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Fox Ridge Lofts - 9 Reviews - 201 S Hoskins Rd, Charlotte, NC - Apartment Building Operators Reviews - Phone (704) 391-4798

Fox Ridge Lofts

201 S Hoskins Rd
Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 391-4798
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Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC
Fox Ridge Lofts - Charlotte, NC


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Hoskins is a great place to live. I have been here for a year now. There has been a few issues with the A/C. The management fixed it as fast as possible. You can't control mo...


Don't live here unless you rent from a private owner that has a seperate heating and air unit or you will be without air conditioning at least once a month for days at a time. Al...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2014

I love my new loft. I work nights and have had no problems at all.. It's a great place and love the location. Very pleased with my new home. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/19/2014

I'm a resident and friend of Mountain... We were just looking at these reviews. I totally agree with him. I haven't had anything like this happen to me. We are trying to get our buddy to move in... These reviews are incorrect. It's a nice place. I really haven't seen anything that's listed in some of the reviews. If I didn't live here it would scare me off too! It might have been the old manager? Not sure? Things are good here. That's all I'm saying. People can be so hateful. If we are trying to get our best friend to move in it's safe and nice! Trust me. \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/19/2014

I think that many of these reviews are dated. I have lived in these lofts for over two years. There have been a few issues here and there. It's nothing that you wouldn't get from renting a home or any apartment. It's just part of normal life. I love the place and want my best friend to move in. She's scared now because of these bad reviews. There's no reason to worry about this place. It's a awesome building full of unique residents. It's got a very NYC / DC feel to it. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I haven't found anything in town priced this good. It's right by my job in center city. I'm thinking that most of the bad reviews are from people who aren't paying their rent or mortgage payments. That's obvious by how much anger is in their reviews.. I pay on time and have had no issues. I would tell anyone to come check the place out before going by these bad reviews... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/23/2013

Very poorly run. Management are horrible communicators. Be prepared to receive envelopes under your door with ALL CAPS text and exclamation marks. This place is a joke. You most absolutely get what you pay for. Don't let the very affordable, one-year lease fool you. It was not worth the: respiratory issues from mold, mold infestation all over my furniture, poor insulation, broken air conditioner, construction work being performed over my unit at 6:45am all day/everyday, rotting wood ceiling (which would drop pieces of wood all over my floor/apt), dog piss/shit all over the common areas, bums walking through the parking lot, trains, ghetto residents, changes in management with out proper notice, the inconsiderate maintenance men (they come over unannounced and track mud all over), and horrible gym/laundry facilities. You must get renters insurance because there are no lock on the windows. Avoid this place! more

diamond in the rough 6/18/2013

It has been three years since my last comments on Hoskins Mill Lofts. If you are looking for a great place that is clean, safe, well maintained and professional management. DO NOT LOOK HERE !!!!! I own here so I am stuck, but RENTERS BEWARE!!!!! The building is gross, people allow their dogs to poo and pee in the hallways/stairways and make no attempt to clean it up. Why should they when The Property manager does nothing to stop it, no fines or notices. If you say anything be prepared to be cussed out or worse. You are allowed to leave your trash out in front of your doors for days. Smoke in the halls and stairways by all means. Management never comes in the building how would she know. Her hours are from 10:00 to 2:00 so you came never get in touch. The developer is also Pres of HOA and he lives in VA, he could care less too. The inmates run the asylum. Lights are out in the hallways and stairwells, the front door and gate are always broken. We have no rules or regulations you can do as you like. Stay away from this place I wish I could. The magement/HOA pres/developer do not CARE...Find a place to live that is run properly and well maintained. Maybe one day I can write another review to tell how things have improved, don't hold your breath.\r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r \r Pros: 3 miles fm uptown 85/485/77 mins away Cons: train in a transitional neighbour hood more

Not a bad place at all! 1/15/2012

Hoskins is a great place to live. I have been here for a year now. There has been a few issues with the A/C. The management fixed it as fast as possible. You can't control mother nature and Holiday weekends. Come check the place out before you judge it. I truly love the building and plan to buy a loft here one day. It's the first place I've actually felt at home with a unique mixture of awesome people of all backgrounds and professions. Everyone has ups and downs where they live. You can't always control what is happening with weather. The AC / Heat is a unique system but it is also ALL electric which keeps the utilities down to almost nothing. It's worth a few hot days if a storm blows through. I Love the place. more

