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Encore Consignment - 18 Reviews - 1132 Madison Ave, New York, NY - Second Hand Goods Reviews - Phone (212) 879-2850

Encore Consignment

1132 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10021
(212) 879-2850
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Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY
Encore Consignment - New York, NY


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Encore Summer Sale! 7/7(Thur) - 10(Sun) only 4days! Hurry!! Encore, America's very first and finest designer resale boutique, is pleased to announce the start of their annual S...


I just stepped onto the consignment scene and decided to stop into encore...bad idea!!! Its dirty looking and on top of that there was a stinky ugly dog following me around!!! The...

Bravo 3/6/2011

Bravo to begin with. I am a long time consignment shopper who loves coming to NYC to shop the best stores in the country. Encore had always been one of my favorites but they were always undone by their lousy ambiance. Low and behold I came in this past weekend and they had painted and most importantly changed the lighting. It is a giant step in the right direction. I had not been there in probably close to a year and was so pleasantly surprised. Also they were putting out beautiful spring clothing and accessories and it looked great. As I looked around there was this one girl in the front going on and on about some nonsense. She was loud and at one point quite rude. I was astonished that anyone would act that way. Advice: avoid her but get back there and find some incredible fashion buys. more

Great Stuff but 12/7/2010

I would recommend Encore highly for the selection of top notch designer clothing and accessories. I always find something wonderful to buy and have always found the staff to be very good, however, the girl at front is crass. The decor needs a redo. more

Encore Summer Sale! 7/7(Thur) - 10(Sun) only 4days! Hurry!! 10/23/2010

Encore Summer Sale! 7/7(Thur) - 10(Sun) only 4days! Hurry!! Encore, America's very first and finest designer resale boutique, is pleased to announce the start of their annual Summer sale on Thursday, July 7 thru Sunday the 10th. High-end designer fashions and accessories at a mere fraction of the retail value in our store normally, are now marked down further by 20-50%. Labels such as Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Hermes can be purchased at prices that most everyone can afford. We invite you to come visit our store and see for yourself more

My Closet filled with Encore 2/3/2010

What can I say? My entire closet comes from Encore. I have gotten so many great things from this store it is unbelievable. I once bought a MaxMara skirt at Encore love it so much; I still wear 2 years later. A woman stopped me walking down the street and had to know where I bought it. I went to Elio's for dinner one night and a woman sitting next to me was wearing the exact Cashmere Ralph Lauren Tube Scarf halter-top (all in one) I had purchased at Encore. I couldn’t believe it! She probably paid 250++ while I paid less than $50! Another great find was a pair of shoes hand made by an exclusive designer. I had no idea who he was so when I got home I googled the designer as it turned out this designer makes shoes for the Vatican and many celebrities. I think ultra high-end items that you find in Encore has something to do with the fact that Encore is the first ever consignment shop! The memorabilia is on the walls as you walk in. Pretty COOL. If you like that kind of stuff. The finds are truly unbelievable! I’m hooked! I go once a week to see what great things I can find. Always leave with a huge shopping bag not a huge bill! Inside Tip.... must go once a week to find the best deals possible Pros: Best Designer Most Unique Pieces Best Value Cons: I can't find one more

Great Finds, Lousy Decor 1/28/2010

I recently shopped at Encore. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the staff. The salespeople are wonderfully pleasant and helpful. Unlike many other resale shops in the neighborhood, they did not pressure me to buy things. In fact, they are quite honest and objective. Moreover, the fantastic selection of well priced high end designer clothing and accessories far exceeds that of its competition. However, Encore has a glaring problem. It has the look and feel of an out of town thrift store. While I am sure that it was once a pleasant shopping experience (photos of the store in its heyday are on display), that time has clearly come and gone. The outdated 1970s decor and painfully drab lighting need major updating. While I love the great clothing and incredible deals that I get (as do my friends), walking into Encore can be quite depressing. I cannot help but wonder why, unlike the other neighborhood consignment shops, they have failed make any improvements. Sadly, Encore’s terrific selection, great value and warm, knowledgeable staff is undone by its unpleasant and dated atmosphere and decor. Finally, I have to agree with my fellow posters that having dogs in the store is totally unprofessional and off putting to the customers. Pros: Great value, selection, quality & staff Cons: Decor, ambiance, dogs more

