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It's A Beautiful Pizza - 25 Reviews - 3342 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (503) 233-5444

It's A Beautiful Pizza

3342 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 233-5444
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It's A Beautiful Pizza - Portland, OR


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Quite frankly, All these bad reviews on ""It's a Beautiful Pizza"" is a cold injustice to a great parlor, but meanwhile people on this website are giving five stars to some over r...


1st ever order from IABP. took over an hour to arrive, and I'm less than 10 blocks from the restaurant. Great pizza, terrible delivery service. Think twice if you're busy, hungry ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/23/2013

One time I ordered a pizza from this place and ended up with a creep on a bicycle stalking me. Some weird overweight short dude with chops and beady little eyes kept coming over spying on me after I ordered pizza from here. Seriously this probably is why the place is shut down now. Heads up! more


Ha ha ha... this place is a joke. I have been here twice. Both times the pizza looked like it had been sitting there for at least 12 hours. No joke. All dried up and gnarley... not appetizing at all. The first time, I just ordered a beer and drank at one of the tables. The second time... I turned around and walked out as this older hippie dude was asking after me ""Is there anything i can get for you?"" Yeah... how bout some pizza that doesn't look like it's three days old? Seriously... avoid this place at all costs. Unless of course, you like eating sandpaper and cardboard with a hint of pepperoni. Pros: nothing at all. Cons: come on, man... get your s h i t together more

dead head pizza 4/15/2009

this joint is right next to my house. go here at least once a week! good food, decorations, and music. live music some nights. pizza doesnt get reheated tho so not too tasty when the business is slow. Pros: location Cons: cold pizza sometimes more

Pizza is not very good 3/12/2009

No, I am not a pizza expert, but I know what I like. The other negative reviews are spot-on. The service was O.K., but the pizza was not! I ordered a large with half cheese and the other half mushrooms and onions. It arrived in 9 minutes. Quick, perhaps too quick. The crust was not good, the bottom was both crunchy and chewy at the same time, not sure how they did this. It was not possible to eat it without utensils. I would call it a mess. Papa Murphys is better and half the price. We left around 6 o'clock, just as the place was filling up. I can't figure why this place is popular. I have had good pizza in Portland. This was the worst. Pros: The kids can watch 'cartoon network' Cons: Pizza is not good more

Not Good 1/22/2009

I live in the neighborhood and have tried to support this restaurant, but it is just not good pizza. The owner has always been a nice guy, and it seems like the pizza was better a few years ago. But the slices are bad and often seem like they have been sitting there for a long, long time. The crust is dry, as are the toppings. Whole pizzas are a little better, but not much. The salad is terrible - anyone can open a bag of greens and dump them on a plate, which is what their salads are. It's great to live in a neighborhood where you can walk to so many restaurants, and I would love to have the only pizza place be even mediocre, but IBP isn't even close to that good. I wish the owner would read the reviews and find a way to improve the quality of the food, because it's close to home and a great space. Pros: Location, nice space for kids if the food was good. Cons: The food: bad pizza, lousy salad. more

Made us sick, staff showed no concern! 12/13/2008

My wife stopped in and picked up a 'diana ross' vegan pizza with no cheese and it made us both ill. there was deffinately something wrong with the olives, they had a mettalic taste, but since we were both starving and paid $25 for a damn pizza thats basically bread, sauce,onion, olive , pepper and pinapple, apparently mostly from a can. i was ill all night after eating 2 slices and my wife threw up hers. Pros: well, its a dead head pizza joint, thats the only good thing about it. Cons: outrageous prices, bad food, bad staff. very rude. more

One of the best parlors in town, if not the best. 10/24/2008

Quite frankly, All these bad reviews on ""It's a Beautiful Pizza"" is a cold injustice to a great parlor, but meanwhile people on this website are giving five stars to some over rated dive like ""Hot Lips"". Pros: Great pizza, good atmosphere, and the belly dancers on Wednesdays are excellent. Cons: Belmont parking (ride your bike instead!) more

Interesting restaurant with shockingly rude employees 7/3/2008

I went to 'It's a Beautiful Pizza' for the first time last night. I went to meet friends to watch the live music + belly dancers that they have on Wednesday nights. Pros: Live music and dancers were good Cons: Unacceptable behavior from staff more

It's a beautiful pizza 5/21/2008

Interesting?!? after a bad review there is a good review, could have only been written by the owner. Horrible pizza, cold and dried out, crust like cardboard......customer service WORSE rude, crude, down right nasty and offensive. will NEVER RETURN!!! One star is too good for this place!!! Appalling!!!Unpleasant experience will share this with many, it's time to close the doors. Pros: the place was empty Cons: ALL was inferior and substandard-food & service more

Yummy Yummy Yummy! 4/14/2008

Ok either I must be crazy or the last 5 reviewers are, I'm gonna go with the latter. ;) I love this place! From the wide open space to the delicious pizza to the beer on tap. I seriously consider myself a pizza connoisseur and there's something right on about the sauce at this place. The crust was perfectly done with a slight sweet crunch and the cheese was melted just right. I like the fact that they have slices for a good price, $2.50 for a cheese or pepperoni. The pepperoni was a little greasy... but isn't that what pepperoni is about? I come from a midwest sense of how a pizza should taste... think Chicago deep dish and gourmet sauces, so if you're into that then you'll love the pizza here. And really, does it get any better than bellydancing, beer and pizza? I think not. It's a beautiful life! Pros: Delicious pizza, beer on tap, entertainment. Cons: Parking on Belmont. more

