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MDT Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy

9700 SW Capitol Hwy Ste 140
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 244-6232
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The best thing about MDT is the Diagnostic process. While doctors are guessing and ordering expensive MRI's, this clinic has an incredible method of simply diagnosing what the pr...


I would NEVER do business with Nick and his crew again. They said treatment would cost one amount, ended up costing MUCH more. If you do deal with this group, get EVERYTHING in ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2014

BURNED BY NICK RINARD AT MDT\r I hope my story of what happened to me at the hands of Nick Rinard will save you from a lot of pain, including being sent to collections for $$ you didn't know you owed. I received therapy treatments from him in fall 2011 and December of 2012, but I didn’t get a bill from his office until March of 2013 (!!) As I paid the office fee for each of my therapy sessions, I would usually ask about my bill. In reply the office staff would act reassuring and tell me that the accounting office was billing my insurance, and if I owed anything more, they would be sure to let me know. In the meantime, the office staff people kept calling me and urging me to make more and still more appointments for ongoing therapy. Not until March 2013, two months after I had informed the staff I couldn’t continue therapy because I was unemployed, did I receive my first ever billing statement from MDT – with charges dating all the way back to my first visit in 2011, and a grand total owing of nearly $2000. As someone who is still jobless, I didn't have that kind of dough lying around. Nick Rinard personally sent me to collections, after refusing all my offers for settlement So here’s a word to the wise: Nick Rinard may be great at the PR, but when he tells you he hates insurance companies, as he told me during my first therapy session, you had best take him at his word. If you need to use your insurance, take my advice and stay away from MDT! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/4/2014

Nick and his team are incredible. I was in a severe car crash about 6 months ago. My neck felt atrocious. Acupuncture and massage didn't do a thing. I thought that I would have to live with the pain forever. Until I learned about MDT. My neck pain is virtually gone..I recommend this to anyone who no longer wants to suffer. Thank you guys more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/16/2013

Exception Physical Therapy - Great Results: As a fairly hardcore weekend warrior with numerous marathons, ultras, triathlons, and endurance events under my belt, being side-lined for a year with injury was not good news for myself or those close to me. What started as ITBS progressed to leg and foot tingling/numbness, and countless visits to PT, chiropractor, massage and other therapies was not bringing sustained relief. An MRI of the lumbar spine revealed all sorts of bulges and stenosis and the next step was steroid injections. Then my PCP referred me to Nick and team at MDT and my treatment was fast and effective. The very first visit Nick taped up my back and that afternoon I had my first pain free run in months. Then we set about rebuilding my back strength so I didn't need the tape. After just 10 short visits Nick discharged me and told me I had all the tools I needed to fix myself. The exercise routine has been exhausting but invigorating. I'm not yet fully symptom free, but every week brings significant improvement in both symptoms and performance. I'm now running and swimming regularly and quickly losing my ill-gained weight. And I'm building an overall core strength and back posture which has likely been lacking for several years due to the demands of a busy work life. If you are an injured athlete, willing to work hard to avoid surgical interventions, then check out Nick and his team at MDT. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/12/2012

I tore my Achilles tendon and Nick and his team were very skilled and creative in my physical therapy and recover from a major injury. They provided me with realistic goals and expectations are clearly explained what techniques and exercises and the work that was going to be required in order for me to have a strong recovery. I would highly recommend this team for your physical therapy needs. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/19/2012

The best thing about MDT is the Diagnostic process. While doctors are guessing and ordering expensive MRI's, this clinic has an incredible method of simply diagnosing what the problem is, and what to do about it. They are like detectives, determined to figure out the answer. They have ingenious techniques to help you exercise the injured area without causing more pain. And they encourage you to do the exercises yourself at home, which speeds up your recovery and greatly reduces how many office visits you need. Recommend. more

I came back to MDT for addition 4/17/2012

I came back to MDT for addition assistance with pain in another location in my back. As before, they were able to help me by modifying the current batch of exercises to focus more strength and endurance in my back. I continue to be impressed with their staff and how they have helped me twice in the last 8 months. Thank you guys!!! more

Prompt diagnosis; quick & lasting results. 12/10/2011

I sprained my ankle and let it heal on its own for six weeks before I sought treatment at MDT. The ankle was fine-it healed almost completely except for the fact that if I stepped off-balance at all it would almost make me collapse. Within one or two visits my ankle was healing. Maybe six visits later it was almost perfect again-all I needed was to do the home exercises they prescribed for me. A few weeks of doing those exercises and I was healed! Thank you MDT, and especially thank you to Margo, my therapist. Prompt diagnosis, quick & lasting results, and the knowledge to continue treatment on my own after being discharged. more

