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Health Connections Ctr Inc

530 S 2nd St Ste 106
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 627-6000
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Without HC I would not be alive to write this review. When I realized I was facing a life threatening health crisis..I weighed my options...I could spend $3,000 to go away to a sp...


I was unsure what to expect as I have never been to a holistic facility before and never had a colonic. As a first time patient I was greeted by the receptionist who asked me to ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/25/2013

I have been getting colonic here for the past two months and I can't believe how good I feel. My bloated ness has decrease tremendously. I don't feel fat after I eat any more. I take acidophilus along with the colonic. I already lost 5 pounds without trying. I feel we'll. that's the only way I can describe this. I give this place 5 stars easily. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2012

So relieved after coming here that none of the bad reviews were true! Had a very relaxing time, chatted with the nice staff members before having a session with Master Park, and then got into that zone for a few minutes before having a colonic with Jhourdan. She made me laugh the whole time, and all of it went exactly the way I wanted it to. Thanks! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2012

I have been coming to the center a little over a year, I feel like I have seen the place get better and nicer the whole time. I like working with Jhourdan, and everyone in the office knows my name when I come in. It's a nice feeling that everyone comes to say hi or ask how I am at a place with such important services. I'd check it out or recommend it if you have pain or need healing. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/21/2012

I really love this place! The colonics are done in a relaxed atmosphere and I never feel tense, as in other places. The therapist I had was really pleasant, too. Health Connections is also in a nice, safe location. They also bring in a Chi Energy Healer, Master Park, who has helped me enormously with my joint pain. more

Body wrap baby! 5/23/2012

The other day I had a body wrap here. It was great! The sauna is very intense, perfect for detoxing. I usually do juicing, but this time, I wanted to look really good for my vacation. Definitely recommend it, I will be back! more

beware 3/1/2012

I had a body wrap here at the end of December 2011. The girl wrapped me and said she would be back to check in on me but never came back until it was time for me to get unwrapped. I was not told of any movement restrictions and had moved my arm while I was lying on the table. Since my muscles were wrapped and had no range of motion (which is what I was told by 3 different dr.'s) I tore my muscle in my upper left chest. It is March 2012 and I am still in severe pain and now have to start physical therapy. I'm out a ton of money for co-pays and physical therapy, besides wasted time seeing dr.'s and going to physical therapy and I didn't even lose a half inch. The measurement was no different afterwards. When I complained I was only offered a $15 refund and was told I did lose something. The girl that measured me told me the before and after measurements so how could this lady who was not in the room and who did not measure me say I lost something? She also told me she's been doing these body wraps for years and said my pain couldn't have been from that. The pain was instant right after I moved my arm and I was fine before I was wrapped. If she's been doing these for so long she should know to tell people not to move while their muscles are wrapped to prevent injury. Don't waste your money! more

A Life Saver 2/2/2012

Without HC I would not be alive to write this review. When I realized I was facing a life threatening health crisis..I weighed my options...I could spend $3,000 to go away to a spa for 5 days....or have an entire year's worth of treatements at Health Connections....My life threatening High Blood Pressure is the lowest that it has ever been through chelation...Aches and pains have disappeared through Master Park's Korean Chi Acupressure....I found the secret to my cardiovascular disease at the Mind Body Spirit Expo - and I am on my way to perfect health. more

Someone who knows 12/12/2011

I have been coming to Anne's place for I think 15 years, and I've always received good services and I've never been disappointed. She always delivers exceptional care and service. I've had everything done here from body wraps to colonics to Master Park. I've always been treated very well by Anne and her staff. Anne is the ""who's who"" in Philadelphia for colonics and any holistic service. I couldn't recommend this place more highly, and I don't understand all these other bad reviews that I don't think are true. more

Health Connections the BEST !!!!! 12/9/2011

I think Health Connections is one of the BEST places for Colonics. Anne is very conciderate and kind. I have gone to Health Connections for years and I will continue.Very comfortable atmosphere. more

