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Fairstone At Riverview - 2 Reviews - 4341 S. Riverboat Rd., Salt Lake City, UT - Rental & Roommate Agencies Reviews - Phone (801) 685-8200

Fairstone At Riverview

4341 S. Riverboat Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(801) 685-8200
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Fairstone At Riverview - Salt Lake City, UT
Fairstone At Riverview - Salt Lake City, UT
Fairstone At Riverview - Salt Lake City, UT


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All reviews seem negative


Be careful with this place. It seams nice but it's by far not worth it. They will be rude to you the minute you decide to move. Not to mention the fees. 35.00 for covered parking,...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/24/2014

If you like overly-priced, crooked and leaky apartments that will never get fixed than have fun here! There was only one problem with this apartment complex that turned into such a huge problem and didn't have to be. We loved this apartment complex but have to move because we got an apartment that has a leaky air conditioner (which is located in a panel in the ceiling of the second bathroom). We moved in in January and started calling the office and maintenance about it in February (my boyfriend loves the A/C, even in winter). Over time the leak went from small drops to a downright waterfall. Every time we called the maintenance guys they would only say it's ""normal"" and never fix it. They were also terrible at communicating with us. It is now almost the end of our lease and it is still not fixed (it's now November!). \r \r We tried talking to the maintenance manager, the office manager, and to no avail. We called almost every single day near the end of the summer into fall because it got so bad and by then the maintenance guys wouldn't even show up. This was a great complex but it's too bad they couldn't even fix a leaky A/C or even TRY. Now they are trying to raise rent on us on top of that so we are moving out! We have pictures and video evidence and copies of all the work orders (there is a lot!) if they try and charge us for it when we move out (which they probably will from the reviews I'm now seeing). The leasing agents even told us that every time we sign a new lease our rent prices will go up 3+% because it's ""corporate's policy"" forever. \r \r On top of all this, the neighbors are SUPER loud, I actually had to call the cops one weekend because it sounded like someone was getting beat up and the next morning our doormat was stolen. If you like overly-priced, crooked and leaky apartments that will never get fixed, have fun here! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/18/2014

do not rent from fairstone they are a bad place to rent you can find better some were else they will charge you more when you move out and if you pay a depost you will not get it back even if you do leave it nice the manager will not talk to you she ignors you they have poor coustomer serves also and all so they will charge you for the other tenteds that lived there before you they are a very poor place to rent. that ownner should look in to getting a new manager and a new assent manager all so thats why they have such poor reviews do not rent here no no no not a good place to live more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/6/2013

I recently moved from Fairstone (Unfairstone is a perfect name for these people) We have lived there for 11 years. We recently received a bill for $235.00. This is not including the amount that they charged us for not giving us a pro rate to move out. A Unit cleaning fee, damage fee, light bulbs?. Really? This company nickel and dimes you constantly. The company Thomas Miche was a great company and the one before that too. I do not recommend this place at all.\r Nowhere on the bill does it say Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) so you can know\r who the management people are. I had to go to this website to find that out. Before we moved \r we heard a lot of complaints. Thanks Unfairstone for making finances a lot more difficult!!\r No wonder people just move out suddenly. Stay away from this place, they have changed \r for the worst!!! Idiots!!!\r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/24/2013

The old management use to be great! They recently, this year got new management and they are horrible!! They will try and do anything possible to get more money out of you. We paid a $650 deposit we moved out and they found every little thing they possible could to charge us more. In the end I had to pay an extra $200 because the vinyl in the kitchen had a red stain from our rugs. So we had to pay for a whole new floor, even though we lived there for 13 months and was NEVER late on a payment. Ridiculous.. I don't recommend these apartments they are old, and very costly. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/13/2013

