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La Famiglia - 20 Reviews - 45 W Park Sq Ne, Marietta, GA 30060-1923, Marietta, GA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (770) 425-9300

La Famiglia

45 W Park Sq Ne, Marietta, GA 30060-1923
Marietta, GA 30060
(770) 425-9300
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La Famiglia - Marietta, GA
La Famiglia - Marietta, GA
La Famiglia - Marietta, GA
La Famiglia - Marietta, GA
La Famiglia - Marietta, GA
La Famiglia - Marietta, GA
La Famiglia - Marietta, GA


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What a nice restaurant where you can sit inside or outside and enjoy your dinner. I love the mussels in red sauce and the Italian Margarita's . The waiters are very helpful always...


I've dinned many times at La Famiglia, particularly last year ('08) in the months just after my move to Marietta. \r \r I'll start with the ""pros"": They have good, authentic ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/4/2013

We had our son's rehearsal dinner in sept 2013. Everything was fantastic. Very accommodating, great staff, great food. Everything was just as we asked. Nick the owner went above and beyond to make this night special for us. Highly recommend La Famiglia for lunch or dinner. We have done both. Nice area to sit outside if weather permits. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/1/2013

Delicious!! Bravo .. we went last night for our New Years Eve dinner. I was apprehensive due to the poor reviews but my boyfriend kept telling me how great it is. He was right! We enjoyed every morsel. We started with their deliciously fresh caprese salad,big slabs of vine ripe tomatoes, huge garden basil leaves, with a thick cold rich buffalo mozzarella cheese topped with the most amazing tangy YUMMY DENSE balsamic vinegar ! .. most restaurants use balsamic straight from the bottle, not this place the caprese was straight from little Italy in New York. We also shared sausage purses, these were great start ups; stuffed pasta treasures that looked like loot bags. Each was filled with a SCRUMPTOUS Treasure inside ...HOMEMADE italian sausage. We took each morsel and dipped it into rich marinara sauce. I was feeling very HAPPY about our selections...... \r Then came our FABOULOUS dinners, my boyfriend ordered Chicken Marsala and I ordered Shrimp & Scallops Alla Panna both had DELICIOUS sauces!! I have never seen my boyfriend eat a meal so quickly!! He was oohing and awwing the entire time, and my meal? Well, it was amazing, with a white cream sauce that was delictable. \r The scallops and shrimp were plentiful and so delicatly cooked that we could taste the white wine and butter. \r I wanted to take my huge plate of left overs with us but since it was New Years Eve, I left them behind. I want to POINT OUT that while I was there, I met Nick & Debbie the owners, they were both FRIENDLY & ATTENTIVE. They have OWNED THE RESTAURANT FOR 14 YEARS! That is a statement in itself. Also, our bartender, I will call him ""Lil Nick"", he was A Very OPEN & personable GIVING US GOOD SERVICE. I asked him about the some of the reviews and he noted that they had at times had some bad staff but that they were now happy with their Team. He POINTED OUT THAT MOST OF THEIR CLIENTELE ARE REPEAT CUSTOMERS. Which we found out because it seemed like they knew everyone in the place and IT WAS PACKED WITH REPEAT CUSTOMERS. I KNOW I WILL BECOME A REGULAR. more

What a nice restaurant where you can 6/10/2012

What a nice restaurant where you can sit inside or outside and enjoy your dinner. I love the mussels in red sauce and the Italian Margarita's . The waiters are very helpful always checking to see if you need anything. The owner Debbie is friendly asking how you are. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone. more



Excellent 3/21/2012

I have no idea where the negative reports come from. I live in California and travel a lot for business. Where ever I go I seek the local family owned Italian restaurants in that area. La Famiglia is by far my favorite in the country. The food is excellent, the service is great and I feel like I was there yesterday every time I show, which is only 3-4 times a year. The veal parmesan I crave as soon as I get on the flight from LA. Try this place, you will not be disappointed and a great value as well. Can not wait for my next trip to Atlanta! more

