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Freddie James & Assoc-Dj Svc

731 Beta Dr Ste D
Cleveland, OH 44143
(440) 449-4487
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Freddie James of Freddie James and Associates was our wedding reception DJ and he did a tremendous job. He was professional and polite and everyone loved him. My parents were happ...


Avoid. You will have enough problems to deal with and he'll make more. You want more details, continue reading. Otherwise, this line should do it.\r \r We dealt with Freddy J...

Excellent Service 7/11/2010

Freddie James of Freddie James and Associates was our wedding reception DJ and he did a tremendous job. He was professional and polite and everyone loved him. My parents were happy with the mixture of music to please everone at the reception. They were also happy that he kept the volume at a level that didn't make their head hurt.\r \r Freddie was great and I highly recommend his company. Pros: did a great job more

Fun DJ 6/28/2010

Last Saturday I had such a great time at my cousin'e wedding. The DJ from Freddie James was awesome! Everybody had a blast. It was such a fun night.\r \r I have been to a bunch of weddings the past couple of years and some of the DJs are real jerks. They take over the entire reception. That is not what I would want for a DJ\r \r The DJ from Freddie James (forgot his name) was wonderful. He played what we wanted to hear and we had a great time. I will definetly keep their card for when I get married. Pros: lots of fun more

So Much Fun 6/11/2010

The DJ from this company was the best DJ that I have ever seen at a wedding. We had such a good time!\r \r Evonne was just fantastic. He kept everyone on the dance floor the whole night.\r \r What I really liked is that she was not overbearing and did not try to be the center of attention. She played great music and took requests.\r \r She was the best and my friends had a wonderful night. Pros: great DJ more

An Excellant DJ Service 6/11/2010

Our Wedding Reception was AMAZING! We can't thank you enough. The dance floor was packed ALL NIGHT LONG and our guests raved about about DJ Mike. He was professional, well dressed & well manored. DJ Mike did a wonderfull job that exceeded our expectations. We cannot thank Freddie James Disc Jockeys enough. Everyone loved the music selection.\r We will highly recommend Freddie James Disc Jockeys to eveyone... Pros: Courteous & Professional more

Great Wedding DJ 6/8/2010

The DJ from Freddie James did a great job at my wedding. She was easy to work with and played everything that we wanted.\r \r We were really impressed in her ability to keep the reception on schedule. There was music for everyone in our families and the dance floor was full most of the night.\r \r She was great to work with. Pros: professional more

Very Good Job 6/1/2010

We had a DJ from Freddie James and Associates spin tunes at our wedding and she did a very good job. She was personablr and professional and played everything that we had wanted. Pros: professional, well organized more

Great DJ for your wedding 5/31/2010

After searching a long time for a wedding DJ we finally chose Freddie James for our wedding day.\r \r We saw him at the bridal show at the IX Center over the winter. There were lots of DJs there to look at. That bridal show is crowded and loud and we weren't really able to have much of a conversation with anybody about our plans. We got lots of brochures and sorted through them after we got home.\r \r The next week I started calling the DJs that were at the show. Only a couple actually answered the phone. Most of them went to voice mail and i left messages. Freddie james did answer his phone and he sounded nice so we made an appointment to see him as well as five other DJs that we eventually got into contact with.\r \r We selected Freddie based on his reputation and experience in the business. He is one of the only area DJs that is a radio DJ.\r \r Freddie James was also more affordable than some DJs we contacted. Can you believe some DJs want $1,200 to do a wedding? You have got to be kidding me! For that much money they should be including the CDs of all of the songs that they played at the wedding.\r \r Freddie James also did come across as stuck on himself like some of the other DJs we saw. He is down to earth and sincerely cares about the couples he works with.\r \r We were so happy with Freddie James for our wedding and highly recommend him to everyone we know. He did a great job!!! Pros: personable, funny, professional more

Outstanding 5/27/2010

The DJs at Freddie James are the best around. We used them at our wedding because many of our friends had used this company before. Each time we have seen Freddie James Djs they wer fun and professional.\r \r Experience matters with wedding DJs. We didn't want some young kid showing up that has no idea how to run a wedding. The guys at Freddie James know what they are doing.\r \r I highly recommend this company. Pros: great DJs, great service more

Great Dj at Prom 5/25/2010

Freddie James DJs were at my Prom and they were great. Everyone had a wonderful time.\r \r He played all the current pop songs and even took requests.\r \r Last year's DJ got in trouble for playing the raw versions of songs. Freddie james DJs had the radio versions without all of the Swearing. \r \r I know the school will have him back again next year. Pros: great job more