Excellent Results!!!! 11/22/2011

I just finished 6 1/2 weeks of Physical Therapy at MDA on Capitol Hwy. with Margo as my therapist. When I first arrived, I had chronic pain in my lower back and my lower leg.\r \r With Margo's care and direction, I can honestly say the pain is GONE!! Margo was fabulous in creating a partnership with my rehabilitation; intently listening to my needs and tailoring a program that helped alleviate the pain.\r \r Also, the office staff was attentive, cheerful and provided a positive atmosphere. Throughout my life, I have needed physical therapy 5 different times and this office exceeded my expectations better than any other office I attended. I would recommend them to anyone who would ask me for a good therapist.\r \r Thank you for the attention, the fun and the Mango Black tea!!!\r \r Sincerely,\r \r Mark more

Great Results 7/16/2011

My doctor referred me to MDT for my neck pain. My pain was so intense, I couldn't sleep and I was missing multiple work days. When I got to MDT, Amber took the time to very thoroughly diagnose and analyze my problem. At first, she had me doing simple exercises, checking on my progress each week and adding new exercises as my condition improved. In the beginning, it wasn't easy and it wasn't pain free, but I noticed improvement after the first couple sessions. Now I am pain free and MDT taught me a daily exercise routine that helps me maintain my neck and back health. And no more pain pills! more

Great therapists, lasting results! 5/21/2011

I was studdenly struck with terrible back pain that caused sleep deprivation as well as very limited mobility. With one phone call I had an appointment set up for the very next morning. The therapists at MDT quickly diagnosed my issue and immediately made me pain free with just a few exercises and a cup of delicious peach tea. One appointment was all I needed. With continuation of the same exercises I am not only pain free but I also have the tools to stop the same problem if it were to return! Thanks MDT! more

Finally, my pain is leaving me... Thanks MDT 4/6/2011

For 20 months I had continued to complain to my doctors, therapist and chiropractors about my limitations in my neck and back. Nothing was working. I changed doctors and was directed to MDT. Skeptical did not even begin to describe my mind set. I had seemingly thought I had been exposed to everything under the sun. My first visit I shared my long, complicated, agonizing and frustrating story. I shared about the work conditioning program which had helped me lose weight and gain muscle but never tried to directly deal with the back and neck pain which greatly limited my mobility and functionality( even though I was lighter and stronger, I was in pain 24/7 - sitting, standing, sleeping, etc... all were impacted). The first 24 hours after MDT I suddenly found the relief my body, mind and spirit had been longing for since this all began. Since that first visit Nick and Amber have systematically broken through the limiting factors and started giving me my life back. Through my journey is long I feel that had I seen MDT from the beginning my story would have been different, shorter and less frustrating. From the welcoming smile from Lina or Katie to the listening and concern to determine the correct way to fix my problematic areas I am beyond satisfied with the care, compassion and corrective guidance I have been given while recovering and regaining life through MDT. When a problem arose with I was heard and MDT took care of working with my doctor to resolve the issue. Do not let your story be longer or more agonizing than it needs to be, get the correct help your body was designed for through MDT. more

