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Esprit Wellness

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Esprit Wellness - New York, NY
Esprit Wellness - New York, NY
Esprit Wellness - New York, NY


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Anyone with back issues can pull up a laundry list of all their varied attempts to find pain relief. Unfortunately, although these stories and methods may vary, the results are ty...


I went to the office 4 times for neck problems but stopped going due to the high cost of treatment. You can judge the competency and professionalism of this doctor based on your f...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/8/2013

In early January, I suffered from a massive herniated disc in my lower back incapacitating me, causing me to collapse. After seeing numerous neurosurgeons, spine experts, and other professionals (who all wanted to cut me open and perform surgery). My herniation was so bad, there were certain doctors that didn’t want to touch me for fear they would cause more problems. The herniated disc was so bad it was pressing up against nerves, which caused excruciating pain down both my legs.\r \r After researching dozens of options, I finally made the right decision by starting an alternative rehabilitation regime from Dr. Sid. Dr. Sid began his practice to help people seeking relief from pain. He cares about each of his patients, taking the time to carefully analyze and assess each individuals needs. He then creates a specific and individualized treatment based on each patient’s symptoms. Dr. Sid has 1 goal in mind – getting his patients pain free!\r \r Dr. Sid is truly amazing! His techniques have helped me as well as dozens of others to relieve major back pain! Before seeing him, I was completely handicapped – literally – I could not do anything. I couldn’t walk without pain, I couldn’t get dressed, nor shower…I couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep. \r \r After the first treatment, I started seeing huge improvement. I began walking pain-free and I began feeling “normal” again. Dr. Sid’s high tech equipment is state of the art and it has helped to take pressure off the nerves, thus relieving the pain in my legs and feet. Jerome, Dr. Sid’s physical therapist, has hands of gold! Jerome’s lower back massage therapy technique helped me stand straighter after the first session. I could see I was improving by how much more I was able to stretch and move around with each session.\r \r What causes the pain is that the vertebrae in the back become stressed and get pushed into each other. In between each vertebrae is a soft jelly-like cushion (aka discs). If the vertebrae touch each other, the disc gets squashed and herniated (similar to someone’s fist smashing down on a jelly donut…the jelly pops out). Dr. Sid is able to maneuver individual specific vertebrae to allow the bones to separate and breathe, thus allowing the disc (jelly-like cushion) to return to its normal place. In addition to that, Dr. Sid also treats scoliosis. Results don’t lie, curvatures don’t lie.\r \r Had I listened to the numerous neurosurgeons and spine experts, I would still be laying on my back in pain. A neurosurgeons job is to perform surgery…that’s what they know and that’s what they do, and that’s how they make money. Do you really think they’re concerned about your well-being and about relieving your pain? I know people that have had back surgery, and they’ve had their spine fused together. After the surgery, you have a recovery of 6 months where you have to lay on your back the entire time. The surgery is irreversible and once its done, it can not be undone! Anyone who isn’t willing to try alternative ways to try to fix their back deserves to be in pain.\r \r I highly recommend Dr. Sid and thank him for all his help! He literally saved my life! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/24/2012

My teenage son and I have worked with Dr. Sid and his team on reducing weight and improving our health through a program called the Ideal Protein. The results have been dramatic in terms of weight loss and we both feel healthier. Dr. Sid helped tailor the program to our lifestyles such as modifying the timing of meals in consideration of long workdays and school days. His office is flexible in scheduling, efficient, and very welcoming, particularly Ruben. Ruben has always accommodated our schedule for follow-up visits to weigh-in, ask questions and purchase the Ideal Protein foods. Ruben really makes the experience a pleasure. Dr. Sid and the program are straightforward, clear and easy to work with, a huge plus for those who want to get healthy and lose weight and have abusy schedule. We found this much easier for jump starting weight loss than other very reputable programs such as Weight Watchers. more

