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Le Central Affordable French - 85 Reviews - 112 E Eighth Ave, Denver, CO - Romantic Dining Reviews - Phone (303) 863-8094

Le Central Affordable French

112 E Eighth Ave
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 863-8094
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My parents are from Lyon, France. This food is authentic to the country-side of France. \r I love this restuarant and the patio is beautiful in the evening. I always request to b...


We had at least four different waiters on our last visit to Le Central - and none of them paid a bit of attention to us! We were forgotten about over and over, and even our order...

Bad meal, rude treatment 10/24/2010

Had a bad experience here last week. Nine of us went to Le Central for lunch. I order the ""French"" Dip sandwich which comes with their ""French"" onion soup for dipping instead of the usual au jus. The roast beef was EXTREMELY fatty. I had to take apart the sandwich to try to remove the fat and salvage what little lean meat there was. No actual slices of beef but rather small bits and pieces. I was not going to complain, but another member of the party remarked to the waitress that the salmon in his omelet did not taste good, and when the waitress returned and asked if everything else was ok, I told her that the beef in the French dip was very fatty. She ignored my complaint, so later when she came back to my end of the table, I asked her if they were going to compensate me and two others in my party, who by that time had also noticed the poor quality of the beef. She informed me that she had spoken to the manager and that the fattiness of the beef was acceptable according to their standards, and that roast beef is a ""fatty meat"". I told them that the beef was well below the standard I have found at other restaurants. (I am 55 years old and am no stranger to roast beef.) The manager came over and grudgingly offered me a complimentary dessert. When I told her that 3 of us had the same complaint she said we could SHARE one dessert. I was really offended, not only by the poor quality of the beef, but by the crude way in which they argued with my feedback, after asking more than once if everything (other than the bad salmon) was OK, and then being stingy with comping the dessert. We also noticed that the flavor of the French onion soup was unpleasant (old?). I've had some good meals at Le Central, but unless you enjoy fatty beef, skip the French Dip. Perhaps they should include in the menu description ""slow-roasted chips of fatty beef"", to assure the customer that is what they will get. more

Thursday is Soufflé night! Le Central!!! 10/9/2010

Le Central is my favorite restaurant in Denver. Cards on the table, I eat there twice a week. When I need to entertain clients it’s more frequent. I love their food, prices and service. It’s a true value. I noticed one reviewer mentioned the fact they do not have a Sommelier. So they don’t have a Wine Steward! I don’t care; I’m capable of selecting my own wine. Especially when it’s for less than $6.00 a glass. The service is always amazing. I’ve only had one bad experience with a staff member. I won’t mention names but he’s French. All other waiters are amazing and treat us like royalty. I have taken many of my friends and neighbors to Le Central for lunch and dinner. We are thrilled South Broadway has such a treasure. When my favorite managers left, I was a bit concerned. But no worries, as much as I will miss them, the new staff is just as wonderful. That says something for the ownership. They consistently hire service oriented people. \r The food is world class. Recently while describing the nightly special, my waiter rolled his eyes back into his head while describing it. He was right. It was to die for. The portions are not huge but neither are the prices. I typically plan a three course event. Mussels, salad and dessert with wine of course. We end up paying much less than say Cuba Cuba or Biestro Vendome. \r Ambiance could be improved by new carpet or cleaning up a bit. But I chalk it off to maintaining the historical flavor. It is perfect for a date, business meeting, or an I don’t want to cook night. Just don’t expect 5 star dinning. It’s a neighborhood restaurant. \r I love…love Le and it’s staff! \r more

Affordable doesn't mean edible 4/27/2010

I guess French food found a new low. The food was not up to par to most places that sold french cuisines.... more

Affordable doesn't mean edible 4/27/2010

foodeater12345 Provided by Partner
I guess French food found a new low. The food was not up to par to most places that sold french cuisines. Service was provided by anxious hipst... more