This Spa didnt match any of the neg. reviews I had a more th 12/5/2011

You know something? I come on to search places to go an saw so me reviews, obviously good and bad. I find it best to check out a place myself. I came back on to write a review about my experience ans see like5-6 comments from mastina!!! Im not sure what your deal is, i take it you must be in love with this Helen person since you find the need to defend her so much. Usually anyone who needs a client or friend to write negative things about good comments has some major issues obviously this Helen isnt so great who knows all i see you talking about is how she was so good. well she's not there anymore so who cares. hop off of her. I want to hear about who is there not someone who isnt. Im sorry but it doesnt seem relavant. You even stated yourself you were told this person was fired. most people who are fired probably deserved to be. You need to grow up. My experience here was amazing, point blank. I thought Anne was a nice helpful woman, and the tech 100% i'll see you again. more

Worst Place For A Colonic! The Owner is a *itch!!!!! 10/7/2011

The owner Anne is a money grubbing, inconsiderate, unprofessional *itch!!! She ran away the ""GLUE"" named Helen, that kept faithful clients like myself coming to this shrivel up drabby mouse infested spa! She's telling some clients that she doesn't know where Helen is or if she's coming back. But she told me that she had fired Helen when I called for a colonic but refused her for Helen's replacement. This owner insulted me on numerous occassions when I could not make appt due to family, life-threatening events. I have heard others complain about how Anne is very rude and overbearing...almost forceful when u have a question for Helen...she demands to know what it is until you simply hang up on her ass! She has a heart of stone and only your money and your credit card will warm this lady up. You would think that she would be the nicest lady you could ever meet since she looks like a scrawny troll! Now that there's no more Helen (who was one of the most nicest, professional, knowledgeable technicians you could ever have do your colonics and wraps), i'm sure business will not be ""booming"" like before. The owner/Anne, is now offering desperate discounts for colonics and wraps now that she realize she put her foot in ther fat mouth. What she fails to tell clients is that she doesn't stay in the room the entire time during the colonic! Nope, she leaves the room for mins at a time or she talks on the phone while she's giving you your colonic. Now how professional and considerate is that!!! Health Connections is definitely not Healthy! Good Luck to Helen and all her endeavors...your clients are waiting patiiently if and when you decide to have your own!!!! more

Great place for a colonic! 9/14/2011

If you are looking to improve your health and the way you feel, a colonic is imperative to clean out the toxins in your system, the waste matter that can still hang around and make you feel physically tired and mentally grumpy. I've been to several colonic places on the East Coast and Health Connections in Philly is one of my favorites. The personnel are attentive and pleasant, and the neighborhood is in a charming district where I always feel safe. I have to add a side note, however, that I'm surprised that some people still don't seem to understand the rule of a cancellation policy. It is made very clear at Health Connections, as well as other such establishments, that if you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled colonic and they can't fill the spot, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Every person who makes an appointment KNOWS this rule, and yet a few get upset by it when they cancel within a few hours of their appointment. Canceling in such a haphazard way is disrespectful to therapist and to the business establishment and can harm a business by creating dead spots in the schedule with therapist doing nothing while on the clock. It's also respectful to everyone, including other clients, to be on time. If you follow these simple rules, everything will be fine. more

Love the Way I felt afterwards 9/14/2011

My friend Janibe just wrote a review and asked me to write one too,. Gladly I said why because this is an awesome place. I felt so good after one colon therapy session. i had colonics somewhere else where they used the libbe machine and didn't feel any difference. At the Health Connections they use the Woods method. Loved it. What a difference. Also I find that they go over diets and dos and don't s. They model there 8 week program after Bernard Jensen who is the one who really started Colon Therapy. He is known as the Grand Daddy of it all. This is a good place - no a great place. Just make sure you get there on time because I was told that you have the room for only an hour. If your late you could be taking away from you own time. Other then that , I really loved the place. more