Esprit Wellness 12/8/2011

Anyone with back issues can pull up a laundry list of all their varied attempts to find pain relief. Unfortunately, although these stories and methods may vary, the results are typically the same: they spent a lot of time and money and are no better off than they were when they started. Well, my experience was no different....until I discovered Esprit wellness. After a decade of severe spinal discomfort due to a mild scoliosis and severe postural imbalances, I finally found a place that is as determined and methodical about providing relief as I am about attaining it. In the past, I have been to several chiropractors, some better than others, but they all provided the same assembly line back cracking that never offered any tangible improvement for my condition and somehow, they still insisted that three visits a week was continally necessary...there was no plan for completion, just eternal adjustments. It's like they were trying to create a dependence. In addition, I also went to several Physical therapists, which although a different technique, was still plagued with that textbook, assembly line therapy which basically amounted to "stim" and then some basic concoction of a lightweight gym session. It seemed like they put more care and time into billing my insurance than actually digging into my specific needs. My experience at Esprit wellness was refreshingly different from any experience prior. The initial diagnostic work was lightyears ahead of anything ever performed. Dr. Sid took the time to assess my condition, provide an cohesive outline of his goals working with me, project the results he believes are attainable, and even included completion as part of his game plan, a concept that seemed foreign to any chiropractors Ive previously worked with. His acuity for detail is stellar as he clearly has an passion for the spine and helping people with scoliosis. Esprit wellness also utilizes physical therapy to supplement the chiropractic. They were fortunate to find Dr. Rofe, who is just as passionate, ambitious, and competent in the PT field as Dr. Sid is in chiropractic. Unlike the physical therapists I have experienced in the past, Dr. Rofe has taken the time to understand my pains and muscular deficiencies which have created severe imbalances in my posture and body mechanics. His impressively thorough understanding of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems has allowed him to pinpoint problems even with the smallest of muscles. It is with this method, that he has been able to provide custom therapy for my needs as opposed to the generic, exercise mill that many other PTs are plagued by. Although he does in fact implement muscle strengthening techniques, he accomplishes this using handson work, which he is extremely proficient and effective at. In this way, he can precisely gauge the effectiveness of this exercise and ensure that the muscles he intends to stimulate are in fact being stimulated. In addition, Dr. Rofe has worked on me using range of motion/mobility techniques and even has performed some soft tissue work on huge, persistent knots that have plagued me for years. All in all, I can guarantee that an experience at Esprit wellness is far above any other around. more

Awesome low back pain relief 12/5/2011

Awesome! I had lower back problems and was in great deal of pain. Dr. Sid used techniques that greatly reduced my pain and I was able to enjoy my vacation here in NY. I recommend Dr. Sid to everyone. He is a good, caring, compassionate doctor with a great sense of humor. I wish I had Dr. Sid in Corpus Christi,TX more 11/13/2011

I've been to many a scoliosis specialist in my day since 1995 and Dr. Sid has been the best. Honestly, I never had any idea what to do to relieve the pain and stress that scoliosis has always caused me, until now. I think I can say with some certainty that this is changing my life. Previous doctors have always offered a "quick fix," and after undergoing surgery in 2000, only to find my scoliosis return with a vengeance, I now am fully converted to chiropractic care here at Esprit. Scoliosis is a terrifying condition to have, but Dr. Sid gives me hope that chiropractic care can help me. Everyone in the office is a complete joy to be around, so much so that, whether they like it or not, seeing them 3 times a week means they're totally my friends now!On another note, insurance is the worst! But Dr. Sid also helped me figure out a plan that worked then helped me do it again when I switched jobs and was dropped from insurance for 3 months. Esprit is great in so many ways, I would, and have recommended it to everyone I know. more