Great DJ 5/23/2010

We used Freddie James and Associates for our wedding and he did a great job.\r \r Freddie James is a REAL Dj who does this for a living on a local radio station. That was importent to us. We saw some DJs that looked like they were barely out of high school. We wanted an experienced professional and that is what we found with Freddie.\r \r The music and DJ can make or break your reception. Freddie did a wonderful job Pros: professional more

Most Professional Service 5/5/2010

Great Job. I have used Freddie James several times for different events and each of his DJ's has done a great job. Thanks a lot Freddie. Pros: Professional Service, not a home business more

Avoid this DJ. 2/4/2010

Avoid. You will have enough problems to deal with and he'll make more. You want more details, continue reading. Otherwise, this line should do it.\r \r We dealt with Freddy James for our wedding. The DJ he sent was actually great, meet with your DJ if possible and communicate only with him. For ours, Freddy insisted on being the point man on all communication.\r \r Although Freddy appears fine at first, this only continues if you run an ""on track"" wedding by the numbers. Deviate from this, such as we did (broke up the wedding party entrance into two songs, apparently a cardinal sin), and Freddy will ""advise"" (read: argue) that it cannot be done, will look bad, this or that. Stick with a standard wedding game plan, and you are fine. Attempt to change things up or do something fun, Freddy has too much trouble adjusting. He will always say ""We will do whatever you want"", but he will get visibly agitated and protest/advise a lot. He has HIS idea of how weddings should go, and you better stick with it. Otherwise, it gets uncomfortable and weird.\r \r Further, we asked Freddy to check out the space (he had done weddings there before but we were not using the standard wedding hall at our location) and gave him the building event coordinator's card. Freddy never bothered to check the space out, then sent a technician the day of the wedding who mysteriously left 15 minutes after he arrived, with nothing done. I did not know this because I was getting ready when Freddy called. \r \r Freddy proceeded to yell at ME following this, saying that he was not aware that there was a wedding coordinator involved here, and his tech had been told to leave by the staff and may not come back None of this was accurate. Keep in mind there was no wedding coordinator, there was simply an on-site event coordinator (who was still en route, so he hadn't told the tech to leave), whom Freddy had the business card of for weeks. Further, certainly no one at this location had told the technician to pack up his stuff and get out. Freddy then changed tactics, saying it wasn't the event coordinator who told him to leave but the Best Man. This was even more absurd. I had to get heated back at Freddy to get the technician back. \r \r The technician did return and then attempted to hook up a sound system worthy of a Van Halen concert into the ceremony spot, which was an intimate space. (This goes back to Freddy not checking the actual space out prior to the event, even though he had the on-site coordinator's name weeks ago and could have literally done this at any time of day or night.) \r \r Luckily, the location had their own sound system, and the event coordinator (now with my permission) told Freddy's tech to get the Van Halen equipment out, and the wonderful staff worked with the videographer to get us miked and the system set up. \r \r Prior to this, Freddy also demanded we select each and every song to be played that night. We only wanted certain songs to be definitely played, and a few ""blacklisted"". Other than that, we didn't mind what the DJ played, we just requested standard wedding playlists and honor requests. No good. Freddy insisted we pick each and every song, both in paper and on his website for dinner and throughout, and then complained that we picked too much and he couldn't be expected to supply all these songs. I'm not kidding. Each and every song from his lists that we wouldn't mind hearing were to be chosen, then he complained we chose too much. I told him to simply bring whatever professional DJs normally bring to weddings.\r \r I was about to replace him with an IPod on the day of the wedding. Avoid this one, brides and grooms to be. His DJs are good, but he is not worth dealing with. I give this place two stars only for the actual DJ I got, who was great.\r \r Pros: Good, professional DJs on the staff Cons: Disorganization, inability to adjust, difficult to reach more

Great Servoce 9/11/2009

Freddie James DJ's was a part of my wedding this past July. Freddies service is superior. It was important to me that he set up the system two hours before my reception because my ceromony was at the same location. He exceeded my ecpectations and the sound quality was awesome. Thanks Freddie for a great job. Pros: Good Selection more

Yeahhh! 1/20/2009

Freddie James himself DJ'd our wedding on October 18, 2008. He was very organized, attentive and handled everything at our reception perfectly. My husband and I were very impressed with him because we wanted a specific part of a song played for our intro; so at our finalization meeting, Freddie took the time to find the exact seconds on the track and made the timing of his introduction and our walking out time up perfectly. The fact that Freddie took the time to do that really meant a lot to us. Our entrance into the reception couldn't have worked out any better. We also were very specific about the music we did and did not want played during the reception. Freddie was able to work with us on that, and had no problems keeping people out on the dance floor. The key to working with Freddie James is to utilize his online song database and carefully review the reception outline he and his djs use. If you're attentive to that and clearly express your wishes, you'll have a wonderful reception without any problems.\r Pros: Attentive & Accommodating Cons: None. more

