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Magnolia Bakery - 743 Reviews - 401 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014-2452, New York, NY - Local Favorite Reviews - Phone (212) 462-2572

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014-2452 (at at 11th St.)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 462-2572
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Magnolia Bakery - New York, NY
Magnolia Bakery - New York, NY
Magnolia Bakery - New York, NY
Magnolia Bakery - New York, NY
Magnolia Bakery - New York, NY
Magnolia Bakery - New York, NY


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The cupcakes in Magnolia have just the right amount of frosting and it's never too sweet unlike some other dessert joints in nyc. I like to stop by after work and get a box of cu...


I agree with others that Magnolia cupcakes are average at best. The cake is dry and the icing too sweet. Its very similar to processed cakes you can buy in a grocery store. Crumbs...

amazing cupcakes! 7/21/2011

This is the best bakery in Manhattan! the worst thing is that is always full of people...anyway it doesn't matter to wait to have their cupcakes! :D more

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Over rated! 9/30/2010

I used to live next to the Bleecker location and always looked at the poor people in the line... I just moved to the upper west side and now again I have a Magnolia right next door to me.. this time without the long lines.. The other day I got a cupcake and couldn't see what was so good about it to stand in the long lines... more

Over Rated 8/7/2009

Driving through the Greenwich Village and saw a line half a block long. Intrigue, parked car, joined line, waited 20 minutes or so, bought a bunch of stuff, and taste wise were just ok, and not cheap. Cupcakes were just full of sugar, nothing special. more

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go for the banana pudding 7/17/2007

I don't go to magnolia for their cupcakes, because to be completely honest, they aren't that good, but i just LOVE their banana pudding, its sooo good. Its definitely worth the long line, dont bother with the cupcakes, you can get better ones from somewhere else. more

No image cupcakes EVER! 1/12/2007

Magnolia Bakery (of Sex and the City fame) is a must visit in NYC. Their cupcakes are to die for! The line is often around the corner of this small shop, but it moves fast (and should not be a deterrent). The cupcakes are very cute and delicious. They also sell drinks, regular cakes, t shirts, and cookbooks. more

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Good Cupcakes, Overrated Bakery 8/9/2006

Now, don't get me wrong here. I love the cupcakes at Magnolia. I really do - they are super sweet, quite buttery and just overall very delicious. The problem is, though, that the bakery ruins the experience. They really have outgrown the space they occupy, but seem to be oblivious to that fact. The bakery is tiny and there is absolutely no place to sit and eat your yummy cupcake once you've made it through the sometimes incredibly long line. In my opinion, this makes it not worth the trip to Magnolia...unless you live very close, that is. Otherwise, find yourself a bakery nearer to where you live, and just save yourself the trouble. The cupcakes aren't worth it. more

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Insanely sweet 6/1/2006

I can't eat the cupcakes here as my sugar tooth capacity were overwhelmed in the first bite. This isn't to say they're not good, they should only be given to someone with a suitable lust for a peak sweet experience. One thing to note is that they do not keep very well. By the next day the frosting is unpleasantly solid sugar and the cake is stale. I tried to be thoughtful and bring one home for my roommate but she found them inedible when she came across them the next morning. I realize I may be the only one to discover this trait as everyone else rarely gets more than a block away before they dissapear. more

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Queen of the Cupcakes 5/24/2006

While my sweet tooth is quite controllable I do indulge in the sweet stuff on occasion. Back in my fashion diva days I was introduced to the Magnolia cupcake. It was all the rage for birthdays on Madison Avenue. Somehow there was little or not caloric guilt involved in downing a few pink cupcakes--so different from eating a piece of cake? As you can see the logic failed me, but I did like the cupcakes. The cake part is moist and rich--especially the chocolate. I admit I shave off about half of the icing. Otherwise I get a sugar high and my teeth start to ache. The best part of these cakes it the size. They are simply adorable and so very feminine. That's why they are a hit. The actual bakery is less than fabulous. It's small and the staff is decidedly ungirly (actually they look a little butch to me). I don't like having to fetch my own cupcake either. That's the current system and there's no place to eat said cake once you purchase it. Better to have your assistant pick them up with a tea and bring them back to the office. Oh if I only had an assistant. more

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So Sweet!! 4/17/2006

Magnolia Bakery has some of the best cupcakes I have ever tried. They are delicious- you must try these at least once in your life! There might be a line out the door, but wait in it, you won't be sorry. After a long day in Manhattan I insisted on walking to get some with my friends who complained the whole way there, but as soon as they bit into the cupcakes they all realized it was worth the walk. They loved them! more

Plain ole Cupcake? No thanks! Magnolia? Yes, Please! 4/12/2006

I don't like cupcakes. I don't like cake. I am a brownie girl all the way. I didn't watch Sex in the City, BUT - I did wait on line one summer night just for the sake of waiting on a line that went out the door...just to see what all the hype was all about. I tried one of their plainest cupcakes and yes it was delicious. Must have been all the frosting...its thick and creamy and reminds me of pure butter creme. Its quite indulgent and I had to share mine...but worth it. My friends and I ate our cupcakes on a park bench across the street where the garbage cans were overloaded with cupcake wrappers and napkins. At the end of the night the staff of Magnolias goes over to that small park area to clean up the garbage and excess that was evidently from their store. I was quite surprised and it made me respect that small business just a bit more aside from their wonderful creations. Thumbs up! more

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Super Sickeningly Sweet for your tooth 4/6/2006

