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Hem of His Garment II Thrift Shop - 20 Reviews - 724 W Corbett Ave, Swansboro, NC - Retail Shopping Reviews - Phone (910) 326-1811

Hem of His Garment II Thrift Shop

724 W Corbett Ave
Swansboro, NC 28584
(910) 326-1811
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The staff is always friendly & helpful. Good buys & fun ! Remember these people are volunteers & should be treated respectfully. I don't know why people think they are entitled to...


Well wear should i start, one day i went in there and i saw a nice riding lawn mower, i look at the price and i have to go and get more money. So i tell the guy not to sell it il...

Love shopping at the Hem 8/20/2016

The staff is always friendly & helpful. Good buys & fun ! Remember these people are volunteers & should be treated respectfully. I don't know why people think they are entitled to keeping people past the time of store hrs. They close at 3:30. Luv my Hem? more

Interesting Thrift Store! 12/12/2015

I love to shop at The Hem when vacationing in the area. I have never asked for assistance there and cannot speak to that part of The Hem's mission. However, if you like thrift store shopping, you can always find something interesting. Great selection of books and kitchen items, china, etc. Some of the prices on the used furniture do seem a bit high, but other items are frequently a good deal. If what I purchase helps someone in need, all the better. Personally, I have found their volunteers at the check out to be nice and helpful. more

Horrible Volunteers!!!!! such a d 11/29/2014

If I could give this thrift store negative stars I would!!!! I was extremely excited to check out the thrift store because it was a supposivly a Christian organization to support the community. While shopping the store, 15 minutes prior to closing the staff anounces the store was closing and immediately turned the lights off and followed my family and I around the store to to checkout. While waiting in line to pay my little brothers saw a watch he really liked and wanted to purchase it and the ladies gave him a extremely hard time and guilt trip complaining that the store had closed 15 minutes ago when it was only 3:45. When we finally finished payments and after endless rude comments we tried to leave through the front door and I was basically attacked and screamed at and told NOT TO UNLOCK MY DOOR" and finally I have had enough and told through lady she was being very rude and not to speak to me like that and she continued to argue and yell. I have never been treat to rudely and nasty in my life and I expected way more from people that claim to be Christians! And by meaning that means Christ like! Which certainly was not the case....I would love to seriously volunteers there with true servants hearts! Such a waste of time and a huge disapointment. more

Rude ladies and cranky old man in back 11/6/2014

I go by once a week. because I do find some great items. but I think very little of the rude women checking us out, I have noticed when a new women starts there she's nice then shortly after becomes rude, and the cranky old guy sitting in back is a joke. Prices are to high for someone in true need and no use talking to all the rude workers. more

Wow! Jerks! 7/16/2014

The reviews say it all. To be operated by volunteers, these people are jerks. Go to The Hem with the expectation of dealing with someone nice, helpful, courteous and with a friendly smile and willingness to help, and you will be greatly disappointed. If you want to be treated like crap by a bunch of grumpy old jerk wads that are there just so their kids won't put them in the nursing home, and if you like paying retail prices for dirty junk...this is the place for you. Hey...Hem....get your act together. You guys are supposed to be Christians. You are making real Christians look bad. Non-profit, my eye. more

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Judgemental, Disrespectful, Condescending, "Holier than Thou" 7/4/2014

Judgemental, Disrespectful, Condescending, "Holier than Thou" is how the voluteers act when someone goes in there for help. The Hem needs to take a serious look at the 'Christians' they have working for them and our community. They make the community feel like we're not good enough to even ask. Jesus would never have treated anyone like they did. I should clarify that it was one woman in particular who is extremely hateful. I have heard from others that this woman is hateful and disrespectufl to everyone. She works in the main office. more

Lots of great finds!! 6/27/2013

My sisters and I were vacationing and found the Hem. We all found great jewelry, books, ornaments, and trinkets. I highly recommend this shop. They also gave us a free loaf of bread. more

