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Le Village Buffet

3665 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 946-7000
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Le Village Buffet - Las Vegas, NV


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This is probably the best buffet in Las Vegas. We went for the $18 lunch and ate like Frenchmen, taking 2+ hours to savor the various dishes. The stations for the different regi...


We have been to Le Village Buffet during several trips to Vegas in recent years, and it used to be very good but has definitely gone downhill. We just had their Christmas Day bu...

French Buffet Anyone? 2/1/2010

Ching Provided by Partner
Was in Vegas with the family over New Years and they all decided to eat here for brunch since we were staying at the Paris Hotel. I've eaten here s... more

Duped by Christmas Day Menu 12/28/2009

We have been to Le Village Buffet during several trips to Vegas in recent years, and it used to be very good but has definitely gone downhill. We just had their Christmas Day buffet and it was such a horrible experience we will never go back. We expected that there would be a long line, and thought it would be worth the wait for all the tantalizing items listed on their special Christmas Day menu (in addition to the usual fare, there was supposed to be ham, sweet potatoes, pate, duck l'orange, grilled lamb medallions) but after waiting over 2 1/2 hours in line, none of those items was anywhere to be found. There was turkey, but no cranberry sauce, and there was nothing else that was different from their every day buffet except they had gingerbread men, frosted Christmas cookies, and pumpkin pie at the dessert station. So where was this special "Christmas Day" menu?? Did we arrive too late and they ran out? We got there at 4:00 p.m. and waited in line until 6:30. We ate our meal in disgust and left. We didn't bother trying to complain because while we were waiting in line there was a woman who complained about the ridiculous wait time, and she was pretty much ignored. When we got to the front of the line, we had to wait another twenty minutes because they seat the "Diamond" members ahead of everyone else. So take our advice and do not waste your time waiting in line for this very disappointing buffet. Pros: Good Desserts Cons: Buffet not as advertised, inadequate service more

Good Food but Watch Out for the Seafood 5/29/2009

My son came down with severe food abominations after having eaten a small bread bowl filled with seafood items. He was incapacitated for about 5 hours in the early morning hours after having eaten the above mentioned item. It resulted in considerable expense to us since we had to cancel our flight, go to a doctor, rebook our flight at three times the original cost and my son went through severe agony as the abominations worked its way through his system. I called several days later to simply give the Paris people a heads up about the problem. I couldn't get through to them so decided to call. I explained the situation to the person who answered and they said in a rather cold tone that they would pass my comments along. Frankly, she sounded cold and insincere so I decided to write this. If Paris would like to reimburse us for our inconvenience and severe food abomination that would be nice but improbable, I know. I can be reached at 209 852 2253. Anyway, if you go to the Paris buffet, I suggest you avoid the seafood. The doctor who attended my son said it is the most common cause of food abolmination in Las Vegas, in general. So, there you have it. By the way, I had to change the word xxxxxx to abomination because the program picked up on the xxxxxx word and would not permit it. So, let's see if this works. Bob Pros: Generally Delicious Food but ........ Cons: The seafood causes food abominations more

Not What It Used To Be 1/2/2009

We have eaten here probably a dozen times since it opened, but not in the last year or two; we were there at about 5:00 PM on Sunday, December 28, 2008. The first thing I noticed was in the menu; the formerly peeled shrimp had been replaced by the "peel and eat" variety. This has long been my own personal dividing line between a "good" and "not so good" buffet. However, as I have pretty much removed shrimp from my diet, this is not a deal-breaker in itself. But more disappointments awaited. Missing were the ceviche dishes from the seafood section; they were replaced by what appeared to be lunch meat. Also gone was the prosciutto near the grilled meat station. The other items available at that station (formerly beef, chicken, and fish prepared on skewers) now consist of three types of sausage, and steak pieces. As for the quality of the items served, we noted some problems there as well. From the carving station, the prime rib was still good, but the roast beef and turkey were both somewhat dry. The coq au vin, long a favorite, seemed to consist of wings, necks and bones. On the plus side, the desserts were still as good as we remember them, and our server (a young man named Roilan, if memory serves) was friendly and attentive, despite an apparent shortage of staff. This shortage was evidenced by the slowness of empty tables being cleared, which is inexcusable with a waiting line nearly an hour long. To sum up, this buffet, which we once considered on a par with the Bellagio in quality (although not in variety) of the menu, has dropped off of our list of places to recommend. This is a sad example of what happens when cost-cutting decisions are made by an MBA armed with an Excel spreadsheet. There is no cell on the spreadsheet which factors "loss of good will" into the bottom line. If you have $25.00 per person to spend, you can do much better by going a bit East on Flamingo Rd. to, for example, Cozymels. And you probably won't have to wait for an hour. more

