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Laudisio - Boulder, CO
Laudisio - Boulder, CO
Laudisio - Boulder, CO


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Wow this brunch was awesome! Boulder has plenty of brunch spots, but they all start yo blend together, so I'm always seeking something new. Brunch at Laudisio is what I've been ...


This is the second review I've ever written. We've eaten at this restaurant three times since it opened. Each time it has gotten worse. It could be a really great restaurant gi...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

Horrible. A few days ago I had a horrible experience and will never be returning again. After being double charged for my meal by my server, Chelsea, I brought it to the attention of the manager, Michael. I informed him that Chelsea charged me for the wrong wine (she, of course, brought me a glass that was twice the amount of the glass I ordered), and she also charged me an additional $16 to just add grilled chicken to a meal. This more than doubled the cost of the meal. The meal was $9, the adding of the grilled chicken was $16, which brought the cost of the meal to $25! Obviously, if I would have known I was going to be charged that much extra, I would have gladly gone vegetarian for the night. Despite the mix up, I still gave her a very generous tip on the total that she charged me. Meanwhile, Michael assured me that all would be handled and he would ""get back to me"". However, after many calls (on my part) to the restaurant, over a period of days, he was miraculously ""unavailable"" and he never returned any of my calls. For a ""family owned and operated business"" you would think that they held customer service in a high regard. Unfortunately, their policies consist of dishonesty and making an extra buck, no matter the costs. All Laudisio's needed to do in order to keep me as a customer was reimburse me the extra $28 that I was charged. It is really a shame since I went here very often. more

Very poor service 8/28/2011

We have been a customer of Laudisio Restaurant for over twenty years and we have never had such bad service as we did on Sunday on the north patio. Twenty minutes for a drink----- 45 minutes to order food and the restaurant was not that busy. When I left I asked to speak to a manager, but I was told that the manager was not available. There are to many restaurants in Boulder that provide good service. Management appears to be the problem. We have been tolerant in the past but today was the end for me. more

Stear Clear! 6/20/2011

I'm chiming in with a lot of the other reviewers - the service is AWFUL!!! Time after time! The food is often poor and is pricey. Once in every long while the food is very good. You know how it is - you luck into a very nice entree and you go back hoping for more - get dissapointed and think it was an off night and you go back again. Nice ambiance - I wanted to enjoy this place - but after too many very VERY bad experiences, we have forever signed off on Laudisios. Suggest you do same. more

Awful service, will never go back 6/25/2009

I had been to Laudisio a couple times and it was decent. Nice Italian wine, satisfying, good meal. Tonight however I went by myself for dinner and the service was so bad, it ruined the whole experience, and I will never go back. Ever. It's a long list: Sat down, took the waiter 5 minutes to come by. He finally shows up and says water and bread are on the way, I order a beer. Water comes, still no bread. I had to ask for the bread. Order meal, appetizer and entree eventually come. Waiter never asks how everything is, if I need anything else. I had ordered the ""touristico"" set menu which included a dessert. I am not much of a dessert person, so I kindly asked if they could substitute the cheap house wine I had ordered ($4.50) for the dessert (this was not my original plan, but occurred to me during the meal). He acted like it was an outrageous request and firmly said ""No."" So I asked for sorbet instead of the heavy dessert, that was fine, and the check. He brings the check, and had charged me for the dessert, and over-charged on the wine. At this point I'm laughing and angry at how the experience had completely deteriorated. I had my credit card out and he said ""if you trust me I'll just take your card and correct the bill."" I said ""no, I don't trust you"". And he said ""Oooohh"" and rolled his eyes. Yet another big mistake. What planet are these people from? He then brings the bill, I look at it and give him my card, he processes it, comes back and puts it down on the table and says nothing and walks away. YOU CALL THIS SERVICE? UNBELIEVABLY RUDE. It's just low class to personalize the situation against me, when ALL the mistakes were on his part. I gave him a 9% tip - which was generous - and will never go back. Ever. The low tip was not for my request about the dessert, it was about the overall consistently amateur, poor, service, from start to finish. I though about giving a big fat ZERO tip, but I'm too nice. Awful service, will NEVER go back. Pros: Good Italian wine list Cons: Consistently bad service more