Not Fair People 4/24/2013

Im with alot of you out there on not fair. I am a single mom of to who lives in Cedar Island north carolina and my 8 year old wants a futon bed so so bad and I cant aford one from the stores so I went all the way there yesterday because they said they had one and when I got there it was 85 dollars and I said how about 40 cause im a single mom and he said no so I said how bout 50 and he said no and I sai how about 60 cause thats all I can afford and he said no. They get the stuff gave to them so I dont see why hecouldnt take the 60. It was better than nothing especialy since he got it free. Well anyways my 8 year old left there balling and so did I cause all I had on me was 60 more

Eastern NC NEEDS the HEM !!! 9/2/2012

I travel every few months to visit family in the Swansboro area and each time I visit I make sure to stop in at the Hem. I can always find a good bargain and even some unexpected treats. I have always been treated very nicely by all the staff I have encountered. I realize that the economy is not that good and many people are out of work. There is NO way the HEM can help everyone, I know they would like too. They do a good job and give it the best they can. I hear people complain about the prices, and I want to tell them that the $150.00 you may have to pay for that washer turns around and goes to pay the electrical bill so you can have LIGHTS to see when you shop, and AC to keep you cool and comfortable while you shop, but most of all most of the money earned in the store goes to Family Assistance to help the needy. Eastern NC really NEEDS the HEM, and the old saying stands "You will never please everyone", but that does not stop the HEM from trying. I remember one time I was shopping and a gentleman needed some shoes (BADLY) he found a pair that were $3.00 and he discovered he only had about 75 cents. The HEM Manager came up to the man and GAVE him the shoes and hugged him and said "God Bless You and have a good day MY FRIEND". How many places do that ???? In my opinion I make a point to shop at the HEM for those reasons and many more. I say to the complainers and negative people, go and volunteer !!!! and find out how truly good and rewarding the place can be. Stop being mad and judgmental when you may not get the answer you want. They can only help so many, with so much for so long. and YES.... GOD is in that place !!!! more

not so kind people. 8/15/2012

Well wear should i start, one day i went in there and i saw a nice riding lawn mower, i look at the price and i have to go and get more money. So i tell the guy not to sell it ill be right back. But then i come back and it is gone. Also one day i go and try to get a washing machine and i see the price is 130 so i try to negotiate i start at 100 and he says no 125, then i go to 110, no 125, then i go to 115, and then again, no 125. i go up to 120 but he did not want to go for that, so i left. I thought to my self that the washing machine was a donation and all he was going to lose was 10 bucks. so you will never see there again. more

Appalling 1/27/2012

I am shocked that a place name The Hem Of His Garment, supposedly representing the Lord Jesus Christ.A organization claiming to aid the local community, kept in business by donation. Would have the nerve, the unmitigated gall to charge such outrageous prices. Most people who go there are on fixed or low income. They can't afford to shop at this local thrift store. The volunteers shoving their cars full of donated merchandise, helping themselves, picking through. In my book that is stealing. As far as helping those in need. They turn away more than help. Getting assistance from them is like pulling teeth. So lets take a look here. 1. picking your pockets. 2. stealing from others 3.refusing help to those in need. I ask you where is God in that? My bible tells me to sow in to good ground, this place is certainly not good ground! Maybe the Churches who support this thrift store should take a hard look at what they are sowing into to. Is it God or is it man? more

Price increases 9/17/2011

I've been a long time customer of "Hem" but in my visit last week I was astounded at the price increases. Some of the items were priced above new. Fellow shoppers were commenting the same as well. Too bad, this is a great service. more

Why ? 8/18/2011

I have always shopped at the Swansboro store until today. Because I have a physically challenged grand daughter and I have always put her in a buggy to shop there,thought nothing of my actions upon entering the store. I never leave her unattended,she is always in front of me within arms reach but I was told that she could no longer be allowed to ride in the cart.due to the insurance regulations. So I have now made my last trip which is normally twice weekly,with numerous donations made by my family and friends. I feel that yes we were singled out and discriminated against because she can not ride in a stroller. more