Wonderful Desserts 7/27/2008

Request a dining room rather than the central "street" dining and get there early to avoid long lines. It can be very noisy in the general "street" dining area. Food in general was excellent. Desserts to die for...Creme Brule and Chocolate Mousse Tart...all worth the $25 dinner buffet. My husband got his fill of crab legs and I loved the bowtie pasta and roasted chicken...melts in your mouth. But dont leave without trying the blueberry crepes with stawberry sauce...excellent. more

The worst ever buffett - Don't Bother 7/27/2008

I took my wife there for her birthday and after waiting 20 minutes in a short line that never moved we were seated. After reviewing the food available my wife wanted to walk out. The dishes looked horrible and tasted ever worse. I tried a lot of different things and nothing was good. A big waste of money. The pepsi's was good; that was about it. Also the service was ok. Don't go to this buffet, it's the worst in town. The Planet Hollywood buffet beats this thing away hand down for for same price of $25. Also my wife had a little crappy snow crab leg that tasted and smelled like animal waste! Also the fruit bowl as a highlight. All the meat dishes was horrible. We're both still a little sick after eating there 12 hours later! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a negative 1. Avoid like the Paris Plague! Pros: Pepsi tasted ok Cons: Everything else was horrible more

Poor quality poor service 4/21/2008

We were treated to dinner here for a wedding reception and we ALL were extremely disappointed in both the food for the money and the service Host paid 50.00 a person since it was a wedding reception normally 25.00 a person and service was horrible. there were 25 of us there. The bride asked for another coke and was never brought one. Several of us requested more drink and also were not served. It was required that the host pay a huge gratuity as well and it was NOT deserved. we were all expecting yummy french desserts and were really really disapointed in that catagory. As far as food being prepared for you we did not see that anywhere. Fish dishes were very dry and vegetables very soggy. A place that we definetly would not recommend to anyone . The place was WAY OVER priced for what you get. The Main Street Casino was 100 times better and food delicious and at half the 25.00 a head price. Cons: poor service food not up to expectations more

Nice Sunday brunch 3/29/2008

We had a lovely brunch here. I was a bit concerned about the crowds (from the exterior it looked packed due to a long wait line). However, once inside it was cosy and charming. We went with dear friends and had a lovely time. more

Worst customer service ever! 3/13/2008

Good food...the worse customer service I've ever experienced. I went to Le Village with a large group of family (9ppl) to celebrate the completion of my doctorate. The majority of us wanted to try a buffet in Vegas. Unfortuantely, my mother had recently came down with a terrible infection in her mouth (for which she was on antibiotics). Her jaw was VISABLY swollen and she could barely open her mouth. All she wanted was a bowl of soup broth. However, when my father asked if he could buy a bowl a la carte he was told "no." We were clearly not going to pay $26 for some broth and figured it wouldn't be a big deal to just get her a bowl of broth (and therefore did not pay for her). Within minutes of her sipping the broth, the manager had came over to her, and rudely stated that "she did not pay and could not eat." He then further went on to state that "he would not get the law involved!" When she tried to explain he told her "he didn't want to hear it!" To make matter's worse, the waiter never brought my drink and stopped clearing all of our plates. When confronted, she responded by saying "she wasn't going to help us since one person didn't pay!" Needless to say, we did not leave a tip (for the 1st time in my life) no surprise, she sarcastically thanked us for not leaving a tip as we left! I have never been so upset leaving a restaurant...and my mother so humiliated! Pros: Good Crepes Cons: Long Line. Rude, non-compassionate people. more

Don't eat at Paris buffet!!! 3/2/2008

On our recent weekend get away, my wife and I went to Paris buffet for dinner. Contrary to what everyone else wrote on Citysearch, we found the quality of food to be very poor. We would actually recommend Hometown Buffet over this place. We sampled everything at the buffet and nothing tasted very good. Pros: ambience Cons: the food more

Fantastic French 1/30/2008

This is probably the best buffet in Las Vegas. We went for the $18 lunch and ate like Frenchmen, taking 2+ hours to savor the various dishes. The stations for the different regions seem to progressively improve from right to left: Provence, Alsace, Burgundy, Brittany, and Savoie. Since I've lived in Italy, I found Provence's pasta less impressive, though the other dishes were acceptable. My husband lived in Alsace, and it seemed that the chefs aimed for a sweeter palate than the more savory traditional stuff, as in sauerkraut. Everything beyond that was simply incredible. My favorite was the beef burgundy with toasted bread triangles on top (croutons), and my husband's was the various grilled meats in Savoie. While I usually avoid cream dishes, I loved the fresh, barely cooked spinach in cream and potatoes au gratin as well. The dessert bar is equally incredible, with a lovely pear tart, creme brulee torched on the spot, mousse in a chocolate cup + desserts with no sugar. I was surprised to find the same high quality of desserts here as at the bakery (JJ's) and pastry shop (Lenotre) across the way, just in smaller servings! Fine, fine food that represents the country well. Pros: Great food Cons: Short wait even at 2 p.m. more

