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Hill Country Ob-Gyn

7900 FM 1826 Ste 200
Austin, TX 78737
(512) 462-1936
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I can't say enough good things about Hill Country Ob/Gyn to do it justice. I went to Dr. Hart for prenatal care after my sister delivered 2 babies (separately) with her at Seton S...


I have gone to HCOBGYN for years because my mother did. While Dr. Schneider is very friendly and knowledgable, she is often not available at the time of your appointment because s...

The best in patient care! 4/19/2011

I can't say enough good things about Hill Country Ob/Gyn to do it justice. I went to Dr. Hart for prenatal care after my sister delivered 2 babies (separately) with her at Seton Southwest. I was in the delivery room both times and got to see Dr. Hart in action. She has a very peaceful presence about her and everyone in the room was able to be calm as a result. During a moderate complication after the first delivery, Dr. Hart remained calm and confident and handled the problem gracefully. She believes strongly that women can remain active during their pregnancies and is an athlete herself. She supports women who wish to have a birth with little or no intervention and is very accommodating. She has a very natural outlook about pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. She always gave me as much time as I needed during our visits and even came in on a Sunday evening to deliver my baby on her day off. I would definitely recommend her and have in the past to three other very satisfied patients. As for the office staff, I have no complaints. I was a patient on Medicaid and expected to be treated differently than other patients. To my surprise, everyone made me feel welcome and appreciated. The physicians assistant, Joni Brown was also incredible. Sometimes you have to see her when your doctor is delivering a baby. She is very competent and patient which makes the transition from Dr. Hart quite smooth. The nurses are also very friendly and efficient. Lastly the office off of Brodie Lane is beautiful and the staff have it running like a well oiled machine. I can't think of one reason why you would choose any other provider. more

The best 4/13/2011

I've been a patient since 2006 and am happy to refer this group. I appreciate the on time appointments, the doctor's willingness to sit with me and answer questions, the location is convenient, and the office is new and nice. I've seen Dr. Landwermeyer since my first appointment. I was surprised at my first visit that she actually made time to sit with me and chat, as I was used to the in-and-out service with no personal attention I have received at other offices. I enjoyed all the conversations during the prenatal care with my first child, and though Dr. Landwermeyer was not on call the night I delivered my daughter, I had a great experience with Dr. Hart delivering instead. I should also let you know, I wanted to give birth without any drugs, and all the doctors were very willing to work with my wishes. Great office! Great group of women. I personally would recommend Dr. Landwermeyer and Dr. Hart. more

Too busy and horrible DR, blase nurses 2/6/2011

I have gone to HCOBGYN for years because my mother did. While Dr. Schneider is very friendly and knowledgable, she is often not available at the time of your appointment because she is in delivery. They are always SUPER back up - I have waited an hour or more for every one of my scheduled appointments over the last 5 years, along with everyone else in the waiting room. The nurses/receptionists barely talk to you and seem totally bored and lazy and like they are going to flip if you ask them a question or maybe how much longer of a wait it might be. My latest (AND LAST) experience was the worst. Dr. Schneider was booked so they placed me with another female Dr or head practicionor or something like that and she was not only completely incompetent but literally told me that "she had never heard of my problem" and "how weird" "Maybe it's your partner who has the problem." WHO SAYS THAT TO A PATIENT??? I had a yeast imbalance!!! A very common problem cured by antibiotics. She was just like "hmm get some over the counter sab and just wait and let us know if it gets better over time." This last straw prompted me to change gynos to Austin Regional and to a man in his 60's who was not only extremley intelligent, but concerned, told me how common it was, put me on course of antibiotics and told me to make sure that I call them if it didn't clear up and they would make sure they got me back to normal. In a matter of days my "vaginal" life was totally back on track and I can't tell you how happy I was after months and months of thinking I was not normal. This place is a joke and now they are further diguised by their fancy new office on Brodie Lane. Dr. Schneider should find another office or open her own. Her associates are driving away her patients. more