Three Strikes, You're Out! 6/19/2009

This is the second review I've ever written. We've eaten at this restaurant three times since it opened. Each time it has gotten worse. It could be a really great restaurant given the location and interior, but it's not. The wait staff has obviously never been trained (at least not the wait staff that helped us the past three times). The hostess was nice but it was all down hill after that. If I was in a dive I might expect to have the wait staff put soiled knives and forks back on the table after the appetizer and/or salad, etc. but not at a higher priced restaurant. Letting the salad plate, bread plate, etc. sit around until dessert is ridiculous. Again, third time this has happened. Didn't ask if we wanted anything to drink when we arrived. Constantly having to ask for utensils (""steak knife please"", ""can I have a spoon for my coffee,"" etc. etc.). Then comes the food. I actually liked the heirloom tomato appetizer(4 out of 5 stars) but then arrived the super, super salty entrees. I love salt, but this was ridiculous. (Up all night dreaming about a glass of water.) Then we get to the dessert. I was dreaming about their key lime pie because I sort of remembered it being good. After one bite I remembered that this was not the place where I liked the key lime pie. It tasted chemical-like.....sort of like the kind a restaurant buys in bulk and thaws a few 100 at a time. It has a strange lime liquid across the plate. Not appetizing at all. Bottom line: Give the hostess a raise. Train the darn wait people. Tell the chef (cook) that less is more. And start making your desserts from scratch (and if you are, then get a new key lime pie recipe). (FYI...My first review was about Louisville's best kept secret....Empire Restaurant on Main good....Boulder County's best kept secret). Pros: Cool interior, great location, nice hostess Cons: Food and Service - 1 star for service and 2 stars for food more

La-lousy-o 1/3/2009

This by far is the worst dinning experience in many years. My wife and I were out to celebrate a special occasion and had heard good things about this restaurant. We had been deceived. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. The food was awful and over priced. If you are looking for a nice atmosphere with food that is not appetizing, this is your restaurant. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Food more

Awesome Brunch!! 9/29/2008

Wow this brunch was awesome! Boulder has plenty of brunch spots, but they all start yo blend together, so I'm always seeking something new. Brunch at Laudisio is what I've been looking for! Plenty of different options will keep me from being bored for a long time! The benedict di mare, which has blue crab meat and avocado, was the best Benedict in town! Plus $4 Bloody Marys! Awesome! Awesome! Pros: Crab Benedict, Value, Location. Cons: Had to wait for a patio seat. more

Good Quality Food 7/19/2008

I enjoyed the food at this restaurant, particularly their nice thin crust pizzas and side salads. It is a pretty pricey venue but nice for a special occassion! The service can be scattered at times, but generally good. I would recommend coming past 8o'clock on weekend nights or getting a reservation. Pros: Pizza more

excellent everything! 7/13/2008

I actually have never posted a review about a restaurant before but felt it necessary to comment, especially after reading somebody's previous poor food experience. I've been 5 times since moving here two months ago and, with no exaggeration, found Laudisio's to have some of the best food around!. It was authentic Italian at it's finest. Most recently, I tried the chicken saltimbocca; which featured two moist chicken breasts wrapped in prosciutto served with organic greens and potato puree. It was so good I didn't want to get full because then i'd have to stop eating it! My wife tried the risotto, which was well worth the 25 minutes it takes them to cook from scratch. Our meal from beginning to end was perfect. \r \r I read over some of the reviews of Laudisio and can't believe that there were such poor reviews (though most were superb). \r \r On other notes, my server was very attentive and their strictly italian wine list was the broadest i've ever seen. Oh, I did have to go on a wait when i came in on a saturday night without a reservation; should i complain about that?? Never!\r \r mille grazie Laudisio! I will be back soon Pros: food, service, wine list Cons: 29th street mall! more

