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Gateway Dental Group and Orthodontics

2635 Gateway Road, Suite 101
Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 431-8112
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I don't know why people are so down on this office??? I loved it. Dr. Park and Dr. Smith were wonderful. I just took my daughter in for her ortho consult, too, and he was great, t...


Another terrible experience to hopefully keep people away from this place. I was hard sold by Dr.Lopp on four crowns on teeth that he claimed would break or crack soon due to the ...

Where do they find these dentists? 12/7/2011

Another terrible experience to hopefully keep people away from this place. I was hard sold by Dr.Lopp on four crowns on teeth that he claimed would break or crack soon due to the amount of filling in them. He assured me this was the latest technology in crowns called Cerec and he could have them done in one day. I will note I went in for a cleaning with no problems. I was interested in the fact that the crowns were top of the line and would outlast anything out there. I was in the chair for six horrible days being drilled, fitted for crowns that did not fit and fitted over and over, cut on tongue deeply and gum, mouth torn on corner from being pulled open so wide for such long periods of time and drilled so deeply into my nerves that it later required two root canals and replacement of two of the crowns. These crowns had large margins exposing nerve that caused constant pain and they were shaved down flat to allow me to bite down. This in turn cause jaw pain as well as the nerve damage. I ended up having the crowns replaced with another dentist after my two root canals and this did happen in one day, not six horrifying days. This all out of pocket because insurance only covers crowns once every five years. It was a very painful, expensive and stressful ordeal. If you would like to share your story with me I would love to hear how you dealt with them. davenlis@roadrunner. I don't think I need to say stay away as the stories listed here would scare anyone. Scary place. Pros: null Cons: null more

Worst dentist ever! 12/1/2011

If I could give this dental practice a lower score than one star, I would. This is the most unethical dental practice that I have ever been to. I joined this site just to write this review and warn others about this dentist. My bad experience with this dentist happened 2 years ago and when I saw that they are still doing the same thing that they were doing 2 years ago I felt compelled to write this review. Pros: null Cons: null more


To make a long story short, I had two crowns peformed by Dr Lopp and the crew at Gateway Dental. After pressure-selling me all the advantages of CEREC crowns, I had to wait a week to get my permanent crowns (same day turnaround was part of the sales pitch) with very poorly fitted temporary crowns that put my whole jaw out of alignment and gave me an excrutiating headache...when I called I was told I couldn't get in for an adjustment until the day before I was to get my permanent crowns. So for the entire week I had to take over 3000 mg of motrin per day just to function. After the permanent CEREC crowns were installed, I had terrible headaches and tooth pain that persisted even after FIVE adjustments by Dr Lopp, who finally told me I'd have to wait it out for a few months until it healed. After EIGHT MONTHS in pain, I eventually had to get root canals on both molars. When I went to another dentist, who was a family friend in Los Angeles, he looked at the crowns and said that they were poorly designed resulting in a poor fit and that, had they been, I probably would not have suffered or needed the root canals. And, come to think of it, I didn't get the impression that the person operating the CAD program to design my crown at Carlsbad really knew what they were doing - and they had little oversight - that's probably why it took a week to get them made. I'd like to add that the crown that was replaced by the second doctor's staff fit perfectly with NO adjustments, and that the technician was obviously very skilled and knew exactly what he was doing (the dentist said he trains other technicians around the country in the use of the CAD/CAM software and milling machine). There were a number of other issues, which I posted in my review on Yelp but will omit here. if you go to Yelp, be sure you read the filtered reviews by clicking on the link at the bottom of the reviews page. There are many bad experiences from various people. Do not support this practice! If you had a similar experience with this practice, make sure you FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT with the CA dentistry board at more

RUN!!! It's all about sales and getting more of your money. 9/23/2011

Gateway Dental is an "extras sales office." I went in today for a standard cleaning. They had added an "irrigation" to the treatment form. I told the woman at the desk I did not want an irrigation - just a standard cleaning. She said a standard cleaning is what I would get and the cost would be zero because of my insurance. I told her I had a prescription rinse for my perio maintenance care and did not need an irrigation. She led me to believe I was only getting the standard cleaning. I got what felt like a standard cleaning. When it was over, I was told it was $75 for the irrigation. I told them I did not have an irrigation. They told me I had it with the cleaning and I may not have noticed. I was very unhappy with the deception. I believe I made it very clear I did not want an irrigation. They tried to sell me this before and I said no. Naturally, the woman who checked me in said she thought she made it clear I was getting the irrigation at an extra cost. I FIRMLY DISAGREE. They are always trying to sell me something. When I say "NO," then it should mean "NO." I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. more

Worst ever- They are ALL awful!!! 8/10/2011

This is the worst dentist that I have ever been to! The front office is rude and condecsending, and the back office is even worse!!! The Dentist himself is very nice and polite, a great personality FOR A SALESMAN!!!!!! They have me in the chair, using scare tactics to sell me: oh my tooth is cracked and they are suprised that I am not in excruciating pain, if not yet than soon. Of course the crown that I need is a new technology and is the best, and most expensive: for my back tooth? Give me a break!!! The final straw was the less than useless hygienist who couldnt figure out why the cleaning was sooo painful, until I told her to warm up the water- the water that was all over my face like a shower-enough to make my eye make-up run!!!! I couldnt finish the cleaning cuz it was too painful. (Cuz she didnt know how to)!! more