O'Leary is incompetent, self-serving, ego-maniac, condescending little A##! She couldn't manage school children, let alone an apartment complex as big as Fairstone. DO NOT RENT HERE at FAIRSTONE APARTMENTS! If you are already here, GET OUT, FAST. This place is not in the best interest of ""Families!"" If you are a loud rude drunk and keep the neighbors awake at night, they treat you well. If you complain...they treat you like the enemy. Why? It's all about the bottom line..MONEY! If everything looks good on paper, the AMC LLC (RIPOFFS) pay the staff bonuses. Now, isn't that interesting?! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/5/2013

****** PLEASE DON’T… DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY FAIRSTONE ******** There is no value for tenant. Even you are living for 10 years they don’t care about that, and if you have a problem paying your rent or paying a day late, they don’t listen at all. Basically the management people don’t want to use their brains, just go by documents. Not friendly people, only nice to New tenants who are going to join the community. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2013

PLEASE DO NOT RENT HERE !!\r I kindly ask you to do your research .Read all the horrible reviews . There is a reason why so many people are not recommending these apartments.The new management is horrible .These apartments used to be very nice with the previous management . On top of all these -its a rip off - The rent just keeps going up . There is dog crap every where . I think atleast the name of these apartments need to change - from FAIRSTONE - > UNFAIRSTONE apartments more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/8/2013

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!! WORST MISTAKE YOU COULD EVER MAKE WHEN LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE TO RENT!!!!!!!!!\r \r I've lived here for about 3 years now. When I moved in, everything was fine. Rent was moderate and we had a grace period until the 5th of every month to pay rent. The office staff was friendly and genuinely cared. Well, that all went to hell immediately after the new management company took over, Apartment Management Consultants LLC (AMC). The office staff has now almost completely changed. What used to be a welcome and friendly atmosphere, has turned into something you dread and try to avoid at all costs. People that act so smug and think they know what they're doing, and have no clue. Completely incompetent. The rent over the past 2 years has only gone up about $10.00 a month. Now that the new management company has taken over, my rent is now $30.00 a more in rent. Due to ridiculous processing fees, and various other ""fees."" I also rent a washer and dryer from the complex, as we do not have our own, and was now told that if I decide to get rid of them or move, I will be charged a $30.00 removal fee. Removal fee for what? To unplug it? Now I'm also told that renters insurance is mandatory, I can sign up for liability only insurance for another $10.00 a month or spend $15-$30 for upgraded renters insurance. Signing my lease, I was told, I am now required to give a 60 day notice when moving. 60 days, really!? So now we have to find a place 2 months in advance and hope they will hold it for 60 days for us? Rent is now due on the third of every month now. When I first rented here, it was the 5th of the month, which was perfect for me, as I only get paid on the 5th and the 20th of every month. I had no idea about any of these changes until I had signed my lease. Basically I was forced to sign a 10 or a 12 month lease, without rent going up even more, knowing it will now be extremely be difficult for me to pay a higher rent amount and on the 3rd every month. Come on, I don't know who this new management company is, but they have completely ruined the quality of life and relationships with their tenants in this complex, in just the short 3-6 months they have taken over. Save yourself the headache and stress and just find another place to move. We have searched all over the valley and there are more than plenty of other apartments for rent that a MUCH cheaper, and you won't have to deal with things being continually changed. I've rented for about 10 years now and have never come across something such as this. I will absolutely be moving out as soon as this lease is up, I will not waste another dime supporting a company such as this, and you shouldn't either. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/3/2013

