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McCray's Farm - 33 Reviews - 55 Alvord St, South Hadley, MA - Hay Rides & Sleigh Rides Reviews - Phone (413) 533-3714

McCray's Farm

55 Alvord St
South Hadley, MA 01075
(413) 533-3714
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The ride was very good and well put together. Whoever does this must dedicate most if not all their time to doing this. Every year I go, it seems there is always something new to ...


I wouldn't wait in line for this hayride because it is soooooo pathetic.

Don't wait in line 8/25/2014

I wouldn't wait in line for this hayride because it is soooooo pathetic. more

ride was great 8/21/2012

The ride was very good and well put together. Whoever does this must dedicate most if not all their time to doing this. Every year I go, it seems there is always something new to see. Especially, the very entertaining animatronics. But mostly the large pumpkin guy that was in the haunted house for the first time. I recalled seeing him in the corn, neverless very impressive. Im not gonna lie i am very afraid of clowns and when we got locked in the barn with the strobe lights fog music and chainsaws i was terrified. There was two clowns with chainsaws, very scary. And the haunted house, even more terrifying than the ride. It seemed that evil was around every corner. I will definetly go again this year, and i recommend it to anyone (except children). And congratulations and great thanks for 21 i believe it is years of great scary service. more

Completed waste of money and time!!!!! 10/24/2011

Terrible Haunted Hayride......Don't waste your time going on the haunted hayride. It is by far the biggest waste of money. What is suppose to be a scary 45 minute ride is actually a 15 minute ride that isn't scary and actually consists of people playing hip hop songs and dancing around with their shirts off. You have to pay 15 dollars to wait in line for 4-5 hours while people who pay 10 dollars more a person go first. They also made us park in a muddy swamp area across the road and had to have 6 people push my car out. Tried to get them to get a tractor but they never did. Ended up having to pay another 20 dollars to wash all the mud off my car. What also shocked me is that with all the national attention the town got for bullying the people walking around while people were in line were completely rude and horrible to the customers. This one guy with a chainsaw was on top of the food hut making fun of people calling them ugly, four eyes, and big foot just to name a few. Don't waste your money and this place should be not only ashamed of itself but should be banned from having a haunted hayride. There all about the money and could care less of the customers. more

Haunted hayride junk! 10/17/2011

Years ago this attraction was great, BUT now it's the worst I've seen! No fear factor at all and the actors are pathetic! Payed $15/person, $60 for my family and I wouldn't pay $2 for this......don't waste your money on the haunted hayride, they've lost their touch! more

munchkin ride is HORRIBLE!!! 10/9/2011

There are no words to describe how horrible the "munchkins" hayride actually is. I have never written a review in my life and was so very disappointed with this children's event that I feel compelled to advise everyone with little ones to save your money. stick to the icecream (which is great) and visiting the animals because this hayride is not worth the wait, the money or confusion! (the start times are advertised for three different times. the website states it begins at 5pm...first ride is actually at 6) /the ride itself is less than 10 minutes long, the "actors" were clearly bored and did not try to make this exciting for children. It is done along the same road they hold the "adult" hayride so along the way, your small child (in my case 3 and 1) will see severed heads and dead bodies laying on the ground while the very poor "wizard of oz" theme is played out...just..unbelievable! it clearly states on the website that refunds will not be given, they must expect people to complain after waiting in line for an hour with little ones just to be...almost shocked by ridiculous this hayride is! A horrible waste of time and money. more

the best place on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/3/2011

McCrays farm is the nicest cleanest farm I have ever seen! If you ever stop by there try their home made ice creme it is sooo good. In October they have the best haunted hayride I have ever been on! Even though ther is a long wait i love seeing the actors in line scaring people! they really do a great job on this ride each year. I have gone on the haunted hayride for 5 years and love it. First they have a nice long hayride and then they have a haunted house at the end that is really big! oh and for those stupid animal critics out there, Mr McCray animals are very well kept. He treats his animals like they are his own family! so be quiet. Also if you go pumpkin picking in october, you get a nice long hayride in to the field then you get to choose your own pumpkins. also the pumpkins are very well priced and you can get like 8 really big pumpkins for like 20 dollars if you give the driver a nice tip.I honestly think that this farm is very well kept and is a great place to visit. Oh and in the summer time they have a really big miniature golf course with many different interesting holes. so stop by and play a round. over all this farm is the best place you could possibly vist. McRays farm is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

