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Hansen Kevin J Pt

14850 Lake Hills Blvd
Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 957-4500
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I had tremendous pain in my hip and I was barely able to get out of the bed. I went to see him based on a friend's recommendation. He checked my posture, walk etc thoroughly and q...



I was referred to him by my OB for pregnancy related headaches and hip pains. He had warm, sweaty hands that were sticky when he put them on my face, and spat when he spoke while...

If you're a mother, go elsewhere. 3/30/2016

I came to Hansen physical therapy because of their reviews on Yelp and Google. At first I found the practice a little odd considering the rooms they do physical therapy in are the size of a shoe box but decided to continue. A couple weeks into my appointments I was asked to move my scheduled time (2 PM) because another client would like that time slot. I found it rude but I am a stay at home mom due to my back injury so my schedule is a little more flexible than someone working. I agreed to change my scheduled time. Today I had to cancel my appointment for the second week in a row due to my sitter. I was already very frustrated with her and called to let them know I was going to move my scheduled time to Fridays at 4:30 and have my fiance' get off work early so we no longer have to rely on our sitter. As if having to pay a $50 cancelation fee wasn't enough the receptionist called to let me know Kevin is no longer interested in working with me because I can't show up to my appointments. For anyone who is a mother, they know the difficulty that comes with finding committed childcare. It is one of the hardest things about being a mom. So my suggestion is, if you are a mother... Please do not go to this practice. I made it very clear that missing my appointments had nothing to do with my reliability. But, he did not care. From one mother to another, find a therapist that cares about more than just a dollar. more

Knows how to fix back/hip problems 5/7/2014

I had tremendous pain in my hip and I was barely able to get out of the bed. I went to see him based on a friend's recommendation. He checked my posture, walk etc thoroughly and quickly zeroed in on the problem. He did some corrective therapy during the first session and sent me home with exercises that corrected my problem in about a week. he was very clear about what I needed to do and also the risk of recurrence. I liked his effectiveness and candidness. Definitely recommended. more

He can help you (even if you're not pregnant)! 8/17/2012

I have severe scoliosis and knee problems and, over the past five years, Kevin has helped me with my knee and back pain as well as elbow pain, foot pain and more. I only have to visit his office once or twice a year because his is so efficient and effective. I only bother going to the doctor so I can get my referral. I feel so lucky that Kevin works here in Bellevue! more

He is awesome 7/23/2012

Dr. Hansen gets to the point and understand your issue very quickly. He is not one of those doctors who expects you to make frequent visits. I have seen lot of PT's and they don't even tell you what the exact issue is. In that regard Dr.Hansen gets to the root cause and explains the issue in detail and give you posture related tips as well. I highly recommend him more

The only person I go to with my back issues. 4/6/2012

I have been going to Kevin Hansen for over 6 years now and he's helped diagnose my back issues more than anyone else I've gone to. He had me get specific made just for me orthodics, which immediately helped align my back. Now I am pregnant and go to him for adjustments throughout that and he's created a maternity suit for pregnant women to wear that has been a huge help to me as well. I didn't know how I'd handle this pregnancy with all of my back issues, but with my orthodics and maternity suit...I do quite well! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hansen. more

great experience 2/22/2012

Saw him for a hip/buttock pain issue, pregnancy related, I was 'realigned' with a few quick painless moves, and haven't had the issue since. Very pleased needless to say. Got some quick and easy exercises to prevent reoccurance and also some abdominal exercises. He really knows his stuff and was great at explaining in detail what had been going on. more

Highly recommend!!!! Best PT experience. 1/24/2012

I had severe pelvin pain during my first trimester (rare) where I was hardly able to walk, get up from chair, or turn in bed without experiencing excruciating pain. Dr. Hansen was able to quickly pin-point exactly where the problem was, explain thoroughly the cause for pain and mechanics of what was happening at each step of the PT treatment, and demonstrated a pevic home-exercise that can be used on a daily basis. He's extrememly knowledgeable and will take all the time to answer any and all questions you may have. In addition, he kindly offered to show me core-exercise that can help pregnant women build up strength in the core area. I would highly recommend Dr. Hansen even during early pregancy to help prepare for the on-coming changes. more

Best PT experience for low back pain 12/13/2011

If you have ever needed a physical therapy for your low back pain, or are in immediate need of physical therapy for the pain, I would highly recommend Kevin Hansen in Bellevue. I had been to three other PTs in 2 years before I came to Kevin, no one had worked effectively. My low back pain had been with me for almost 10 years, and became very serious after pregnant. Both my OB doctor and a friend recommended Kevin. The first time I came to Kevin's office, I knew I was in the right place finally. Kevin knows what he is doing and a real professional. He checked my problem thoroughly and was very helpful in explaining how the techniques aid in my therapy. Just right after the first time visit, I did not feel the pain during the daytime anymore, which is amazing. I have been visited for 3 times so far and I can feel my condition is improving. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone I know who is in need of PT for the low back pain. more

