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King's Furniture

2821 Ross Clark Circle
Dothan, AL 36301
1 (334) 793-3045
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I have bought many things from King's over the years and I have never had one problem with them. You're NOT going to beat their prices and frankly, I don't care how Mrs. King OR ...


I normally dont write reviews, but I too have had experience with King's Appliance. Based on my four visits, these are the true facts: first of all Mrs. King, or the lady in the b...


Only walked in the place once in my 8 years in this part of Alabama. This was over a year or more ago.The elderly lady and man were doing their best to not look at me. The employees (most of them) were eating their lunch in the open. The one employee that was helping another customer degraded that customer so badly that I was almost in tears for the poor lady. The lady ask the employee how much a piece of furniture was and she said something smart back (I don't remember exactly) I do remember that when the lady ask the employee to ask Mrs.King about lowering the price the employee got a very smart ass/better than thou attitude and said it's a waste of my time to walk up there because she won't do it. Then the lady ask for a price on something else and the employee told her to look at the tag. What a witch of an employee. I am curious as to how this company has made it as long as they have. It's dirty in their store, and I have never seen such rude employees in all my life. Employees more


False advertising and misleading ads, treats customer's and employee's awful, Mrs. King is rude, slow in checking customers out because she is so scared she's going to miss something that her employees are doing! Will not return merchandise, won't honor the warranty on the furniture or appliances until you have waited for 8~9 months and when you have had enough and threaten to call the BBB THEN YOU MAY GET HELP! The employees work really hard 9 hours a day with NO LUNCH BREAK OR ANY OTHER SCHEDULED BREAKS!!! They no longer get the scratch and dented appliances, However, if you call the store Mrs. King will tell you that she has some just to get you in the store...... just save your time and money by going to Sear's or K-mart because they get the scratch and dented now!!!!!! more

RRR 6/10/2012

Terrible sales people ,nasty old lady Ms King , My sofa was only 3 weeks old and seams coming apart . Ms King would not give refund or exchange, GO ELSEWHERE THEY ARE CROOKS!! more

scott 6/10/2012


King's - NO NO 5/1/2012

King's advertised 4 day sale on matresses & box springs for $55.95. Sounded like a good, they were on sale so cheaper. My husband & I went to buy a full sized set. Turns out it is not regular mattress & box springs, it is one of the junkie 4 inch mattresses llike came on beds in mobile homes back in the 50's. That WAS NOT what ad lead you to believe. Saying something that leads one to believe something that's not true is the EXACT same thing as an outright lie. Also Mrs King, unlike most older folks who get nicer in their old age, Mrs King is VERY rude and disrespectful. Associates are not much better and others are right- the place is filthy. more

CIndy is the Rudest Employee EVER 1/28/2012

Cindy is the rudest lady I have ever delt with at a business. Live out of state and have drove the 100+ mile round trip to buy from there but I will NEVER again spend another penny of my money there if they were the last place on earth to by from. I called to verify the price of a refrigerator that I had called and got the price on two weeks ago, Cindy clled me a liar and said that they have never given prices over the phone told me that yes the want my money the hundg up on me and when i called back and asked for her manager she threatened to call the law on me for harrasing phone calls and hung up again. I will buy my new refrigerator, dishjwasher and stove and 2 chairs form ANYBODY but Kings. more

King's is #1 11/12/2011

I have bought many things from King's over the years and I have never had one problem with them. You're NOT going to beat their prices and frankly, I don't care how Mrs. King OR the sales people act as long as I save money! I'm building a new house right now and EVERYTHING will come from King's because nobody beats their prices! more

The four times I went to King's Appliance 10/1/2011

I normally dont write reviews, but I too have had experience with King's Appliance. Based on my four visits, these are the true facts: first of all Mrs. King, or the lady in the box, is rude and nasty to the customers. Second, Mr. King is way to old to be waiting on customers, and also is rude. Third, the sales people are lazy and act like they are doing you are favor by waiting on you. Fourth, it is the cheapest prices in town. As for you Frank G., yes, I do expect good customer service at the business where I spend mine and my family's hard-earned dollars and that is the TRUTH! more

No Way 4/27/2011

Still the same old junk. Funny, all of the sudden all of these good reviews are showing up. Ashame they have to write all the recent fake reviews! more

GET OVER IT!!!! 4/20/2011

so i was reading some of the other peoples reviews here and i was apalled by some of the comments made by other people. Well i can tell you all that i have bought every piece of furniture and appliances from there and never had a problem with anyone there!!!! Maybe after having to deal with all the jerk-offs over the years ............! So based on that i,m sure some of the reviews in here are bogus and unfounded. yeah it's probably jack-offs like you that made the people at Kings seem less friendly? next time try to walk in with a smile and not try to demand so much, usually richy rich people (doctors,lawyers,snotty fat b*t**es......etc.) walk in with a nasty disposition and that all about me demeanor. anyway get over your insignificant self ,shut-up and have a nice day. P.S. thank you KINGS for being a wonderful place that us common folk can get stuff! more

great place and low prices. 1/18/2011

I was reading through these review and found how some of the people were so negative. I can't but help think if these individual should share some of the responsibility for other being rude to them. I have bought an entire house of appliances and furniture from this place and have never encounter anyone being rude to my husband and I. Like other products some have gone bad, but so have the ones I bought at Sears, lowes, or other big name places. Give these people some slack. I admire Mrs. King, she has to put up with all these individuals that are rude. I am surprised she still hanging in. more

