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Jen's All Natural Pet Spa - 27 Reviews - 1175 Northwest Gilman Boulevard, Issaquah, WA - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (425) 996-1004

Jen's All Natural Pet Spa

1175 Northwest Gilman Boulevard (at 25th Avenue NE and 29th Street)
Issaquah, WA 98029
(425) 996-1004
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Jen's All Natural Pet Spa - Issaquah, WA
Jen's All Natural Pet Spa - Issaquah, WA
Jen's All Natural Pet Spa - Issaquah, WA
Jen's All Natural Pet Spa - Issaquah, WA


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Sally, I have not boarded your dog and the last time you came to see me was in 2005. Your dog never ran loose from my place. He was only here for grooming. I did not let him...


re: Boarding: Our dog also got out and ran in front of a car 3 blocks away. Thank you to the neighbors in the car that were very kind to rescue her. \r

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/12/2012

Dear RobbyG, You have never been to my salon.\r I have looked through my database which consists of over 3,000 people, and I have never had you as a customer. I think you have me mixed up with another grooming salon!! Better check again. Jen more

Dog running loose 3/21/2012

Sally, I have not boarded your dog and the last time you came to see me was in 2005. Your dog never ran loose from my place. He was only here for grooming. I did not let him outside. We have 2 other groomers here in the neighborhood and one person who boards dogs who is a lady. I think you have me mixed up with someone else. All dogs here are kept behind 2-3 doors. Back in 2005, your pet stayed in my grooming room behind double french doors with the front door locked. I'm not sure what you are talking about. I've managed one of the largest boarding facilities in the midwest and we always kept our dogs on leashes or behind double doors. To the other owner regarding boarding: The rules are: once an owner comes into my home and opens up the grooming room door to get their dog, it becomes your responsibility to keep your dog on a leash and make sure that he doesn't get away. You didn't put your dog on a leash and you left my front door standing wide open. If you knew your dog would run, why didn't you shut the door behind you and put the leash on in the grooming room with the door shut? You were there. It isn't like I was on my own with your dog and he got away. You need to take responsibility for your own dog. more

Ditto on the last entry 8/17/2011

re: Boarding: Our dog also got out and ran in front of a car 3 blocks away. Thank you to the neighbors in the car that were very kind to rescue her. \r more

Bad Experience 8/7/2011

The owner was very irresponsible by letting our dog run about the streets. Good thing our dog wasn't hit by a car on the busier streets up in the Highlands. I wouldn't take my dog back. more

Our dogs love their ""spa day"" 5/14/2010

My husband and I have two toy poodles puppies, one of which is quite small. We have been taking them to Jen's since last fall, and we couldn't be happier! The poodles always come back looking and smelling wonderful, and they sleep like logs when they come home from their little ""spa day"". The dogs like it so much they recognize when we're pulling into the neighborhood and get as excited as if they were headed for the dog park! They totally love this place! Jen has also been very patient and helpful with identifying diet issues causing coat problems with our finicky little pups. Their coats are much softer and healthier now, thanks to her advice. Occasionally, I have stayed and watched because it's great entertainment to watch a pro at work. No dog relishes being soaped up and hosed off, but the cool thing about the spa's washing gear is that it takes a fraction of the time I spend when washing them by hand, at home. So instead of being cold, wet, soapy and grumpy with me for half an hour while I wash them one at a time, they're both done together in a few minutes! I'm pretty sure they know they're the cleanest, best groomed dogs at the dog park when they come back from Jen's -- they sure prance around like it!  I would highly recommend taking your dog to the pet spa! Pros: Excellent grooming, great dog advice more

Jen is the best pet groomer, ever! 5/14/2010

I've got 2 Ragdoll cats, with very long and dense hair. No matter what I do, they wind up with mats. Not a problem for Jen. The salon is spotless, and equipped with state of the art equipment. She is very thorough, and sensitive to the needs of animals. She even puts cotton balls in the cats ears during the drying process, to help keep them calm and relaxed, and to protect their hearing. The cats some back looking great, and very relaxed. I'm not sure what's in that conditioner, but it makes the cats very happy. I've also got an older rescue kitty, Stormy. She's very nervous. The vet asks me to stay, to help control her. Jen had absolutely no problems with Stormy. In fact, Stormy came home very relaxed, like she had spent the day at a spa. Jen is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and she is simply the best pet groomer I've ever interacted with. I would recommend her to anyone, especially if you love your pet(s). Pros: Very professional, excellent with animals, easy to work with more

