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Love Mikeal MD

900 E 30th St Ste 107
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 476-9699
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Dr. Love really is a light for OBGYN's in the world. His commitment to women's health, pregnant mothers and their babies is authentic. Dr. Love is compassionate when it comes ...


I made it crystal clear through conversation and a written birth plan that I wanted a natural childbirth, but Dr. Love DID NOT TELL ME that natural childbirth and a quick hospital...

Dr. with character and integrity 7/5/2010

Dr. Love really is a light for OBGYN's in the world. His commitment to women's health, pregnant mothers and their babies is authentic. Dr. Love is compassionate when it comes to women and their emotional issues. He is knowledgeable about depression and pays attention to warning signs especially during and after pregnancy. The duration of my office visits for 2009/2010 were all about an hour from start to finish. I was amazed at how quickly he and his staff got me in and out. While in the hospital delivering my children I saw the respect the nursing staff and other doctors have for Dr. Love which speaks volumes for him as well. If you have any concerns about seeing Dr. Love just talk to one of his loyal patients which are his biggest fans. Pros: intelligent, compassionate, professional, personable doctor more

The Best 2/27/2010

My wife and I are very happy with the entire experience at Dr. Love's. My wife pointed out how wonderful it is to see the nicely maintained ""live"" plants in his office! None of those ugly plastic or silk artificials here. This is another way in which Doctor Love shows his respect and love for all things natural. He truly cares about womens' health and well-being. Pros: Professional. Friendly. Personable. Real Office Plants. Cons: None come to mind. more

So far i really like this doctor 8/17/2009

I was 4 months pregnant when i saw my regular ob/gyn. he had deliver my first child but because of complications i had to get an emergence c-section in 2006. i am now pregnant again with my second child and i have to go through a c-section again because of the first one. around the same time again 4 months with this one i went back to my original ob/gyn and i heard from a friend that she had also seen my obgyn but then on her last pregnancy #4 she switched over to and explained that she had a c-section and had noticed 2 inches of scared tissue left from the original doctor that she was seeing and that instead of staples she received dissolving strips and where placed on very good . she did not ever mention anything wrong with her procedure. around my 24th week i transferred to Dr. love to see how he is. I in the other hand am very scared of being cut open again and just having to deal with the pain i just hope dose a good or better job on my c-section. He did seem very nice and very informative also funny. His nurse is the nicest nurse iv came across. his office is very nice and i also heard about the way he thinks about certain stuff, like birth control, and his religious beliefs i really don't care about that i don't even like birth control but so far i like this doctor and that's just because i v only seen him one time my next appointment is coming up soon in a week or two my only question is if he will tell you the gender of the baby on his own because i heard you cant ask him to check the gender and also i wonder what type of ultrasound he gives you if its regular or 3/d. Pros: listens,funny,and is very informative Cons: none so far more

One of the Two Best Dr's I've Ever Had 5/29/2009

Dr. Love is absolutely in the top two best doctors I've seen in my lifetime. He not only delivered my third child, but also provided amazing care for me when I had other gynecological issues years later.\r I began seeing Dr. Love at the very beginning of my third pregnancy. To the young woman who commented about his beign on vacation... hey, it happens! As a matter of fact, it happened with my first child. Our children are invaluable to us as parents, but we cannot expect the lives of others to be placed on hold for ours. That's unbelievably rude of you to expect otherwise.\r During my pregnancy, when Dr. Love was out of town, Janine was awesome, and provided me with excellent care and information.\r I am in agreement with Dr. Love about hormonal birth control, and I respected his opinion, views and information he passed on to me during my prenatal and aftercare appointments.\r Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and every personality requires and expects something a little different. I would send my daughter to Dr. Love, that's exactly how much faith I have in him and his staff, and how much integrity he and Janine have. Pros: Personable, Attentive, Informative, Amazing Staff more

I LOVE Dr. LOVE! 2/15/2009

It upsets me that a couple of people are trying to discredit Dr. Love. He delivered my child in October of 2006 and Dr. Love was incredible! I had developed hypertension and he saw me every week in the last part of the pregnancy - also gave me numerous sonos to make sure the baby was ok. I have bad anxiety and worry about everything! Dr. Love took the time to always calm me down and explain EVERYTHING to me and make me very relaxed. I remember him personally calling me at home to check on me or to give me test results. My last OB would have his nurse call me. He took the time to call and talk to me himself. I went into labor 3 weeks before my due date and I was really scared since my baby was coming so early - he sat with me and my husband in our hospital room that night and talked with us for over 20 minutes while I waited to dialate. The nurses had to put a metal monitor thing on my baby's head to listen to her heartbeat better. They made me really nervous and Dr. Love just sat next to me and told me not to worry - that it was all normal and everything was ok. He made me feel so comfortable. I also would like to comment on his ""No birth control"" policy. Dr. Love openly tells everyone that comes into his office before he even starts seeing you that he does not prescribe them. If you dont like that then go somewhere else. There are lots of other OBs. I asked him if it was for religious reasons and he said ""No, that they can be dangerous to women"". And he is right. The past few years, TWO of my friends had pulmonary embolisms due to birth control and almost died. After my healthy baby arrived, I received lots of bills for the numerous sonos from my insurance. Dr. Love called my insurance company and wrote them numerous letters, researched the treatment of my condition and sent that into them - after months of personally fighting for me - the insurance company paid for everything. Dr. Love is amazing and cares immensely for each patient. Cons: Paid Parking, sometimes long waits more