Rude, laking compassion, and unprofessional 1/29/2011

I was recently referred to Dr. Hart at Hill Country Ob/Gyn. I was referred after being diagnosed with a "threatened miscarriage," at Seton SW. I am currently employed as a private contractor and I am un-insured. When arriving at Hill Country Ob/Gyn the receptionist was very rude and abrasive about my method of payment. She advised me that I would only be charged 80% of the bill if I paid immediately, and that if I was unable to pay that I would be charged the full 100%. Then she went on to advise me that she is unaware of what is going on with me or why I was seen at the ER, and that due to privacy issue she was not allowed to know this information. I am not sure why she elected to tell me this since I am familiar with the HIPPA law, and I have read Hill Country Ob/Gyn’s privacy clause; both very clearly state that administrative staff have the right to view medical records for billing purposes. Furthermore, after I had completed my visit I was instructed to provide the receptionist with a breakdown of the treatments I had received, which also very clearly stated why I had been referred to them. So, my initial experience was with the receptionist lying to me about her ability to have access to my medical records in effort to defend her lack of compassion. She might as well of told me “if you don’t have any money, find your healthcare elsewhere.” Fortunately for them, I paid cash for my appointment, when I could have elected to have Medicaid pick up the bill in couple of weeks. (Medicaid would have only paid them approximately 40% of what they had billed. I know this because I work for the State of Texas, I grew up in a family of medical providers, and I have taken several courses in Healthcare Administration). When I saw Dr. Hart she explained to me that it is possible that my body is attempting to miscarry, or it is also possible that I just have some unexplained bleeding and I will go on to have a viable pregnancy. She advised me that since the pregnancy is so early on that they only thing she could do at this time is some lab work to test my hormone levels, and that in a few weeks if I had not miscarried that another sonogram would be preformed. She then told me that she would call me later that day to give me my lab results. So, I go home to sit by the phone. Like any normal person I am very interested to know what is going on with my body and my newest family member…this has been a very emotional experience for me…with uncontrollable crying spells. …Well she never called. So, I called her the following day to request the results from my lab work. I spoke to Dr. Hart and was told that she would not have access to my results until she got home (?). She then promised me again that she would call me later that evening. Again no call; in fact, it is 1pm on day 3 and still no call regarding my lab results. In normal business settings it is expected that you will deliver your services within the time frame that you advise your client of. Apparently, this is not a business practice, or goal in which Dr. Hart strives to meet. The only nice thing I can say about this practice is that they have a friendly nurse. I would not recommend Hill Country Ob/Gyn to anyone as they appear to be very uncompassionate, rude and unprofessional. more

Don't trust them with your health 9/9/2010

I would not trust them with your health. I had several bad appointments and decided it was time to switch doctors.. Cannot get them to send a copy of my medical records after weeks so beware. more

Dr. Schneider is the Best! 1/11/2009

I only gave them 4 stars because the wait time can be very long. Usually, if this happens it is because the doctor is next door delivering a baby. I have been going to Dr. Schneider for almost 3 years and have only had good experiences. She delivered my second child at Seton SW. I feel that my wishes were respected throughout the pregnancy and delivery. I have seen Dr. Landermeyer twice, once for the 2nd half of an annual exam (Dr. Schneider's patient was about to give birth next door) and once while I was in the hospital. I liked Dr. L. , but have had no experiences with the other doctors. I like how the doctors can easily go back and forth between the office and hospital. Coming from another practice in another state, your Dr. was either in the office or at the hospital, but never both places on the same day. If you have a problem come up during business hours, you almost always get to see your Dr. here. My only suggestion for improvement is for the triage nurses to call back non emergency phone calls quicker. There is not much that can be done about the wait time as babies come when they are ready. I know my little guy kept someone else waiting a LONG TIME last May. more