Annoying place to live 10/24/2011

Don't live here unless you rent from a private owner that has a seperate heating and air unit or you will be without air conditioning at least once a month for days at a time. Also, once they switch the system over to heat for the winter you can't use the ac anymore so like right now they have already switched it over and its still 75 degrees outside and MISERABLE inside my apartment. This is also a really bad area. I wouldn't live here if it wasn't so cheap. As soon as I can afford to move I will be happy to say goodbye to this place. more


WOW! Some people are really angry. I don't understand. I have been here a few months and LOVE it. The people are awesome, it has a great location, and the utilities and rent are excellent. I don't know what this last person would have done if a tornado would have hit us. We had a natural storm come through on a Holiday weekend. S*it happens! It's not always fun. I love it here. I have no complaints. My car has NEVER been touched. I haven't had any issues with my loft. I like all of the people that I have met... That's just me.... There has to be a reason behind all of the anger in some of these comments that aren't being stated. Who knows.... Grow up. more

Fox Ridge Update 6/1/2011

I find it very interesting that every positive review on here was published on 3/19/2010. Must have been one of those days when these two ladies were together and decided to come up with multiple screen names and write basically the same review 4 times. I applaud your effort, but your bias opinion doesn’t translate exactly what a new person would be getting into here. I’ve held back from updating my experience here out of respect for my neighbors (which are all great and probably don’t appreciate the posts, but it is what it is) but seeing your kind comments on my original post entices me to give you a little update on the past 4 months. About an hour ago I finished cleaning out about $3,000 worth of dead fish and coral from my saltwater reef tank that died from extreme over heating. This was caused by the air condition being out from 5/28/2011 – 6/1/2011. Every single day during this time the temperature was well into the 90’s and while I understand that employees have a vacation planned for memorial day; I think that an entire complex of condos needs immediate attention and the problem should have been addressed in a more efficient manor. This was the 3’rd time in the past 4 months that I have been without air/heat for up to about two weeks at one point since I have been here. HORRRAAAYYYY THE GYM IS OFFICALLY OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I lied. The GYM which was has been closed for the entire 6 months I have been here for “renovations” has added 2 bathrooms….. Why that takes 6 months I don’t know. And when I heard that it was going through renovations I foolishly assumed that it was getting new equipment. With the exception of 1 treadmill and 1 elliptical that I saw “play it again sports” roll in all of the other equipment is outdated and is what past owners and renters have donated over time. With that said you would at least think that you could actually use the gym right??? Not the case, I was told that the h.o.a. hasn’t decided whether or not to make a key for each unit or to install a keypad with a code to gain access to the gym. This however does not stop the members of the board who do have a key and use the gym at will. So now I don’t know what’s worse, not having access to the gym because it is under renovations OR not having access to it because management can’t make a simple decision as to how to let people in the door. It’s really pathetic……. And yes betty ann I do think you should buy a home over renting, but if my $250 h.o.a. fee per month will get only get the grass cut at best twice a month, I still don’t have a gym, have to deal with inadequate parking, live without air on average of 1week every 2months, can hear everything my neighbors say through paper thin walls and floors, have the table a chairs taken from the “dog friendly” area to be replaced with an ugly and uncomfortable picnic table just due to politics in the building, be disturbed by the trains every other hour, deal with poor and rude management, and still have to put up with smart ass comments left on my posts then NO. I think I’ll rent………. OH and by the way, STOP FEEDING THE STRAY CATS UNDER THE CARS IN THE PARKING LOT. My car gets scratched by stray cats sleeping on my hood and then jumping off. Now that I think about it, I’m going to get rid of them now!!! more