Good for a bar, just don't eat anything. 7/3/2008

For such an upscale environment the food is horrendous. While I enjoy I moderately sized meal, the portions are about two bites too small. The food is WAY too salty, and the waitstaff seems to be undertrained and inattentive. The deserts have far too much butter/fat in them in a desperate effort to make them taste ""rich,"" instead it makes it taste like butter/fat. I went back to give them a second chance and regretted it. Skip dinner at this place.\r I know its almost impossible to find good italian food in Colorado, but this takes the cake! \r \r On the positive side, they do have an excellent selection of wines. Go for the wine, go somewhere else for food. Pros: Nice Ambience, Great Wine Cons: Bad service, deplorable italian food more

Great Food 5/20/2008

Laudisio is one of my favorite restaurants in Boulder. The food is always great. It is a good place to go with the kids for a pizza and pasta, or just with my wife for a more upscale meal. \r \r The patio is nice in the warmer months.\r \r It is also nice that there is easy parking underground (for the Mall), so I do not have to worry about finding a pakring space (like downtown). Pros: Food, Patio, Parking Cons: Mall more

Best Italian Ever! 4/28/2008

I have frequented Lausidio's for years, both at their old location and the new. I have always been impressed with the menu, the ambience, the wine list, and the caliber of service. I read the other reviews on this site. I am sorry a few people had a bad experience, but I am sure whatever glitches that occurred have been worked out. This restaurant operates with precision and managers and waitstaff always make sure their customers are taken care of. The food here is to die for, their wine list is one of the most extensive in Boulder, and it is the attention to fine details that always keep me coming back. If you don't go, you'll be missing out. I am a regular at this restaurant and always bring my clients to dine. As for the young woman who recently wrote on this site, you should do your research before slandering the names of people in the community. The Laudisio family is continually giving (often anonymously) to several philanthropies around town as well as in other countries. They also frequently donate their time, services, and food to charitable organizations. And as for hard work, you will see their family working at the Boulder Farmer's Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If you needed more TP, I am sure a simple trip to the hostess stand would have resolved the issue. Pros: Has a swanky bar for pre and post dinner cocktails; they do catering for private parties too! Cons: Free parking! more

Save some change for McDonalds on the way home.... 4/18/2008

While we entered the evening without many expectations (after reading all the ill reviews in the camera, we wanted to see for ourselves), it seems the place lived up to it's notorious reputation. With an owner known to most of Boulder for being stingy and cheap, I couldn't help but chuckle when I was caught pants down in the ladies room, with both TP dispensers ripped clean. Luckily, I didn't have to go that badly, since I had been light on the drinking all night (super expensive beverages, bring your own flask for the long wait before the prepare your table admist the empty patio!) For management who makes the cooks weigh each condiment and garnish with a gram scale, who could expect the portions to be sizeable? At the age of 24, maybe we've not yet blossomed into new age hip, maybe we're just natives who no longer belong in our own element, maybe I'm just to darn cheap to be caught dining downtown, all posibilities, I won't deny! Luckily, we planned ahead and saved 2 bucks from our 70.00 tab for two Spicy McChicken Sandwiches... and they were fabulous. Pros: Friday night with empty tables, No Reso's needed? Cons: At least 4 better Italian places in town, why settle for this joint? more

Laudisio brings the best of Italy to Boulder 4/18/2008

I like the fact that when I want to go out for brunch, my friends and I can find what we want at Laudisio. I like an egg white omelette, and they'll cater to my request, which some other restaurants don't want to do so an Italian frittata may look funny, but it tastes great with the fresh ingredients. I'm not ashamed to say I don't have to eat fancy--pizza makes me very happy--especially since it is baked in an authentic wood fired oven so the crust is crisp and wonderful and the cheese, sauce (I love pesto!, too), and the veggies and meats all ooze together in a fabulous treat! The changing of the seasons means new choices at the restaurant, too, so now there are new vegetables, and fresh fish is just coming in, too. Sometimes I don't want a heavy meal, so I can have a caprese salad which features their homemade mozarella which is the greatest treat for me that I can imagine. It's hard to resist the calamari, and I pretend it doesn't have calories just because it is one of my favorite appetizers. When I suggest it to friends, it soon becomes a favorite of theirs, too. We always save room to share a dessert. If I eat a lot, then it is gelato. But if we have eaten lightly, then it is tiramisu, or toffee tuile or creme brulee which seems light because it is made with meyer lemons and raspberries so obviously that has hardly any calories. \r \r Pros: Being able to go to Laudisio for lunch, or brunch or happy hour where I can inexpensively try a mini dessert or appetizer is very appealing Cons: too many wines to try--I'll never get through the list! more

