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Fuad's Restaurant - 30 Reviews - 6100 Westheimer Rd Ste 144, Houston, TX - Romantic Dining Reviews - Phone (713) 785-0130

Fuad's Restaurant

6100 Westheimer Rd Ste 144
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 785-0130
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This place is great! The food is excellent and the service is outstanding! There is no menu, so you order what you want....scalloped potatoes, walah! Chicken with cream sauce, fre...


The place may impress some due to the fact that there is no menu or prices, and this peculiarity may give the air of being cool and different. This is not impressive to

So... Umm, yeah... 2/16/2012

Ok, we went here for V-Day 2012 just like these peeps below (or above) us in these comments. First off, we were also a little shocked by the bill. It wasn't too bad, but not really worth what we got. Mark's on Westheimer@Dunlavy is about the same price, but Mark's food/service is way better (at least when we were there). Fuad's has been in Houston for a long time, a lot longer than Mark's. It's kinda got a ""locals only"" vibe to it. Very romantic, very eclectic. We definitely did NOT feel like one of the crowd and felt a little out of place. We usually drop around two bills on V-day, and don't usually feel like we're not welcome. The regular patrons must drop at least $300. a visit. That's the type of place this is. Oil tycoons. Old money. If you're not either of these, then think twice about eating here. The food was great. The service was ok. We didn't have a bad experience, but we didn't have a great one. For $200. for a couple I should want to come back. We won't be back. We watched the owner pass out roses to the ladies. When he came to us, he laid the rose on the table not even looking at my wife. Eff you dood. more

Worst Dining Experience Ever 2/15/2012

My worst dining experience ever was at Fuad's last night (2/14/2012). I eat out a lot, and have extensive experience dining at expensive restaurants all over the world. I believe in the old adage that ""you get what you pay for"". However, last night, I certainly did not get anywhere near what I paid for. First, the person that took our order was rude when I asked if the menu for Valentine's day was at a fixed price for the evening. He told me ""I was wasting his time even asking."" There were no prices on the menu and in order to not make a fuss in front of my boyfriend, I did not ask the prices. I figured that possibly my boyfriend had already checked the prices when he made the reservation (he didn't). We ordered lobster for the main course, two appetizers and soup. We ordered four glasses of wine and no dessert. The wine was cheap and very bad. The bisque was good, but needed sherry in it to make it taste right. The lobster main course was bathed in a tasteless salty sauce. The side dish of vegetables that came with the entree were inedible. They tasted as if someone had dropped their cigarette ashes in them. The shrimp cocktail was fair, with 4 good sized shrimp, although the tomatoes that accompanied the shrimp were under-ripe and tasteless. Well, in short, the food was not very good. When the check came, by friend and I were in shock. The check was nearly $600!! We expected a bill in the range of $300, but not anything in the range of what they charged. This place is a rip-off. Thank heavens we have the means to pay for something like this. I feel really sorry for some poor, unknowing person of modest means who may have dined there last night, and received an outrageous bill such as that, as it could really wipe out a modest budget. I really don't know what this place is trying to accomplish in gouging people like seems to me that it would lose customers in the long run. The owner should be ashamed of conducting business like that. Obviously, I will never go back to Fuad's and I will tell everyone I know about this horrible experience. more

Sticker Shock on V-Day 2/14/2012

First, I have really liked Fuads over the last few years that I have been going. I often will take a first date there for an mature dining experience where the food is usually good to excellant. I enjoy that they remember, not only my name, but my drink. As a matter of fact, on my first visit when I asked for my favored Bourbon and they didn't have it, they showed up about ten minutes later with a bottle they went and purchased. more

Great Food and Service 1/19/2011

This place is great! The food is excellent and the service is outstanding! There is no menu, so you order what you want....scalloped potatoes, walah! Chicken with cream sauce, fresh fish, rack of lamb...all of their food is delicious. I would recommend this place to couples, or a larger group either way. They treat you special! The prices are not too too high. We usually share a dish, and they give you plenty. Unforgettable dining experience! more

rediculous 3/5/2010

My friend ordered a refill on water at the bar and was given complete attitude. Yes she knew she had her fill in wine (before coming to Fuad's), which is why she was odering ""hello"" water in the first place and now (OMG) asking for a refill (OF WATER) - the rudeness that you could throw her out and for her to hold her horses and not serve her even water was unbelievalbe, it was not like she even demanded it, it was a pleasant request, regrets you can't multi-task - I could understand if she came in wasted, well then you should have just asked her to leave if that was case, but it wans't. I had not been there very long (could see the ""service"" writing on the wall) and will not be returning anytime soon (I mean at all). If they felt she should not even be served water (for a second round at that) then they should have refuseed service for the water at the bar on the front end. What exactly does Fuad's really sell - food, bar - given the service and atmosphere created, it must be something else in order to stay in business. Can anyone enlighten me on this? Pros: they are still actually open Cons: horrible ""people"" service more