Great Job by Freddie James DJ's 11/19/2008

We hired Freddie James DJ services for our July Wedding, summer of '09. THey were extremely organized and had thought of everything. Our Dj, Mike, did a great job, and did everything we asked. I would recommend using Freddie James!! more

still waiting for an apology 11/6/2007

I used Freddie James DJ Services for my 2007 wedding and after meeting with Freddie himself, the owner of the company he ensured us that the DJ wouldl have all the information he needed to make our night go flawlessly. HOWEVER the DJ PLAYED THE WRONG FIRST DANCE SONG!!!! We specifically noted what song to play and even talked about it at our meeting just days before the wedding. The DJ had no idea, or at least never mentioned anything to us about playing the wrong song, so we strongly feel that Freddie gave incorrect instructions to his employee. He also was supposed to play a specific song, that Freddie convinced us to use, for the bouquet toss and he didn't even play to right fact once i confronted him about this point i was mad since he'd played teh wrong first dance too...he claimed that was what he played...guess this was a case of hitting the wrong track number. We were able to get over that he played thje wrong bouquet toss...but after carefully deciding over MONTHS what the first dance should be...we had our hearts on it and this simple wish was never granted. In fact after that HUGE mistake on their part, we still tipped the DJ $50 (on top of the $800 we paid for 6 hrs.) and I emailed Freddie to let him know what a HUGE deal it was to us that the DJ messed up...never heard back, not even a quick email that said ""i'm sorry"". NOTHING...guess he's moved on to screwing up major moments in other people's lives. I blaim Freddie for this one. He should make sure that the DJs he sends out have the correct material and correct instructions....because our DJ did a good job...kept people dancing...i think freddie was the one who blew it here. \r \r Pros: kept crowd on dance floor. Cons: didn't follow directions. more


Definitely don't use Freddie James DJ service. Thank goodness we had a list and a produced wedding otherwise god knows what would have happened. Freddie James told us he would be our DJ. We met with him and gave him a rundown of events. He seemed to understand everything. Then he sends backs the rundown and it is changed. Then I can't get a hold of him, then he gives the excuse that he was so busy with 7-7-7. Which is not an excuse. Then he finally calls us 2 days before the wedding trying to go over everything and it's a mess, then Freddie raises his voice at me saying ""that is not how we do things'. My reaction is that I'm paying you, you will do what I want. (I think it was because they actually had to follow a list and gather up the songs we wanted, and that takes work.)\r So I'm thinking he got it. So Saturday comes around, and HE NEVER SHOWS, but some weird guy shows up with a toupe. He never gets the crowd going, very drab.. He started playing everything correctly but then towards the middle of the night, cd's start skipping, and he doesn't change them, then starts playing his own terrible songs. (more than likely because he didn't have a lot of our songs). I also gave a cd, and never got the cd back. Freddie James will never call you after they do their job to find how things went, because they know it doesn't go good. So BRIDES & GROOMS, here's some advice, pick out every one of your songs and put it in an order, PRODUCE IT, make these DJ'S work, because if they don't they'll play their stupid songs you hear at every wedding and their dumb mixes they think everyone likes. Think about it... $750 + for 6 hours of playing THEIR FAVORITE TUNES.. MAKE THEM WORK AND DO IT YOUR WAY. As for FREDDIE JAMES DJ'S, YOU GOT YOUR MONEY FROM US, BUT THIS REVIEW WILL BE HERE FOREVER! TOO BAD YOU DIDN'T CALL FOR A FOLLOWUP--- And I'll even sign my name. JOYCE KLEVINS/WEDDING 7-14-07\r more

Avoid Freddie at all costs 12/13/2006

I would not recomend this service to anyone. I had the unfortunant experience of having Freddie James DJ my wedding. The DJ forgot to bring the first dance song, played the wrong father daughter dance, mispronounced the bride's mother's name, to name but a few mishaps. Several CDs were loaned to the DJ service for specific dances. None of these were brought to the wedding. After the wedding it took 3 phone calls, each of increasing strickness before the CDs were returned. Even with all of this no apology or compensation of any kind was offered, almost like this is a standard of business for them. Due to this I would advise anyone who is looking for a nice wedding reception to avoid Freddie James DJ services at all costs. more
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