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Latin Quarters Restaurant

511 Lexington
New York, NY 10017
(212) 593-7575
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Latin Quarters Restaurant - New York, NY
Latin Quarters Restaurant - New York, NY
Latin Quarters Restaurant - New York, NY


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I have been going to LQs for about 3 years and I have to say that it is one of the best clubs in NYC. The lines are horrible but thats because everyone in town is going to the clu...


I've only been to LQ's once with a couple of my co-wokers. We got there pretty early too and the line at that point is already around the corner. Then the hotel thats on that corn...

Hot 12/4/2009

This place is fun u get to party with old and young people.Just take a free dance class downstairs and get on the dance floor and dance like a! I love it! more

what a horror, really 11/1/2009

i went to lq last night. i should have gone somewhere else when i was standing in line to get in. FIRSTLY THE BOUNCERS were pushy and rude. ok fine ill deal with that. Then when i paid the whopping 60 bucks to get in the cashier insisted that i gave her 40 and i had to fight to at least 10 minutes to rectify. ok fine ill deal with that , at least she finally gave in. there was no place to dance at all so my friend and i decided that we would just hang around the bar and get a few moves in when possible. the night progressed ok. then a girl collapsed, luckily i work in healthcare, so i checked her out- alcohol intoxication- and instructed her friends to call 911. To my horror the bouncers dragged her into a corner in such a way that her breasts were exposed... are you kidding me?! and then to make matters worse they refused to help get her through the emergency exit. She threw up on herself a few times and the bouncers were only concerned about drying the dance floor? HELLO has anyone noticed a human needs help, rather than the stupid dance floor! After that i decided to get out of there. if something should happen to me, accidently or otherwise, i want to be at a place where its not all about the money.... our night_ $$$ drinks at 10 each.........100.00 cover charge for 2 people....60.00 poland spring at 5 each........15.00 a night out lqs..........NIGHTMARE! Pros: pretty place, ac actually works Cons: rude cashier, pushy bouncers, dont even think about dancing more

I love the place! 7/31/2009

I have fun everytime I go their. I love the music and the drinks. They have renovated the place so it's not to hot in their. My friends and i go their we have a blast! Pros: Afterwork hours on a Friday is Great! more

Is it closed?.... It should be! 10/9/2008

I walked past the club today and it said that the club was closed for non-payment of taxes. Is this true? \r \r Pros: Good Music Cons: Everything else more

I had a good time, but I understand the negative reviews 8/17/2008

i went with a few of my friends and we got there about 12:30 so we didn't have to wait long, the bouncers are VERY rude, my friend went up to ask if they were letting people in and the bouncer looked at her, rolled his eyes and ignored her. That p*ssed me off, but once inside my friend and i went into the middle of the dance floor and had a great time. I agree that there are WAY TOO MANY heavy girls in there wearing clothes that probably belong to there younger siblings, but thats at every club. anyway I guess you could have a good time here you just really need to make the best of rude situations! Pros: Music,salsa dancing, drinks Cons: Bouncers and the crowed areas more

This place is workable 5/2/2008

I went there 2 weeks ago on a friday afternoon. My friend booked her party there. We got there around 5:45pm said her name at the door got in for free, if you need to check in something its $3, the place is huge. You get a ticket for free buffet, on real plates with real silverware. The food was great, salad, rice, pasta, chicken, and pork. The drinks were buy one get one free. The other rater was right if you are trying to practice your salsa you might be able to if the dance floor is not jam packed. But who wants to go to an empty club (duh). They also gave my friend a free bottle champange or she could of chose a carafe of apple martini. The music is mixed and so is the crowd, but I noticed a photographer only taking pictures of certain people. Check out the see thru sinks in the bathroom. Get on the guest list to get in free or at discount price. Pros: the afterwork special Cons: they table service business after 10pm more

worst place to dance in NY 4/16/2008

I'm currently taking salsa lessons and decided to come here and practice a few moves. The people here dont want to deal with anybody that isn't a pro dancer or close to it...and how can anybody dance here???it's so jam packed that you'd be lucky to take five steps without getting elbowed or stepped on. The DJ played good music...Everything else was terrible, stay away!!! Pros: dj played great salsa Cons: everything except the music more

go somewhere else 2/10/2008

why is this club so popular in teh first place? the line to get in is ridiculouss the cover charge and the crowds r not worth getting in. they play the same kind of music over and over again and it's impossible to move with this many ppl in one space. feels like rush hour on a subway. more