Extraordinary 2/8/2010

Order what you want - but I'm not a chef, so it helps for Chef to help me create my meal. What a great experience, and service, and great food! Though I can't afford it too often, it's always a memorable treat. Pros: Exceptionally prepared what-ever-you-want - exclusive Cons: I have a hard time creating my meal without a little help more

Most Unique and Entertaining Restaurant In Galleria Area 11/18/2009

My wife and I have been going to Fuad's for years!!! It is by far the best restaurant in the Galleria area and a contender for best in the city. I love the fact that there is no menu. If I want something they can make it, and they can make it good! They have everything from Filet Mignon, Chilean Sea Bass, Cordon Bleu, Rack of Lamb(My personal favorite). Also surprisingly they also have items like pizza, quesadillas, tabooli, humus...even grilled cheese lol! This place is great! Dont forget to try the Banana Foster...they flame it at the table and its wonderful for a romantic night out. This restaurant may be a problem if you are indecisive or lacking money but if you are neither this will be a hit! Pros: Best flaming rack of lamb in Houston! Cons: Cant smoke cigars inside anymore more

Has not changed in 5 years... 10/20/2009

$120, that I expected to pay at a place like that. Pros: Roses for ladies Cons: Overpriced, pretentious more

Avoid like the plague!! 6/18/2009

I stopped by for a late lunch (3:00pm) with a girlfriend that I hadn't seen in awhile, so we wanted to 'try something new' when we entered the restaurant, it was completely empty except for a couple of men at the bar picking up a catering order. We were told it would be dinner prices. Pros: Close to Galleria Cons: loud bar area; PRICES, food could be better more

Fuad's Is Not For Everyone 5/31/2009

The place may impress some due to the fact that there is no menu or prices, and this peculiarity may give the air of being cool and different. This is not impressive to is annoying to not know what choices are available and how much I am paying for those choices. You will hear that they can make anything you want. This is true, but they may not be particularly good at it. Pros: Quality ingredients Cons: You have no idea how much money you are spending more

The most amazing first date 4/3/2009

My first experience here was amazing! From walking in a being seated immediatly, to having everything cooked the way you want it. When you are not worried about the cost this place is a good place to have fun and be able to talk one on one without people bothering you. The chef comes out ( mind, there are no menus) you can have whatever you want!! WHY NOT?!?!?!?!? I fell in love at this place and with this place. We loved it so much that we went back not even a week later for another bottle of merlot.... Pros: good service. amazing atmosphere. fun. classy. GREAT food! Cons: little pricy more

CAPS PIANO BAR - ALL, beware of the BARTENDER (JIMMY) 6/12/2008


Fuad's is a big huge scam 10/19/2007

First, some lunatic on the internet listed this as a restaurant with two dollar signs - so we thought we were in for an affordable meal. I should have known, when the chef came to our table and laughed in my face at my request for a menu. We both started off with salads and the house red wine. The wine was fine, but not much better than the $12 bottle we buy at Randalls on most Saturday nights. The salads were also fine, but nothing spectacular, especially not when you're paying what we ended up paying for them (keeping in mind, of course, that we were duped into thinking it was a $$ place). Pros: I guess if you have money to waste, it might be fun. Another pro: the well-lit bathroom. Cons: service, food, ambiance, service more

A Houston Landmark 9/3/2007

Fuad's is an excellent place to go to have a 1st class dining experience. I've been going there for years and the food and service is always second to none. No menu and a personalized service with the chef gives you an unique experience foreign to Houston. If you are trying to impress a potential client or that special someone, then Fuad's is the place for you. It seems that many of the complaints I have read on this site seem to come from people who have not been to a multi-course Continental restaurant (I could be wrong). Let me offer some advice so that your Fuad's experience is not an awkward one. First off, order an appetizer, soup or a salad and don't be afraid to ask questions. The staff knows there is no menu and will have multiple suggestions. I suggest the Stuffed Mushrooms and Quail which is incredible. As for soups, try the Bisque (made with real crab meat). If you are looking for something a little cheaper than try the Onion soup or tabooli (They also have classic dishes: Shrimp Cocktail, Escargot, etc.). They have a Caesar Salad that they make at your table that is excellent. Next you order your entree; the chef is your guide, but you have to tell him what you are in the mood for. A good way to do this is to tell him the main ingredient you want: Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Steak, Lamb, etc. From there, he will throw out some suggestions, and I suggest to keep asking until you hear something you like. If you still have room, get a flaming dessert, you'll thank me later. One last thing: I've heard a lot of people complain about not knowing the price, which is a valid concern. However, if you have to ask the price, then you probably don't belong at Fuad's. Sorry if that offends anyone but Fuad's is an establishment and is like no other. Yes, the inside is dark, and a bit 'dingy', but its got loads of character and the staff does their best to make you feel like a king. Don't be scared off by the non-believers. Pros: Food, Service, Character Cons: Dingy more