Downhill and unpleasant after the recent management change (Oct 2012). Used to be a great place to live. Not now.\r \r Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) property management now runs Fairstone at Riverview (into the ground). This property management company has made many changes that have turned a once great place to live into an oppressive housing camp. No longer friendly, no longer fun, no longer fair and no longer considerate of resident comfort and satisfaction, Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) is ruining this place.\r Slowly, one by one, the small comforts, treats and features of the complex have been strangled, stopped and eliminated. Staff has been downsized and changed to implement the miserable new policies and conditions. For those working here, the office staff and maintenance personnel now reflect the harm and harshness of the Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) philosophy.\r Staying here means signing a lease that is over 20 pages long. It is a serious mistake to automatically stay on here when your old lease expires. Watch out!\r In six months this place has changed from a wonderful apartment community to an ever-widening sinkhole of ripoffs. It is now sad and depressing to live here...and unsettling while we wait for the next AMC Property Management notice sticking it to us once again. With AMC you will find you will always be charged and paying more than you thought, and it will always get worse. AMC LLC in this complex is like living with a hungry snake. \r We'll be moving to a place not run by AMC Property Management LLC....ASAP!!!!!\r BTW, I mention Apartment Management Consultants (AMC) frequently in this review as their name will not be found on the Fairstone website, rental information or on the property...for very good reason!!!!! The AMC LLC name is now getting more and more familiar to renters, and recognized as a scourge to be avoided.\r Warning. Find out who is managing any apartment you plan to view. Avoid AMC or expect problems. Get to know these guys before you rent here! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2013

Can you spell CROOKS!! Do not do business with these folks - unless you want your rent to go up $100 every year and get nickle and dimed for anything everything they can find. Be prepared to have them ignore your calls, mislead and lie to you. My elderly mother needed to break her lease to move to a drier climate for a heart condition - they charged her $2000 to break the lease - then she left earlier than the end of the month - and because she had already paid the months rent - they continued to charge her for the utilities until the end of the month even though she had the final inspection and turned over her keys 11 days before the end of the month. Their reason was that was part of her settlement - and that she could have asked for the keys back at any time REALLY??\r So she had no control over the unit and who was in there and how high they turned up the heat.....I'm filing a complaint with the Consumer protection group of the Utah Attny General Office. So, now lets talk about the final inspection - they made sure that they (Jenny) took pictures of every single tiny nailhole - think there might have been 6 - and charged her $35 for touch up painting. I personally scrubbed down the entire apt - and she still got charged $25 for a sanitary wipedown and $35 to shampoo carpet - do not plan to see a penny of the $150 so called refundable deposit - in fact they'll make sure they use every cent, and find a way to charge you extra.\r Worst outfit I've ever dealt with - they are all friendly and helpful until you signed on that dotted line - then you're trash after that. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/16/2013

When we first moved into the apartment it was a real treat. We had a great view and so on and so forth. Working with the old management they were very understanding of certain circumstances. When we decided to move new management had already taken over and now we are being treated as if we were the worst tenants they have ever had. I've had the pleasure of working with (being ignored by) Jennie. She is horrible. Ignored my phone calls concerning our outrageous final bill for 5 days. Then when we demanded a copy of our lease they ignored us for another 2 days. They are awful. They will hit you will the stupidest charges known to mankind. Don't let these luxury apartment fool you. Its hell. more

Rip Off!!!!!!!!!!! 3/2/2009

Be careful with this place. It seams nice but it's by far not worth it. They will be rude to you the minute you decide to move. Not to mention the fees. 35.00 for covered parking, 8.00 monthly service fee (for what!?) 150.00 nonrefundable deposit, 200.0 non refundable pet deposit, 25.00 monthly pet rent, 75.00 garage rent (when your regular rent is already 950.00!. We moved out of this place today (thank god!) and after spending 4 days scrubbing and perfecting the remaining apartment, we still got nailed with 110.00 dollars worth of as they call damage. Mind you this is for light bulbs, air filters, blind malfunctioning, and a shower rod that was so cheap we didn't need to use it. And they claim we stole their tanning lotion. Come on! Seriously!? Anyway, be careful. You will be taken to the cleaners with this one. Oh and the rent is still climbing. Why you ask? Because Market value is increasing... HUH? Yea you heard right.. The one place in the nation that forgot we were in a real estate crisis not to mention recession!. Business is good when you spend all day finding ways to rip off lower middle class citizens of their money. Good Job Fakestone! Keep getting rich by breakin little guy! Pros: Decent size rooms Cons: Everything else more

Maintenance service is very poor 4/29/2006

We made a compliant of noisy fire alarm and they said ,we cannot help you today you need to wait till next monday...We stayed at friends house for those 2 days. more
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