Worst Experience I have ever had! 6/27/2011

This was the worst experience I have ever had with a dental office. The staff is very unprofessional and is in constant "sell" mode for services above and beyond. Stay away from this place at all costs. There are many great dentists in the Carlsbad area and these guys are not among them. RUN don't walk. more

Worst Dentist Experience...EVER 6/14/2011

By far and away the the worst dental experience I have ever had. Dr Smith was absolutely terrible and I cannot reiterate this enough, DO NOT GO TO GATEWAY DENTAL. Lets set aside the fact that none of the procedures were covered through my insurance-costing over $2,000 dollars out of pocket. Crazy! more

What's all this complaining about? 3/9/2011

I don't know why people are so down on this office??? I loved it. Dr. Park and Dr. Smith were wonderful. I just took my daughter in for her ortho consult, too, and he was great, too. They're efficient, it's so new, clean and nice. The staff was friendly and Dr. Park and I laughed many times, and he explained the new technology they have to clean teeth. The dental assistant's were kind and gentle. And the X-ray guy...wish I could remember his name was very sweet. Dr. Park has treated my daughter (age 10) for about 4 years now and he's never pushed us on any treatments. Dr. Smith treated my 5 year old two months ago and was quick and thourough. She even took the time to check out my one year old's teeth to make sure they were looking good! Just because. So, I don't know what all this complaining is about. They're professionals, they're supposed to tell you what the best treatment is. You always have the option not to do it. I've been in the dental insurance industry for 15 years, I guess I know the protocol about how exams and cleanings are separate visits, so that is a bummer when doesn't know and they tell you that. These complaints seem to be with people who have simply disagreed with what the dentists' recommend, feel they're being upsaled, and are bummed they have to follow insurance protocol. There's nothing to complain about when the office staff are friendly, the office is clean and has the best technology to offer, and the dentists know what they are talking about. They've taken care of me and my kids for a long time and we plan on staying. more


I had not been to a dentist in maybe like 12 or 13 years(I can't even remember my last visit but have been researching all kinds of different dentists for years now) and so far my experience at Gateway Dental could not be any better. I went in there just to get some X-rays to send to a Cosmetic Dentist up in San Fran and with the mindset that I am not going to let them sell me on having my work done there because other places I thought sounded better. more

Don't be fooled - they only care about money!!! 9/1/2010

They should be ashamed to call themselves dental professionals. They don't care at all about the patients. My son just went in to get his teeth cleaned & they refused - just like in all the other reviews. Told him he had periodontal disease (at 19) and needed root planing & they didn't have time to do it today and it would cost about $300.. He has never had any problems with his gums with his old dentist and has had regular cleanings. BIG SHAM!!!. This is the second appointment in a row (he took off 2 days from work to be turned away both times) I just filed a complaint with my insurance company. I'm too angry now to even continue. I hope other people will continue to speak up. more

Still Hasn't Changed 6/28/2010

Wish I saw these reviews before I made an appointment. My insurance provider rated this dentist highly. Pros: New Equipment, Latest Tech, Competent Dr. Cons: Upsales over Patient Interests? more

DON'T GO HERE 9/8/2009

This is a horrible place. This is not a dentist this is a used car salesman using your health to upsell you. Pros: WORST DENTIST IN TOWN Cons: IT'S A SCAM more


I was very excited to find a brand new dentist office close to my work location. I was very impressed by the office when I went for my initial appointment. The office is very high tech - they have all the latest and greatest. I was slightly irritated to find out on my arrival that they wouldn't do a cleaning that day - just an exam with the dentist because they only have a hygenist that works 2 days a week! I am pregnant so they could not take x-rays which I could tell didn't make them happy (less money in their pocket). They actually suggested that I ask my OB/GYN for permission to receive dental x-rays. Keep in mind I HAVE NEVER HAD A CAVITY IN MY LIFE - I probably have one of the healthest mouths around. However they insisted that I needed "deep cleanings, special rinses, etc." I politely listened and scheduled my cleaning appointment on the way out. I was annoyed to learn they couldn't see me for another 3 weeks since they only have 1 hygenist there 2 days a week. I went for my "cleaning" appointment and told them that my OB did not approve the x-rays and that I just needed the regular cleaning. They again tried to up-sell me by telling me that I needed an antimirobial rinse that day and also that I needed a special "deep cleaning". Of course the rinse would cost an extra $75 and the cleaning was only 80% covered by my insurance. By the way, I've had the same insurance for years and I've never had to pay a penny out of pocket for preventative dental work. I told them I did not want these things, that I wanted a normal denatl cleaning - whatever was covered 100% by insurance. They actually REFUSED to clean my teeth unless I agreed to their special cleaning that I had to pay more for! I asked to talk to the dentist and learned he wasn't even there! SO they were technically breaking the law by having a hygentist treating patients without a dentist at the practice. They actually turned me away! This place is all about making money. STAY AWAY! Don't get drawn in by the nice new location in Bressi Ranch. Plus, you cannot trust anything they say. How can you tell if they are being honest about the services you need, when they tell every patient the same story? You will get much better service and not have to pay out of pocket if you go somewhere else! Pros: New office, good location, high tech equipment Cons: up-charges for all services, charges above insurance more
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