OMG--this place is so mis-named! 3/6/2008

I know that pizza is a lot like sex--there's no such thing as bad. Well, anyone who's ever said that hasn't been to this place on Belmont Street. It's a nice enough place, they've got a couple of good beers on tap, but the pizza isn't edible at all. Sauce--tastes like it came out of a can. Cheese--way too thick and burnt. Crust--holy cow, you think that even Forrest Gump could have gotten 1 out of 3 right. Not this place. The crust is only a few notches above the cardboard at the bottom of a Tombstone frozen pizza from the grocery store. I take my pizza seriously. At this joint, unfortunately, no one is taking the pizza seriously. more

it will make a tu*d 2/28/2008

That s what my dad would say... When you need to fill up cause you have to and it s too much trouble to heat up the hot pockets, you end up at the beautiful pizza. more

Garbage, poor service 8/28/2007

I went in there on Friday (8-24) and was starving, so I ordered a plain slice with a chicken. I waited between 15-20 minutes, had 2 drinks waiting. Finally when I got the pizza, the tie-dyed wearing hippie didn?t want to give me a box- even though I told him I was riding my bike. I did finally get a box?no tip was left. Pros: They don't ID for drinks Cons: Poor excuse for pizza. more

Very relaxed environment! 6/17/2007

I went in on a Sunday Night, and unfortunately wasn't able to see any entertainment, but I did like the fact that the place is huge on the inside, and the people working were very friendly. As for the food, I wouldv'e paid extra considering how satisfied I was. The ""deluxe breadstick"" was soft and warm and combined with the fact it was covered with minced garlic made it well worth the ONE DOLLAR I spent. The $2.50 slice of pepperoni pizza filled me up and was cooked very well. The pepperoni was crispy just to perfection, and for someone who doesn't usually include cheese, I thought the cheese was melted just right. This is a great place to go if you're catching a movie at the Avalon or just cruising in the Belmont area. If you haven't tried ""It's a Beautiful Pizza"" already, it is a must try!!! Pros: Price, Inside and Outside Space, Service more

Pizza and Belly danceing? Oh My! 5/19/2007

Wow, really nice people, good pizza, and belly danceing! Great first experiance. Bring a few singles to tip the dancers. Pros: Belly danceing, extremely friendly service. more

Nice Place, Bad Pizza 3/25/2007

This place has a lot going for it... great Belmont location, big windows, big space, nicely decorated. But the pizza is pretty bad. The crust tastes like cardboard, the cheese and sauce taste funny, and it looks like it was cooked in a microwave. To be fair, I haven't tried the made-to-order pizzas, I've just had the pizza by the slice. But it's probably the worst pizza in Portland. Eventually someone will tell them that they should do something about their awful pizza, and then this place will really take off since it has a lot of potential. Pros: Location, size, decor. Cons: The pizza is terrible. more

Soggy, burnt and dry pizza???? 3/26/2006

The pizza was so, so bad. Don't waste your money go somewhere else. The crust was burnt, there was no sauce, and it was covered in a gray watery liquid that made the thin dry crust soggy. Waited too long to get what we ended up with. The bread stick we ordered for a dollar was good, but the sauce that came with it was stone cold instead of warm. Not a good combo Pros: the bread sticks Cons: soggy pizza, dry thin crust, no sauce? more

No longer my favorite 3/3/2006

This place used to have great food, great service, great atmosphere, and was close to home. After being customers for over three years, this place has gone downhill. The pizza lately has been greasy, uninspired, and skimpy on the crust. Most people get slices, since a whole pizza is fairly expensive. Day after day, the only options are: pepperoni, cheese, or combo. How about some variety? For a place that has SO much in the way of toppings and even soy cheese, I think people would be willing to pay for something good. The beer and soda are good, and the atmosphere is ""authentic hippie"". Wednesday nights you can go see the freaky belly dancers, and a lot of nights they have live music. It's also a good place to camp out and study, or just hang out. Check it out. If you aren't there for the pizza, it's fine. Pros: Music/atmosphere, Beer Cons: Belmont parking, Pizza more

Very special pizza! 9/3/2005

It's a Beautiful Pizza has pizza I would best describe as ""gormet."" The ingredients are high quality and there is a lot of care that goes into the preparation. They have some unique pizzas off their menu (all named after musicians) and also you can create your own by choosing toppings. A great feature is that they don't just have the standard pizza topping choices, but more interesting ones like pine nuts and artichoke hearts. Also they have vegan cheese (or no cheese) per your request! IABP is not inexpensive, but I woudn't consider it terribly overpriced considering the massive portion size and great taste. Sometimes their wait time can be a long, so I would suggest you inquire before you place your order. This place is pretty large inside, but check out the patio out back-- very laid back scene more like a backyard picnic! Pros: great vegan pizza, loaded w/ toppings, Laid back scene Cons: long wait at times, prices can add up more

It's an ugly pizza 7/28/2005

HORRIBLE!!! DISPITE waiting for over 1.5 hours for an order they said would be delivered in 45 minutes, having to wait another 1/2 hour for the tomatoes for TWO of the pizzas,and spending over $70. The ""owner"" was a jerk to me when I complained. He was condesending, and was completly lacking empathy. He offered no remedy. I believe if your customer has a bad first experience, offer them some consolation (coupon?) and hopefully they will give you another opportunity to get it right. This guy wouln't know customer service if It slapped him in the face, and he claimed to be the OWNER!! Since then I have used EVERY chance I get to tell people about our experience and not to frequent this establishment. This place left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not just talking about the food. Pros: ????? Cons: poor customer service, Soggy/Greasy pizza, overpriced more
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