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Kail Property Management

1854 S Coast Hwy Ste 2
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 497-4801
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I used Kail Property Management for a one year lease and during the entire period, their Team was extremely helpful in resolving any minor maintenance or normal adjustments necess...


Total SCAM!!! Do not deal with them. \r \r Here’s the story: \r On Jan 4, 2012 I was found out Chalmers apartments which is in Laguna Beach was opening so I put down a $750 dep...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2012

Thank You, Judy Kail and the Kail Property Management Team for making my transition as smooth as possible both in moving in and moving out and I got my deposit back sooner then expected. By the way Carly is a saint and has amazing customer service skills! more

Great experience with one year lease! 3/19/2012

I used Kail Property Management for a one year lease and during the entire period, their Team was extremely helpful in resolving any minor maintenance or normal adjustments necessary to the property and was always resolved within one day!\r \r Additionally, just purchased a new home prior to lease expiration and Kail Property was most flexible in approving a sublease. \r \r Two thumbs up and would heartily recommend Kail Property to anyone for their needs in the Laguna Beach Area. more

TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/25/2012

Total SCAM!!! Do not deal with them. \r \r Here’s the story: \r On Jan 4, 2012 I was found out Chalmers apartments which is in Laguna Beach was opening so I put down a $750 deposit on the place and was told that it would be available on Feb 15, 2012. Then on Feb 2, 2012 I paid $2250 for fifteen days plus the month of March rent. In total I paid $3000. Since I was going to be out of the country for a few months due to work a good friend of mine which also had excellent credit and a good salary was going to sign on the lease as well and move in with me. He’s was going to take care of the place and help with the rent until I returned. The owner of the place for some reason had the retarded idea that we were going to rent the place out to other people because my friend worked for a travel agency. What the HELL? Are you serious???\r Why would we rent out a piece of crap place to visitors that go to the website? In all respects that was just retarded of the owner to think that. At any rate, we decided to just let it go and just back out of lease and let them rent it out to someone else. \r So I give the owner the thumbs up that I will step out of lease. What does she do? She tells me ‘sounds good’ we’ll send you a refund when we find another tenant. I find out that she finds another tenant before Feb 15, 2012. She tells me the refund is on the way. What she doesn’t tell me is that she decides to keep $1080 as commission. Commission for WHAT???? She told me I was getting a full refund. Remember I did not step one foot into the place, and she had the place rented out Hibefore the Feb 15, 2012 date. So I basically get SCAMMED out of $1080. \r Currently I’ve posted on YELP. I’ve alerted Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well started a small claims case against them. I am writing this to let you know of the business practices of this company (Kail property Management) and how they SCAM their customers. If you are thinking to rent with them contact me first, I’ll be happy to send you a pdf with all the proof of checks that were written to them as well as a copy of the emails that were sent to them. \r Bottom line: Do NOT rent from Kail property management. They are SCAMMERS!!!!\r more

Very smooth renting and transition 9/23/2009

I have leased two apartments in Downtown Laguna Beach from Judy and Jen at Kail Property Management. For my first lease, they allowed me to sign a short term agreement and were very responsive to any concerns I had initially regarding the property. They had the apartment professionally cleaned and completely ready for me on my move in day. Recently, I got promoted at work, so I wanted to upgrade my living situation. I had about a month left on my lease so I asked if we could work something out and if they had anything else available. They transitioned me to a new place in a great location at a very competitive price. They even used the information off of my original lease form for the new place and transferred my deposit!! I can only speak for my personal experiences with Kail Property Management, which have been very positive and productive! Pros: Availability, flexibility, pricing, customer service Cons: none more

""ONLINE COMMENTS SPARK SUIT"" article found in Newsweek 9/23/2009

""The internet can seem like an open forum for people to rant and rave. Individuals are now being held to account for what they write. A tenant was sued this summer for $50,000 after she wrote that an apartment was moldy. Another blogger was ordered to pay $1.8 million after calling someone a failure. People have the right to free speech but never have the right to defame someone. The general rule is that you can be held responsible for spreading false statements that hurt someone's reputation, or business. If you state anything other than the facts, be prepared to be held libel. Pros: check out this article from Newsweek Cons: has freedom of speech gone too far? more

see for yourself 4/2/2009

I just found a terrific rental with Kail property management. I was referred by my friend who has used them several times in their renting history. I found them to be very professional and pleasant to work with. I did think they were a bit tough when going through the qualifying process. Their explanation was that they are hired to find the best tenant they can for the owner. Understandable. I haven't had any repairs done, but my rental was in great move-in condition. I guess it's true that you can't please everyone.........try them out and see for yourself. Pros: professional and efficient Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

useless 3/15/2009

Cheaper than your grandmother, Unfortunately not as sweet; just obnoxious. Pathetic repairs. I'd say the construction level was ""hippy built."" Meaning that technically, once I hassled them enough that they got round to it, the repair was performed rather pathetically. One example - door hinges were actually installed with nails rather than screws. Of course they slipped, damaging the frame and door hardware permanently. Nice work Kail property management. Pros: - Cons: cheap, obnoxious. more