OK, but once was enough 10/31/2010

I've always heard about it but never went until this year. If the wait had been shorter and the ride less expensive, I probably would have been more pleased with the experience. Our wait was about two hours, but I think the cold temps kept people away because a friend waited 5 hours the previous weekend. The hayride itself was OK. Some of the props/scenes you go by were impressive to look at, others not so much. I did not find it scary at all. There was a part where you go into a barn and they close the doors, and strobe lights came on, and lots of people with chainsaws...that part just went on way too long. It smelled awful and was hard to breathe in there from the fumes of the chainsaws the tractor. Given the wait time and the price ($15 per person!) I would not do it again. Afterwards there was a haunted house to walk through at no extra charge and we actually enjoyed that much more and it was much more spooky... very dark with actors lurking. The cafe area was thankfully very warm but it was the most disorganized system of ordering/paying I had ever seen in my life. And they did not sell cider. ??? The kids working there were really nice though. It seemed like all of the employees & actors were having fun and did their best. I was very glad we went with another couple, because that made it possible to take turns standing in the line and getting warm inside. Overall I guess I would recommend doing it once, and remember to bundle up. more

won't do it again 10/16/2010

Good: The daytime hayrides are nice. I went on one with my church & really enjoyed it.. Bad: I have Epilepsy & went on a haunted hayride one year. I ended up in tears & had a seizure that night There were no warning signs posted & no employee asked if I was alright. I was sreaming & crying on the wagon, but still the driver didn't stop. I suggest warning signs be posted before McCray's gets sued. Scary is cool,but reaching into the wagon crosses the line. I haven't gone back for Halloween and don't plan on it. Never received an apology. Just wanted you to know.. Improvements: Clear warning signs...ex. "Warning...this ride contains stobe lights." Maybe offer a gentler, but also scary hayride at dusk. Some people want to be scared, but don't want to be grouped with the kiddies.. Other: Never been on a sleigh ride.. more

Loved it 8/10/2010

I visited this farm for the first time today with my 2 1/2 year old and my little baby (10 months) and we all loved it. The animals seemed in good health and they all had plenty of food and space. I am an animal lover and an experienced biologist and I dont see why some people had issues with this place. I was surprised to learn the farm was free and that you could even bring your own carrots, celery, etc to feed the animals. I will come here as often as possible. Oh, did I mention the ice cream? Delicious! more

Love it. 4/12/2010

I was brought here as a child and have loved it ever since. I am now 25 and take my daughter here at least 3 times a month to feed the animals. If this place was "dirty" as people are commenting I would not be bringing her as I am insane about cleanliness. My daughter can learn about the animals and have a fun time doing it. She even learned how to quack like a duck at this place! This place is a gem, and for someone who has been frequenting it for20+ years I have not 1 bad thing to say about it! Long Live Mccrays! more

Loved it 11/7/2009

My husband brought me to McCray's Farm today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would certainly not say that this place was dirty. The llamas were somewhat matted but I wouldn't think combing would be an option. I come from a long line of farmers and all animals seemed to be very healthy save for some ducks and geese that appeared to have wing injuries (someone stated many of these animals are drop offs so likely arrived here that way.) No farm odors which impressed me considering the number of animals. Didn't get a chance to try the ice cream but I'll be back! Great place to bring kids. more

love it 10/21/2009

i have never gone to the haunted hay ride before until this year, and i've gone twice with one more visit planned! it's not extremely scary...(except for the clowns... *shudders*) but it is obviously worked on very hard, i love it. the lines are really long, but it is worth the wait! way to go mccray's! more