Bad organization, customer services and liars! 2/10/2008

This is what I wrote to one of the promoters that arranged my party....\r \r Mr Lopez\r I am very upset about the service last night. First, we arrived at 10:32pm and the line was amazing . Besides that, we have to wait 2 hours an a half and pay at the door. You told me that I was able to bring 3 people for free and never mentioned that I have to buy a bottle to get a table. You sent me the bottle menu and I thought it was optional. If you explained before that I have to buy a bottle I would be prepared to purchase one or two as soon we arrived. After I paid for my guest, how come you expect me to buy a bottle? I was so embarrassed already. When we finally got in and paid at the door, I have to wait 20 minutes to speak with a promoter. When I asked for your name nobody knew you. ?? What is going on here? Being my birthday, plus having my friends and relative there being all cold and wet because of the rain, it was so humiliating having no one there to help. The place was packed and there was no space for a flea to stay. I needed a table and nobody wanted to help. I asked for my money back because none of us get into the dancing floor and wanted to leave. They said it was impossible to give our money back. Later on, one of the managers, I think? said that we could have a free drink. I was not there for a drink, I was there to have fun with my friends,cousins and my sisters. The organization was very poor and the promoters were very rude. We are part of a big corporate organization plus city workers and we are going to file a complaint to the proper entities. \r \r This is the worst club in NYC. The lady that check the bags is very rude and aggressive. She has to be put in place. Bouncers need to stop fighting with people and.....I do not know, seriously, that club needs to be closed until all of the staff are done with their anger management class.. I do not recommend this club at all. Pros: Pretty club Cons: Nasty people. Bad organization, customer services and they all stink more

Excellent music 1/21/2008

I have been going to LQs for about 3 years and I have to say that it is one of the best clubs in NYC. The lines are horrible but thats because everyone in town is going to the club. They play all type of music, old school and new school and the D.J. does his thing. I have to agree that there are alot of nasty girls there but that because these girls represent themselves nasty. In overall, I enjoy the club and always have a good time. dance up in LQs, you will enjoy yourself. more



Just Ok 9/14/2007

I've only been to LQ's once with a couple of my co-wokers. We got there pretty early too and the line at that point is already around the corner. Then the hotel thats on that corner is complaining about you standing in front of their establishment. The only way to jump ahead in line is to order bottle service from the girl that walks around with her clip board. Then once you get inside after waiting about an hour, there's aboslutely nobody inside execpt for you and the people that where ahead of you in line lol. The music was good, but they only really play spanish music, so if you don't enjoy that style of music you should definately skip this club. Since there's usually nobody there all there is to do is have a couple drinks which are pretty good. The highlight of my night there was that Fat Joe and EV Queen stopped by at the club that night. Just like the other user stated the club gets better depending how many drinks you've had in there lol Pros: Good Music, Celebs Cons: line procedures more

LQ NY, I pass 7/3/2007

I went to LQ NY two times, I'm not coming back any more. The bouncers are nasty, specially the one at the metal detector and the one collecting the money. Very rude, yelling and screaming orders. They really want to show their powerful position as bouncers. The dj couldn't leave a single song for more than 8 seconds. There better places in NY, don't waste your money in these scoundrels. Pros: close to my work Cons: abusive treatment, dj can't leave a song more than 6 secs more

wackity WACK 4/16/2007

went on a saturday for a friends party, forget that we were on the vip guestlist, and forget that 6 of our friends already inside were forced to get 2 bottles, we waited on the line outside for 40 minutes. this ""club"" reminds me of a cheesy spanish discoteque in queens, but with the long wait, and more than double the price. never NOT wanted to go into a club to party.. more

The New World Order and the DJ playing Wack songs. 3/1/2007

I have to say, the old latin quater was a million times better then this krap of club, The line goes around the corner, then the business next to latin quater dont want you standing in front of their business, the bouncers think they are cops, acting all macho looking you up and down, like they wanna fight, and what i found TO BE THE MOST DISTURBING IS THAT THEY SCAN YOUR ID, WHY WOULD A CLUB SCAN YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE, THATS SENSATIVE INFORMATION. all they need to know is that your over 21 and your drivers license is not expired, I asked the bouncer why they scan id's into the machine, he smiled and said, just incase you have a warrent, i dont know if he was playing or being serious, but i didn't know that clubs now run with the NYPD AND CORRECTIONAL FACITLITIES. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT LET YOU ID BE SCAN, Thats how the new world order is working now, the next thing they want to do is put camaras in the clubs. WHY????\r If you listen to the music the Dj speeds the record to the max, music sound a bit different.. in other words, THE DJ SUK. AND IF THE DJ IS READING THIS,, DUDE GET YOUR WEIGTH UP, YOUR WACKKKK!!!!. \r IM NEVER GOING TO THIS BYCH @SS PLACE AGAIN. more