If you want an ultimate sugar rush, this is the place to go. Cupcakes are so diet unfriendly. My personal favorite is the red velvet ones. But one thing you can't miss is a cup of their banana pudding. It's almost always looked over since you have all those cupcakes to choose from. I have to admit, after 1 cupcake, I'm done. It's packed with so much sugar, that you really have to wash it down with a glass of milk. So if you're looking to treat urself to something sweet, don't look anywhere else but here. more

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I love those cupcakes like McAdams loves Gosling 4/5/2006

Magnolia Bakery where Carrie and the Sex in the City women went is really that good. To be honest they cake part is nothing extraordinary but the frosting is amazing. I had to wait in line for about 20 minutes but it was worth it. They bring the cupcakes out on platters and you are allowed to get 1 dozen per person. At $1.75, they are a reasonable treat. Definitely check it out on Bleecker in the Village. more

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Magnolia 4/1/2006

Everyone knows about Magnolia now (ever since the rap song came out about it!). Still though, it's worth noting that their cupcakes are INCREDIBLE. They're really, really buttery (so watch out if you're watching calories), and they don't last at all if you put them in the fridge (imagine solid crisco), but if you get them freshly baked they melt in your mouth and taste fantastic. The place itself is also a fun experience: lines out the door, and a 'soup nazi' kind of production system (you only get what they've made - no custom orders (as far as I can tell)).. Waiting on line though, isn't a problem. The smell of the place is just delightful :) more

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Not Your Average Cupcake 3/30/2006

Magnolia Bakery, frequented by Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, is a lot smaller than one would expect, given the hype surrounding it. For whatever reason, I always seem to have a hard time finding the place. It's tucked into a little corner on Bleecker Street. But, I will admit, the cupcakes are damn good. If you like cupcakes and sweets, and you've got money in your pocket, why not head to Magnolia's? more

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A Little Too Sweet for My Taste 3/27/2006

Sure Magnolia's has great cupcakes, why else would they be so famous? I do like their cupcakes, but I can only eat about half a cupcake because they are just so darn sweet. My favorite is the vanillia frosting one, although I usually take some of the frosting off the top. Other times, I like to get the frosting-free cupcakes and that solves the too-sweet problem, although it is actually not as good without frosting. And, I shall leave you with that last run-on sentence. more

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Death by Butter 3/10/2006

You can smell the butter for half a block as you approach this place. Often, that's about when you hit the line for the front door as well. That said the cupcakes are utterly worth it. I'm not a big fan of their chocolate though, and prefer their yellow cupcakes with vanilla icing (often in egregious pastel colors). They're especially good a day later, once the cake and the icing gets a little firmer. Magnolia has more than cupcakes though -- it has an array of traditional deserts including and excellent red velvet cake. Magnolia also does birthday cakes, but you must reserve your cake at least a month in advance. (Again, _at least_), or you will not be able to get one. The line can be a hassle, and sometimes in the summer they even have security people managing it, but it moves fast. The best time to go is on a weekday afternoon -- no line and plenty of time to decide what you want. Finally, that line may be a hassle, but it's great for celebrity spotting. _Everyone_ goes to Magnolia. more

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Like 'em or Leave 'em 3/10/2006

I like Magnolia. I have found myself popping over to have a cupcake when I didn't really need one - IF I happened to be in the neighborhood. I do not make special trips here. "Why" you ask? The lines/the staff moving one along. I find them unpleasant. I feel pressure to decide what I want too quickly without being able to analyze the good before me. That is why I have never tried anything but the cupcake (from self serve in the front window). It's disappointing but true. Maybe one day I will luck out and be able to peruse the merchandise before laying out the cash. more

The best cupcake I've ever had 10/22/2005

While in New York visiting a friend, she took me to Magnolia's, of Sex and the City fame. Let me tell you...that could have been one of the highlights of my trip. The cupcakes were amazing! fortunately, we got there when it wasn't busy the first day (meaning we only waiting in like for fifteen minutes) but the following day we waiting in line for what seemed like an hour. The chocolate cupcakes are definitely better than the vanilla ones. more

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Who are they kidding 9/27/2005

I never knew that cupcakes could ever be described as "overrated", but apparently they can. These cupcakes are mediocre at best, sometimes even a little dry to the point of seeming stale, which they most certainly are not given the turnover of this place, presumably all die-hard Sex and the City wannabes. Don't waste your time waiting on line and walk the few extra block to Mary's off Jane on 8th and Jane and get cupcakes there, among a bunch of other great baked goods (try the ice box cake). more

Best cupcakes in town 9/1/2005

I must note that throughout my life prior to Magnolia, I have hated frosting, but for some reason beyond my comprehension I love the frosting on Magnolia's cupcakes. It's ridiculously sweet, but so incredibly good. I really can't explain it. You just have to try it. I see people taking boxes of them home, but I really think they taste best when you buy 1 or 2, park yourself on a bench in the park across the street, and savor the cupcakes while the pigeons fight over your crumbs. more
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  • The perpetually long lines might be due to the bakery's "Sex and the City" fame, but don't understimate These desserts have a cultish following, and it's easy to understand why--nothing on the menu administers anything less than a spectacular dose of sugar. Addictive red velvet cupcakes come slathered in an icing that's as pure an expression of sugar, vanilla and butter as you're going to find. Or try a slice of the decadent "cherries jubilee," a moist mini cheesecake or the legendary banana pudding.

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