Decent Food, Really Bad Everything Else... 1/31/2012

In over 15 years of living in Marietta I have eaten here twice. My wife and I gave it a shot tonight after a 10 year break. At 6:30PM place had only one other table and they sat us right next to their table. Nice. Menu is 2 pages and has just the same old basic Italian items with no pizza, calzones, etc... Bread is light and dry. Salad was basic. Meal was decent, but not worth the $45 bill for a quick Tuesday night meal. Our server was nice. The first page of the menu is really random. You are greeted with a rebuke and warning from the owner. Basically they take 3 paragraphs to tell you to NEVER bring your kids there... Which is really funny because the restaurant is called THE FAMILY!!!! There is also a big sign on the menu that says NO AMEX. That's too bad because business people use AMEX all the time and spend more on average that other credit card users. The ceiling has lots of stains and looks like really bad. The chairs are $12 20 year old chairs from Sam's club. From a distance the vibe seems romantic but once you are inside the dining room is just old. Lots of seniors dining here... Seems like some of these legacy restaurants on the square (shillings etc...) are living off of old reputations and getting lazy. more

Worst place in the world 7/10/2010


Overall Bad Experience 3/22/2010

Very simply, the food was below average, and the owner was very rude to us for complaining about an obscure added charge to our checks. Four of the ten people in our party became ill with stomach aches shortly after dining here. Bottom line: there are far too many GOOD Italian restaurants in this area to risk dining at this one. Cons: bad attitudes, below average food more

Bad food, bad service, expensive. Lousy restaurant! 3/7/2010

We've been there last week. A party of 6 for dinner on a Saturday nite.\r The food is far from being italian. I think Olive Garden is more italian than this lousy restaurant.\r \r IF you like oilly, greays, microwave heated food, dirty looking menus, unpleasant food look and like to repeatedly ask for water, this is the place for you.\r \r Otherwise, be smart and go to a decent restaurant because there are many other coices out there.\r Pros: none! Cons: Bad food! Bad service! Expensive! Kind of dirty! more

Good service poor taste 9/2/2009

If you are in the mood for Italian food and you feel like making a trip to the Marietta Square, don't... more

Good service poor taste 9/2/2009

carlosplatch Provided by Partner
If you are in the mood for Italian food and you feel like making a trip to the Marietta Square, don't bother! Open a can of chef Boyardee and watch... more

Good food, if you can survive the attitude... 4/28/2009

I've dinned many times at La Famiglia, particularly last year ('08) in the months just after my move to Marietta. \r \r I'll start with the ""pros"": They have good, authentic seeming Italian food (I don't profess to be an expert... but the meals I've had have been tasty). Their prices are also reasonable.\r \r The atmosphere is ""retro"" (to put it kindly), as I've told friends to expect to feel like you've been suddenly transported to the 1960's or 1970's. The decor makes you feel you're in a small town (you are), but one far - far away from sophisticated Atlanta (you aren't). \r \r The biggest ""con"" has to be their attitudes - usually apparent from the moment you walk in. Rather than pleasant smiles and a welcoming demeanor, they're stiff and cold. You're never really sure they want you there in the first place (I've actually been turned away several times, with the owner saying they are closing early (before 9:00) because it's a slow night - go figure? He successfully 'trained' me not to even try them after 8:30 on week nights. Maybe a different approach would avoid so many slow nights? Meanwhile I've spent thousands of dollars dining elsewhere on the square week nights between 8:30 and 9:15). \r \r The bad vibe is continued when you read the introduction to the menu, which is all about ""dining out is a special occasion and shouldn't be ruined by misbehaved children"" (I'm paraphrasing, but that's essentially the message). Thanks anyway, but I don't care to have menus preach to me. When I've taken friends there (for the good food), I've warned them in advance that ""these people take themselves a little too seriously, so be prepared"". From their attitudes, you'd think you were at La Cirque or 21 in New York - rather than at a moderately priced neighborhood Italian place in Marietta.\r \r If I could consult the owners, I would encourage an attitude readjustment. Italian restaurants, in particular, should be places where hospitality and friendliness exude - not stiffness, condescension, and coldness. Try smiling more, and relax! The reviews on this restaurant tend to be on the extremes - highs (typically the food) and lows (sometimes the food, always the service/vibe). In their own ways, I agree with each of the reviews - at both ends.\r \r P.S. - After eating there at least once a week in the month or 2 after moving near the square, week after week they wouldn't acknowledge I had been in before. I was new to town and it would have been nice to have been recognized - how hard would it have been to note my last name on my credit card - ""Nice to have you back, Mr. Smith!""? Pros: Authentic Italian Food Cons: Attitude, vibe, decor more