When you can't make it to Italy, make it to Laudisios for the best Italian food ever! 4/18/2008

We travel to Italy every year, but in between, we go to Laudisios to find the warmth that we love in an Italian family run restaurant. We love the fact this is not a big chain restaurant, but a restaurant owned and operated by a real Italian family ,that lives in the Boulder area, that uses so many outstanding family recipes that we know are authentic and delicious. Sure, it doesn't have the intimate atmosphere of the prior resturant that was small, but the quality of the food remains constant and outstanding. The wine list is well priced, and we like the action and fun that we have there. When we read that people weren't happy with their experience, we hope people will check things out for themselves. Barbara Hershberg Pros: real Italian food prepared from recipes from the family; fresh ingredients; love the mozarella cheese and wine list Cons: not a real con as I miss the small, intimate restaurant, but understand the owners taking the opportunity to expand more

Yummy Italian Food 4/18/2008

Laudisio Restaurant 's dining experience for me was wonderful! The service was prompt and courteous,\r the knowledge of the menu as good and the food and ambience was great. I highly recommend this \r restaurant! Check it out! Jeanie Johnson\r more

Horrifying is right. 9/18/2007

We used to like Laudisio in the old location. Last night for our anniversary we were treated to the worst service I have recieved in a very long t ime by a waiter who was, as the other reviewer noted, arrogant and unknowledgable. We ordered cocktails and said we would like to take our time. When I asked about the food I was ordering containing nuts because I am allergic he said he would check, then never answered. When I asked again he just dismissed my question. He took the wine list away before we could order wine and brought my pasta course with my antipasta. At this point we still had not been offered a chance to order wine even though we asked. I mentioned that the pace felt like we were being rushed and the waiter became defensive and belligerant. He said that was what I requested, which was either a lie or he really has a problem listening. He complained to the manager about me before I could complain about him. The salad was wet. The veal was the saltiest piece of meat I ever ate in my life, and my esspresso was cold. None of the rest of the fare was anywhere near the standards I used to expect from Laudisio. We will not be returning. more

terrible service, price too high for experience 5/23/2007

This place was TERRIBLE!!! After checking out the menu and the website I expected a nice evening, however my husband and I were sorely disappointed. Our server was rude, arrogant, and uninformed - when we asked about the preparation of certain dishes, and the ingredients, our server either deflected the question or clearly lied. Once the food came out it was rather bland, and we even had to send a dish to be reheated. We will NOT be returning to Laudisio again. Pros: parking, ambience Cons: service, food, wait staff more

Best Italian in Boulder Valley 2/12/2007

Laudisio has always been my first choice for customers and special family occasions. In the new restaurant on 29th St. mall they have added a pizza oven. Now we go in for a pizza and a ceasar salad at lunch or for a light dinner.\r Impressive wine list, great appetizers - try the Orincini (Risoto appetizer) it is out of this world!\r The creme brulee is always my favorite choice for dessert with an expresso!!\r I have never had a complaint from anyone about this restaurant and have taken my best customers and all my friends and family from out of town. Pros: EZ parking and valet, great food and wine list Cons: Don't take reservations for lunch unless you really push them more


Since moving to the new 29th Street, Laudiso's can be summed up in one word: HORRIFYING. The service is terrible. They don't know the menu, the specials, when happy hour is (or, if they even have one), the drinks are overpriced and not well done, etc. I could go on and on here. I will say, the space is beautiful. Give them 6 months to figure it out before trying them. Pros: Space Cons: Service, Service, and um...Service more
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    The decor here is exactly what might be expected from a family-owned italian bistro: Low lighting, dark woods and white-clothed tables. Menu items include chicken scarpariello...

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