Answer to ""grooming practice could lead to dog injury"" 5/13/2010

I'm sorry you were disappointed with your grooming session. I realized when you called that you are a very protective mother. Your pet didn't show any fear of getting bathed at all instead he held still while I washed his face. My shampoos have no chemicals, detergents or soap and can be used on the face and around the eyes. I explained this to you as I washed his face. Bacteria and fungus grow around the eyes because of tearing and around the mouth do to saliva. This needs to be washed thoroughly. A well known vet showed me years ago how to flush ears out to remove all fungus and bacteria. This helps to eliminate and control any ear infections. Most of my clients enjoy their ears being cleaned. I have also done this to myself in this very tub. I asked you to stand back from the tub because you would get wet and keeping your hands in the tub would give the message to your pet that he will be rescued. I would never be able to get him cleaned as he would be confused and demand you to pick him up. My work is very exhausting. Giving a dog clear commands helps them to settle down and be comfortable. Treating him like a baby will only enhance his anxiety, giving him the underlining message that something really is wrong. I have been an animal trainer and groomer for 37 years. I have always had an accident free work place with no injuries as I am very diligent to make sure every pet is safe and enjoys his stay with me. Since you are so protective, you may not find a groomer and a salon that meets your expectations. You may enjoy grooming him yourself when you feel better instead of taking him to a grooming salon. Pros: Excellent place to take your dog more

Grooming practices could lead to animal injury 5/3/2010

After reading reviews about this dog spa I decided to take him in for a full-service treatment. \r \r Prior to my appointment I had confirmed with Jen that I would be staying and observing the session. I was the first app't of the day and she began to bathe him immediately. My dog has a real fear of bathing which she was aware of and yet she just dove right in. The spray nozzle she used was set to the full force and from my observation point I could see his skin turn red from the force of the spray. She used no care when soaping him up and soap got into his eyes and mouth multiple times during his bath. During the bath she would point the nozzle into both ears (presumably to clean them out) and nine hours later his ears are still blood red on the inside. Her handling of my dog was rough and once when he had the nerve to bark she sprayed him directly in the face and snapped out ""quiet"" at him. I would also just like to say that the tail is not a handle for spinning the dog in circles when you want them to turn around! She also sprayed the nozzle at full force down his forehead and into his eyes when rinsing out the shampoo. My boy is a Pekingese and the eyes need to be carefully handled since they bulge out and can be easily injured.\r \r I am a long time dog owner and trainer but have always groomed my own dogs and this was the first time I've used a groomer since I'm having back issues. I was so concerned about his eyes and ears from the force of the water she used that I ended up taking him to the vet after his appointment to ensure that no permanant damage was done. The vet doesn't think so but wants to check again in a week to make sure.\r \r She was extremely rude to me several times about my interaction with my dog. The salon was not well sanitized and the general atmosphere felt hectic and chaotic. My dog would have felt more relaxed in a mall at Christmas time.\r \r Granted he came out relatively well-groomed but who cares when I had to give him Benadryl after getting home to calm him down and get him to sleep for a while. She also gave decent advice on handling allergies but these things in no way overcome what he had to endure.\r \r I would never recommend this place to anyone for any animal and I would never leave a pet there...not if you loved them. \r \r I won't be going back! Pros: Basic grooming was good Cons: rough handling, rude, possible injury to my dog more