I highly recommend Dr. Love 1/9/2009

To the reviewer that posted before me, I'd just have to say that you should research your doctor before picking him. I was fully aware of Dr. Love's beliefs on birth control before I made an appointment with him. I personally don't have a problem with it but I made sure I knew what I was getting into. \r Dr. Love was the perfect doctor for me. With my first baby I was planning on doing a natural birth and he was fully supportive of my birth plan. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to deliver the baby vaginally because of complications, but when Dr. Love said we needed to get the baby out immediately via C-section, I was ok with it because he was so open to natural birth and helping me try to do it that way until the very end. I hadn't heard of his reputation of high rates of C-section infections. He has now performed 3 C-sections on me and I have had no infections.\r On his bedside manner, I thought he was great at getting to the point and letting me know what's really important. Sometimes on certain days he was not very personable, but I wouldn't expect a doctor to have a great day every day, so I could cut him some slack.\r So overall, I would recommend him to any friend of mine(and I have to many friends who also have had great experiences with him) and I'll go back to him if I get pregnant again. Pros: Very supportive of natural birth, very trustworthy more

Sexist, misogynist 12/12/2008

Dr. Love has very little respect for women or their ability to make decisions for themselves. He delivered my second baby when my midwife felt that a homebirth wouldn't be safe. He was clumsy and dishonest. It was a horrible experience. After delivering my baby, I tried to make arrangements for birth control with him; apparently, he doesn't believe in birth control at all!!!! If you have ethical objections to birth control, fine, but don't trick women into believing that you're obstetrician who has their best interests at heart. Clearly he puts his religion before your health. Cons: dishonest more

Excellent at His Job 9/7/2008

I would advise anyone reading these posts to focus on the much larger percentage of very positive reviews. It is impossible to please everyone, but it is obvious that Dr. Love is greatly loved by most patients who have weighed in on this site. I had an excellent experience with him, myself. I had evacuated from New Orleans due to Katrina and found out I was pregnant within 4 weeks of the evacuation. Dr. Love was recommended to me by several women in the Austin area. I stayed in Austin for the duration of the pregnancy and he and his staff managed my prenatal visits in a way that made me feel that my baby and I were in very good hands. It was a very stressful time in my life and I was obsessing over the one thing I could control, how I cared for my body in it's delicate state and what decisions I made about childbirth. Dr. Love was patient, confident, and also humble. In other words, he is open to medical research and questions you come up with on your own and will refer you to a separate specialist when needed. For example, I had thyroid condition that required close monitoring during the pregnancy and he helped me to locate an endocrinologist. Also, when I developed gestational hypertension at the end of the pregnancy, he increased my office visits in order to monitor the baby's development more closely, and took the time to explain in very detailed terms what would be involved in managing this condition including the possibility of inducing birth if it did not occur naturally by the due date. There's a lot more I could say, but I think I have made my point. I highly recommend Dr. Love. more

Poor Communication, Safety and Bedside Manner 7/16/2008

I made it crystal clear through conversation and a written birth plan that I wanted a natural childbirth, but Dr. Love DID NOT TELL ME that natural childbirth and a quick hospital release would be impossible for me, because I was a strep carrier. His office had this info in advance, but he didn't share it with me until I was in the hospital, in labor. I had to have an IV and receive penicillin throughout my entire labor, hindering movement, and we had to stay an extra 2 days in the hospital after birth for observation due to this, as well. None of this was communicated to us, despite the fact that Dr. Love had signed off on my birth plan well in advance of delivery.\r \r In regards to safety: My labor did not occur naturally, and was several days overdue when I (NOT Dr. Love) finally asked for a sonogram to see how the fetus was doing. It turned out that my fluid levels were dangerously low, so low that the baby was in danger of death or injury if I fell on my stomach. We never would have known this if I hadn't taken the initiative and myself requested a sonogram.\r \r This next part is out of my personal experience, but I have to mention that my mother has been a St. Davids obstretrical nurse for years, and was a bit chagrined to hear I had chosen him (which was because of his natural childbirth reputation), because she said his C-Sections had higher than average infection rates. So if you're planning a C-Section, I'd recommend looking elsewhere.\r \r I had my baby vaginally, but Dr. Love didn't deliver him, because he was on vacation. Pros: Open to natural childbirth Cons: Poor communication, safety and bedside manner more