Not going 10/18/2009

Based on what I've heard from friends who have gone in recent years, and based on the comments left here, I've decided against going to this farm for the haunted ride. And as for the charge of the place is dirty, I work on horse farms. My experience has been that the owners who keep neat facilities and healthy animals are the ones who pour the money they make from the farm's activities back into the farm. I was more than a little concerned by the many comments that suggested the place was dirty or that the animals were living in filth. Just like fresh fish shouldn't smell fishy, a farm shouldn't smell dirty. more

guess what 10/12/2009

for your information, i was the driver of that tractor, it had nothing to do with the upkeep, we go through and check the equipment multiple times a year, its not our fault that the bold broke, its pretty impossible to tell when a bolt is about to break, maybe you can but you are a first. and the only time you screamed was when i stopped because i noticed it had broke. you were so quick to get off and complain, to then go lite up a cigarette and then throw the butt on the ground. Also, the area for the animals is not to small, they have plenty of room to move around, even run, and they are not covered in feces, just because they cant wipe themselves doesnt mean we should. you find one animal such as the ones we have dont have any feces on the rear ends. finally there are multiple sheep there, they have their own shelters to go in. we keep them in there because we dont want to over crowd the other areas. if you think you could do a better job then please do. id love to see you last a day in our shoes. more

Are U kidding me?! 10/12/2009

These people should be ashamed of themselves!! The conditions those poor animals live in should be an embarrassment! Filthy and small! The poor things walk around smelling due to their feces covered fur. Why was one lone sheep banished to the duck pond?! You'll be taking your life into your own hands when you take the ride to the pumpkin patch! A pin broke on the wheel of the wagon and we came about an inch from smashing into a parked car! If we hadnt screamed to the driver..who knows! The only apology was from the seemed to not care! All that money thats put into advertising this dump should be used to take care of the animals and the upkeep of their equipment! Shame on McCrays!!! more

haunted hay ride 10/5/2009

we went last year and did have a very long wait but they have food, hot drinks while you wait & my opinion it was worth the wait! more

Possible Animal Neglect 10/1/2009

Dear Possible animal neglect Call the m.s.p.c.a. Just about every duck and goose in that pond is a drop off and the rest of them are wild.You are right,the llama does have a mat of hair,you should see us giving him his shots. The only way to shave him would be to tranquilize him.We had a licensed vet tranquilize the water buffalo so we could trim her feet,he gave her too much and killed her.Any more bright ideas?Are the animals well fed and clean?You have some issues if you can't appreciate all the good going on in this free animal farm more

Love It! 9/30/2009

The most original haunted hayride in the area! Always something new and different.. but ALWAYS a scary fun filled time! more

Possible animal neglect... 9/9/2009

Went today with a friend and her two children, inside seemed nice, and the zoo looked nice from the outside. Then we got up close and personal and counted no less than 5 geese with badly broken/deformed wings sticking out at a 90 degree angle from their bodies. To be fair only one looked like they were in pain the others had healed and now are just disabled. Also in addition there was a duck with holes in his beak that looked very raw, and they were not his nasal holes, and another duck missing its lower jaw and just had its tongue hanging down. I was willing to pawn this off on the fact that they might be wild birds, but once I saw the llama I couldn't deny it. It was so badly matted that it looked like a solid shag carpet on its back. I was hoping to find a local gem but was severely disappointed. If the farm is not doing well enough to fix itself up as another reviewer said, then they should not be in charge of animals which can be very expensive. Unfortunately a vet bill would come to thousands to look over all the animals, but at the very basic level they should be having a vet come out to inspect them at a distance and then taking the individuals for a closer look. This is called responsible ownership. Because they have been domesticated they can no longer fend for themselves. If a business owner chooses to have them be a spectacle for their business then they in turn need to take care of those animals. And if this is not economically feasible then they need to bite the bullet and give the animals away or pair down the number of animals to a manageable level. more

Yum ice cream. 8/2/2009

I would advice everyone to go there at least once during the daytime and get the real experience. It is a nice, wonderful place to be. I wish I could be there all the time. I love the ice cream and love the animals. Never taken the hay ride but I think the farms highlight is not the seasonal hay rides but the petting farm and ice cream that is offered the majority of the time (except maybe winter). Mini golf looked fun last time too last time I went (last month on July 2009). Bought a quart of pistachio ice cream and eat it all by myself over a week. yum. more
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