Denver needs to raise their standards 4/21/2010

If ever in the past I have patronized a restaurant with less than stellar food and/or service, I will occasionally return to give the benefit of the doubt. That being said, my first experience at Le Central was unsatisfactory. The staff is uneducated in wine selection (never saw a sommelier) and stomped around the dining area as if in a mosh pit. The food was forgettable. I was not impressed. I was hesitant to return, however it is a five minute walk from my place and convenience won over cynicism. Again the staff, who still can't recommend or even pronounce the wines served, continue to stomp around (a couple times even sprinting) in such an unbelievably unprofessional manner. I ordered the escargot. What was presented to me was the thickest bowl of ultra-garlic mush I have ever tasted. The snails were like shriveled raisins. I think the intention was to mask the quality of the escargot with the overwhelming garlic and butter. Now, I have had freshly made escargot and Le Central's ""version"" is not even a comparison. For my second course, I was served a scallop salad. Ugh. Sand in the scallops and entirely too much dressing. The greens were wilted in a soup of vinaigrette. My date ordered chicken which, upon arrival, was completely cold. He asked for it to be heated. Then of course it was rubbery from the microwave. We left in disgust. When the manager (I suspect, because he didn't introduce himself) asked if we were unhappy with our dishes I didn't bother to run through the list of complaints. I knew after this SECOND visit that I would not be returning. I have since then spoken to many friends (two of which are French living in Denver) about Le Central and no one had anything positive to report. I cannot believe it continues to get decent to even GOOD ratings! On a shallow note, the decor is not charming, it's incohesive and tacky. Pros: I could walk there to spit on it Cons: It confuses itself with a decent french restaurant more

Le Magnifique! 2/13/2010

My parents are from Lyon, France. This food is authentic to the country-side of France. \r I love this restuarant and the patio is beautiful in the evening. I always request to be seated there, even if it makes the wait longer. And a warning: even with reservations there can be a lengthy wait...but just pop over to the little wine bar and pick your favorite French vino, and sip away the time!\r \r The mussels are one of the best dining deals in town: a whole bucket of moules in savory white-wine based broths and endless pomme frites for only $9.99! My favorite are the the Provencal or the Moutarde (with mustard and smoked bacon) MMMMMMMMM! ! The best part is washing it all down with a lovely (and affordable) French red, and sopping up the white-wine and butter sauce with the incredible french baguette and creamy butter! \r Oh my! Good thing I don't eat here as often as I crave it, or I'd be 20 lbs overweight! haha! \r \r They also have this amazing Wine-dinner every month, with a 5 course prix-fixe menu and 5 different glasses of French wine with each course for only $35 dollars. This is a regular girls-night out event for my group! \r \r Le Central, le magnifique! Truly a Denver gem. Pros: Wonderful Country-French food, affordable, quaint-cozy decor Cons: Sometimes a long wait more

Tre Terrible! 8/1/2009

I keep trying and each time my experience is worse than the last. We had the Julie Child special. The asparagus appetizer was off tasting with bits of the stem, probably the dregs of another asparagus dish served 2+ weeks ago. Learn how to cook! The post entree salad was a big dish of only lettuce with a mustard dressing. Boring and not worth eating! The decor is cute but hasn't been updated for years and the patio chairs are downright uncomfortable. I resolve to never go back. Also I parked in the lot out back, stuffed in my $5 payment and returned to my car 2 hours later with a ticket insisting on a $40 fine. DO NOT PARK THERE. ITS A SCAM! Pros: nice staff Cons: Food, parking, food! more

You call this the best French in town? 6/18/2009

Words cannot describe my disappointment, where have all the decent French trained chef's gone in Denver? Well, I can tell you they are not working here! I felt like it was 1982, the food reminded me of Regan. At first I was going to eat at that Fernch Bistro on 17th and Clarkson, but to my dismay it closed, so where else can I get a French food? Le Central. Not going make that mistake again. Pros: Wine Cons: Food and atmosphere. more

Excellent!!! 3/16/2009

I ""re-tried"" this restaurant during 5280 week. Hadn't eaten at it in almost 25 yrs as I do not work downtown any longer. After the absolutely creative, tasty and well-priced meal I had during 5280, it most certainly will not be 25 yrs before I eat there again. It is now back on my favorite restaurant list and will eat there often. The quality of the food was outstanding, service was excellent, very authentic French food. I was just recently driving all over France eating in small family restaurants and the quality of Le Central rivaled the best of them. Pros: Creative Dishes, Great Quality, Great Value Price Cons: Parking more

Le Central is Le Awesome! 12/16/2008

I love this place, the food is fresh, their menu is daily, the prices are good, the decor is excellent. Overall awesome, just awesome Pros: everything Cons: nothing more

Good food on a budget 11/1/2008

My first trip to le central was last week. I went there with my two young kids. I was a little leery, since I had never been there, but it worked out just fine. We got there at about 5:15, and the place was pretty empty. I ordered some wine that the server recommended. It was wonderful. I ordered a four-course meal, with mussles, salad, lamb and dessert. The mussels where superb, as was the salad. The lamb was wonderful, perfectly cooked. My wife ordered a steak, which also came out perfectly cooked, and was equally great. The only downside is that my daughter ordered chicken breast from the kids menu, which wasn't very good. \r \r All in all, a great meal. I'll be back for sure. Pros: excellent food, good service, great wine. more