Exceptional Physical Therapy -- Quick results 3/29/2011

I am 100% satisfied with all aspects of the excellent physical therapy care I have received from Nick Rinard and other staff at Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy of Portland. Previous to becoming a patient at MDT I suffered over 6 years of chronic pain that continually increased as the years went by. -- Nick and his staff are giving me back my life. \r Within 10 days of seeing Nick I was able to sleep without pain for the first time in many years and within a few weeks I was able to return to distance walking. \r Nick has incredible analytical skills and a wide base of knowledge and experience thus giving him the expertise to competently diagnosis my long-standing complex pain / medical problems and to find solutions that are helping me. He always listens carefully to me and takes time to explain things well to me. He has been consistently patient, caring, honest and encouraging. \r Nick and the other physical therapists at MDT will do a free screening to evaluate if they believe they can help the patient. Additionally, they will not waste the patient’s money and time if improvement is not shown within a few weeks; rather they will discontinue treatment and refer the patient back to his / her physician. \r Nick and all the staff at MDT are consistently very friendly and “up beat” – by phone and in person. -- In this too busy automated world it means a lot to be in a medical situation where the staff really does care about each patient. – Their offices are pleasant places to be because the entire staff does such an exceptional job of being personable, approachable, and caring with each patient.\r Neatness and cleanliness of staff and the facility is always a priority. Linens are laundered and equipment is disinfected between every patient. \r Before I ever attended my first appointment, a MDT patient representative contacted me explaining that she was available to me as MY personal representative. She offered to answer any questions I had or to help me in any manner. She has been great. \r Additionally, previous to my first appointment, their billing department phoned me to completely explain the various billing options and to answer any of my questions. They have been readily available, patient and courteous to work with whenever I have had additional questions. \r In summary: previous to being a patient of Nick Rinard, I had been seen by multiple physical therapists and other medical specialists who were unable to diagnose the cause of my pain or help relieve it. \r I firmly believe that I would not have suffered the past 6+ pain-filled years if I had been referred to Nick when my pain issues first started. He would have taught me then, as he is now doing, the correct exercises to do in order to become pain free. Additionally, I would have learned how to “move” correctly and thus avoided continually re-injuring myself more through the years. \r I can’t say enough good about Nick and the rest of the staff at MDT – they are exceptional. I couldn’t be happier than I am -- with the care and all facets of my PT experience at MDT of Portland. -- As I said earlier – they are giving me back my quality of life. \r I encourage you to phone for your free screening appointment at MDT – Your time will be well spent. \r Doreen\r more

Fast Results! Individual treatment! Effective 3/24/2011

I highly recommend his clinic!! As a student physical therapist, I am aware of many different realms of physical therapy, many different physical therapy approaches and many different physical therapy environments. MDT is a very effective method that is well supported by research. MDT patients see results faster and more completely than other out-patient physical therapy environments. Treatments at MDT target the source of pain and abolish it with home exercise programs that take a few minutes rather than hours to complete. I've learned to trust the patient while working at MDT, because the patient has all the answers and is more aware of their body than I am. The system Nick uses to treat his patient is transparent and he does a terrific job describing the pathology to the patient and the treatment plan for it. He is a well-experienced and knowledgeable practitioner. His billing staff researches benefits of each new patient to decipher how his business fits with their insurance plans. The clinic has had several patients who will go outside of their amazing in-network insurance plans to pay out-of-pocket for Nick's services because they are more effective and ultimately save more money. After my extensive experience in the Physical therapy world (in Portland and across the nation), I am very impressed with Nick's practice and his honesty with treatments. more

Get EVERYTHING in writing... keep reciepts and records. 9/1/2010

I would NEVER do business with Nick and his crew again. They said treatment would cost one amount, ended up costing MUCH more. If you do deal with this group, get EVERYTHING in writing, and get copies of everything you sign at the time of service. I wonder why my insurance company (a large and respected nationwide company) won't do business with them...NOT! more

Made a difference! 7/26/2010

I went into the 1st session with very much a skeptical attitude. Nick listened to my story with an open mind. I had been in pain for one and a half years since my auto accident. I had seen a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a physical therapist (not at MDT) and an acupuncturist. I had some improvement but was still in pain. Nick asked me some questions and observed me doing some bending, etc. Before I left the office, he had diagnosed my probem and started me on an therapy exercise program geared towards relieving the pain. Within a couple of weeks, there was marked improvement. I owe Nick and Bryan a huge THANK YOU for all you did. I got my life back! \r \r The office workers were wonderful as well.\r Pros: Understanding, Professional, Friendly, Patient more

excellent relief from pain 7/7/2009

After my auto accident, I tried several therapies, including chiropractic, massage and acupuncture yet none brought me relief from the pain I recieved from my auto accident. I went to MDT on the advice of a friend and after 4 weeks, most of my pain has gone away. That is pretty fast considering I suffered for a year with the other therapies and showed only minimal improvement. Upon arriving you are greated by a professional staff who are very fun and informative. It took a few sessions to discover the root of my problems, and from there on I was given exercises that have quickly improved my condition. When I entered their facility, I could barely bend over(especially in the mornings), raising my arms above my head produced terrible pain and I was unable to turn my head very far to one side. All this has changed, rapidly and as I continue my exercises(approximately 20 minutes a day) I continue to improve. After one month, I have very little discomfort in the mornings and my shoulders and neck have loosed up considerably and the pain has all but vanished. I heartily reccommend their program, both from the diagnosis stage to explaining and demonstrating the exercises; each step is carefully monitered and exercises evolve as your condition improves. Quit suffering, go in and see Nick and Brian, their wonderful staff, and the always present cheerful notetaking interns. You will enjoy your therapy (they are basic and natural exercises) and you will see immediate improvements to whatever ails you. MDT empowers you through their exercises to take control of your own healing and improvement, with skills you can utilize all your life. Their goal is to get you on your own as quick as possible, so you don't have to keep returning to see them. Thanks to MDT for helping me to return to all my favorite physical activities that I have enjoyed all my life before my accident. Pros: expert diagnosis and therapy more