The Best Place in Town 9/14/2011

I went to the Health Connections on the advice of a friend and found a warm and personable place. After reading some of the reviews I had some reservations but my friend told me not to buy into what I was reading and that it might have been a someone who had a bone to pick. When I went - it I was greeted nicely by the therapist and then was put into a very comfortable chair - didn't want to leave the chair - to fill out some forms. The owner spoke to me for a few minutes and she was pleasant and went over exactly what would occur during the session and reviewed the questionnaire I filled out. She was very knowledge and I felt I was in good hands. The therapist was very nice and the colonic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After the colonic, the therapist went over my diet and a program which consisted of 8 visits. She explained the program in full and was told what I should expect on the next visit. Immediately I felt lighter - I have trouble with gas build up. My stomach was down and by the next day I felt energized. I really couldn't believe how good I felt. I hadn't felt that way in a long long time. I am now on my fifth visit and I must say I feel really really good. I loss some weight and my skin looks better but the most important thing I think is how I feel. I feel GREAT. I am very pleased with the results so far and I have recommended the place to by friends and co workers - so far one of my friends went and said she felt great afterward. As I said I have read the reviews and really wrote this one because I can't believe some of the things I have read. They provide a good service, and they are professional and know what they are doing. Two thumbs up for sure. more



Fine Colon cleanse 7/20/2011

I thought it was very good. Lots of places make you do the procedure yourself which is crazy. I had a woman do the procedure to me. Nice lady did mine, it was very thorough lol! Very good, gentle and they used warm water. I have another appointment in two weeks. more

Very Good- VERY Good 6/8/2011

This was not even close to the first time I've had a colonic. I've had colonics every month or two for the past 5 years. I've had them all over PA and OH where I travel often. This was the best. VERY GOOD. A woman (I believe her name was Helen--SORRY!) was the most gentle, thorough and polite therapist I've ever dealt with.\r \r Friends of mine had told me she was very good so I tried it out while I was at a conference in King of Prussia. I came in and had a great experience. I've never had such a lasting treatment before- it really made me feel great. I will always go to this place when I'm in the area. I honestly can't say enough good things about my therapist. \r \r If you haven't tried this procedure it's well worth looking into these things have changed my life! I used to struggle with weight and overall digestive function (without getting into too much detail) and since dong colonics I've reduced my symptoms 10 fold. If you're thinking about getting this done, go to Health Connections. more

Disappointed by dishonesty 5/12/2011

Even after reading the mixed reviews I decided I would give Health Connections a try realizing that it just may not be a fit for those who sent in negative reviews. Unfortunately, I was wrong. \r \r I was really disappointed with my experience at Health Connections. First, the facility was unsanitary. Being as though it is a Health Center I was SHOCKED to see there was a mouse running around in the receptionist area and that restroom trashcans looked as though they had gone a day or two without being emptied. The area rug in the receptionist area was in need of vacuuming and the floors througout needed to be swept. In short, Health Connections would greatly benefit from a cleaning service. \r \r Health Connections website guarantees a 6-20 inch loss after your first body wrap session. I am average weight (130) for my 5'5' frame but losing six inches over your entire body is not a lot so I didn't think the boast was unreasonable. However, the room I was placed in never reached the 100 degrees I was told it would and this was probably because to my utter surprise it was only heated with a space heater!! ( I couldn't make this stuff up). \r \r Before I was wrapped I was measured and the measurements were accurate to the measurements I had made on my own at home. AFTER the wrap however, the tape measure was pulled snuggly against my body (evening pinching in some parts) to GUARANTEE ""at least"" a six inch loss. Once Helen left the room I remeasured myself with the tape measure she had left on the table. Needless to say the measurements did not match those that Helen had reported.\r \r I was more disappointed by this dishonesty than anything as Helen was an otherwise informative and pleasant technician. I could not with a good conscience recommend Health Connections to anyone. more

Best Colonic 2/17/2011

Refreshing to find a place with top of the line equipment!! I've been cleansing since the early 90's and I haven't seen anywhere else in NJ or PA that has quality machines. more


This was the best colonic I have ever had. The therapist was very knowledge and has worked there for many years. I feel great . My life has been reclaimed!! Thank you. more
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