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Gem State Staffing - 10 Reviews - 5250 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID - Employment Agencies Reviews - Phone (208) 333-0033

Gem State Staffing

5250 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 333-0033
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Gem State Staffing is a great company to work for. They always have work for me and I get paid the same day.


Gem State Staffing is one huge joke and they always treat people like they're better than them. I honestly can't stand the branch manager in Pocatello. The guy named ""Ryan"" is a...

Great! 1/26/2012

Gem State Staffing is a great company to work for. They always have work for me and I get paid the same day. more

Funny 8/18/2010

I have currently worked for Gem State Staffing off and on for about 3 years. They saved me. No one else would employ me at the time. As I demonstrated a good work ethic, Gem State Staffing sent me out to a very well paying job doing metal fabrication. After learned to weld I was hired on permanent and quit working for Gem State. About a year later, I was layed off during the economic crisis. I went back to Gem State Staffing, and again was put to work and have continued to work for them, even now. more

Pocatello Office 7/8/2010

Gem State Staffing is one huge joke and they always treat people like they're better than them. I honestly can't stand the branch manager in Pocatello. The guy named ""Ryan"" is about as cocky as a rooster about to fight and always treats you like he's better than you, or that you don't know anything and they know everything. The agency has no idea what real work is because all they do is sit in an office all day long and play on facebook and watch movies. I actually went into their office in Pocatello and they had people sitting around watching R-Rated movies with vulgar language and even sexual content! DO NO USE THESE PEOPLE YOU WILL REGRET IT. Pros: None at all Cons: EVERYTHING more

The worst... 2/3/2010

*The one star rating is only because I had to pick a rating. based on their service, I would actually rate them ""no stars"" because they obviously do not want smart, skilled, qualified people working for them.* I had called them the day before to see what time they opened, I was told 6 am. I went in there only to be left standing there while the guy behind the desk, Jeremiah, was playing with his FACEBOOK. He obviously didn't not feel the need to acknowledge me until he was putting on his coat to go outside. I then asked him what types of jobs they have available and he asked me if I had registered with them. I told him that I had not and he then told me that he could not tell me about ANYTHING about ANY jobs until I did so. I then told him that I would like to register and he informed me that I could not even register for another two hours. This place is one of the biggest jokes I have ever been to. Jeremiah was rude, unhelpful, and very ignorant. He was too wrapped up in Facebook and playing with his cell phone to even take time to explain the process. He made me feel like I wasn't worthy of gaining employment from them and it was a waste of his time to talk to me. With the way he treated me, and the fact that there was 8 or 9 Hispanics who couldn't even speak English waiting for the job that they had been given to start, I hope no self-respecting person would give them the opportunity to make a single penny off of them. It is too bad to see a company with standards such as theirs, make a profit in this economy, when so many other people with decent morals and values have lost their businesses and means of taking care of their families. more

Very Rude 12/19/2009

The first day I went in they treated me like I was not good enough to be there. I went in only because I was working for a friend for some extra cash and something to do during the Christmas season. I didn't really need the job but it was a great opportunity. When I walked in the door I let them know I already have a job I just need to fill out the paperwork so I can get paid. They gave me the paperwork and just pointed where to sit not saying a word. I didn't really mind that I figured it could have been a bad day. Then I called this last Thursday to see if they would be open on Saturday because of the holidays and I was told they would be open from 7-10am so I got up early and made sure I could get there before I had to get to work. When I got there it was closed with no indication of why it would be. I called the number on the flyer that had the hours as 7-10am to ask why it was not open. He informed me that they would not be open because of a Christmast party later tonight. I told him that I had called on Thursday and was informed that they would be open from 7-10am and I jokingly said aawww so someone lied to me and before I could finish to ask if there was any chance of them being there tonight he interrupted me and said no one lied to you, they must have forgotten and told me I was being rude and he did not appreciate it. I was not very happy about being interrupted and told I was being rude. I asked him when I could get a check printed because I leave tomorrow and need the money before I leave. He told me that he would come down and he would be there in 5-10 minutes I said thank you and he hung up without saying anything else. Twenty minutes later he pulls up. I did appreciate him coming in to open the place when it said they were open it was nice of him to do his job. He called my supervisor while I was there instead of asking me if I was still working there because he didn't want to talk to me is what he later said. He kept telling me how rude I am I asked him to elaborate because I told him that I was joking and I apologize if he did not take it as a joke. He told me he is my boss and I can no longer work with that company any longer. I told him that is fine because with this kind of service I would not want to come back. I asked him who his supervisor is and he said that he is it, he is the branch manager and there is no one above him. I did not believe him so I tried again. He would not give me any information like he knew he was wrong. All they would have had to do was put up a sign saying due to the holiday season we are closed today. Instead he had to get defensive when I was joking around. Then he told me to go look up the word ""lie"" because I obviously did not know what it means. I told him he was being a jerk which was over the line but I did not appreciate being treated that way when I was told the wrong information. He never even apologized for someone telling me the wrong information. more

Joe at the Twin Falls location is Very deceptive and abusive 3/26/2009

Very rude the minute you walk in the door! In twin falls, the manager named joe is a very sarcastic,abusive person that lies about the work he sends out.the twin falls manager of gem state named Joe talkes down to you the minute you enter the building.He is very rude and may say something like this too you, ""this isnt the holdiday express so sit down and be quite"". He will also lie about how much you will make at a particular job verbally, but the funny thing is he doesnt actually have the intelligence to know you will find out by the time you even get to the jobsite and you'll be very mad the whole time you are at the temp job thinking about how he just played you and thinks he can do that. This man needs a serious reprimand and should probably be terminated himself, yet he still works at the Twin falls location. Very bad person!!!! more


Gem State Staffing is nothing more than a front for slave labor. My son was hurt while he was working for them in another state (WA) and they refused to get him medical attention. They kept telling him that ""it was not a serious injury"" and he was ""making a big deal about nothing"". I had to call the worthless Branch Manager in Boise and demand that my son be taken to see a physician before they finally took him to an ER in Spokane.(We live in Boise.) His arm was BROKEN!!! They also refused to take my son to get his perscription filled and he went without pain medication for more than 48 hours after breaking his arm. The Branch Manager kept telling me that the whole thing was ""No big deal!"" Cons: Everything you can think of that could be wrong with a temp agency is wrong with this one. more

Gem State is Awesome!! 11/30/2008

Gem state has good service and dispatch of there employies. Work is farely distributed to employies that show they have the skills and motivation to show up for jobs. I have had a great experience working for this company. more

Very GOOD 4/18/2008

I would have to say that gem state is wonderful. They helped me get out of a bind that I had. They were kind and polite with me. I did not see them yell. I thought they were very professional. Pros: Very nice Cons: crowded more

be careful. theres other places to work. 3/19/2008

I was a temp for them but they treat everyone so badly i couldn't work there no more. i seen them yell at people like they were stupid and talk down to them if they disagreed or tried to report something. too many times i went on jobs where the company i worked for thought i was making more than i got, i thought so too. i seen joe fire someone once because he got hurt on a job. be careful of them. theres other places to work. Cons: rude, can't trust, switch the pay more
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