FUN experience - WONDERFUL food!! Not for the decision-making adverse!! 8/21/2007

Fuad's was a wonderful experience!! I had read mixed reviews, but my Dad had been years ago and swore by it. Apparently a ton of people in there were regulars, but it doesn't make you feel out of place. The place is quiet and dark and pretty small. On a week night, the place was pretty empty. There are no menus at Fuad's, but the chef himself came out when we were ready to order and sat down at our table. I told him that I was in the mood for fish and he described two different entrees that both sounded great. The chef did the same for the rest of my party. Everyone was extremely impressed with what the chef whipped up. Then, for dessert everyone in the restaurant was having Bananas Foster. They come out and prepare it at your table, and let me tell you - it was to die for. When the bill came it was a little pricey, but for experience - totally worth it. About $30 fish and steak entrees. Everyone of us will be going back and bringing others!! Pros: food, service, one of a kind experience Cons: slightly expensive, you need to know what kind of food you're in the mood for more

Underwhelming 6/1/2007

As advertised, there's no menu, you ask for what you want. The price will always be a surprise at the end of the night. There are a lot of regulars. I can't help but wonder if the regulars somehow are subsidized by the rookies. My spouse and I had salad + entree, no wine or desert, and it was $80. It semed a bit high for what we had just experienced. Pros: Food was uninspired, but good Cons: Dim lighting, Sports bar / fine dining combo didn't work, we felt we overpaid, I know the concept is ""no menu"", but really, a menu would be a welcome addition. more

Is this place for real? 2/4/2007

No menu? No prices even listed? Was I in the twilight zone or what? After my girlfriend and I were seated the waiter/chef/owner came over to us and asked us what we wanted to eat? Excuse me but what are my choices? Again we were asked what we felt like having that evening, because he would ""whip up"" something special for us. After we had dinner and were presented with a bill of $140 I wasn't the least bit surprised since the entire evening was consistenly creative, and I don't mean that in a good way. I did recommend this place to one person and that was to my boss, and I hate his guts. more

best food best service 10/31/2006

ive been there only once and my god its was the best food in all planing to propose to my girlfriend on nov. 22 2006 her and i enjoyed it so much that i figured it would be the best place for us to go and they can also serve me exactlly what we want since theres no menu....i was suppose to propose to her in jamaica in october but i was to rushed b4 leaving on the trip and didnt have time to get the ring....sooo i figured out a way to bring that memory back and thats by eating at fuads and having them cook the same exact last dinner her and i had in jamaica..... Pros: u get what u want more

Awesome!!! 3/12/2006

I proposed to my girlfriend at Fuad's. I spoke with Josef prior to coming and he had everything planned with me perfectly. JR and Josef are great! The ambiance here is second to none. Perfect spot for a romantic dinner. The french onion soup was great. The crabcake was also wonderful. The filet mignon is the best in Houston (and I've been to all the top steakhouses in Houston). They really do cater to you at this restaurant and it's clear that most of the patrons have been coming back for years - as they are greated by JR and Josef with hugs when they walk in the door. Very reasonably priced as well. We will certainly become regulars! Pros: Romantic, Friendly staff, Great food Cons: There are none more

watch your head! 2/19/2006

My boyfriend and I decided to check this place out upon reviews for Valentine's Day. Seems like they tried to fit as many seats and tables in this restaurant to accomodate the high occupancy, but that didn't give us the opportunity to enjoy the place at all. While sitting, the servers and workers bumped us every time they walked by and nearly knocked our heads over with their trays. They seated us and didn't explain to us how their restaurant worked, took them 10 mins to get our water and then after that another 15 mins to get our bread and butter. And they also forgot to take our order. Seemed like they only cared for the people that frequently ate there. I felt like a stranger at Cheers. Definitely not a place to go on busy nights like Valentine's Day. Pros: remote location Cons: crowded, bad service more
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    As the world rushes by outside, the atmosphere at Fuad's is relaxed and timeless. With only a few tables, the restaurant is intimate enough for the chef to personally explain the...

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