First, Nik is far from professional at all. He stands there thinking he is god's gift to the world and he is first of all chubby and has greasy long hair. GROSS! He then hangs, all over the office, the front desk, pictures of his kid. Give me a break, I could care what she looks like and I could not even write a check as there were pictures everywhere. Recommended by a professional sports physician to see Nik I was pawned off on the newbie and my doctor was mad! Also, Nik tried to drag out the sessions knowing I had awesome insurance. I made a few cash payments and guess what, just got a bill and there is no cash on my statement. I believe that they could care less about the patient and Nik cares more about what he looks like. Gets old so I am so done there. You think they are the only ones who perform this therapy. Think twice, any Chiropractor in Washington does the exact same thing. \r \r Wouldn't trust them again and I will let the world know what a rip off they are. Also dishonestly bill insurance companies as per my insurance out...hide your wallets....also , the sheets at the beaverton facility are disgusting. Full of wrinkles, yellow, ripped....bad news. likely not clean!!! Cons: Dishonest staff, watch your wallets, Katie has horrible customer service..beware! more

MDT Advocate 9/24/2008

As a current employee of MDT I feel that the last post by Bella456 is simply incorrect. When we work hard and do a wonderful job, they never fail to recognize and reward us. They are openhanded with their raises and quarterly bonuses. So not only do we see a difference in our paychecks but also in the treatment we recieve on a daily basis. They are more than kind to provide us with yearly retreats, meals, and gifts. I feel that our employers have been more than generous to us and definitely show their constant appreciation. Pros: We love what we do! more

Great Therapy, Bad Employers 7/17/2008

MDT is a wonderful place if you want to heal. Their work is amazing and their customer service is supreme. If you've been from place to place and still arent better, chances are their the only people who can help you. Most of the patients that they treat are sent there as a last ditch effort to get them better, and its rare for a patient to not have full recovery even after being told by other places that it just wont happen. The only downside to MDT is that the employees are severely underpaid, and arent treated with the most respect. The owners pay themselves enough to live a lavish life, and pay their staff barely above minimum wage. They have great treatment plans, but they need to learn to treat their staff better. Pros: Hardley ever see a patient they cant heal Cons: Bad employers more

fastest healing anywhere!!! 10/18/2006

These guys are the most amazing physical therapists. They have been trained in the McKenzie method in addition to the standard physical therapy curriculum. Their goal is to get you out the door, all healed up, the fastest they can, rather than make you dependent on coming to them the rest of your life.\r My doctor told me to plan on knee replacement therapy down the road, and after coming to Mechanical Diagnosis, I no longer anticipate the need for such drastic surgery, and am walking just fine, after years of limping.\r The office is run in a very patient-friendly way. They take regular insurance. You will not regret calling them, and only kick yourself that you didn't do it sooner. \r Three locations make them very convenient (Tigard, Clackamas, and Beaverton). Nick's schedule is usually full, but you will be fine seeing anyone on the staff, which will avoid delay in getting treatment.\r more
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  • At Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy, we provide a wide range of wellness and rehabilitation services that will make you feel better than you ever thought possible. We are known in the Portland, Ore. area for our dedication and our ability to dramatically enhance the physical recovery of the patients we serve.We realize not all injuries or paths to recovery are the same and our therapists take care to individualize each treatment plan to meet your needs. Our licensed therapists are focused on a positive outcome in your rehabilitation.We provide treatment for many ailments, including:? Back & neck pain? Sports injuries? Carpal tunnel syndrome? Hand, elbow, & shoulder pain? Pre-surgical consult & post-op rehab? Knee & ankle pain? Locked joints? TMJ jaw painFocusing on personalized treatment programs, our therapists use a combination of specialized equipment and one-on-one intervention to bring each patient to the highest level of function and performance possible.We have two clinics to serve you in Portland and Clackamas. We don?t require a doctor?s referral and we can usually see you within 24 hours!Call for an appointment or free screening and find out how we can help you.

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