Great experience 8/3/2011

I am in third trimester of my pregnancy and could hardly put any weight on my right leg and was wincing in pain whenever I did. My OB recommended Kevin, he quickly diagnosed the problem and walked me through few routines. I felt very good after first session. He was very professional and explained what was causing the pain and showed me couple of stretches that I can do at home. In less than a week I am pain free and have no problem getting to work. I would strongly recommend Kevin if you are suffering from back pains during pregnancy. more

Made a tremendous difference 7/29/2011

My OB referred me to Kevin Hansen during my first pregnancy when I developed severe back pain in the second trimester. The pain left me barely able to walk and greatly impacted my ability to conduct my daily activities at work and home. In one appointment, Kevin Hansen was able to determine the source of the problem and provide me with an exercise that resolved it. I performed the exercise daily for the remainder of my pregnancy and remained 100% pain free. Following delivery, Kevin Hansen provided me with a strengthening exercise that successfully prevented the problem from recurring in my second pregnancy. I would highly recommend Kevin Hansen to others. His treatment succeeded where other treatment modalities failed and made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. He and his staff were prompt and professional. more

Great results 7/19/2011

I saw Kevin during my 2nd pregnancy. I was having severe lower back pain and could hardly walk. My OB referred me to Kevin, and I have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical that PT would work for my back pain. Kevin was really helpful and thoroughly explained to me why I was having so much pain and how the exercises that he showed me would help me feel better. I am happy to report that after just one week of following the routine he outlined for me, I am almost totally pain free! I am so relieved because I thought the pain was something that I was going to have to just deal with until my baby is born. I am able to walk and move around so much better now! more

cured my pain 2/18/2009

I would definitely recommend seeing Kevin Hansen if you have any lower back pain, hip pain, buttock pain or outer thigh pain. Those are all the symptoms I had and he determined that my pelvic bones were not aligned. He put them back in place and the difference is amazing! It seemed to be worse for me around my pregnancies because of the hormone that loosens the ligaments. I am so grateful that I don't have pain anymore! more

hm 9/27/2007

I was referred to him by my OB for pregnancy related headaches and hip pains. He had warm, sweaty hands that were sticky when he put them on my face, and spat when he spoke while talking over me (landed on my face, thank you very much). That was enough to put me off going back. But I also didn't feel like his treatment that visit was especially effective -- ie massage or stretching that wasn't quite hitting the right spot. I ended up at a different physical therapist that seemed more professional and with whom I felt a difference right away. more

Awesome for pregnancy related physiotherapy 3/31/2007

My wife's obgyn recommended him because she was having a lot of upper back pain. Before going to him, she would usually be in tears by the end of the day because of the pain. After she started seeing him, she's able to be up all day and still not much pain by evening. He's made all the difference between remaining in bed and remaining active during her pregnancy. more

He's OK 3/22/2007

Dr. Hansen does seem to know his stuff, but I wouldn't say that he's very professional. When I see him, he talks my ear off and cuts me off when I try to get a word in edgewise. His office smells strange and he speaks very loud too. He diagnosed my problem right away as well so I would suggest going to him if you are or were pregnant. My initial opinion of him is that he's rather arrogant and thinks quite highly of himself. more

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Great reputation, esp. with twin pregnancies! 2/18/2006

The short version: Dr. Hansen knows his stuff, works quickly, won't make you wait, is polite and professional, and has a reputation at least in the area of pregnancy-related physiotherapy (and almost certainly does great in every other area). Long version: I'm currently pregnant w/ twins, and had a related side effect of rib pain. The Evergreen midwives recommended Dr. Hansen, and am I glad I took that recommendation! As soon as I told him where I was uncomfortable, he had a guess for the diagnosis, confirmed it in three minutes, and fixed it in another 5 minutes. The problem? A rib became dislocated! Since then, I've had to see Dr. Hansen several times for related problems. He's always made an effort to squeeze me into his busy schedule ASAP, and is always polite, professional, and very quick - no long waits at his clinic! I'm not the only one who recommends him, either - he is the most commonly suggested physiotherapist in the EMOMS (Eastside Mothers of Multiples) forums. He seems to have an especially strong reputation working with pregnant women, including mothers expecting twins or more. I would assume he is very skilled with other areas as well, this is just where I've encountered his name. more
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