We appreciated Jen's gentleness with our cat! 7/10/2009

We had our kitty groomed on Tuesday and were very impressed! Our cat is an in door cat that is very docile and we bath her at home since she was a kitten. We thought she would be fine getting shaved until we took her to Jens. Jen actually asked us to stay and watch because she felt our cat would feel better. I didn't see the need until I stayed. Our docile cat became very difficult when the shaving began. I have learned that cats hate the tummy and feet touched just as our cat started to bite and roll on the table. It actually took both of us to hold her so she could get the job done. Jen apologized for the inability to get her smooth -which we thought was an awsome job! AFter reading the other review that the guy didn't like the results, I would say, ""did you actually stay and watch her groom your cat?"" IF you didn't would never know what Jen goes through. It is your responsibility to make sure your cat can handle the grooming as well as not bite and claw the groomer. IF your cat comes back with minor issues afterward and you didn't stay.... literally -anything can happen! - than it is your fault!!!! We love the gentleness in which Jen was able to show to our cat while she was getting scratched. Jen was very professional. I believe it is our responsibility to stay and help or just watch to make sure they and the groomer are ok. Pros: The best place for grooming!! more

Great Experience! 7/10/2009

Jen has been awesome with my dog. I take my greyhound to her every 4 weeks to have her nails trimmed. It's fabulous to be able to drop in and have them done for a very reasonable price. Unlike other places who just clip the nails and leave them with sharp edges, Jen takes the time to be very friendly with the dog and grind them down with a Dremel, making them short and smooth. I would recommend her to anyone! more

DO NOT GO!!! Save your kitty!! 7/10/2009

We just had our cat groomed there. SHE CUT OUR CATS WISKERS OFF!!! Our cats nails were bleeding and her nipples were bleeding. THis is a show cat that is used to being worked with not some outdoor barn cat. I would never ever go to this place. She will damage your animal. DO NOT GO!!! Cons: unprofessional, poor service more

glad I did 6/1/2009

I have taken my Miniature Schnauzer to several different groomers in the Issaquah area and Everett. I recently took him to see Jen and was so glad I did. She was so patient with him and showed me step by step excatly what she was doing. Her knowledge of animals is obvious and refreshing. She is so good at what she does. The next move is to now bring my other dog in. I have finally found the right person for my dogs. Pros: Best I have come across more

Birds, too!! 3/27/2009

It's not easy to find a good groomer for a parrot...Jen's great. Didn't have to towel the bird (which really stresses him out). Quick and easy. Nail trim, wing trim, and even a bath with all natural products. Pros: Great location; great prices; great service more

Animal Lover 3/26/2009

I live in the same neighborhood as Jen of Jen's All Natural Pet Spa and I highly recommend her. I have a very good friend who takes their dog to get groomed by her and they swear by her... Knowing that, with the convenience of her in the neighborhood, I called for her help as a stray cat had made its way to my office and was in desperate need of some medical help and love. She came right by and picked up the poor little cat and then she bathed, fed, AND found a home for it. The cat was honestly on its last legs with probably just a day or two to live and Jen truly rescued it. \r \r The fact that she took most of her day caring for this homeless, malnourished cat and found a home for it is amazing! That, to me, speaks volumes of her and her business. more

Our Dog Groomer and Whisperer 3/1/2009

More than a groomer...\r Jen is more than a groomer; she is also our Dog Whisperer.\r She knows how our dog is feeling and what he needs to feel good all over..\r She does the best job at grooming our pets also especially our black lab who has many skin issues.\r We highly recommend Jen for your pets needs. Pros: Private and convenient. more

Excellent place to have your cat groomed! 2/28/2009

We have a cat that lives outside and inside that is half persian and half Main Coon. We have had a very difficult time keeping him brushed because he hates us and we end up with war wounds. We have been to several groomers that we could find that would be willing to take him on but he would come back partially shaved looking like a monster from the back alley!!! We love him but we were feeling hopeless until we heard of Jen's place and begged her to take him on.\r \r We were amazed!!! No speechless!!! Jen not only was able to clip his nails but washed him in 4 shampoos and a conditioner and he tolerated the whole thing!! We stayed and watched and couldn't believe our eyes. She says it is all in the touch of the groomer and knowing how to handle a cat to keep him calm. She worked out his mats which were no problem at after he was clean. He came home disgruntled but seemingly calm and fine. He looks beautiful! His coat is soft and shiny! \r \r If you need your cat groomed, you've got to try Jen's place. She's amazing!!! We definitely will be back! Pros: Her place is beautiful, clean, quiet, comfortable, she's every experienced and gentle. more