Best Bargins Around 1/25/2010

I have been shopping at Encore for well over 10 years and as a reglar cutomer I know the store is a family business although Carol is no longer there. On a recent visit I was able to get a great Yves Saint Laurent coat in mint condition amog other great buys. As for the owner having his dogs in the store sometimes, this does not seem to be an uncommon practice anymore and these dogs are friendly well behaived animals. Pros: Top Designers more

Lovely clothing but whining man 1/23/2010

I did not want to be the first to chime in but the DOGS HAVE TO GO. Smelly pit bulls are not what women want to encounter ever let alone shopping for high end designer clothing. Not only are they scary they smell bad. I have no idea what the gentleman running around calling himself the owner is thinking. Clothing and staff make Encore a 4-5 star place but the dogs and owner take away 3 of them. It is unfortunate because I have been going there for years. Pros: staff, clothing, prices Cons: dogs & man in bandanna more

animals?? 1/19/2010

I just stepped onto the consignment scene and decided to stop into encore...bad idea!!! Its dirty looking and on top of that there was a stinky ugly dog following me around!!! The owner of the dog looked just as dirty I believe he works there and all he decided to say was don't worry he's friendly, but gosh I didn't even stay to see the clothing!! more

Great place to shop when visiting NYC! 3/31/2009

Every time I am in the area, I pop into Encore because they always have new merchandise, and what they carry is great stuff: often brand new; never worn out or dirty. I always find something to love in there!. The manager and staff are divine, friendly & helpful! I've always been happy with everything I have purchased here. My only complaint, and it's a big one-you must get over the atmosphere! Unfortunatly, I agree with the previous posts- the store is due for a much needed makeover and it takes away from the merchandise. The lighting is AWFUL , the ceiling has holes in them!! Just because this is a consigment shop does not mean the store space should look worn as well! You would never know what's inside from the outside and entryway of the shop- a shame for those who havn't visited Encore, but a great way to keep this place secret for me! Pros: Great Selection, Friendly Service Cons: Warehouse Appearance, Unappealing Atmosphere more

Great Place for a Fun Time 3/29/2009

My daughter and I stopped at Encore today. Apparently the Grand Dame of NYC consignment. Unfortunately, from the look of it Encore is old lady. The store's decor and upkeep is at best shabby. Let alone the fact that the entrance way is this putrid peach and red. It feels like you are walking into the lobby of a brothel. When you walk into other stores they give a a preview of designers and the feel of the store. Encore's entrance way scares you a little. I did happen to find some great items marked down like a Marc Jacobs top for 12 bucks. The girls that work at the store are so lively and fun. They seem to have a passion for the clothes and love to help you out. Definitely the friendliest group I met shopping all day. I will shop here every time I come to New York, but I just wish it had a quaint little vintage look to embrace its history or a sleek, simple, clean boutique look to make you feel like it is on Madison Avenue not Queens. Pros: Fun Helpful Staff, Unique Finds Cons: Visually Unappealing more

overpriced but quaint 3/19/2009

I stumbled upon this place a while ago and found it to be quaint. There is a pretty wide selection of clothes and designers. The girls who work there are sweet and friendly and very helpful. However, on my last visit recently, there two gentlemen in the fitting room fighting (I think they work there). One of them was wearing a bandana and he was by the desk talking to other customers, but he didn't seem to know very much about the merchandise. And lately, the merchandise is overpriced! I haven't been shopping here long, but I remember when there were deals to be found. Now it's nearly impossible! The store is definitely worth a visit, but you have to look hard for the bargains on these used items. Pros: staff Cons: prices more

good clothes good service 3/10/2009

I made upper east side consignment rounds for the first time today. Encore had the best selection of clothes and some of the lower prices, but in these times I wanted them to be lower. The girls were extremely helpful and honest. I loved that weren't just trying to make a sale, but wanted me to really enjoy my purchases. The look of the store downstairs was very dingy and rough, but upstairs for some reason it was very airy. The older woman upstairs was amazing. The only other con was that they were doing maintenance during store hours. It was extremely loud and annoying. Also, one of the men was using foul language and very loud. If you want quiet and peaceful try Micheal's. Pros: Selection, Service Cons: Dingy, Prices more

