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Lexington Bar And Books - 21 Reviews - 1020 Lexington Ave, New York, NY - Bars, Pubs & Clubs Reviews - Phone (212) 717-3902

Lexington Bar And Books

1020 Lexington Ave (at nr. 73rd St.)
New York, NY 10021
(212) 717-3902
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Lexington Bar And Books - New York, NY
Lexington Bar And Books - New York, NY
Lexington Bar And Books - New York, NY
Lexington Bar And Books - New York, NY


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A bar of class and sophistication. I believe that class is when you have a standard, you draw the line and say, ""This is no longer tolerated."" To say Lexington Bar and Books is ...


Went here recently, and it is nice, fancy, ok staff, no real problem, everything everyone else says is not true(bad points, that is) the staff was fine. Pros: Fancy, high end,...

I may retry 8/27/2009

need to go back to see if raju still gets wasted and falls on the floor and yells at workers to help him up. i saw him once yell derogatory remarks at a few black wall street guys and kick them out. if it is different i will def go back for the scotch and cigars Pros: decent environment Cons: indian deutsche bag more

What you want... 5/6/2009

Lex Bar and Books is truly an oasis as someone else wrote... Comments about ""stroppy"" waitresses - who cares - it is what it is - a great place for a single malt and a cigar in a nice enviroment... more

CIGAR BAR OASIS 10/19/2008

A bar of class and sophistication. I believe that class is when you have a standard, you draw the line and say, ""This is no longer tolerated."" To say Lexington Bar and Books is ""Old School"" is almost cliche; Lexington Bar and Books is the way it's supposed to be. In a time of diminishing standards, its are very high, to the point of ruffeling the feathers of those with weak spines, who surrender to the fashion of the day and lose themselves, just to be like (and liked by) everyone. When was the last time you went to a bar that had a dress code? In ""Old"" New York (late 19th century through the 1950's, mid-60's) men wouldn't be caught dead going out for a drink without a shirt and tie, a jacket, not wearing shoes. Here's a place that enforces the dress code at the door, as they take my coat. ""Civilized"" can best describe my experience. For those of us of a certain age, who looked up to James Bond (Sean Connery) as the role model, here's our place. Instead of paintings on the walls, bookshelves lined with books; the motif of the library of an English club, but a place where James Bond would want to have a martini, or Frank Sinatra would come for a nice Bourbon; and a cigar. What a selection! La Gloria Cubana, Hoya de Monterrey, H. Upmann, just to name a few. I find, with whatever cigar I smoke, the end's the best part; the flavor's more complex. (Even with the Upmann.) My test of a good bartender is his ability to make a Manhattan or Rob Roy. (my personal favorites) I'm never disappointed, here. For those ""Girly Men"" (If I may steal a term from His Honor, Arnold.) who complain about the price of cigars in this cigar bar, I say to you, ""You've never gone out? Why do you complain about the price of a cigar, but expect to pay $200-$300 for a bottle of nice Champagne?"" ""Stay home!"", I say to those who complain about having to check their coats. Lexington Bar and Books is for real men; for those of us who don't complain when we're treated like civilized human beings. Pros: Service, bartender, dress code. Cons: Sometimes, it gets too crowded. more

very bad waitresses and bad attitude owner and manager lady 10/6/2008

i went there for a first time and tell you what i had a nightmarish time over there. i was badly received by the waitresses..they don't even smile...they gave me a smirk and even if there was free tables i was let alone standing there for half and i would give waitress a 1 out of 10 for the waitresses service..bartender and bus boys are good..but there is one manager lady..she was full of shiit and got very bad attitude...some one told me that she is a girlfriend of the she act as if like she is a owner of reputed chain of international hotels..and about the old owner..he is always drunk and he act erratically to every body in the would recommend not to visit this bar..there are far good bar than this one..if you want to have a terrible time then you can visit it at your own discretion. Pros: good drinks Cons: bad service and ambience more