Horrible mussels & good fries!! 10/14/2008

Quaint space but the food was less than expected. I ordered the mussels because they were recommended by the bartender...""That's what we're known for."" When they arrived at my table, they looked good, but tasty they were not. Many of the mussels were very small and closed. A lot of the mussels had broken shells & grainy as well and they were not flavorful, just bland. The fries were listed as ""unlimited"" on the menu but the server never bothered to ask if more fries were needed with only a few left on my plate. For dessert, I had the apple tart tatin, which was disappointing as well. It tasted like an uncooked piece of dough with a whole uncut poached apple on top & a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Next time I go out for french bistro, I will definitely spend an extra dollar or two & go to Bistro Vendome. Pros: Fries Cons: Mussels & dessert more

Gruel anyone? 9/30/2008

My boyfriend and I went out to Le Central last night and after our experience, we will NOT be back! Out waitress was very friendly and the wine that we had was wonderful; however, the food was less than desirable. We order the escargot on brioche with a pernod sauce. The dish lacked salt and pernod. Being that it was my boyfriends first time eating escargot, I am ashamed that this was his first experience with it. The chacuterie plate with pates and meats only had one pate that was palatable and the rest were mystery meats! Pretty bad when you have no idea what you are eating! Worst of all were the entrees! I ordered the cassoulet, which is a dish that is supposed to be a bean stew or casserole. Well, out came a dish with about 2 lbs of navy beans, a two pieces of nondescript meat on top. I told my boyfriend that I fely like I was eating a caveman's stew because even with a sharp knife, I was unable to eat the meat. The waitress was gracious enough to take the dish off of the bill but definitely not what I had in mind. Spend the extra 20 bucks and go to Bistro Vendome if you want a delicious french meal! Pros: Atmosphere, good wine list Cons: FOOD!!!!!! more

Great mussels and frites!!! 9/20/2008

Great place for those who are mussel fans; the selection is incredible. Atmosphere is excellent and the service is great. I highly recommend the brie appetizer and the french onion soup; both are delectable. Pros: Great food, good wine list, great atmosphere Cons: Parking but that's part of life... more

Great Food and Great Atmosphere 9/8/2008

I have been going to LeCentral for many years and have never been disappointed. The food is always amazing and the bread pudding is some of the best I have ever had! The atmosphere is very authentic and the service has always been very friendly and accomodating. \r \r I have recommended this restaurant to numerous people; all of whom have enjoyed it immensely. Pros: Food, Atmosphere, Location, Service more

decent place 8/30/2008

The food and the atmosphere are both pretty good here. I wouldn't consider it five star dining, but probably four. more

A Denver Staple 8/22/2008

Wow! Le Central is wonderful; it is my go to for date night, a night out with friends or when visitors come to town. They never disappoint. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and accommodating. The service is always great. The food impresses equally well. It is consistently delicious, never have I had something I didn't enjoy. The Moules Frites are by far the best in town! The menu changes often, so there is always something new to try alongside old favorites. Overall the restaurant is a delight: wonderful staff, amazing food and affordable prices. Great combination! Pros: Everything! more

Great French food, unpretentious and casual atmosphere, reasonable prices 8/8/2008

Le Central is a hidden gem in Denver. It is a quaint establishment with a nice, intimate atmosphere and an informed, friendly staff. The Moules Frites (bucket of mussels, served with bottomless french fries) are tender, flavorful, and delicious. There menu changes very often, but so far, I've had a rabbit dish and a lamb dish; both were excellent. They also have an extensive wine list. Le Central is a great place to bring a date or a friend more

Small restaurant - still great for groups 7/21/2008

Brought our dinner group here, they did a fantastic job! All of our orders were correct, food came out promptly and all was delicious! We had a group of 10 people - and everything went smoothly. They have a great selection of wines and the price point on their fantastic food is amazing. I recommend this place to anyone who wants great French food without the snooty attitude or elitist prices! Enjoy! Pros: Price points, food is delicious, service is fantastic Cons: Parking, can be tough to get in without reservation. more

beware PHONING for information 6/24/2008

I have dined at this place many times over the last 3 months, but made the unfortunate mistake of phoning to ask for information on the evening's specials. The a$$hole that answered the phone was quite LESS that interested in providing the information, quipping some snide remark that the specials change every day so everything is special. I hate that this little twit has ruined what was otherwise a great place to dine. Beware to all: don't waste your time or effort calling to inquire information - you'll find yourself highly disappointed. It's really quite a shame since I used to enjoy this place, but will find it more than difficult to ever return thanks to the party on the other end of the phone. Pros: good food in previous visits Cons: phoning for information more
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    The building's old structure feels European and features a lounge area for conversation and a covered patio for alfresco dining. The daily-changing menu features pork, fish,...

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