Friendly & Efficient 9/12/2008

I have lived in an apartment for about 9 months under kail property management & I have gotten to know the property managers & feel that they work hard and are efficient, though sometimes other people (reviewers below) mistaken it for being cold. Imagine being a property manager and having to deal with tenants who don't keep up with their end of the bargain. Property Management is Business & it gets difficult to draw that line between friend and manager. You have to see it from a property managers standpoint to truly understand some of the people they deal with on a day to day basis. They have been very understanding with me on many occasions and Friendly when they need to be. I think you should give this company a chance before dismissing it due to a few critical, bitter reviewers. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Kail property management is nice. more

Integrity 7/6/2008

If you need to explain and defend, it is likely there is a little truth as to what has been said.\r No one is ALWAYS courteous. We all have bad days. At least admit you can be bitchy because there are many tentants who are in agreeance on this.\r \r I've worked in Property Management. I know it isn't easy. Especially when you're having a bad day or when you have to deal with really difficult people. Just because someone is licensed doesn't mean they are QUALITY. If that were the case, I'd pick any contractor/painter/repairman or doctor out of the phone book. \r \r Property Management is about integrity. It's not about property, it's about PEOPLE. A home is about the most personal property there is, whether you rent it OR own it. Someone who is handling the care should TRULY care about the people who own it AS WELL AS the people who reside in it- EQUALLY. Both are of equal importance. They both have lives and personal investment in the property. So would it pain you to at least ACT like you care, even if you don't? Is it really THAT HARD??? more

get both sides of the story... 6/10/2008

this is in reply to joeanteater who voiced many erroneous statements, and is in fact in violation of the city search's user license agreement which he agreed to adhere to. he personally attacked personnel at kail property management, and indicated they were in violation of some laws.\r kail properrty has been in business for over 27 years, and has an EXCELLENT reputation and has served thousands of owners and tenants over that period of time.\r the leases they use are of the STANDARD California Association of Realtors forms used by all Realtors in CALIFORNIA and OC housing has no problem with any of them. they use licensed ELECTRICIANS and PLUMBERS which can be verified. Both entities they use have over 30 year's experience each. \r Joe's problems were fixed, and the rent increase he abhors was a whopping 2%. below the rate of inflation. average rent increases in the industry in so cal are 5 to 7%. He also doesn't write kail a $2000+ check each month, as he is sharing the unit 50-50 with a roomate who picked him up off Craig's List in the first place. he just ran into a company HE couldn't intimidate. goes to show you can't believe all you hear when someone's backed into a hole. kail properties will go on long after joe is history... Pros: family business who works hard for all more

Can't make everyone happy! 6/9/2008

I am shocked to read these negative reviews about Kail Property Management. I was looking for a company to manage my property and they came highly recommended by multiple aquaintences of mine who have been their clients for years. I have several properties and found that I was being taken advantage of by my tenants. I decided to hire a management company to intervene. I have had nothing but professional, helpful service from their office. I have been working with Judie and Jennifer for many years now and they are always polite and quick to respond to my needs. I am sure that the tenants can be unhappy with the property management company because they are there to protect us owners by sometimes having to be the bad guy. I am not good at being a landlord, I get sucked into the tenant's excuses and am not versed in picking quality tenants. I am back on track with the property rents and they have filled my vacancies with great tenants! I guess you can never make everyone happy......... more

wouldn't recommend 6/5/2008

Renting from Kail property management has been a bad experience. They were very nasty to deal with for repairs, lease renewal, and rent increases.\r \r The thing that angered me most was that when I reported things wrong with the apartment they got mad at me. Isn't the expression, don't blame the messenger? Besides what do they think I write them a rent check for each month? I really don't understand all of the attitude. It's as if they think they can intimidate you from reporting maintenance that is their responsibility in order to make more money. Actually, it kind of works because they are caustic and intimidating.\r \r As a note to property owners, while everything was repaired on the cheap, from a construction point of view it was poorly executed or not up to code. In the long run it will simply cost the property owner more than just fixing it the right way. more

Attitudes 6/3/2008

Rude and sarcastic on the phone and sound irritated when you are calling for service on something. Both women I have spoken with have been unfriendly. This has occurred more than once. These women are clearly in the wrong profession. Pros: zero Cons: snotty service more

Best Property Management Company 4/18/2008

I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to rent or have their properties managed to choose Kail Property Management. Their staff is friendly, welcoming and quick to respond to any emergencies or everyday around the house fixes. They are a responsible and efficient company that provides excellent customer service. Pros: Quick responses, friendly and effcient Cons: Can't find anything wrong! more

Incompetant, Untrustworthy 12/13/2007

Unprofessional, To say the least.If you are looking for a company that can screw up your finances in the records department along with a rude and snotty attitude this is the place to go. more

Unprofessional property management 5/11/2007

If, as a property owner, you are looking for someone to alienate and anger tenants, you couldn't find a better company. If, on the other hand you do not want arrogant and non-responsive representation, or if you are concerned that things like floods, leaks or other potentially property damaging maintenance be addressed promptly, you might look somewhere else. \r \r Kail is slow to return calls, patronizing and sarcastic when they do. They use vendors of the lowest quality, chosen apparently from recent parolees. Penny wise, pound foolish. Yuck. Pros: They may save owners a few pennies by using sub-standard contractors. Cons: Your house is likely to suffer and renters who are not accustomed to being treated rudely will likely move. more
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