Best Doctor A Gal Could Ask For!!!!!!! 7/15/2008

Dr. Love is above and beyond. He is honest and truly cares for the people he sees. I have been seeing him for over 6 years and now live in Houston and make the drive every year to have my yearly done with him. He has seen me through both pregnancies. He was open to my natural child birth and having people in the room. He is the only doctor that has worked with my PCOS and has treated it and my life is so much better because of it. I would recommend him to anyone. He sees a lot of patients because he is one of the only OB/GYN's that know what they are doing and is also willing to take patients of a lower income bracket. He is a humanitarian and a person that is good at what he does. Any gal would be lucky to have him. more

DR Love saved my life 5/23/2008

dr love was the on call doctor when i went into labor with my son at st davids december 21 2002, I had never seen him before and he had no ties to me being a patient of hism i was 16 at the time and the labor went fine untill after my son came out i would not stop bleeding then i saw nothing buy fuzzy white and could hear him screaming ""prep OR"" over and over and screaming ""get the baby out of here"" an making my sont father go stand in the corner. i would not stop bleeding and no matter what they did it would not stop, he was only suposed to do 3 shots and if it did not work then was obligated to do a hysterectomy i was 16 and he kept telling him self that he wasnot going to let this young girl loose her chance of having kids ever again he did 6 shots and it stopped right away he yelled ""who was praying"" this doctor knew whatnedded to be done in order to save my life. the nurses were screaming that i was pale white and that my vitals were rapidly dropping. this doctor saved me i just about died on the bed and he saved me and because of his selfless act i have my second child mu beautiful girl and am currently planning my 3rd and probably last. i have ever been in his office but i hear he gets busy and has long waight times but i am so willing to sit for hours just to have him deliver this baby. the best OB i austin !! Pros: never been to his office but he is hands down a christian man Cons: i never been to his office but i har from lots that his office is busy and the wait can get long more

He is awesome 5/15/2008

I read a review that really to me did not represent truth and had to register and leave my experience. Ive known Dr.Love as a patient for several years and he is above REPROACH. The only reason the other reviewer may have been having issues w/ being over booked is because Dr love is the best. Hands down. Ive had other Drs and you cant beat him. He is a strong Christian and one who walks the walk. He takes Medicare people and then people like myself who will pay good insurance rates for him ..he is not a respecter of persons and that is super cool. (meaning he treats everyone the same w/ the same care). He also is not a Dr who is arrogant..he is super gentle and knowledgeable. He delivered my baby on his own time because an ice storm was coming in 1997. I mean how many Drs do that? He was there the next day few days always checking on me. He is just about others and I can certainly see why everyone wants him and why his dance card would be full! You can't pry me away from Dr love...I only go in for gyno now but will gladly wait! He treats my whole family and can be contributed to saving my mothers life for finding her cancer early enough and my sisters issues at 35 for a mammogram that she has to watch. He doesnt treat you like sheep at all. He is a Dr who cares and if your blessed enough to get him you better hold on to him and keep your place in line. He is worth it all and MORE! Pros: A real gentleman and an EXCELLENT Professional Cons: He's too nice :) thats as much of a con as I can think of more

VBAC friendly 11/6/2007

i switched from a huge practice where I had a c-section. \r He is a one man army and that is why he owns up all of his work. He is completely responsible for his patients. He is very caring, just dont expect him to be the verbose mushy kind of a doctor.\r \r i had a Vbac with him. He made me aware of all the pros and cons, never tried to persuade me to do one thing or another. He gives pateints the freedom that is necessary and jumps in with his professional advice at the warranted moment. \r \r Waiting times were short. His nurse is also very professional and competent. I love him. I recommend him if you have a pro-natural mindset like I do. Dont expect him to prescribe medicines left and right. Pros: short wait times, VBac friendly, low c-section rates Cons: cant think of any more

A Cattle prodding type ob office. Too many patience to be able to do a good job with any of them. 2/22/2007

I have had two babies under his care. I believe he has a cavalier approach to obstetrics and gynecology. It is my observation that the care provided to patience is lacking due to the lack of time available - there are just too many other patience to deal with. How can anyone do a good job if they are over-booked? \r \r The office staff is very nice, but it is my observation that the nursing staff is incompetent. Given my experience, I discourage anyone from going to this office for care. Pros: Location Cons: Too many other clients more

Wonderful 11/12/2006

I switched from a huge OB/GYN practice to his small one during my 2nd tri. I was so glad that I did. He is warm, funny, and respectful. I never felt talked down to or rushed, and he answered every question I had (I obsessed on my pg by reading, so I had tons of them). Most importantly, even though each decision was ultimately my own, I trusted his opinion and decisions all the way. He is pro-natural but with common sense and a level of caution that you want your physician to have. Great doctor. We will use him again. more

Dr.Love is a wonderful doctor 6/21/2005

Whenever I first found out I was pregnant I was scared and had severe morning sickness. I had to be admitted to hospital about 7 times total. Everytime I was there he came by on a daily basis to see how I was doing. I was also having to take expensive medicine and he even contacted my insurance company to speak with them about my deductible. I could always get a hold of him when I needed to. He is funny and a wonderful person. The wait is a little long but well worth it!!!! more

User review by ntriplett 3/31/2005

I found him to be a highly skilled and compassionate doctor. He put my needs and wants as a top priority. more
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