Free from Worry, Free from Pain 11/2/2011

Finding Dr. Sid and his staff at Esprit Wellness is nothing short of an answered prayer for me. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager and wore a brace for two years a largely unsuccessful enterprise. Thankfully, my parents knew better than to allow surgery. Now 31 years old, Ive spent many years doing yoga. This has helped me feel more spacious in my body, but hasnt done much to improve the condition of my spine or slow down the progression of my scoliosis. Before I found Dr. Sid, I was really at a loss for how to help myself get well. To the outside world, I seemed completely happy and hopeful, but on the inside I carried the fear that my body would continue to worsen around me. I couldnt see a future that didnt involve scoliosis. All that changed when I visited Esprit Wellness for the first time. The first thing I saw upon walking into the office was a beautiful mural painted on the wall reading: The power that created the body heals the body. I felt instantly at home. After a 3hour working session with Dr. Sid and his incredible staff, I felt my spine lengthening and my heart opening up with actual hope, a hope that until that afternoon, I hadnt realized had been missing from my life. My curve went from 60 degrees to 48 that day. Funny and kind and caring, Dr. Sid recognizes that every patients relationship to his or her body is unique. He seems to instinctively understand how to speak to his patients, both the very young and the notsoyoung. He and his staff work with the utmost professionalism and yet they take the time to get to know their patients as personally as possible in order to give them the best and most specific care they can. They know how to gently press you past your old limitations, while always keeping you safe and out of pain. Ask a question of anyone on staff, and its instantly clear how knowledgeable and passionate they are about all areas of your health. After just 5 weeks working with Dr. Sid, I feel stronger and more excited every day. My curvature continues to decrease and we keep strengthening the muscles necessary to support and stabilize my evolving alignment. Here is a short list of whats changed for me so far: My breathing I used to feel my breathing get trapped in parts of my torso. Deep breaths were difficult; I sometimes had to move and stretch to create the space for the air to flow through. Now I breathe in and out easily and deeply. My posture I used to do a series of selfadjustments to appear straight. Roll your right shoulder back, press into your left foot, breathe into your upper back, pull your front ribs in Sound exhausting... It was. I havent felt a need to do that since I started my treatment. Slowly but surely everything is moving into a healthy alignment that doesnt require my constant vigilance to hold it. I feel tall and strong and no longer feel a need to fix myself. My thinking I have an incredible life and have been blessed in many ways, yet this area of my health used to weigh heavy on my mind. It was a constant worry and it often got in the way of achieving the many goals I have for my life and career. The peace of mind Ive received from working in this way is profound. As my body continually strengthens, so does my resolve to create the best possible life for my self and my family. The work Dr. Sid and his staff are doing at Esprit Wellness is so much more than physical. They are teaching people how to trust their bodies again. They are improving the way people see themselves and how they envision their futures. I could not be more grateful to them. Its my hope that anyone who has scoliosis and is looking for a solution visits Dr. Sid as soon as possible so they can live free from worry, free from pain, and free to live life to the fullest. more

June 23, 2011: Mlf1263 to all 6/23/2011

I first came in contact with Dr. Sid's practice via the internet, in my search for help for my scoliosis, which had become very problematic for me. I was in constant pain in my neck, back and left hip, and was also experiencing respiratory difficulty due to the severe abnormal curvature of my spine. Within the first week of beginning my restorative care program, I began to experience relief from my intense pain and discomfort, and continues to improve after each treatment session. My pain has decreased from 8 on a scale of 0 - 10 (10 being the worst pain) to a scale of 3. I no longer have difficulty breathing, and my spine is returning to its normal curvature improving my posture tremendously, due to his individualized postural corrective program. more

I highly recommend Chiropractor, Dr. Siddiqui 5/31/2011

Dr. Siddiqi has been treating my daughter for scoliosis the past seven months. Our previous chiropractor, who also specializes in scoliosis, referred us to him saying, ?If it was my daughter, I would take her only to Dr. Sid.? We have found Dr. Sid to be highly dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in his profession. That is reflected in the improvement of my daughter?s difficult to treat condition. The persons working for him are most helpful. I heartily recommend Dr. Sid.---Shelley, from Texas, May 31, 2011 more