Bring your own cigars or be prepared to be VERY disappointed 6/29/2008

I enjoy a good cigar from time to time. As Club Macanudo is not open on Sundays, I thought I would give this place a try. At $35 for a Cohiba, one would expect to be treated to a fresh, smooth cigar that Cohiba is known for. Instead, I was treated to an old cigar that did not burn evenly. From how terrible and dry the cigar was, I can only assume that Lexington Bar and Books does not own, let alone use, any type of humidor or system for preserving the freshness of its cigars. I personally will never return to this establishment; however, the drinks were great and the food was edible. If you are desperate to smoke a cigar on a Sunday, you might want to check this place out -- but be forewarned bring your own cigars or be prepared to be VERY disappointed. Pros: Great drinks Cons: Everything else, really bad cigars more

great service,ambiance ,very unique 4/23/2008

I went to Lexington Bar and Books with 3 of my girlfriends after 1 year i had a good time.The service was great the waitresses were alot nicer from last time i went there and the difference is that theres a new manager and she is very professional .I love the whole ambiance there, its very upscale they have one of the best scotch collection in NYC the cocktails are very taste and food is good but i wish they had more things added to their food menu.I love the setup of Lexington Bar and Books people there are very friendly and business crowd .They make the best Pizza i ever had its thin and crispy it reminds me of Europe .I highly recommended i saw huge improvements from last time i was there . Pros: ambiance more

ok place, set up, worst Owner EVER 4/19/2008

Went here recently, and it is nice, fancy, ok staff, no real problem, everything everyone else says is not true(bad points, that is) the staff was fine. Pros: Fancy, high end, great scotch Cons: bizzare when the owner/manager is around. more

Avoid Lexington bar and Books 2/29/2008

This UES Bar has really gone down hill and continues to increasingly turn off local patrons with rude staff and silly policies. I was there on one ocassion as was asked to leave becuase I was taking far too long before ordering a drink (5 minutes) speaking with a friend at the bar. On another ocassion, a lovely lady was asked to leave because she refused to check her coat. Terible service in what was a fine establishment. Shame. more

Don't Go!!!!!!! 2/28/2008

This place is disgusting!!! I was asked to leave because I didn't want to check my coat! Btw, pretty(former Ford Model) lives on the UES; and the 12-yr-old manager named ""Paul"" threw me out! This place is way TACKY! My friend's place next door, Buzina Pop, is the way to go! That is if you want good fun, and don't want to be man handled by a little boy! Cons: RUDE more

Nice environment VERY bad service 12/18/2007

Front glass door was locked and need to be buzzed in. Hostess/waitress stood there watching me and wouldn't let me in until I went through the formality of pressing the buzzer notwithstanding our looking at each other and my motioning to let me in-as if I had anything else to do while standing at front door. That was a bad first start. Same hostess-INA- ended up being our waitress. No pleases, thank you, how can I help you, or even a smile but we did get some eye rolls and attitude. At the conclusion of our nice time together in a fairly hip place the service (or more accurately lack thereof) bothered us such that we wont return again. We got the check and they charged each of us ""mandatory"" coat check service charges even though only one of us checked a coat-we wondered what happens in the summer when you dont even bring in a coat. Then, Ina charged one of us for 3 drinks when he only ordered two-when brought to her attention, she said in her thick russian accent ""You are wrong, you ordered three drinks"" and she wouldn't back off until he insisted that he couldn't handle three drinks even if he wanted. Eventually she was shown the light and while never admitting she made a mistake she eventually corrected the bill. Her bad attitude was an unfortunate turn off for this otherwise nice place. Bottom line, nice upscale place even though most were there smoking cigarettes, but they lost 2 stars for their poor poor service. Prefer their Hudson location for service and friendliness. more

Great place to relax and be treated as a king. 7/7/2007

Lexington Bar and Book is a great place to enjoy a cigar and a wonderful drink. The service is amongst the best in the city and the atmosphere is highly unique with a great level of attention paid to sophistication- may sound a little prententious which it is in certain ways. The bartender can make any drink to perfection. Check it out when you are in the mood for a great place to have an upscale social gathering. Make sure to be well dressed. Pros: Drinks, Cigars, Staff Cons: Strict Dress Code more

The worst music ever completely ruined an otherwise decent bar 2/8/2007

OK, so Lexington Bar and Books is making an effort. Cocktails, smoking, books, the little red dresses and pearls on the waitstaff. But details count, and although they got many things right, when you're charging $15 or more per cocktail, you ought to get everything right. Pros: Smoking, Specialty Cocktails Cons: Music Selection, Expensive more