Raised Prices 5/28/2011

This place was great but lately the prices have increased noticeably. It's at the point that you question whether it is cheaper to buy new. more

help for people only from Swansbobo 10/26/2010

do take things to this place because they will only help people who are from Swansboro. more

A MUST see place 7/13/2010

Anything you are looking for the HEM may have it. Friendly and compassionate people VOLUNTEER their time there. Most people I talk to volunteer 40+ hrs a week. Donations come in and go into various depts. No other place in the area for MILES has a place like this. Time and care is taken into product that goes out on the floor. One thing that I admire is the fact that the money earned in the store goes right back into the community to help those in need. The food pantry reaches a helping hand to those in need also. 2 thumbs up to this church based organization for the wonderful work they do. If you have not yet discovered the Hem of His Garment in Swansboro NC, you must do so ! You can feel the love and caring from the time you walk in the door. Nothing goes undone if you need a loaf of bread they even have that covered, there is free bread and sweets for the customers as they enter the store. They make you feel like family. This is one place that beckons you back time and time again, and gives you the feeling of wanting to join the family as a volunteer. The prices are right, the smiles are free and the love abounds ! and yes they have not forgotten one other thing, they even have an on site chaplain ! shopping has never been better. God really is glorified throughout the HEM ! more

Love the Hem!! 6/24/2010

This is the largest thrift store I've been in with a wide variety of inventory ranging from the standard clothes, books & dishes to a HUGE furniture room, sports equipment, craft supplies, construction material, antiques, and even the occasional boat or motor vehicle. There is very little you won't find there, and the prices are USUALLY good. However, as another reviewer mentioned, you will occasionally be quoted a completely ridiculous price. The problem is not the manager, as someone suggested - he doesn't normally do pricing, and times I've ask him about an unpriced item he's always given me a fair deal. But, because they are staffed by volunteers, you take what you get and some have a better grasp of pricing than others. One older gentleman in particular (who is a very nice fellow, btw) works in the back with the furniture and always prices things at 3X the price of anyone else (I've actually tested this, asking Jeff for a price first, and then seeing what this guy would tell me for the same item). I once ask about a chair that had no price on it. He told me $80. I said, "Look, I'm not trying to haggle with you, but that chair honestly is not worth more than about $25." He insisted that $60 was the least they could take for it, and that was a steal. I went back in the following day and there sat the chair, with a sold tag marked $25 (apparently sold by someone other than him). I've gotten to where, if I see him coming, I just go the other way. He's the only one who does this and he does it consistently. I really don't think he means any harm, (what does a volunteer in a non-profit store have to gain by gouging anyone?) he just doesn't have good knowledge of what used items are worth. But if you can identify this one fellow and avoid him, you will generally get a good deal. more

You CANNOT beat the HEM 4/13/2009

It is not the HEM II just the HEM. Cannot beat this place for bargains, free bread and friendly people. Many people put in hundreds of volunteer hours and are very dedicated. There is NO other place around for miles and miles like the HEM. My hat goes off ot the manager who is kind and very giving. The assistant managers are an attribute to the organization, many who put in 4o hrs a week without being paid. The whole process from drop off to sale is amazing. Swansboro and area is blessed to have the HEM/WOEOM. more

Thrifty Shopping 1/26/2009

You can find some very nice things in this second hand store. I guess the money goes to very good causes,but the prices have gotten to be new priced for used items. Fifty dollars for an old used pressed wood desk. It would be that brand new at Walmart. I think the manager is getting a little greedy with donated items. I used to love to go all the time,now it's overpriced. It's sad because a lot of people that go there need bargains. more

very worthy cause 10/21/2005

This place is a second hand store, but instead of keeping the profits they take it and give it to the less fortunate. If you have anything you want to get rid of bring it to them. They will give a receipt and you can get a tax break. These are very nice people there, all volunteers trying to sell second hand things to help the people in the community that are in a financial bind. They also provide emergency food for families who cannot afford it. Great place. if you need to get rid of things that you no longer need then please donate it to them. more
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