Amazing selection of bags & eclectic range of shoes...Love this place!!! 2/6/2009

Every time I feel the urge to go shopping, I take a trip to Encore located on Madison Avenue. It's a small, quiet consignment shop tucked neatly off 84th St (which is great for me because I hate shopping at most retail chains or malls). I love the casual, no nonsensical atmosphere of the store- I m always made comfortable to roam around as I please. I get lost in the jackets and coats section for awhile (tons of great labels like Giorgio Armani Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs & Valentino) and normally go upstairs to visit the amazing selection of Manolo Blahniks, Chanel & Prada heels. While I'm there, I pick up a couple cashmere sweaters (in every color and size) for my daughter and never leave the store without picking up a designer tie for my husband. Definitely worth checking out on your day off. There are lots of treasures to be found here & new merchandise all the time. Pros: Selection of merchandise, laidback atmosphere Cons: Lighting is weak & drabby more



Great selection and price 12/18/2007

I read the other reviews and was expecting the worse. I guess the foreign girl in the front is gone because they were very pleasant. Also I was able to find numerous treasures at very reasonable prices. I got a Prada jacket, mint, for $300, Chanel pants for $85, Cavalli blouse for $105 and several other pieces in recent trips back. It is a bit dated looking, but apparently it has always been about clothing and not atmosphere. I would recommend stopping in whenever in need of some shopping or just in the neighborhood. Pros: selection and price Cons: atmosphere more

Great designer merchandise but by far the RUDEST most UNWELCOMING staff! 5/20/2007

I am so glad to read that I am not the only one who feels uncomfortable shopping in this store. RUDE, RUDE, and RUDE is all I can say about this average consignment shop. Its ashame because the first thing you see when you go in this store is not the merchandise but the rude foreign sales clerks standing at a counter who stares at you instead of saying "hi or hello ". Not only are they rude when you first enter, but just as rude when you check out to buy something. You would think one would feel lucky and fortunate to have a job here. I cant help but to think: all you rude ladies, do you honestly think you make enough wages to act better than the educated sophisticated shoppers who frequent this store? I will have to say not every employee there has a nasty attitude, I did find the older women upstairs to be helpful and nice. I also want to give the store itself a fair opinion and say that there is a great selection of reasonably priced merchandise (the only reason that keeps me coming back). Seriously , who wants to give money to a business who staffs the most unfriendliest, unprofessional rude employees. I cant even recall one sales clerk saying "thankyou" after making a purchase and I have purchased quite a bit. I dont recommend this place to my friends and if you want a good shopping experience I would avoid this place, there are many other competitors with great designer selections and prices minus the attitude! Pros: good deals and prices Cons: rude sales clerks with the worst attitudes on Madison! more


When i went to this consignment store i was not expecting to feel extremely uncomfortable...from the second i walked in i was being stared at by all of the employees. Not only did they stare but they also were very very rude. I would deff not reccomend this store. places like Tokio 7,A Second Chance or INA are much better with nice service Pros: alot of stuff Cons: horrible employees and dirty more

Good finds, HORRIBLE customer service 10/5/2006

This is a love and hate store. The guy is very helpful but the european ladies are VERY RUDE! I seriously hope one of them trips on her way out. I found $30 Seven Jeans, $50 for Chloe, and $30 for Joe's Jeans. Purses are also very reasonably priced, $550 for a LV luggage trunk, $240 for a Gucci purse, and I found a pair of Jimmy Choo boots for $200. I picked out all my purchases and as I was searching for my credit card, the cashier snickered that she was falling asleep waiting for me to find my card (which took less than a minute!). What kind of service is that? Goods are great, but it's almost not worth it to come with people like that. Why bother when I know that Michael's down a block has merchandise as great with friendly employees? more
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