Quality Ingredients but Inconsistent 4/5/2006

The Mercury's recipes and ingredients are amazing, and when spot-on, the eggs florentine is the absolute best in Denver. The service, however, is inconsistent. I've had a couple of bad experiences, one of them the last time I was there. The staff complained loudly that the remaining customers would never leave so they could go home. While this was going on, my table's food sat around getting cold. We would have been long gone before quitting time if the food been brought to us when it was still hot. I disagree with the other reviewer that says people think the service is bad because the staff doesn't conform. The staff is generally friendly and fun... they just forget about you sometimes. Nevertheless, you *should* give it a try. I recommend going during peak times. Honestly, you have the best shot at hot food and good service if you do. Pros: quality ingredients, delicious recipes, awesome ambience Cons: inconsistent service more

Great Food-Great Atmosphere! 4/3/2006

This is a great restaurant for dancing, performances, or even just a drink or coffee. Unique atmosphere and friendly staff. But, beware-they don't take credit-cards--bring cash! Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Entertainment Cons: Price, Parking, Crowded more

A little of this, a little of that 1/22/2006

The Mercury is one of my favorites in Denver because they have a great ambience and organic/natural food. I wouldn't, however, go out of my way to say that their food is excellent every single time. Last time I was there, I had a delicious piece of fish that was cooked perfectly. The time before that I had a kebab and it was also quite moist and tasty. Alas, there are some misses that come with the hits. A reasonably tasty main dish might have undercooked veggies. You might get a dessert sampler to marvel at the pie, but wonder why they have to make their vegan cake! The cooks seem to have the most struggle with under-and over-cooking, but other than that, it's yummy food and great for a date. Check out Valentine's Day, where they assemble a whole menu of aphrodisiac foods. Pros: colorful, funky crowd, organics Cons: inconsistency more

Service? A" the Merc..You care why? 10/10/2005

? You've probably moved here from somewhere else, but the Merc has been around for 20 plus years and refuses to conform to your version of a restaurant, be it a steak house or veg paradise. The wait staff conforms to the menu, not the diner, and most of the "slow service" can be attributed to having your food made to order. The only reason I'll ever move back to Denver is to eat at the Merc... Pros: Great Food, Insane Ambience, Lively, lovely people Cons: waiting to for cooked, food, new vegetarians more

Funky and Fun 11/25/2002

I have been going to the Merc for years. Best healthy and creative food in town. They have interesting staff and a great menu. I think the specials are always the way to go. Love the bread. You can get 1/2 meals for 1/2 price. Service is often spastic, so just sit back and chill. Pros: Atmosphere, Food, Staff Cons: Service, Smoking allowed, No Credit Cards more

Hot Tomatoes are Better... 10/15/2002

We've been dancing at the Mercury several times, but one time ate there with a group of 20 friends. I want to recommend it and I want it to be successful, but I have to say it was the worst dinner I've had in Denver. I love many things about the Mercury Cafe, but the food just isn't one of them. I ordered a tofu stirfry without mushrooms, and it came out looking perfect and crispy but with mushrooms as the main ingredient. I sent it back and it took over 30 minutes for the replacement to come. Many of my friends had left by then! The replacement was gooey and raw. I was nothing but charming to the staff, but I was so disappointed. My husband doesn't even want to go there to dance anymore after that. Pros: supports local vendor, best swing dancing, varied veggie menu Cons: inexperienced service, slow service, awful food more

Great Variety 5/20/2002

Great place when you are dining with some vegetarians and some meat eaters. There are items on the menu for both. The ambience is unique although the waitstaff is a bit slow and strange in my experience. more
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  • In Short
    Punks, tattooed bohemians and hippies of all ages quaff and break bread at this funky oasis. Live jazz, swing and more exotic sounds draw music fiends. Poetry and small-theater buffs also get their fix here. The daily fare is revered by many and Sunday brunch is a tradition for all demographics, whether they're ordering egg-and-meat plates or the hippie-fied house specials. There are also specials that feature seafood, organic produce and Mexican touches.

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