Glad we came back! 2/27/2009

We are old customers of Jen's; when she was in Woodinville/Bothell. When she left for Issaquah, we were very sad, but since she moved ""way out there"", we decided to find another groomer. We tried many, far too many, groomers. Each with varying levels of success, none ever as good as Jennifer. So we finally just gave up and took Fergus out to see her. He is a bearded collie and does require special care and expertise when grooming. And honestly he was a big mess when we brought him to her this time. She patiently worked on him for several hours and when we came to pick him up he looked absolutely beautiful. She had to do a little creative snipping and cutting to maintain the integrity of his coat and somehow, some way she did it! We immediately made an appointment for 2 months from now. We are absolutely coming back. I know your dog is as special as mine is to me. Take them to see Jen!! Pros: Experience, Care, Expertise, Facilities Cons: It's a drive to get there but WORTH IT. more

We appreciate Jen's time and Professionalism, A great place to get to get your puppy taken care of. 12/18/2008

We were concerned about the travel from Everett every time we needed our puppy groomed. We weren't concerned about the price if she was good. We have tried several groomers in our area with our last pet because it was all that we knew about. Our pet always came back smelling chemically and butched up. Now we have a cute havenese/shitzu mix that we want to take good care of. Jen offered us a puppy package, allowing us to stay with her while she groomed our puppy. We were delighted. We have never learned so much in just one grooming. Jen was gentle and seemed to be really in tune with our puppy. She taught us how to bathe about the correct shampoos to use, eye tearing problem, how to sand her nails instead of clip. Jen styled her hair so beautifuly, which was so soft and wavy when she was done. She coldn't have looked better. She smelled great.. Jen also discussed diet with us which not even our vet had done. It has been 2 weeks and she still smells great, she likes her food. We definitely will be back! more

Great service and grooming experience! 7/3/2008

Jen was amazing! She is very knowledgable about my Westie and took a ton of time with me prior to grooming Hank! Was concerned about the cost since I have never had a dog that needed grooming until I got a Westie but she made it worth it! Pros: Clean and nice environment Cons: Nothing negative... more

Jen's grooming is the BEST! 3/20/2008

We just moved here from Texas and have been looking for a good groomer for our ""Dolly"", a Golden doodle and Oscar our new little Havenese puppy. We have tried several groomers, some in Bellevue and in Seattle but have never found anyone to actually groom our golden doodle so she looks natural. So far, the salons we have been too, wanted to shave both our dogs, leaving them to look like poodles......until we found JEN'S ALL NATURAL PET SPA!!!!!\r \r We can't say enough about her services except our dogs came home cleaner than I thought possible and beautiful. Jen gave our Dolly soft, long layers in her hair, keeping her looking natural but just a little shorter. She came to us happy, relaxed and full of wavy, shiny curls. Jen explained she designed her hair ""all by hand"" as if she had human hair, washing her with 4 holistic shampoos, finishing with holistic finishing products and conditioners. Our havenese also, was hand designed. She also, put long layers in her hair. We have found that Jen's grooming has made her hair a lot easier to maintain at home. \r \r Jen's Salon is truely beautiful, a very relaxing place to be with great energy from the marble on the floor. She also gave us information on proper nutrition for both our girls and as well as training on how to groom them at home. She definitely enjoys her work and treated our dogs like they were her own pets!!\r \r We have learned ""you pay for what you get""!!! We have found cheaper groomers but they didn't do half of what Jen has. It means more to us to know our pets were safe and well taken care of...not to mention that they now look beautiful and they still do even after 4 weeks!!! \r \r We definitely will be back!!... \r \r The downside to her service is that she is booked up for 2 months ahead of time. It is worth getting on a waiting list. She was able to get us in fairly quickly. Pros: Her salon is very quiet, clean and relaxing. She is very knowledgeable, kind and professional. Cons: Can't think of any! more
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Let your pet enjoy his spa day by soaking in 4 shampoos including silk conditioner, ear flushed out, nail sanding, power drying, styling/clipping finishing with coat conditioner spray!


  • Complete pet grooming package includes ear cleaning, nail care, cleansing and conditioning shampoo, power drying, styling and spray coat finish.

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