Miracle Maker Siddiqui 5/23/2011

To see this place is to believe it. Dr. Sid himself is one of the best chiropractors in New York City, if not the world, not just for his extensive training and skills but for the other side of Chiropractic - the relationship between Patient and Doctor. He is friendly, warm, and supportive, with a visible interest in you getting better every step of the way. A visit never went by where many like minded individuals were out to this gem, Esprit Wellness Center, to straighten out their backs, where Dr. Sid did not give me as well as everybody else individualized attention to make sure everything was proper, be it the positions, the exercises, or otherwise. The staff Dr. Sid has helping him are top notch and invaluable as well. Ruben always has a smile for patients new and old, never upset but always cool and flexible, making everyone's life easier. John is a really friendly, charismatic guy who perhaps wants to join a Broadway musical. While this is unlikely, it is always nice to hear him singing. His sense of humor and diligence towards his patients are a major bright spot upon Esprit. As well, the facility itself is nice. With different incenses filling the air, gentle music, and cleanliness, it is very relaxing. My neck has improved so I can turn side to side painlessly, and I am eager to return so that we can make even more leaps and strides that I never thought possible. Dr. Sid and the staff at Esprit Wellness have made me a believer though. If you have scoliosis, say hello to your home away from home! more

Amazing care! 5/6/2011

I love this place - Dr. Sid and his staff are absolutely amazing. I've been having back troubles for the past couple of years after getting into a car accident - and Dr. Sid has been amazing in relieving the tension and pain that I get from strenuous activity. They always seem to be able to fit me in. Really nice and comfortable surroundings - especially glad for all the pointers I get for staying relaxed! more

Great place to straighten up my back! 5/3/2011

I stopped in to Esprit Wellness while on vacation in New York and was really pleased with my experience. Checking in for the 1st time as a client went pretty quickly and his rates were in line with my local Chiropractor. The trip on the plane really tightened up my back and Dr. Sid was able to do some manipulation and get things ""back in place"" before my weekend in New York. Thanks again for all your help! more

Huge Scoliosis Improvement 6/24/2010

When I started at Dr. Sid's office, I was 78 degrees on the top and 91 on the bottom. Before coming to Dr. Sid, I went to another doctor for two years, who was unable to help me. I began then as 36 degrees on top and 42 on bottom, and gradually became worse and worse until I hit 78 and 91. If Dr. Sid hadn't worked, I would have been forced to opt for surgery, which was something I was hoping to avoid. However, six weeks later, I improved by twenty-eight degrees, going from 78 on top and 91 on bottom to 67 on top and 74 on bottom, and it's no wonder why. Dr. Sid's office is clean and well-organized. Angela and Gertrudis makes sure that there's never more than a certain number of patients at once to ensure that everyone gets the most out of treatment. At my previous doctor's office, there was frequently eleven people at once, and it wasn't unusual to spend two hours in waiting time. However, this never happens at Dr. Sid's office. Furthermore, John is very friendly as well as knowledgeable and he knows what he's doing. He works diligently to make sure that there aren't any mistakes. At the other place, however, the staff made mistakes fairly often without realizing, which is highly detrimental, and that doesn't happen here. Each patient's program is tailored specifically to his or her needs so as to get the best possible results, which worked for me. Dr. Sid is innovative and open-minded, as well as willing to adopt the most beneficial methods for each patient. He developed a new way of doing the scoliosis traction chair to help me, which really made a difference. Machines like the lumbar decompression table helped a lot as well. My family and I are very grateful to Dr. Sid and his staff for improving my scoliosis so much. We would recommend him to anyone! Pros: Organized office, Dedicated staff, Innovative Doctor more

Scoliosis Treatment 5/2/2010

I brought my daughter in for a two week intensive therapy program for scoliosis. The treatment was completely individualized for my daughter's needs. Dr. Sid is extremely positive and worked so hard with her. Therapists Mark and John were fantastic! They made her feel so comfortable. Angela made everything work smoothly. We had great results and would recommend Dr. Sid's program for anyone with scoliosis. Pros: Great Staff, Individual Treatment Program, more