Outstanding service, prices, & merchandise! 10/31/2010

The people at King's were great! I had my 4 year old with me and they were the most patient and helpful people I could have ever met. I did my home work before I went and knew exactly what I wanted and I also read the postings on this thread. If you are rude crude and expecting the fine people at King's to kiss your behind then I completely understand why all these cry babies got there panties in a bunch. It is a business and time is money so if you are wasting their time they would rather not bother with you so if you pompous ignorant fools that think because you want to spend a dollar that everyone should fall all over themselves for you then think again. I got great service and a brand new product and yes a $200 mail in rebate plus they gave me the best price in town by almost $250 and they beat the best internet price I could find by almost $100!!! Great experience and yes I am going back to pick up living room and bedroom suites next week for about $1500 less than anywhere else wi more

Won't go back!!!! 10/19/2010

Went today to buy washer and dryer with my mom. The sales lady was very rude and tried to push stuff on my mom that she did not want. Told her that we'd like to look else where before buying and she replied "you'll be back". Well we did not go back. We went to Lowes and got a better deal on a much nicer set. Also the sales guy at Lowes was awesome!!!!! more

King's is the bomb! 9/17/2010

King's is a great place to buy. They have the most up to date appliances and stuff you might find at your grandmother's house. If you go in and know what you want, you will not find a better price. They will beat any price anywhere you find appliances. As many say, don't go in looking for something special or fancy, just a great deal. I strongly recommend King's if you wants great appliances at a discounted price. more


Hi \r Sorry for the bad reviews but I love Kings\r we bought several rooms of things Living Room Furniture, Dish washer, 40 in Frigidare smooth top stove (LOVIN IT);\r STAINLESS STEEL SIDE BY SIDE FRIGERATOR, STAINLESS STEEL DISHWASHER, STOVE IS STAINLESS, AND a stackable washer and dryer \r when we did need help we were serviced for FREE,and now that the products are out of warranty we called today for a part that other companies were charging about 300.00 for part service labor blah blah and guess what Kings gave us a number and the price to fix it is ONLY 54.00\r THATS ROYAL SERVICE TO ME ITS BEEN OVER 3 YEARS AND THEY STILL CARE ABOUT US AND CUT US ANOTHER FAB DEAL\r THANKS KINGS WE WILL RETURN\r PS. I ALMOST FORGOT I EVEN GOT SOME OF THE PURPLE PLANTS THAT GROW IN FRONT OF THE STORE FOR FREE AND THEY ARE STILL GROWING IN MY YARD\r AS FOR THEM SPRUCING UP THE FRONT OF THE STORE THEY CAN HOLD OFF CUSS IF THEY SPEND MORE ON A FACE LIFT THEY MAY MAKE US PAY MORE FOR ITEMS\r THEY EVEN HAVE A SN more

Good Store 7/12/2010

I've done business here a few times off and on over the years, and have never had any trouble with them. I admit that the front of the store could use some sprucing up and kept cleaner, and more inviting. But as the saying goes, you can't judge a book by it's cover. Mrs. King, who was the owner the last time I was in there, may seem to be not very friendly, but, in reality, she is a very pleasant person. You just have to know her to see it. As for the quality of their products, you get what you pay pay $ 50.00 for a mattress and yes it will fall apart in no time at all. But, this store caters to both the poorer people who can't afford more expensive items, as well as to those who can. I got a sofa and chair, back in 1994 and am still using them...still look and sit as well as when I got them. A chest freezer in 1995 still going strong.\r And I plan on buying an air conditioner from them this coming week. more

Never again 6/16/2010

I took my elderly mother to this store to find a new stove. We got there at 9 AM when the store was supposed to open and we ended up waiting almost 30 minutes before anyone came to unlock the doors. Even the employees were left waiting outside. First of all, this place is DIRTY. Cups, napkins, trash, dust everywhere. The salespeople look trashy, and are extremely plain-spoken. They don't have patience for anyone who wants to look around or ask questions. The lady in the box who I assume is the owner will not even make eye contact with you. I was embarrased for my sweet mother, as she was excited about shopping for a new stove. We will not be doing business there. A little common courtesy is not too much to ask. more

King's furniture ain't a prince. 5/20/2010

Rude, rude rude. They sell last decade's products. If there's a rebate advertised, make SURE you get the forms - they will tell you they're "out of them" at checkout... and won't get you one. If you're shopping for cheap, you get exactly that. If you want reliable as well as honest customer service, choose another store. more

King's Appliances & Furniture is a "Deal Maker" Store 11/19/2009

Like with any furniture or appliance store, you may have returns, exchanges and also repetitive business due to a person's overall shopping experience. Most of the people who post on these types of forums are people you can't please, no matter what you do. They, of course do not tell all of the story sometimes. Like, their budget could not afford the products that are reliable for an extended period of time. But in reality, they are machines and pieces of hand made (by humans) furniture that is guaranteed to be replaceable or deteriorate over time. If you have found your "list" on the internet, don't expect that the store you go to will have it on the lobby floor. Furniture stores like King's Appliance's carry "deals" that they are able to receive from years of working with suppliers of quality, and not so quality dealers. Check them out after you have shopped everywhere else and you might find a better deal on exactly what you've been looking for, or you might find something more

King's / Ampro - Don't know which is worse!!! 10/24/2009

Rude! And Ampro Delivery is even worse!!! Save up and go elsewhere to save you a lot of grief and money in the long run. First delivery was damaged and returned to store. Was told no refund, only store credit. Then they had second delivery (in box this time, didn't have it in box before) we didn't see it because Ampro wanted double delivery charge, go figure. Will never do business there again. Hope no one does business with Ampro either! more
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