Upscale, cozy or fun it's up to you. 12/9/2006

The ambiance of this bar is exactly what you need it to be. Very nice mix of professional east siders who are warm and friendly. Want some company just talk to the person next to you. Want to be left alone to relax - sink into a leather chair. I've had a nice quiet time and I've had a heck of a lot of fun. I think the ever so gracious manager, always dapper in his English tailored suits, asks everyone to check their bad attitudes at the door. After work it slowly gets busy until about 9 then it picks up again at 11:00 and gets busier even later. Dress well, lots of black tie guests stop by on their way home. The staff is very attentive and friendly. They do a great birthday celebration too. It lasts about 2 minutes and you won't ever forget it. My only peeve: the music can be really great or just so so. It's an over 30 crowd so Big band, oldies or rythm and blues would better fit the mood. The current mix is neither here nor there. One more thing - If you hate smoke don't go. It is a cigar bar. Me. I've never had a bad night there. Pros: almost everything about the place Cons: once in a while the music more

Don't waste your time and money. 10/8/2006

Went there last weekend as part of a bachelor party. As we were led to our reserved space in the back room, I thought this place had promise. Then I soon encountered the bright, giant flat panel TV that was showing a James Bond movie of all things. Despite my attempts to have it turned off, the ""manager"" in the cheap polyester jacket (that a previous poster mentions) told me that having the TV on ""is part of the look"" of the place, or something like that. Oh my mistake - of course a relaxed library-like setting where one can enjoy fine scotch and whiskey must feature a giant TV! My friends and I were all squinting from the light emitted by the TV screen. What else... Yes, the waitresses in the tight, cheap red dresses with their fake plastic smiles were very annoying. (They might belong in another kind of club...) Moreover, the music being played (loudly) was not even jazz - it was a nonsensical mix of 70s rock, soul, funk... A little big-band, or Sinatra/Martin/Bennett/Como would have been nice, but obviously the people who run this place have absolutely no clue what sophistication is. It is not merely selling average cigars and $25 glasses of single malt, and having a few books up on a shelf... I had a good time only because of the party and occasion. As I told my friend the polyester-clad ""manager"", I will never return. Pros: Comfortable chairs in back room, Good assortment of scotch and whiskey, spicy cashews are tasty. Cons: Annoying "manager"/trashy waitresses, big-screen TV, loud music more

Bad Service, Expensive price, No style.... 8/29/2006

When you arrive at Bar and Books in Lexington av. NY, it looks at first very impressive until you order; Pros: Bad attitude more

Hole in a wall. 6/6/2006

I am not trying to be objective at all. After visiting this place 3 or 4 times, out of necessity to sit and smoke somewhere in this city, I have to say this place is dead. It has no vibe, no familiar feel even on a fourth visit. It is what it is., a bar where you can smoke. Place is narrow and if you want to taste your own cigar seat and smoke outside. Cigar list was put together by people who certainly don't smoke, it is atrocious. So bring your own cigar and pay their fees for lighting it up. I say your porch, balcony or Walk-up's steps are all better then this place. Pros: Smoking Cons: Cigar list, ventialtion, atmosphere more

Utterly fantastic - a bar from another world 5/15/2006

The place is not easy to find, tucked away as it is is the garden level of an unassuming building in a neighborhood hardly known for its nightlife. But once you do find it and are buzzed in the front door, you enter another world. It is, in many ways, the perfect bar. The wine list is short but good, and the cocktails are stiff. The service is likewise excellent. When they ran out of the wine I wanted, I was given a substitute absolutely gratis. As one of the last places in New York where you can smoke and enjoy a cocktail at the same time, this place is a true treasure. Pros: Setting, Service, Cigars more


a rude man who barely spoke english greeted us at the door and didnt approve of my date's shoes, even though they were plain black suede. that's a lot of nerve considering he was in a polyester jacket. the waitresses were pushy, and surprise-- also wearing cheap polyester dresses about a size too tight. the whole place was trying so hard to seem sophisticated-- including the man who took my jacket and THEN told me he expected to be paid. i thought you were supposed to tip out of your own sense of decorum-- not because a pushy guy stood there and told you he wanted money. do yourself a favor, DONT GO. Pros: strong drinks Cons: rude service, overpriced, tacky more

Elegant library style 7/28/2005

Picture a dark library, lit solely by candlelight. Rich looks of sinister oak shelves, brass accents, and shadows in every corner. Light jazz playing in the background... great single malt selection among other drinks. friendly cigar joint.. most people are over 50+ Pros: cigar smoking allowed, good drinks, hot waitresses Cons: pricey more
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  • In the spirit of a men's club, this just-below-ground Upper East Sider is furnished with leather chairs, a checkered tile floor, bookcases of leather-bound volumes, and shelves stocked with...

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    Daily, 4pm-4am
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    Master Card, American Express, Visa, Carte Blanche, Diner's Club
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    Midtown, Upper East Side, Lenox Hill