Relief for ailing shoulder 1/18/2010

I had almost given up on trying to cure tendinits in my shoulder until I met Dr Sid and his ART method. For years I couldnt even put a shirt on without major pain. After a month and half of excellent therapy from Mark Pros: great staff, great atmosphere, no waiting more

Cutting Edge Chiropractic and Sports Massage Therapy 12/7/2009

Dr. Sid's practice is a rare and treasured find if you are looking for a highly professional chiropractor with a sports massage medicine focus. His office is a spa-like and zen-like atmosphere with music, incense and soft-pasteled painted walls. Together with high-tech equipment, a very caring and attentive staff including sports masseuses - Esprit Wellness has been a life saver for me. Pros: Professional environment in every way Cons: Appt times limited due to large number of loyal patients more

Very expensive 9/8/2009

I went to the office 4 times for neck problems but stopped going due to the high cost of treatment. You can judge the competency and professionalism of this doctor based on your first visit/consultation, however, beware of the cost. more

Simply the Best! 8/6/2009

I met a member of Dr. Sid's staff at a company health fair. I described the hip and leg pain I was experiencing for months with no relief from traditional doctors and chiropractors and he informed me of Dr. Sid's use of ART, traditional chiropractic treatment, acupuncture cupping and other techniques to help heal soft tissue and muscle issues, as well as issues related to spinal misalignment. He said he was sure that Dr. Sid would find the right combination of treatments for my symptoms, so I decided to give Dr. Sid a try. Wow, was that a fortunate meeting. Dr. Sid xrayed my neck, back and hip, examined the problem area, and based on his analysis of my condition as well as the xrays, he designed a treatment regimen that was tailored to my condition. I can honestly say that after one treatment involving massage, ART treatment, and a traditional chiropractic realignment, my pain was reduced by 90%. The next morning I could tie my shoes nearly pain free for the first time in months. It really was miraculous. After that, my treatment regimen has reduced my pain further to the point that it is nearly entirely gone. Dr. Sid's treatment is unique. The combination of phenomenal massages from Ade, or the two Marks, exercises involving hip rotation and movement, stretching exercises, ART, acupuncture cups, and traditional chiropractic alignment is something you won't find anywhere else. What's more, besides being professional and competent, Dr. Sid, his wellness staff and receptionist Angela, make you feel welcome and comfortable from day 1. The environment is friendly and relaxed, yet it is one of serious concern for getting you better. I just wish Dr. Sid had an office in New Jersey too, so that my wife and daughter, an advanced golfer and ski racer, would be able to reap the benefits of Dr. Sid's healing touch. Pros: Dr. Sid, a professional staff of expert masseurs, Angela a more

Sweet Relief 6/29/2009

I went to Dr. Sid after suffering terrible shoulder pain and tension headaches for the past 5 years! I didn't think there was anything that could be done. Dr. Sid and his amazing staff worked wonders and today I can say I'm pain free. The entire staff is knowlegable and welcoming. I always felt comfortable going there and recieving treatment. I highly recommend Espirit Wellness! Pros: Excellent Staff, Communicative Doctor, Clean Office more

Massage and Cupping Therapy 4/16/2009

Dr. Sid?s has chosen the very best therapists to assist him in his practice. The therapy I received from his massage therapist Ade was the best I?ve ever had. Ade?s technique is very focused and intuitive. I said very little to him yet he was able to go directly to areas that needed the most attention. I had continued relief after this session. I highly recommend getting therapy from Dr. Sid and his team at Esprit Wellness. more
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The professional staff at Esprit Wellness offers relief from back and neck pain through massage and different chiropractic techniques.

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  • We're a multi-specialty physical medicine outpatient wellness practice in Midtown Manhattan. Dr. Sid founded Esprit Wellness on the concept of integral care for the individual patient.


  • The professional staff at Esprit Wellness offers relief from back and neck pain through massage and different chiropractic techniques.

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