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2/23/2011

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Planes, Trains, and Auto Break-ins!!!!!! Moved in after reading the kind reviews and seeing pictures of a staged loft on craigslist. I was shown an apartment while in construction and should have walked away then. I have been here for less than a month and currently have no refrigerator and my stove doesn’t work after being promised that they are both new. Only after talking to neighbors and maintenance personnel who had been in the apartment prior to me moving in did I hear the truth about my “new” appliances that had been there for years. It took me a week to figure out that my air conditioner was linked to a mysterious light switch hidden in the closet; which means that I cannot control my heating/air without adjusting my thermostat then running upstairs and flipping the switch in my closet to have it work and it will not turn off until I use the switch again. I found a 1ft by 3ft hole in my closet that leads to the hallway so anyone walking by could hear/see anything going on in my place. The typical poor excuse for a fix was to staple a ¼’’ plywood sheet over the hole. The maintenance man told me that he didn’t “WANT” to sand and install drywall over the gaping hole and that this was as good a fix as I would get for what he gets paid. Don’t move here unless you LOOOOVE trains………. Because you will hear them 24/7 as the loading station is about 2 blocks away and the train will block the ONLY intersection to cross for 20-30 minutes at a time while you wait in your car beside what the neighbors affectionately call the “MURDER MART” on the corner where on any given day you see the homeless pop a squat and defecate by the side of the road. I have been woken up by a train at least 3 times a night as they blare their horns to clear the tracks from the hundreds of random people that walk the streets at night. The airport is also extremely close and airplanes pass about every 3-5 minutes, but don’t worry you can’t hear them that much because the train will drown them out. But above all, past the neighborhood that has the highest concentration of sex offenders in Charlotte (familywatchdog website), past the trains, planes, and inadequate parking; and even past the pitiful excuse of a security gate that stays open most of the day, the thing that bothers me most are the constant Excuses and lies I receive from management. The GYM is in “construction” and there is no immediate need to open it and I was told that “Maybe” they could have it open in 6 months but that it wasn’t a priority so don’t expect it. I was told that my “FOB” that is used to electronically open the doors and gate would be fixed, after going back the third time to ask why it wasn’t working I was told by the manager who has the “something is owed to me attitude” that “the next time I try my fob and it works then she has fixed it, and if it doesn’t work, then she hasn’t gotten around to it yet but she is aware of the problem and that I don’t need to notify her anymore about it”. It’s been 3 weeks so who knows when that will work. Although every neighbor is kind and courteous, I would never recommend this place to a friend. The 2 maintenance guys are very nice and mean well but cut corners where they can to keep up with the constant flow of problems that come up every day. The manager is the worst I’ve ever dealt with and needs to be replaced as she is not only unprofessional but ineffective. If you move here get all of your problems in writing to be fixed in the lease or be ready to live with them. I hope this helps as this is a realistic observation from a current renter. more

FoxRidge Lofts...I Love it here. 3/19/2010

I have been a resident at FoxRidge Lofts for two and a half years and would highly recommend the property. The building is a 20th century Cotton Mill converted in to loft condominiums. During renovation, the developer respected the integrity of the original architecture.. utilizing pine beams and keeping the 17 foot arched windows found in each unit. The Property has been recognized as a historical site ..which results in a wonderful property tax break... not to mention being located just a straight shot three miles down trade street from center city... my neighbors, who are more like family, are always hanging out in the patio area..visiting and grilling..,The property is a great investment for young Charlotte professionals .. I Love it here ! Pros: Historical Building Property tax break..unique architecture. Cons: rainy days when we can't sit out side on the wonderful Patio more

Foxridge lofts amazing lofts!!! 3/19/2010

I have lived in the lofts for over 5 years now. When I first looked at the loft I was very skeptical, however after actually going inside and taking a look at the people and all of the things the loft had to offer I was really impressed. It is right off of Brookshire freeway with a direct route to uptown with mostly no traffic. Just three short miles. It is also close to 85 and 77 so you are really just a short car ride to where ever you want to go! The management is very helpful and all of the people who live there become like family. Especially in the spring and summer when you can sit out in the courtyard and have a glass of wine and grill your food and catch up with neighbors. All in all, I give this place an A+! Pros: Great people, cool units, nice gym Cons: undesirable neighbor, but once you're in the gates it's fine more

Great neighbors and a great location 3/19/2010

The person that wrote a negative review about this place obviously has never lived here or more than likely even stepped inside our beautiful historic mill but merely gazed at the area outside the fence and made an assumption. Fox ridge lofts at Hoskins Mill is an impressive old textile mill with exposed brick walls and amazing structural timbers that are built into every condo. Not to mention good neighbors who share more than a good story. You'll never find a more welcoming group than those that live in the Mill and you'll never find a better piece of history to enjoy than this place. Come and see what Fox Ridge is really like. Pros: Close to all major freeways/ highways in the area Cons: an upcoming area with a few rough characters more

Live in the Hood 10/29/2009

management is effective to control the residents in the ""terrace view senior apts.""\r potholes inadequate parking ""gangstas in and out visit the OG's in the ""senior"" apts.\r Manager nice lady but ineffective. Pros: gate that works occasionlly, otherwise cars are looted Cons: Its's the gheeto with a fence around it more
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