THE WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/21/2008

I will start out by mentioning that I wish i could give this resturant a negative rating. The food is some of the worst I have ever had in my life. The atmosphere of the place is compareable to a smelly mildew basement. There was hair in my food, probably from the wench who owns it named Debbie. The service was as horrible as the food and Debbie the owner offers some of the worst conversation and attitude you will ever experience. I have never been treated so poorly by anyone in my whole life. But wait it gets better, she will actually yell at you for not liking the food. I bet you would have been able to find better food, personality, atmosphere and fun at a Natzi internment camp. I hope that everyone is able to read this so that they will be able to save themselves. But if your idea of a good time is a root canal you might enjoy yourself. Pros: There are none Cons: everything more

Avoid these bigots 4/18/2008

My partner and I had tickets for a play at Theater on the Square at 8 pm, so we both drove up to Marietta directly from work and looked for a place to eat near there. We picked this place. After the hostess seated us, the waiter came by and sullen told us that he would be with us ""in a few minutes"". That seemed odd. He kept passing by our table and waiting on other customers but never returned to us. After 15 minutes, I went up to the hostess. She asked me if she could get me something and I replied ""yes, a waiter"". She asked if the waiter had helped us and I informed her not only that he hadn't, but that he had gotten water for a table that was seated after we were. She said she'd take care of it.\r \r About 5 minutes later, the hostess brought us water, but didn't take our drink order. And still no waiter. Then the waiter passed our table 2 more times, again without stopping (the 2nd time while delivering the drink order to a table that was seated after us). Evidently, either the hostess didn't tell the waiter to come to our table or the waiter felt free to ignore the hostess. At this point, we left - and told the hostess that we were leaving and why. She seemed unconcerned. So not only was the service non-existent, so was the supervision.\r \r During this whole time, my partner made eye contact several times with the waiter, but the waiter ignored him. And the waiter was handling at most 5 or 6 tables. All I can conclude is that either both the waiter and the hostess were completely deranged, or they had some significant problems with 2 professional gay men as customers. As neither of them had ""crazy eyes"", my guess is the latter. And if they don't want or need my business, I'm happy to oblige. And equally happy to let others know about it. Pros: None, since we never got served Cons: Service - we never got served so we left. Anti-gay bias. more

YUMMIE YUM YUM! 10/10/2007

Thank you, La Famiglia! What an amazing restaurant! The food was and always is delicious. I can't stop eatting there! The veal lemone and shrimp is my all time favorite, but the buttons and bows are incredible too! YUM! I was at the restaurant when the lady with the bad review below was there. She didn't like pasta and felt like a veggie subsitute should be free ( In my opinion, if you don't like pasta, don't go to an italian restaurant! ).She was taken care of and got her veggie, but she also didn't want any butter on her food and when the waitress suggested an olive oil substitute, she didn't want that either. She was nonstop complaining which made the atmosphere entirely uncomfortable. Every restaurant has its pros and cons. The food is definitely not one of the cons. There might be a wait to get your food, but it is very worth it when the meal is cooked to your order and not prepared before hand, and once you find out that it is the owner/chef is alone in the kitchen on a friday or saturday night... its to be expected! She complained about the owner being rude. I think the owner's sense of humor is dry yet witty. New York all the way! If you complain, she will stick up for her restaurant & she should. But if you want to just chitchat with her about the Yankees or the weather on the square, she is always up for a good conversation. Trust me, she will talk your ear off and you feel like you have a new best friend! Its a great place, I've been a customer there for about 5 years (even back when it hadn't expanded) and if someone doesn't think its not good italian food, then perhaps they are better off just staying at home! Try the baked clams, they are to die for! Try any of the fish dishes if they are on special, they are also amazing! And the marinara sauce is unlike no other! Again, super yummie! I suggest this to all my friends! Its the best!!!! Pros: Food, atmosphere, music, service, personable Cons: Parking, wait on food more