This is a cool spot... 1/26/2007

Alright, first things first... though I really like this place the one thing I absolutely despise about it is the ridiculously long wait on line. I complain about it each and every time I go and wonder why the hec I even bother but the truth remains that everytime I go, I have a great time. All of the other reviews are negative but in reality LQ is not a bad spot. You need to get there early and expect to wait on line (about 30-45 minutes) but when you finally get in, you will have a good time. The drinks are not any more expensive than any other club in the city (roughly $10-12) so if you're an out of towner, this may seem like a lot to you, but by NY standards, it's actually considered normal. Another thing is, don't go there expecting to meet the man of your dreams cause it ain't gonna happen! This is a club people and the only thing you will find are a whole bunch of guys ultimately looking for some action at the end of the night (but again, this is something you will find at any club). With that said, get a whole bunch of friends together and trust me, you will have a good time. The music is good, the drinks are good, not to mention the decor which is also very nice. And the crowd is surprisingly calm. Most people there are about trying to have a good time. And if you go with the right people, you will too. Pros: Decor, Music, Crowd Cons: Wait on line more

WHAT A CROCK...... 1/22/2007

This could potentially be the worst club in all of NYC. No matter what they's a LIE! I got forced to go to LQ for a friend's birthday. The only selling point for me was that we were on a list so I got in free until midnight. She also told me there was open bar (free drinks) from 10-11. Needless to say I got there at 9:59 only to see that a line had already formed. I asked one of the idiot bouncers what time LQ opens and he told me 11:00. I was livid... So we waited in the freezing cold for 45 min to then get inside and find out there is no open bar. Drinks are WAY too expensive, the crowd is semi-hoodlum, and the staff is obnoxoiusly rude. Not to mention, the rest of my friends waited an hour and a half to get in, but ended up leaving. THIS PLACE IS NOT WORTH WAITING 5 MINUTES TO GET IN. Don't waste your money....LQ is a crock of sh*t....... You couldn't pay me to go back. Cons: rude service, long wait on line more

The more you drink the better it gets! 10/24/2006

The club is kind of like the women you will find here.... the more you drink the better the club gets..... and the more you drink the better the chicks look! lol\r \r You'll find a lot more latina sucias here (which is what I perfer, which is why I go), then proffsional women here.\r \r The sound system does su*k. There are no other words to explain that.\r \r Like I said, when you get there drink alot, find a sucia, or hell bring one with you! And I guarentee you will have a great time!\r \r \r \r Pros: Drinks Cons: Sound system more

LQ is the worst 10/7/2006

What a horrible, horrible place. The service is incredibly rude, the drinks are overpriced, the beer selection is pitiful, they have Astika but they won't serve it to you, the sound system kept messing up, the exit signs don't lead to the exit, and the soap in the bathroom smells terrible! \r \r We had to wait forever to get in. When we finally did, we sat down at a table, where we were scowled at by several of the very numerous and surly bouncers, but there was no waitress in sight. My date went to the bar and got us two drinks. After a while, he went and got himself another drink. After we'd been there for over an hour, a waitress, who we had not seen at all until now, came over and told us that there was a two drink per person minimum to sit at the table, and the drinks we already had didn't count, so we'd have to leave. Then she stole my half-finished drink when I wasn't looking. I hate LQ! more

Needs A New DJ 10/3/2006

I celebrated my b-day party there this past Saturday. There was a nice crowd. No fights (unlike other clubs in NYC). They did not have a different variety of liquor. Just basic. The DJ was horrible. It seemed to us that the DJ had a ""CD"" and kept on playing it over and over and over and over. It was so annoying. To top it all off, they played Reggaeton for about 1 hour straight. Once the music started to sound good they played each song for about 30 seconds and after the 3rd song they rudly interupted before the first verse was completed and switched right back to Reggaeton. After buying a couple of bottles, sitting in the crowded V.I.P. area we decided to leave. I wish I wouldv'e chosen another Club to celebrate my b-day. As we were leaving we all spoke about, if the music would've been different we would've enjoyed ourselves alot more and stayed longer. more
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    Manhattan's latest addition to the mega-club revival is part steamy Shanghai lounge and part la vida loca Latin dance club. LQ packs five different experiences into 15,000...

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