Do not use them 9/4/2008

In our second pregnacy we knew we wanted to deliver at Seton SW. Not many reviews on the dr's there at the practice. On our first visit I had previously printed out all the forms off their site and filled them out. When we got there there is a huge wait time, unfriendly staff. The nurse we did like she was actually caring. Dr Eduardo came in briefly and when I told her we were spotting she then instructed me to move to another room to do an ultrasound. We found a heartbeat and she did not try to explain anything futher. On Aug 2nd I started to miscarry. We knew that if it was to happen nothing can stop it. We were instructed by the on call dr what to expect. I thought we passed it all. I seriously think I should have gone to the ER because of all the bleeding and they told me no there was nothing they could do. When I told my now dr this she was furious. On Monday when we saw Dr. Eduardo she did a scan and I was devested when there was still more left. We discussed the D&C and she stood with one hand on the door handle and door slightly open wanting to leave the room. She kept looking at us as if we should have known the answers. We had a ton of questions and she acted as if we were the least of importance. The hopital is great and very caring. She is very cold and rushed. There are 4 drs in the practice and way too many patience in overcrowded office. Anyone will walk in the room unannounced when your in sterrups. They try to tell you that any dr there has access to files and can help us. I do not personally like everyone in the entire world to see my cooch. When I do research I only want to see the one dr I choose. Not any one else. We are getting ready to try again for a baby and we went back to my old dr. She is a further drive and harder to get to, but that does not matter. She is the best doctor in the whole world and I will go any where to see her. Dr. Guzman Winn is amazing. DO NOT use Hill Country OBGYN horrible experience Pros: NONE Cons: not use them more

Short wait time, rude receptionist 2/4/2008

Overall this office is good. Every visit they try to make your appointment as quick as possible. I've never waited more than 10 minutes, which is a big plus compared to some doctor's offices. Unfortunately, that means sometimes you'll feel rushed and they don't have time to take any questions. The biggest problem with this office is the receptionist. There are two receptionist and one is much nicer. The other never smiles and always gives you a dirty look if you ask any questions. I've tried several times to smile at her and I've been extremely polite. Everytime I see her I wonder why she is so angry. Pros: short wait time Cons: feeling rushed, extremely rude receptionist more

Wrost place ever 10/20/2007

For so many years I thought it was me feeling like this. I am so glad that I am not crazy. I've had the worst luck with this set of Dr's. I wish they had someone looking at these reviews so that they can fix their problems. I was never taken care of in the 6+ years that I was with Dr. Reddy. When I had my daguther almost 6 years aago and when I went into labor I was tossed between 4 doctor's none which were Dr. Reddy. No one wanted to take the time with me and that's just one out of many things that upset me. They would tell me a certain date and time and then I would show up and of course it was never their fault. The wait was unbelieveable. Then they switch locations and didn't bother to tell their existing clients. It was just one thing after another. I will never go back there and I will never recommend someone to them. Pros: None Cons: Everything more

Not for non childbearers 7/24/2007

Other than the paperwork the whole experience was a disaster. I was told the wrong appointment time and arrived on the day and time requested. I was treated poorly over this "mistake". They "kindly" decided to squeeze me in with much eye rolling and sighing. I sat an hour and watched as pregnant woman after pregnant woman was let back and treated very kindly. In a room full of women I was the only one not pregnant or holding a baby. I was shuffled back, where my intake nurse left six times during my medical history and didn't bother to ask most of the basics that I expect to asked. I sat for another twenty minutes and waited for a ten minute exam that usually takes atleast twenty five. I wasn't given a breast exam or asked of any pain or uncomfortability. I wasn't even asked my name as I lay there staring at a baby colage attached to the ceiling. I was then asked to the lab and left redress. If your only purpose in visiting the obgyn is the ob part, you wil love this place. If not, don't bother. If the doctors want to run a profamily practice then they should express that so that doesn't put off women who are not interested. It is not a place for other issues such as pregnancy prevention, sti testing, annual check ups, and other gynocological concerns. They should let everyone know that. Pros: convenient to the hospital Cons: customer service, waiting time,etc more

Not very Caring 7/6/2006

These doctors have overlooked several problems with myself when I went to them and since I have heard of other stories of other women with problems that were also misdiagnosed. I miscarried a twin and the doctors here acted like I was making the whole thing up. They asked me why I didn't bring in the remains. I was traveling and didn't conveniently have a large ziploc bag in the airport with me when I had the cramps and went to the bathroom. I had been complaining of cramps, but the doctor could never see me for days. Another lady I know that miscarried was told by a Doctor here that God was trying to tell her that she shouldn't have children!! Can you believe that? The front office staff is also extremely rude. The secretary talks on personal calls while you wait to ask her a relevant question and then she acts as though you are disturbing her. Pros: Convenient location if you are in South Austin. Parking is good. Cons: Doctors and staff act as though you are wasting their time. more
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