Worst Food I've ever had 9/25/2007

My husband and I unfortunately decided to try this restaurant. It was a TOTAL dissappointment! Not only was the service bad, the owner (Debbie) was one of the most unpleasant and rude people I've ever met. I too have spent a lot of time in Italy - North and South - and have tasted all of the amazing cuisines. The food at La Famiglia shouldn't even be in the same category as Italian food. The sauces aren't well balanced and have no taste. The picatta is soggy and has no flavor. This is by far the worst restaurant I've ever been to. From the astro-turf atmosphere to the disaterous recipies - not to mention the horrible wines which, if you ask for a sample, are served in shot glasses - Going here would be both a waste of time and money. If you'd like to throw your money away, I'm sure there is a charity who would be more appreciative. Cons: Worst money I've ever waisted. more


One of the finest Italian Restaurants in existence! Small, yet comfortable, La Famiglia's effecient, highly-trained polite staff and owners (Nick & Debbie) provide, prepare and serve quite possibly the finest Italian Cuisine to be found anywhere. FYI: In addition to living in Hawaii, I also maintain a home in Varazze, I guess I should know a thing or two about Italian Food! Ciao, James L. Tumblin more

Excellent Italian Food OTP (outside the perimeter) 1/24/2007

Nick and Debbie (the owners) truly have built a great restaurant on the Marietta Square. the food is consistenly good, and the service is excellent as well (no matter what a couple of reviews on this board have ""said""). Parking around the square can be a challenge at times- that is true. But there are usually spots behind the restaurant near the railroad tracks. It's worth taking the time to find a space, however. The Veal and Shrimp Lemone is a wonderful dish, as are the chicken dishes and the lamb that Chef Debbie makes every once in awhile. The homemade Italian bread is a special treat, as is the homemade dressing that comes on the dinner salads. This is a wonderful repose from the chain Italian places and the local Italian joints that specialize in pizza. Bring your girlfriend/boyfriend. Bring your wife/husband. Bring your friends. It's a place that has something everyone can enjoy- good atmosphere and excellent Italian cuisine. Pros: Excellent food and ambiance, Have a dining room for parties and large groups, too Cons: parking around the square can be a concern, but it's worth finding a spot to eat here more

Great Italian on the Square 12/24/2006

My husband and I have been to La Famiglia numerous times, and we always think of this place when we want delicious, inexpensive, Italian food. We also love the fact that the restaurant is located in the cozy Marietta Square. The portions are large and we have not yet eaten anything we did not like (although stay away from the horrid lemon drop martinis). The lobster ravioli special -- served with a light vodka tomato cream sauce -- is divine, and I am always excited when that is available. My husband prefers their mixed seafood pasta dishes, and most dishes are very reasonably priced. All meals come with a simple house salad with a garlic-balsamic dressing, and a round of crusty bread that is always warm and delicious. Our only complaints are that on weekend nights, they can be very busy, and the service tends to be a bit slow. The dining room is also cheaply decorated and detracts from the high quality of the food. Pros: Located in Marietta Square, great prices, lots of menu options Cons: Service can be slow when busy, dining room could use an update more

Horrible Experience! 3/28/2006

Waiter was unfriendly. Asked for a salad with chicken on it, and they said they couldn't do it (who can't make a chicken salad???) Ordered a glass of wine and got a half glass of bad wine. Food was terrible. Ordered chicken breaded and sauteed with lemon sauce. Chicken was soggy and tasted like an overload of greasy lemon. We asked to see the manager at one point during the meal and he was as unfriendly and snotty as his staff! Don't waste your money here! more
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