The wait stinks but the food is great! 9/19/2007

We visited the Paris Buffet when we went to Vegas, and I was very pleased. The food was great. The selection was great. The only problem was finding enough room in my tummy for all that food! We went for dinner, but from what I hear the breakfast selection is fab as well! Downside: the wait!! Pros: Great food selection Cons: Wait more

Finally ate here and I liked it 3/15/2007

3/15/07 I have checked this buffet out for three years, and I finally decided to try it. During my walk through last year I noticed that they were doing kabobs of beef, shrimp, and vegetables. So that was enough for me to try them this year. The shrimp was gone, but they had lamb. The lunch price is $18, and at 3:30pm they start putting out some better choices. Dinner starts at 5 pm, and then you get two styles of crab legs to try. Stand outs - Beef kabobs, grilled red peppers, bacon cheese bread, seafood in a pastry cup, and the desserts. This buffet holds it own against the Aladdin, Wynn, and Bellagio. The atmosphere is charming and the service was exceptional. This is a grown-ups buffet. Do not expect tacos, hamburgers, fried chicken, and pizza. There is also crepe station which makes them to order. The food presented here tries to stick with the theme which is great because it allows for them to concentrate in doing this style of food well. Pros: beef kabobs, desserts Cons: pistachio nuts were old more

Best buffet in Vegas 12/21/2006

I went right at 10:30 am and caught breakfast and lunch (brunch). I was there for 2 hours and ate everything in site! Many recommend the bellagio over other buffets, but I think Paris has the best in freshness, selection and service! The charming ambiance makes you feel like your on the streets of Paris! The price of $13.99 for breakfast is a great deal too! The restroom is so Paris! Pros: ambience, price, great food! Cons: lighting is a bit dim for taking pictures more

Best Buffet 11/15/2006

I have to say that this is the best buffet on the strip the food is excellent! My favorite time to go is during brunch on the weekends when they have complimentary champagne. If you go to Vegas and want to have a really good buffet this is the place to go! Pros: Great food, great selection more


this is by far and away the best low priced buffet in vegas, the quality is so far above what you expect in a all you can eat place, they are set up with provential serving stations and the food is as good if not better than most sit down mid priced restaurants!! the coffee is excellent! the sweets are excellent, the price is low, but i think everybody knows because the lines are HUGE!!! Pros: great food Cons: HUGE LINES!!!! more

Once, Twice, Three Times a Winner 11/3/2006

This past trip we visit Le Village buffet a total of 4 times for breakfast over the course of 2 weeks and found the service and food to be consistently excellent. Yes it is a buffet so one should not compare it to a sit down restaurant, but the opportunity to try so many items should not be passed up. Over the course of 4 meals I sampled and can recommend the fresh berries and other fruit, Belgian waffles, Lyonnaise potatoes, cheese, dried fruit, chicken apple sausage, andouille sausage, omelet, pears poached in wine, fruit crepes and bacon. The one downer was the egg Benedict which was overcooke, albeit delicious, the two times I tried it. more

Wonderful! 11/3/2006

OMG what more can I say..This place is wonderful. The food was sooo good. The service was terrific. The choices are so plentiful from seafood, to dessert. You will not leave hungry. In fact you will be full the remainder of the day if you arrive early in the afternoon. The ambience is romantic and cozy. We loved it! Pros: Food choices Cons: None more

Oustanding Overall!!! 10/29/2006

A wonderful place to eat! I have to say I wish my appetite were huge everyday so I could partake of it's delights more often. There is such a variety of food stations to choose from, that I would highly recommend making a trip to each one before choosing any food. You want to make sure that you don't fill up and then find something your really wanted later but didn't save room for! I am partial to the shrimp an the fruit selections. Fresh and very tasty. The desert area is absolutely undescribable. Simply an amazing selection of deserts to choose from. Servers are wonderful - attentive and great at making sure beverages are refilled as needed. more

French Fare in a Festive, No-Fuss Setting 5/24/2006

Vegas is full of buffets, but the Le Village Buffet at the Paris sets itself apart from the pack with its focus on French cuisine. Rather than serving the standard buffet fare, Le Village Buffet offers regional dishes from various parts of France, as well as a stellar cheese board and an eye-popping assortment of desserts. Everything I tried was great, and the service was friendly and accommodating. Pros: Great food, Friendly service, Family-friendly Cons: Sometimes a wait, Touristy more
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  • In Short
    Designed to look like a French hamlet, this over-the-top buffet features a faux sky ceiling, cobblestone pathways, antique lampposts and dining stations tucked into storefronts. Servers in peasant frocks bounce from table to table, filling cobalt-blue goblets with water and offering dessert advice. Not the pinnacle of fine French dining, but it's far better than most buffet options. Each of the dining stations has a chef on-hand who cooks the food to order.

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